UEL, first settler in Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
also the FITCH family

Photo Source: Where Rivers Meet: An Illustrated History of Ottawa
                   by Courtney C.J. Bond, page 26

June 23, 2010 Text Source, below: Ottawa: City of the Big Ears by Robert Haig, page 51 Ira Honeywell, First Settler in Nepean Township (in 1811), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Keywords: Charlotte Andrews, Wales / Welsh, Algonquin Avenue, Lockhart Avenue, Chaudiere Falls.

November 2, 2003: Greetings, Your website is most interesting. I have been all over the map looking for my Fitch / Honeywell family. I believe that Ira Honeywell was an early settler in Nepean. He came from NY after the revolutionary war, having loyalist sympathies. My ggg-grandfather also born in New York, USA, married Ira's daughter Elizabeth Honeywell. It appears that one of their first children was Stephen, and according to his marriage record, was b. abt. 1824 in Richmond. As I first learned today that Richmond later became what is Ottawa (if I understand my source correctly), it seems to confirm that my ggg-grandfather Joseph F. Fitch likely did marry Elizabeth Honeywell in the neighborhood of his father-in-law. Any feedback or contacts with similar researchers would surely be appreciated! Jeanine Theiler Wisconsin, USA ________________________ Ira Honeywell was the son of Rice HONEYWELL and Ruth ALLEN and was the first settler in Nepean Township. Ira's wife was Polly ANDREWS. They settled in Nepean in 1811. Rice's speculations led him to buy up Loyalist lands in Nepean as early as 1804, when he purchased 300 acres.(1) ... more ... (1) Source: Nepean: The City Beyond, by Bruce Elliott.
October 19, 2004: Hello Mr Lewis- This is Jeanine Theiler. I have a new e-mail address: it is Hope someone else out there is researching this family, I have quite a lot of info but still no proof of the eldest Ira Honeywell's daughter's marriage to Joseph Fitch. Best wishes to you, Jeanine Theiler
May 16, 2005: Hi Jeanine - I was poking around on Al's Bytown site this morning and found your Honeywell connection. I have an "Elkanah Honeywell" that married Violetta Mooney, in my Mooney family tree. Perhaps just a coincidence, but Violetta had a brother named Ira. I have no other information on Elkanah, but Violetta was born abt 1870 and her parents were married in Carleton Co., Huntley Township, Ontario. Sincerely, Don Lowe Ontario surnames researching: Wilson, Hodgins, Mooney, Graham, Cavanagh
July 27, 2005: Hello. I've just been playing around on the web and have come across your "Ira Honeywell" page and it seems to suggest connections to my relatives. I had started out with an old family tree that lists my great-great grandmother as Charlotte Honeywell of Nepean (1809 -1895). She married Joseph Mayhew. What makes me suspect that there might be a connection between our Honeywells is that she had five children whose names include two rather unusual ones you mention - Ira and Elkanah (1836-1904). Our family tree also mentions that the Honeywells were United Empire Loyalists. Perhaps, then, we connect to the Ira Honneywell of New York who settled in Nepean your correspondent from Wisconsin, USA of Nov. 2, 2003 mentions. Any thoughts? Thanks. ... John Whiteway
April 14, 2010: I recently came across an abbreviated family history which suggests that I am a great, great, great grandson of Ira Honeywell who received, from his father five UEL claims totaling 1000 acres on the southside of the Rideau River in Nepean Township. He cleared 4 acres of this land and built a log house for his wife, Charlotte Andrews, and their first son Rice, who, according to one account I have, was the first "white"child to be born in what is now Ottawa City. The year was 1801. Rice would have been my great, great grandfather. His son, Robert, in turn, would have been my great grandfather. I do have a well preserved photograph of him, taken in 19ll when he was 81 years old. Robert had two sons Elkanah and Ira. The latter, my grandfather, was given his great grandfaher's name, Ira. His middle name was Edward. (See photograph of Robert Honeywell, 1830-1920, on posting on this page, dated May 29, 2010 ... Al) Ira, my grandfather, I am told, was born in Kingston, though I have no record of it, other than the year, 1868. Perhaps it was when he was just out of high school that he became a country school teacher. Legend has it that he carried a rifle to school to keep order among some of the older students. Though I know none of the details, he then somehow became an evangelist, coming to the USA around 1890. For several years he pastored Methodist churches in northern Illinois, USA, including Chicago, but then around the turn of the century became again an evangelist, working first with the well-known Billy Sunday, but then,working on his own, making quite a name in evangelistic circles. He served with the Red Cross in Europe during the first world war, sold real estate during the 1920's, and in the mid- 30's returned to ministry until his death at age 70 in 1938. He married my grandmother, Mary Cornell, in 1893 in either North or South Dakota. They had three children. I don't know if any of you receiving this email are directly related to me, or if you have information that would either enrich or contradict any of what I have written. With warm regards, Robert Edward Frederick
April 15, 2010: Hello Robert et al, I believe that we are distant cousins through Rice Honeywell's wife. Briefly, if you do not have these details my limited research shows that Rice Honeywell married Margaret Jane HARE c1824. She was a daughter of Henry Hare of Cavan Ireland (born 1774) and his wife Jane 'unconfirmed last name'. Margaret Jane's sister Mary Jane, who was my gg grandmother, married Joseph TAMAN. (Al has a page showing their location on the Belden map: Goulbourn Concession 7, lot 15). I also have information that another daughter of Henry, by the name Jane, married Rice's brother Lyman Honeywell. I have been attempting to learn more about Lyman and Jane but have run into difficulties. So in summary your ggg grandparents are my ggg grandparents, Henry and Jane HARE. I have attached a picture of the Hare tombstone in Shillington Cemetery in case Al can add it to this response. If I can help in any other way, please contact me. Regards, Judy Scott The original Rice Honeywell property on the Ottawa River at Woodroffe Avenue Henry Hare, Grave Marker in Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada Honeywell and Rice Streets in Ottawa, Canada
May 29, 2010
Photo of Robert Honeywell, 1830-1920. See posting above, dated April 14, 2010. Thanks to Robert Edward Frederick for this terrific photo, taken in April of 1911: Robert Honeywell, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1911

June 4, 2010: Hello guys I am not related but did some research tonight. According to my UEL CD, Ruth Allen, daughter of James Allen was married to a RICE Honeywell. her Order of Council was dated June 9, 1798. This Rice Honeywell was from Augusta Township and apprently according to the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census remained in Augusta. So I tend to agree with Judy Scott, that Rice Honeywell married Mr. Hare's daughter, Margaret. This is derived from the marriages of Ira, Elkanah and Robert. Parents listed as Rice and Margaret Honeywell. Beechwood cemetery have the Honeywell families but I believe Rice was in Wisconsin, USA, at the age of 68 based on the 1871 Canadian date which says he was in the States. I found him in Eaton, Wisconsin, born in Canada, occupation - lumberman. His wife and both daughters, Barbara and Margaret are living with their mother in Nepean. I have Elkanah Honeywell married to Maria Baldwin, 16 September 1862. The names of Rice, Elkanah and Ira descend through their children and grandchildren of Ira and Robert. Please enjoy the following in which I transcribed from the Ottawa Citizen. Take care ... Taylor Kennedy Ottawa Citizen – 29 Oct 1866 MORTGAGE SALE That certain parcel of land situate in the Township of Nepean, in the County of Carleton and Province of Canada, being composed of Lot number 26 in the first concession of the said Township of Nepean, fronting upon the Ottawa or Grand River, containing by admeasurement two hundred acres more or less (saving and excepting thereout eleven acres formerly sold by one IRA HONEYWELL to one Robert Barry) will, under the power of sale contained in a Mortgage Deed thereof from William T. Aylen to Mary Goodwin, be offered for sale at a public auction, on the 3rd day of October next, at the hour of eleven o’clock in the forenoon, at the Law office of LEWIS & PINHEY, in the City of Ottawa. Terms – cash Seller will covenant against his own acts only. The purchaser shall accept Title to the premises as the same was accepted by the Mortgagee. All conveyances, abstracts, searches & c., at the expense of the purchaser. LEWIS & PINHEY Solicitors for the Mortgagee City of Ottawa 12th September 1866 ________ OBITUARY OTTAWA CITIZEN – December 22, 1914 E. HONEYWELL The funeral of the late Elkanah Honeywell took place yesterday afternoon from his late residence in Woodroffe to Beechwood Cemetery. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. Elwood Lawson of Westboro, and Rev. Mr. Young of Ottawa. Many friends and relatives were in attendance and the cortege was a lengthy one. Tangible evidence of the high esteem in which the late Mr. Honeywell was held by his many friends was found in a large number of floral tributes. The late Mr. Honeywell was one of the pioneers of Nepean Township, having been born near his late residence in 1832. His father, the late RICE HONEYWELL came from Prescott to what is now known as Woodroffe in 1807, and since that time the family has resided in the Township.

OTTAWA CITIZEN – FEBRUARY 28, 1920 Reminiscences of Pioneer Citizens One of the most interesting stories of the old days relates to three families whose descendants are all well know today. It was just after the war of 1812 – 1816 and flour had almost run out in the little settlement. Moreover, winter was coming on. IRA HONEYWELL, apparently a virile leader of those days, determined he would not sit down and starve. So he tramped to the American border near Prescott, bought three barrels of flour, built a raft on the Rideau – there was no canal of course in those days – and finally, after amazing efforts in portaging, brought the three barrels to what is Ottawa of today. He sat down to enjoy the coming winter. But others without flour heard of his efforts. A couple of days later he was visited by Bradish Billings and his brother-in-law, A. Dow (Dow's Lake). The actual conversation that occurred is lost through the mists of history, but went something as follows; he was asked to share the flour and wouldn’t, so the incident ended by Billings and Dow putting on the table a sufficient amount to cover two barrels, the same which they loaded onto their ox-drawn stone boats, and leaving for their homes. _________________________________________________________________________ Further to my previous email, they are buried in Beechwood Cemetery and you can contact them with the registery number to find out who else is buried with them. The following is what I found; Mrs. Margaret Honeywell died 15 Jan 1890 – interment 18 Jan 1890 #4772 Rice Honeywell died 9 Nov 1885 and interment 11 Nov 1885 – # 3408 Sarah Ann Honeywell interment 245 June 1885 – # 3313 Barbara Honeywell died 3 Jun 1912 interment 6 June 1912 – # 13219 Elkanah Honeywell died 18 Dec 1914 and interment 4 May 1915 – # 14588 Ira Honeywell died 10 May 1913 interment 12 May 1913 – # 13696 Sarah Ann died 12 Aug 1912 interment 14 Aug 1912 – # 13311 Section 28, page 14 HONEYWELL Rice Honeywell 1802 – 1885 His wife Margaret Hare 1806 – 1890 Barbara 1842 – 1912 Elkanah 1831 – 1914 His wife Marie Baldwin 1837 – 1933 Margaret Elizabeth 1868 – 1944 Anne Marie 1870 – 1955 Section 21, page 8 IN LOVING MEMORY OF Ira Honeywell born April 6, 1836 and died May 10, 1913 His wife Sarah Ann born August 22, 1840 and died August 12, 1912 Their daughter Emma L. 1882 - 1965 Take care Taylor Kennedy ___________________________________________ Ira Honeywell's wife, Sarah Ann, her maiden name was NELSON daughter of Thomas Nelson and Sarah Ann ?? Ira's mother, Margaret Hare was born in County Cavan, Ireland Robert Honeywell was the informant for his father Rice Honeywell Polly Honeywell was the wife of Rice Honeywell who lived and died in Augusta Township, not this Nepean family. Taylor _______________________________________ Good morning Taylor, Many thanks for your 3 emails with your 'finds' for the Honeywell family. I have found that by researching the Honeywell name I have been able to learn more about my HARE and TAMAN families. Did you notice that on the Belden map that the 3 Honeywell sons of Rice are living on OF 2 26 and 'next door' OF (Ottawa Front) 2 27 you will see R.HARE. (Robert Hare was a son of Henry, thus a brother of Margaret Hare Honeywell). I suspect that R. Hare of 2/27 is the son of the mentioned Robert who was still at OF 2 20.... thus we have cousins living side/by side?? Thanks also for the Beechwood information which I found very helpful. I have always enjoyed reading your informative research that you share with all on Thanks so much for all your work. Best regards, Judy Scott
September 12, 2010: Hello! Just discovered this website & would like to point out that Ira Honeywell's wife Polly (Mary) ANDREWS, b 1786 NY, was not of a "Welsh family". Her parents were Job ANDREWS & Hannah BAKER. Job & Hannah married in Massachussetts, USA, moved to upstate New York, then to Ontario between 1798-1801. Job's immigrant ancestor, John Andrews, was in Boston in 1656. Hannah's immigrant ancestor, John BAKER was in Woburn Massachussetts by 1654. (Woburn, Massachusetts was the place of origin of Philomen Wright, pioneer settler at Hull, Quebec, in 1800). Job and Hannah appear on a "List of Inhabitants" in April, 1801, in Augusta Township, Grenville County, Ontario. They apparently tarried for a while in Prescott, Augusta's largest town, before moving on to Grenville Co. By May, 1802, Job & Hannah settled in Wolford Twp, Grenville Co. They appear on a "List of Inhabitants" with their unmarried children--Elkanah, Samuel, Polly, Stephen, & Charlotte. They lived on the Front Half of Lot 19, Concession II, in Wolford Twp. This land was situated on the Rideau River, north of Easton's Corners. I'd like to add that Stephen Case HONEYWELL, son of Ira & Polly, married his cousin Charlotte ANDREWS, daughter of Polly's brother Elkanah Andrews. Stephen & Charlotte were first settlers of Greenwood, Wisconsin, USA, and several of Elkanah's children followed them there after the Civil War. Submitter: Mrs. Lou Arden (ANDREWS) Murphy, descendant of Job & Hannah (BAKER) Andrews.
September 22, 2010: Hello to everyone, I would like some assistance..please. My aunt, my mother's cousin, is an elderly lady who just moved from her home to a retirement residence. When she was packing/unpacking, she discovered her great-grandmother's photo along with her family bible (huge). She asked me to see what I could find out about her mother's mother's family - Jane Honeywell. If there were any relations left in Ottawa. She mentioned that the family came from Philadelphia, USA, after the War and that the family had a large amount of land there. The sons became lawyers and, as far as she could tell they were trying to get compensated for the land from the US gov't. She also gave me the name Fred Honeywell. If anyone has any information regarding this line of the Honeywell's I would certainly appreciate any information you can give me. Regards, Alexis Nicol ____________________________________________ Hello Alexis, I have Jane as a daughter born to Rice and Margaret Jane (HARE) Honeywell b 1825-1827 (depending on the record quoted) who died 31 May 1904. She was married to a Robert Stanley, who died 19 March 1881. I notice that 'someone' has posted an updated family tree online which you may wish to check for further details and help. See here: Good luck, Judy Scott ____________________________________________ Hello, Charlotte Honeywell (1809-95) was my Grandmother Maud Mayhew's grandmother on her father Elkanah's side. As a boy I can remember her joking about this attempt by the Honeywell branch to sue for the land they lost after the U.S. revolution. My memory is that she said it was some shrewd lawyers who talked the family into wasting their money on this futile suit. I wonder if that's a story that followed down any other branch of the Honeywells. John Whiteway _____________________________________________ The same thing happened to the ANDREWS family -- they fell for the "Baker 99 Year Lease" . In the early 1900s, some shrewd lawyers convinced them that descendants of Hannah BAKER, wife of Job Andrews (parents of Polly) might be heirs to the 100 acres of land under downtown Philadelphia. This created lots of excitement in ANDREWS families in Canada and Wisconsin. All branches of the family on both sides of the border sent money to investigate their "claim". Needless to say, they never saw a penny. The "John Vaughn Affidavit", which has been widely distributed among descendants of Job & Hannah, has misled & confused descendants & still does. John Vaughn was 84 years old when he made his affidavit, & he claimed that Job & Hannah were "married in Thurmans Patent, Washington County, New York". Actually, Job & Hannah married at Rehoboth, Massachussetts 1 Nov 1770, before they wandered to upstate NY and then to Canada. Also, John Vaughn said that Hannah was the daughter of William BAKER. Actually, Hannah's father was John BAKER of Rehoboth, Mass, who died in 1759, many years before John Vaughn was born. Does anyone know when & where Stephen Case HONEYWELL, son of Ira & Polly, died? He married Charlotte ANDREWS, daughter of Elkanah & Elizabeth (HUTTON). Stephen Case & Charlotte were founders of Greenwood, Wisconsin & persuaded several of Charlotte's siblings & spouses to move there after the Civil War. Charlotte died 1870 at age 60 & is buried in Greenwood's cemetery. Mrs Lou (ANDREWS) Murphy

June 24, 2011: Hello, I was reading this information with excitement. Would anyone have information about Ira Honeywell's wife's family. Ira's wife is Sarah Ann Nelson. She had 10 brothers and sisters. I am looking for information about her brother Andrew Nelson. His wife was Fanny Taylor and they had 8 children. Elizabeth, Thomas, Margaret, Robert, Sarah, William, Nancy (Fanny Ida) and Mary Louise - all Nelson's. All from the Ottawa area. Cheers, Maureen
November 13, 2011: Dear Fellow Enthusiasts, I would like to write a book about my g-g-g grandfather, Daniel Harrington, 1789-1869, who married Ira Honeywell's cousin, Martha Honeywell 1798-1882, daughter of Isaiah Honeywell and Betsey Sanford. While looking for information that could pertain to Daniel's life, I found your email exchange. About five years ago, a lady was cleaning up an old house in Upper State New York and found a Bible with the names of Daniel Harrington and Martha Honeywell. The Lady contacted me via genforum, I have seen the Bible, its contents and learned a great deal about my g-g-g grandparents. I hope that I may use some of the stories in your email exchange. I have accumulated some 10,000 names in my family tree, interestingly, I had only Ira Honeywell and Polly Andrews, but none of their descendants Gail Harrington, ____________________________ Good afternoon, Gail: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your ancestor, Daniel Harrington and the Honeywell family. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web page at as a contact for other researchers? Please let me know. As far as I’m concerned, you are free to use whatever is on the above web page for your book. However, you should probably check with the other Honeywell researchers regarding specific quotations. A lot of people use our web site as a place to connect with other researchers of their ancestors, or simply to commemorate their ancestors. If you wish to send me a short bio of the Daniel Harrington family, I’d be glad to set up a new web page for them. Good luck in your research! ... Al Lewis
December 17, 2011: More on the Honeywell surname, from Judy Scott Here is another article from the Ottawa Citizen 1927 07 27 that helps clarify the original holdings and various family members. Source: Google Digital Newspaper Archives, Ottawa Citizen
Honeywell family history in Bytown / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Read the complete article at:,21122&dq=rice-honeywell&hl=en
Judy Scott

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