Moses HOLT - Pioneer in Ottawa, Ontario and Aylmer, Quebec
Noah HOLT and Achsa (Nancy) WALLER
Waller Street in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
September 13, 2010:

Some Descendants of Noah Holt
Source: Database created by the late Mr. Robert Sample

Generation No. 1

1.  NOAH HOLT was born August 1, 1797 in Haverhill, Essex County, Maine, USA, and died Abt. 1861.  
He married ACHSA "NANCY" WALLER February 16, 1817, daughter of TRUEMAN WALLER and MARTHA HITCHCOCK.  
She was born 1797 or 1799 Massachussetts, USA.
Children of NOAH HOLT and ACHSA WALLER are:
	i.	ROXANNA (ROXY)2 HOLT, b. Abt. 1818.
2.	ii.	EMETT G. HOLT, b. 1820, USA.
	iii.	NOAH(CHILD) HOLT, b. October 7, 1822, Ile de Montreal, Que.
3.	iv.	ELIUD W. HOLT, b. Abt. 1826, Hull Township, Que; d. April 4, 1919, Ladysmith, Quebec, Pontiac County.
	v.	SILAS HITCHCOCK HOLT, b. August 26, 1826, Ile de Montreal, Que.
	vi.	NANCY ASHEL HOLT, b. November 2, 1829, Aylmer, Que; d. December 31, 1923, Renfrew County, Ont.;
 m. JAMES PATRICK JOHNSTON, August 14, 1850, Renfrew Co., Ontario; b. Abt. 1825.
	vii.	DANIEL HOLT, b. September 26, 1830; d. March 3, 1907, Forresters Falls, Ont.;
 m. ANNIE JANE MCCATHLIN; b. August 4, 1840, Que.; d. June 2, 1925.
	viii.	MARY MURIEL HOLT, b. January 22, 1835, Aylmer, Que; d. 1931, Wiseton, Saskatchewan; m. WILLIAM STEPHENS, 
	November 24, 1857, Aylmer, Que; b. 1830, Aylmer, Que; d. 1881, Renfrew Co., Ont..
	ix.	SOPHIA HOLT, b. February 7, 1837, Hull Twp, Que; d. July 23, 1910, Forresters Falls, Ont.; 
	m. ROBERT RITCHIE, October 24, 1866; b. August 14, 1842, Co. Antrim, Ireland; d. February 3, 1922.
	x.	WILLIAM HOLT, b. Abt. 1838.
	xi.	ELIZA HOLT, b. Abt. 1840.
	xii.	LYAT HOLT, b. Abt. 1842.
	xiii.	MANDANIE HOLT, b. 1843; d. December 22, 1893, Midland Co., Michigan, USA; m. JAMES ALLEN; b. June 14, 1837, 
	Ontario; d. April 11, 1915, Midland Co., Michigan, USA.

Generation No. 2

2.  EMETT G. HOLT (NOAH) was born 1820 in USA.  He married SARAH LANDON.  She was born 1828, and died 1856.

Burial: Ladysmith, Que. (Pontiac County)
	i.	EMETT EUGENE HOLT, b. 1851; d. 1926; m. ROXY JANE HOLT; b. 1853; d. 1903, Ladysmith, Que..

3.  ELIUD W.2 HOLT (NOAH1) was born Abt. 1826 in Hull Twp, Que, and died April 4, 1919 in Ladysmith, Que.  
He married OLIVIA CARPENTER.  She was born 1826 in Redwood, New York, USA.
New September 14, 2011: Good morning, I recently purchased a scaling or barking hammer at a yard sale in Pontiac County marked "RW". The manufacturer or blacksmith is also marked as "E.E.Holt". Cristy Holt was a long time blacksmith in Ladysmith up until about 1960, could this be his father? I suspect the hammer is from Ruggles Wright from Hull but know nothing about their company. Can you help me identify the hammer and where I can find a little information on Ruggles & Wright? Respectfully, Brian McGowan ______________________________ Good morning, Brian: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your scaling hammer with the initials "RW" on it. The blacksmith who made this hammer may have been Emmett Eugene Holt who is listed above as living in Ladysmith until his death in 1926. If so, you have a nice provenance for your hammer. Moses Holt was one of the pioneer settlers in our area. He came here after Philomen Wright who was the founder of Hull, Quebec and would have known and dealt with Philomen Wright. Ruggles Wright was a son of Philomen Wright. We have a web page for Philomen Wright where you may find further information about Ruggles Wright. Also, here is a bit about Moses Holt. It comes from page 90 of the book Carleton Saga by Harry and Olive Walker:
Moses Holt, Aylmer / Hull, Quebec Keywords: Aylmer, Quebec and Chats Falls (Fitzroy)
and here is presumably a son of Moses or Noah Holt in the 1851 census for Hull, Quebec. Moses Jr. was a tavern keeper: (Source: 1851 Census for Canada East, Public Archives of Canada, available from
Moses Holt, Aylmer / Hull, Quebec, 1851 census
I'm cross-posting Brian's original e-mail to our Lumbering web page. ... Al

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