The Pioneer HODGINS family
from County Tipperary, Ireland to Goulbourn and Huntley Townships, Ontario, Canada

November 24, 2004:

Hi Al - I was referred to the Bytown or Bust website by Sean McC, didn't 
know it existed until the other day.  The only things I can see missing 
from it are some of my Wilson and Hodgins ancestors.  My 3rd ggpa Tom Hodgins 
came from Tipperary and worked on the Rideau Canal.  I have attached two files for 
you to check over, if you can add them to the site, please do.  
I have yet to stretch out the ancestral genealogy of my Graham, Cavanaugh, 
and Mooney blood, so would like those surnames added as research interests 
along with Hodgins and Wilson.  You will note at the end of my Wilson file 
that there is a Warnock marriage.
During a trip to Ottawa and the Gatineau in 1999, I picked up two area 
history books, "A Place Apart - A Search for the Pioneer Cemeteries of 
the Lower Gatineau Valley", by Norma Geggie; and "Up to the North Woodland" 
by Henry Heeney.  I think the Heeney one is pretty scarce now, if anyone 
needs anything looked up in it.  There are a few short genealogies along
with pictures in it.  This book had some heavy input by Alexa Pritchard.

By the way, Alexa has recently written a book about the pioneer families of Aylwin Township in the Gatineau.
Don Lowe

                  Descendants of Thomas "Tom" HODGINS of Carp

                                First Generation

1.  Thomas "Tom" HODGINS of Carp-[1253], son of John HODGINS Sr.-[1256] and 
       Mary Jane PRITTIE - PRETTY - PRETTIE[1997], was born in 1787 in County Tipperary, IRE, UK, 
       died on 10 Apr 1858 in Carp, ON, CAN at age 71, and was buried in Apr 
       1858 in Huntley Township, ON, CAN.  

Death Notes: Huntley Township

Burial Notes: Huntley Christ Church Cemetery see photo on above web page)

General Notes: From the book, "Hodgins - Kindred Forever", Chapter 21:  

"Colonel James Hodgins brother, Tom Hodgins of Carp, was the second son of John 
of Dromineer, Ireland.  He was born in County Tipperary, and lived from the 
year 1787 to April 12, 1853.  In the early 1900's relatives in Biddulph, when 
speaking of the pioneers, always referred to Tom as "The soldier brother of 
Carleton county."  He joined the army in Ireland when he was very young.  
During the war of 1812 in Canada, several battalions were sent across the 
Atlantic to bolster Canadian defence and the Canadian archives dept. at Ottawa 
list several Hodgins as soldiers with those expeditionary forces.  Special 
reference is made to "The Lennox Corps."  Records indicated that Tom Hodgins 
was one of those with the Irish Battalions sent to Canada.  It is not known 
whether he saw active service or not but the war ended in 1814 and the overseas 
soldiers returned home.  In Ireland, Tom received his discharge from the army 
with the understanding that, should he wish to emigrate to Canada, he would be 
entitled to some consideration for a land grant for war services.

The thought of emigration was uppermost in Tom's mind for many months and 
possibly for several years before he made his final decision.  He had talked it 
over many times with his family and relatives before he made plans for the long 
journey back across the ocean.  Tom had been married in his late teens – and at 
a time when most men never thought of marriage until they neared the age of 
thirty years.  It may have been around the time he joined the army.  His wife 
was a former Miss Hodgins and some notes refer to her as "Maryann", but this is 
uncertain.  The couple had several children born before Tom went overseas.  The 
wife died before the year 1820.  The cause of death is unknown but it came at a 
time when she was still very young.  Her death may have been the deciding 
factor in Tom's decision to leave Ireland and take the children to Canada.

Tom's brother, John, was very anxious to accompany the party to Canada.  He was 
twenty-four years of age at the time.  Arrangements were made to sail early in 
the Summer of 1821, then an urgent message came from Colonel James Hodgins, the 
oldest brother at Borrisokane.  The Colonel suggested that the youngest 
brother, Adam, should be included in the emigration party.  When the time 
arrived for sailing, Tom not only had his family of small children but two 
brothers as well as cousins and many friends of long standing who had prepared 
for the long voyage.  The trip was indeed long and arduous and seventeen weeks 
elapsed from the time they left the Irish shores until they were again 
established on land.  Not only severe storms drove the ship far off course but 
it seems likely that either ship damage, or an early freeze in the gulf of St. 
Lawrence necessitated a long stay in some harbour in Quebec or New Brunswick.

It is not known how, or when, the brothers Tom, John and Adam, reached Ontario 
and the present site of the city of Ottawa which, in early times, was known as 
"Bytown".  Notes and statistics of the area show that they were there by 1822.  
Both Tom and John began work on the Rideau Canal project in 1826.  Brother Adam 
who was still young, joined a party of surveyors and did extensive traveling in 
the Huron district where new tracts of land were being surveyed and opened up 
for new settlements.

Tom Hodgins took property in the Carp Valley near the present village of Carp.  
Registration of his property title was one of the first in the region, leading 
to the speculation that his holdings were a soldier's grant of land and 
therefore cleared more quickly than most titles."

While still in Ireland Tom had married Mary Ann (surname unknown) and they had 
a family of four. Mary Ann died before he came to Canada.

When Tom came to Canada he brought his family with him and took up property 
near the present town of Carp, Ontario.  It was then a part of Upper Canada.  
His second wife, Elizabeth Cavanaugh, was a daughter of a family already 
settled in the area.

  Tom married Maryanne-[1255] [MRIN:406] about 1805.  Maryanne was born about 
      1787 and died before 1820.

     Children from this marriage were:

  2 M     i. Richard HODGINS-[1637] was born in 1806 in Tipperary, IRE, UK and 
                   died in 1886 in Carp, ON, CAN at age 80.  

General Notes: From the book, "Hodgins - Kindred Forever", Chapter 21:

"Richard Hodgins, first of the eleven children, was born in Tipperary, and 
lived from the year 1806 to 1886.  He was eighty years of age when walking one 
day in the front of his home, and he was knocked to the ground by a run-away 
team of horses and he was killed.

In the year 1831 Richard was married and the wife's name was Mary.  The couple 
lived on lot 21, concession six, Huntley township."

           Richard married Mary-[1641] [MRIN:518] in 1831.  Mary was born about 

           Richard next married.  
  3 F    ii. Rebecca HODGINS-[1638] was born in 1808 in Ireland, UK and died in 
                   1878 at age 70.  

           Rebecca married Andrew DUGAS-[1642] [MRIN:519].  Andrew was born 
               about 1808.
  4 M   iii. James HODGINS-[1639] was born in 1809 in Tipperary, IRE, UK and 
                   died on 27 Aug 1876 at age 67.  

General Notes: He had a total of 13 children.

           James married Mary-Ann-[1643] [MRIN:520]. (see sketch of James' farm, below, dated March 24, 2010)

           James next married Eliza HOLMES-[1644] [MRIN:521], daughter of 
               William HOLMES-[3812] and Unknown, about 1843.  Eliza was born 
               in 1821 in Calcutta, INDIA and died in 1884 at age 63.

General Notes: Eliza was James' second wife.
  5 M    iv. Thomas HODGINS Jr.-[1640] was born about 1809 in IRE, UK.  

General Notes: He had 4 children.

           Thomas married Isabella-[1645] [MRIN:522] before 1844.  Isabella was 
               born about 1810.

  Tom next married Elizabeth CAVANAUGH-[1254] [MRIN:405] about 1824 in ON, CAN. 
      Elizabeth was born in 1804 in IRE, UK and died in 1863 in Carp, ON, CAN 
      at age 59.

     Children from this marriage were:

  6 M     i. Adam HODGINS-[1101] was born on 18 Jun 1828, died on 12 May 1884 
                   at age 55, and was buried in Danford Lake, Quebec, CAN.  

Burial Notes: Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery

General Notes: Excerpt from "Hodgins Family History"
 "THOMAS HODGINS, husband by second marriage to Elizabeth Cavanaugh, acquired 
considerable property and had a beautiful home, a stone place, which he built.  
I understand this house is still standing today.  A few years ago it was 
occupied by a couple named Wallace, (no relation).  As was the custom in those 
days, when TOM died his estate was willed to his eldest son, RICHARD HODGINS, 
from his first marriage.  By this time ADAM, our grandfather, who was the first 
son of the second marriage of TOM, was a married man.  ADAM, was married to 
ELIZABETH (Eliza) MOONEY.  She was a daughter of WILLIAM MOONEY and his wife 
ELIZABETH.  When the estate went to RICHARD, then our grandfather who may have 
been a little hot-headed, did not like being bossed by his half-brothers.  That 
was the reason, ADAM and his wife Eliza, with their first couple of children 
set out to make a new life for themselves, by settling up in the Danford hills in the Gatineau Valley, 
which they called God's country, and where the rest of the family was born. "

From Edie Sage's Hodgins-Mooney family file:
They came to the Grove Creek area to farm about 1865.  Adam's parents had 
migrated from Ireland in 1812 and settled at Carp (Ontario).

           Adam married Eliza MOONEY-[1102] [MRIN:353], daughter of William 
               MOONEY-[1103] and Eliza-[1104], on 11 Apr 1860.  Eliza was born 
               on 22 Aug 1834, died on 17 Jan 1908 at age 73, and was buried in 
               Danford Lake, PQ, CAN.

Burial Notes: Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery

General Notes: Her headstone says that she died on Jan. 17, aged 74 years and 5 
  7 F    ii. Sabina HODGINS-[1494].  
  8 M   iii. William HODGINS-[1495].  

           William married Rebecca DRAPER-[2026] [MRIN:1263].  
  9 F    iv. Margaret HODGINS-[1496].  

           Margaret married John McKEON-[237] [MRIN:63].  
  10 F     v. Eliza Jane HODGINS-[1497].  

Research Notes: Entry found for Eliza Jane Hodgins at LDS family search site - 
marriage to William Turney, 
5 May 1874, in Kazabazua, Quebec.  Batch T990472, Sheet 36.
  11 F    vi. Isabella HODGINS-[1498].  
  12 M   vii. John "Yellow-Jack" HODGINS-[1499] was born in 1832 and died in 
                   1891 at age 59.  

General Notes: From the book, "Hodgins - Kindred Forever", Chapter 21: 

"The youngest son of Tom Hodgins was nicknamed "Yellow-Jack".  The long 
standing custom of many Hodgins families was to will the property to the 
youngest son as he was the least likely to be established elsewhere.  Tom 
Hodgins died in 1853 and it probably took a few years before the property 
actually reached registration in the name of John, or Yellow-Jack as he was 
known.  The book, "Carleton Saga," states that Tom Hodgins had one son and four 
daughters but researchers state that legal documents and records show that 
there were probably at least nine children."
... Don Lowe

Note: Thomas Hodgins may be related to William Hodgins who came from Ireland
in 1818 with the Talbot settlers on the ship "Camperdown".
... Al
January 16, 2004:
General Hodgins family enquiries
Hi Al - Could you add one more email address link to my Hodgins file please? Perhaps, say it is for "general Hodgins family enquiries" - Alfreda Veenstra is THE heavy-duty Hodgins Genealogist in Canada. Her email address is: Thanks, Don Lowe
August 18, 2005: I noticed your surname interests on the 'Bytown or Bust' website and hope you can help me piece together some of my family puzzle. My 4th great-grandfather was... John Mooney - born c. 1786, 'of' Diocese of Killaloe, Munster Province, Ireland died June 23, 1859, Onslow Township, Pontiac County, Quebec married 1811 in the Diocese of Killaloe, Munster Province, Ireland his first wife (my 4th g-grandmother): + Ann Hodgins - born c. 1790, 'of' Diocese of Killaloe, Munster Province, Ireland died before 1833 in Ireland I believe they had three daughters although I don't have information on any but... .....Frances Mooney - born March 9, 1812, Tipperary died January 17, 1916, North Onslow, Pontiac County, Quebec married Robert Woolsey June 17, 1833, Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario John's second wife: + Elizabeth Taylor Rutledge - married August 25, 1833 in Goulbourn Twp, Carleton Co., Ontario We don't have names for John Mooney's parents but it is believed that his father died in Ireland and his mother remarried a Cavanaugh (sp?). John came to Canada with his daughters and half-sister Elizabeth Cavanaugh. I don't know if any other family members came with them. If you know of any corrections or additions to this family I would be very interested. Thank you, Bev Lohm
March 24, 2010:
The farm of James Hodgins and Elizabeth Holmes in Huntley Township in 1879 Source: Carleton Saga, by Harry and Olive Walker, page 440 Farm of James Hodgins at Huntley, Ontario, Canada, 1879

New April 7, 2016: Thanks to Mr. Don Lowe who has sent in the following information regarding the passing of Alfreda Veenstra, one of the primary genealogists who researched the pioneer Hodgins family in Goulbourn and Huntley Townships and also in Pontiac County, Quebec: Hi Al – The Hodgins family tree has lost one if it's most passionate researchers with the death of Alfreda Veenstra on Feb 3, 2015. Veenstra--Margaret "Alfreda" (Hunt) of St. Thomas passed away on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at the St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital at the age of 70. Dearly loved wife of Teake Veenstra and loving mother of Deborah Daub of Waterloo and Christopher and his wife Denise Veenstra of Massachusetts. Proud Gramma of Samantha, Andrew and Meaghan. Dear sister of Shirley and Richard Young of Oshawa, Austin and Rita Hunt of Owen Sound, the late Norman Hunt and his wife Shirley of Tara. Sister-in-law of Leo and Jane Veenstra and Ross McMullen (Joan) all of Kitchener. Alfreda was born February 13th, 1945 in Owen Sound, the daughter of the late Alfred and Elizabeth (Howe) Hunt. She was a publisher and had a passion for genealogy. Resting at Williams Funeral Home 45 Elgin St. St. Thomas, where visitation will be held on Saturday from 2:30-6:00pm. A graveside service will be held at a later date at Hillcrest Cemetery, Tara, ON. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Liver Foundation in memory of Alfreda. Don Lowe

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