Some Reference Books for Bytown or Bust

October 22, 2012:

Akenson, Donald Harman, "The Historiography of English-speaking Canada and the Concept of Diaspora: A Sceptical Appreciation",in

Baker, William M., "God's Unfortunate People: Historiography of Irish Catholics in Nineteenth Century Canada", in 
The Untold Story: The Irish in Canada, (Robert O'Driscoll and Lorna Reynolds, eds., Toronto, 1988), pages 59-74

Iacovetta, Franca, "Manly Immigrants, Cohesive Communities and Defiant Domestics: Writing about Immigrants in Canadian Historical Scholarship", 
(Labour/Le Travail, 36, Fall 1995, pages 217-252)

Iacovetta, Franca, The Writing of English Canadian Immigrant History, (Canadian Historical Association, Ottawa, 1997)

Labour History - see "Bibliographic Essay", pages 185-194, in Essays in Canadian Working Class History, Gregory S. Kealey and Peter Warrian, editors, 1976,
McClelland and Stewart, ISBN 0-7710-4477-1

New November 21, 2012: Who Killed Canadian History?, by Jack Granatstein, 1998, Harper Collins Publishers, Toronto, ISBN 0-00-638607-5 A Reader's Guide to Canadian History.. 2.. Confederation to the Present, Edited by Granatstein, J.L. and Paul Stevens, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, ISBN 0-8020-6490-6

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