Louisa HINSON, from England to Durham West, Ontario, Canada in 1890
British Home Child

New June 28, 2011: 

Good morning,

I am looking for the family of Louisa Hinson, British Home Child, immigrated here on the SS Sardinian in 1890.  

I have hit numerous brick walls in trying to find her family in England, however I believe I have her parents names.  
If you could post something, I would appreciate any help that I can get.

I have been searching high and low, on Ancestry.com and everywhere else I could, but have not found much.  I do know 
she came here May 1890 at the age of 11, on the SS Sardinian, departed from Liverpool.  She is listed on the 
manifest as being in Miss Ryeís party.  She settled in Durham West, and I have found her on the 1891 census, as the 
Ďadopted daughterí of the family listed.  Unfortunately, I am not able to read the families name. I recently found a 
baptism record, dates and motherís name are a match, but the childís name is Hannah Louisa.  Her birthdate is listed 
as October 6, 1879 (on her death record that I have) and her baptism (if this is her) was Dec 15, 1879.  
(ironically, that is my birthday). 

I think I have her parentís information, however her fatherís name may be either Henry or John (listed on documents 
as both, I think it could be that he was using his middle name on some, or something like that).  Her mother is 
listed as Emma Cross.  She married my great-grandfather, Isaiah Steele in 1904 and had 5 children, 3 of whom died as 
infants or toddlers.  Isaiah died in 1914, and she married Joseph Fairless in 1919.  He was much older than her at 
the time.  She died in 1932, in Toronto.   

She did have a very tragic life, from what I have been able to piece together, and I would like to know why she ended 
up as a Home Child, and if she had any siblings, etc.  I do have copies of some of the records that I have mentioned 
above, if you would like copies I can email them to you. 

Thanks again for your help, 

Tammy Thornton

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