Sergeant Andrew HILL, 100th Regiment of Foot,
from County Fermanagh, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada

New July 26, 2009:

Hello all,
My 5th g grandparents were part of the 100th regiment of foot 
(see,_Daughter_of_the_Regiment for details as I know 
them currently), stationed in Amherstburg 1809-1811 and were part of the initial settlers to 
Richmond?) from Ireland at some point before 1811 (married Sgt. Andrew Hill in 1811 in 
Does anyone know where the musters for the regiment reside?  I'm trying to hunt down who was 
at Sandwich (Windsor) and Amherstburg from the regiment in 1809-1811 but don't know the 
commanders' name or where the musters might be.  I've found the Anglican Church records at 
Univ. of Western Ontario.
I'd also like to find a ships' list from the convoy that brought the 100th over from Ireland 
in 1805 but from what I'm reading they may have arrived seperate from that convoy as 
reenforcements?  Has anyone seen ships' lists (archives canada?).  thanks for any help.
ian_furst (at ) yahoo (dot] com

Good morning, Mr. Furst:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding your ancestors.
With your permission, I'd like to start a new web page for Sergeant Andrew Hill and his wife 
(including your Wikipedia link). Please let me know if this is OK with you.
I'm hoping that some of the other researchers, to whom you have sent your e-mail), may have 
more information regarding the musters and ships' lists for the 100th Regiment of Foot.
I see that Andrew Hill received land in Goulbourn Township. I believe there are several Hill 
farms in that area today.
We have a search engine near the top of our main web page. It allows users to use Google to 
search just our site. You could try a search for Hill. 
Thanks again for your interesting e-mail.
... Al Lewis

I believe I saw a land grant for 1837 (or so) which seemed a little late given he arrived 
in Richmond 1818.  Did you see another one?  For other researchers Andrew Hill usually 
appears as "Sgt. Andrew Hill" in the Anglican Church records (before 1812). 

... Ian

Hello again, Ian:
I'll set up a new page for Andrew Hill later today and it will appear under "What's New" on 
our main web page by tonight.
Hopefully someone will have more information. I was especially hoping to hear from Mr. Ron 
Dale at the Niagara Parks Commission who was included in our earlier e-mails, but it seems 
that his e-mail address on my web site is not valid any longer. He knows a great deal about 
the regiments of the War of 1812 and corroborated on a book written in 2004 by A. Barry Roberts,
titled For King and Canada - The Story of the 100th Regiment of Foot during the War of 1812.
There is a lot of information in this book but unfortunately, it covers only the soldiers who 
received land grants in Goulbourn Township. Andrew Hill received (at least) Lot 22 in 
Concession 1 in Goulbourn. He was born in County Fermanagh and joined the army in 1805 at age 
18. Being a sergeant, he would probably have been granted more than the one lot, possibly 
in a nearby township. I believe that there are two Hill farms today in Nepean Township, 
either on or very close to the Goulbourn border. 
... Al

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