Lawrence HICKEY and Margaret CURRAN
also Michael HICKEY and Mary SWEENEY
and Lawrence HICKEY and Catherine HICKEY, Fitzroy Township
Ireland to Ottawa, Canada area, some to North Dakota, USA

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

 October 1, 2012:


I finally have two photographs which contain pictures of Mary Hickey MacDonald, daughter of 
Lawrence Hickey and Margaret Curran. Please feel free to post if you feel that there would 
be any interest. 

Thank you,  

... Jeff Brennan
Mary Hickey MacDonald Mary Hickey MacDonald Keywords: Brennan, MacDonald, Coburn, Armstrong, Braeside
January 31, 2002: ----- Original Message ----- From: Brian Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 11:46 PM Subject: Huntley Twp Births I would like to take you up on your offer to provide further details on the following births Hickey, Dennis 3/7/1850 Hickey, James 8/15/1848 Hickey, John 12/8/1841 Hickey, Peter 12/3/1842 Many thanks. P. Brian Pitzel P.S. would you happen to know where one could obtain information on birth and deaths in Fitzroy Twp . Also would you happen to know where a marriage took place if it was not in Huntley (lived in Fitzroy, Roman Catholic). Could it it be Richmond or Ottawa. If you are unable to provide any information on this I will understand. I am certainly not looking for any detailed information on specific individuals just a direction would be helpful. ========================= Hi Brian: Here they are: Hickey, Dennis son of Hickey, Michael and Sweeney, Mary born 3/7/1850 God Parents: Keefe, David & Sheehy or Sheedy, Ellen Hickey, James son of Hickey, Michael and Sweeney, Mary born 8/15/1848 God Parents: Keefe, John & Sullivan, Ellen Hickey, John son of Hickey, Laurence and Curran, Margaret born 2/8/1841 God Parents: Ryan, Michael & Curran, Mary Hickey, Peter son of Hickey, Laurence and Curran, Margaret born 12/3/1842 God Parents: Kehoe, James & Curran, Mary In general, before about 1850 when St. Michael's RC church at Fitzroy Harbour was built, people from Fitzroy had their "religious transactions" recorded at: a) St. Michaels in Corkery, Huntley Township, which is close to the southern border of Fitzroy Township b) Notre Dame in Bytown (Ottawa) c) St. John the Baptist in Perth d) St. Phillip's in Richmond e} The RC church in Arnprior (can't remember the name) Sometimes they travelled to these churches for marriages, etc. - sometimes the priests travelled to Fitzroy. After 1850 (approximately) check the records for St. Mike's at Fitzroy Harbour. Many of the Fitzroy folks had ties to people on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River too. Later on - from 1870's - you'll find some of them a little farther west and they may show up on Bill Martin's web site Also, If you go to our search engine and do a search for the word Fitzroy and also (seperately) for your surnames, you may find something. ... Al Lewis, Ottawa
May 18, 2002: see also another Hickey page.
November 17, 2002: I believe that Michael Curran was the parent of my great great Grandmother Catherine Curran Hickey wife of Thomas Hickey, Catherine, I believe, had a sister named Margaret married to a Lawrence Hickey which may or may not have been related to Thomas Hickey of Barnhardt Island, St. Lawrence County, New York. Margaret and Lawrence buried Michael Curran in Fitzroy, Carleton County outside of Ottawa. Catherine Curran Hickey died in 1894 and is buried in Butte, Montana, USA. Four of Catherine's sons are buried close to her. Their names were Thomas, Michael, Edward and William Cornelius Hickey. WC Hickey was my g-grandfather. Can you help me out? What county in Ireland did Michael Curran come from? The Hickeys? Thank you for any help that you may be able to provide. Bill O'Keefe
January 28, 2003: Subject: Hickey Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 10:21 AM William, Dee Corley and I are distantly related through my G-g-grandfather, Thomas Hickey. Dee feels that her Hickey ancestry, Honora, could be a sister or cousin to my Thomas Hickey. From family records the following from a Mannix relative descending from Thomas Hickey's sister or half sister, Margaret; "Great Grandmother Hickey had 5 daughters, Keli, Bridgit, Mary, Nora and Elen and one son Tom Hickey. Great grandfather Hickey remarried and had one daughter, Margaret Hickey. Margaret’s mother remarried Mr. Mannix who had one son, Timothy by previous marriage. Margaret and Mr. Mannix’s son, Timothy, married. " "The 1st Timothy Mannix was born in 1800 in Buttevant Parish; Cloyne Diocese; County Cork, Ireland. He died in 1884 in Malone, New York, where his wife died also. The 2nd Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Mannix came to the U.S. in 1837 and settled in Boston where he was for many years an affluent and successful grocery and provision merchant. They moved to Malone, NY after retiring. They had 7 sons, among whom Timothy B. Mannix; John F. Mannix; Ed Mannix and four daughters." In 1850-1854 the following appeared in the Boston Pilot; "“24 August 1850 Of Thomas Hickey, native of Streamhill, parish Doneraile. He is supposed to be in Canada. Any information respecting him will be thankfully received by his sister, Bridget, who lately arrived in New York. Address her, care of Timothy Mannix, 26 Washington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts” Thomas eventually settles on Barnhardt Island/Massena, NY in 1832, where he and his wife, Catherine Curran raise 5 sons and four daughters, who would be 1st cousins to the Mannix clan. The sons are James, Michael, Edward, Thomas and my g-grandfather William Cornelius Hickey. James, after surviving the Civil War drowns while moving cattle across the St. Lawrence River to the mainland. The remaining sons travel, separately, to Montana in the 1866-1880 era. Their mother is brought to Montana, after burying the elder Thomas at Cornwall, Ontario. Catherine's father is buried at Fitzroy Harbor, Ontario. With the above knowledge, we have directed our search in Doneraile, without any luck. Dee plans on traveling to Ireland in May 2003 and visit the the Mallow Center.
Do you have any suggestions for us? Bill O'Keefe
September 26, 2005:
Lawrence HICKEY and Catherine HICKEY
Now, I'm getting confused. We already have three HICKEY pages on this web site, possibly all connected. Hickeys in Huntley Township, Fitzroy Township and Martindale, Quebec. One Peter Robinson family (1823) and some Hickeys on the McCabe List (1829). A family in the Glebe and some who went to North Dakota and then to Alberta. Other than this page, the other two Hickey web pages on this site are the Quebec Hickeys in the Martindale area and those on another page. On to Lawrence and Catherine Hickey. Frances Le Grace writes: I am trying to find any family information for Hickeys who settled in Ottawa Valley Lawrence Hickey, Born: May 25, 1850 in Fitzroy, Ontario, Lanark County Married: Catherine Hickey of Pakenham and Elmont (Almonte) Lived: migrated to North Dakota, USA, naturalized in 1879 and lived ther until at least 1898; subsequently moved to Alberta Died: 1925 Calgary Alberta Catherine Hickey Born: 1854 or 1855 Pakenham or Almonte, Lanark County (see above) Married: Lawrence Hickey Lived: migrated to North Dakota naturalized in 1881 Their children Mary Ethyl & Gertrude (twins), Lorne (Lawrence?), Margaret Loretta (Laura), Monica Jessica (Mona), Elizabeth Pearl (Lizzie), Katie, Patrick Considine, Thomas all born in North Dakota, probably Manvel just outside of Grand Forks. Frances de Grace _______________________ Al Lawrence Hickey was born in Fitzroy - is there a Fitzroy close to Pakenham or is there only Fitzroy Harbour? Thanks Frances de Grace ______________________ Frances: Fitzroy Harbour is a village within the Township also called Fitzroy. I'm going to check the records of St. Michaels Church in Huntley Township, which is on the Huntley / Fitzroy border. Those records go back to 1837 although there is other material which goes back to 1823. I also have a map showing the farms in Fitzroy Township in 1879. There were probably other Hickeys who remained here and did not go to North Dakota. Many folks from Fitzroy Harbour attended St. Michael's in Huntley Township. Later, another St. Michael's, in the village of Fitzroy, was built in the 1850's. Since your folks were in the Almonte area, I'll check there. It's closer to the church at Huntey than to Fitzroy Harbour. ... Al _______________________ Frances: I have located three neighbouring Hickey farms in Fitzroy Township. They are close to Almonte, Pakenham as well as today's town of Arnprior. Two of the farms are in the name of "L. Hickey" and the other belongs to "L. Hickey, Jr." Some of the early Hickeys came from County Tipperary, Ireland and others from County Cork. There are examples of Hickeys marrying unrelated Hickeys. I'll try and set up your new page tomorrow and will include the map showing the farms. Then, maybe others will have new info for us. I'll also check the church records. ... Al __________________ Map of the north-west corner of Fitzroy Township in 1879. Source Farms of Lawrence Hickey Other names shown on this Map: Hyslop, Dougall / McDougall,MCann, Lesage, Monaghan, Conn, Brunette, Goodwin, Hartney.
October 3, 2005: Thanks to Frances for the following: Yes, this information may be posted. And yes I noticed the Windle name on the list of names posted on the Bytown site. However, I am concentrating on four family threads - the Dow family, the Durling family, the de Grace family and the Hickey family. ... Frances
Lawrence Hickey Family
Lawrence Hickey Born: March 25, 1850, Fitzroy, Ontario, Canada Died: May 1, 1925, Calgary Alberta Married: Catherine Hickey, February 24, 1881, Grand Forks, North Dakota Children: Peter Marty Birth: January 16, 1882 Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Married: Bur, Mary Death: February 23, 1946 Burial: February 26, 1946 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Children : 2 Joseph Liguore Birth: June 19, 1884??? Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Married: Currie, Mary Death: 1963, Washington, U.S.A. Children: 8 Mary Ethyl Birth: January 06, 1886, Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Married: George Alexander de Grace Death: May 30, 1973 Burial: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Children: 5 Lawrence Alexander, Gordon, Elizabeth (Mrs. R.B. Jarvis), Katherine (Mrs. J.A. Schmidt), and Joan (Mother Mary Joan, FCJ). Gertrude Catherine Birth: January 06, 1886, Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Married: Hill, Charles Bradfield Death: Burial: Calgary, Alberta Children: 5? Margie Hill, Lawrence Hill, Michael Lawrence Birth: February 21, 1888, Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Married: Ann Windle Death: 1971? Burial: Alberta, Canada Children: 5 Margaret Lauretta Birth: October 17, 1889, Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Joined Faithful Companions of Jesus. Named Mother Margaret Mary Death: Burial: Alberta, Canada Children: None Monica Julia Birth: November 18, 1890, Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Married: Robert Faulkner Sinclair Death: February 3, 1975 Burial: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Children: 6 Elizabeth Pearl Birth: October 1, 1892, Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Entered Faithful Companions of Jesus. (Mother Euphemia) Death: October 06, 1970 Burial: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Katie Lived a few hours Birth: Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Death: Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Burial: Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Patrick Considine Birth: February 1, 1896, Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Married: Householder, Claudia Death: Burial: Children: 3 Lawrence, ??, lived in Portland Oregon Thomas John Birth: March 29, 1898, Manvel, North Dakota, U.S.A. Married: Proctor, Lillian Death: Burial: Alberta Children: 2, Cicelia, May live in Calgary, Alberta Canada Mary Ethyl married George Alexander de Grace ... Frances De Grace
December 23, 2005:
Alexander S. McDonald and Mary Hickey
Thanks to Jeff Brennan for the following: My great-great grandmother was Mary Hickey of Fitzroy, married to Alexander S. McDonald of Braeside, Ontario. She died in 1937 in Arnprior, Ontario at the age of 83 . I recently found her obituary and have copied it below. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hickey. The Mrs.J.H.Coburn referred to, was my great grandmother (nee McDonald).
Renfrew Mercury. January 21, 1937. The death occurred in Arnprior at the home of a daughter of Mrs. A.S.Mcdonald of Braeside. She was born in Fitzroy 83 years ago (1854), a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hickey. Her husband died 25 years ago. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Margaret Dorion of Arnprior, and Mrs. J.H. Coburn of Carleton Place. J.A.McDonald of Ottawa, and J.F.McDonald of Chalk River are sons. ... Jeff Brennan
February 15, 2009: Hi Al, This attached Lawrence Hickey in 1851 Fitzroy was from Wicklow, the census says. Do you think he's one of those on ? ... Anne Burgess
1851 Census for Fitzroy Township, Ontario, Canada Source: Hickey and Goodwin family in 1851 Fitzroy Township, Canada
___________________________ Hi Anne: You've made another interesting connection! Look at the map above and you will see that the Hickey family are neighbours with a Goodwin family, also enumerated on the same page in the 1851 census. ___________________________ September 9, 2012: Here's the 1880 census for Dakota Territory, USA , Al, with Lawrence Hickey and family, but also including Hugh Lunney (from around Pakenham?). Maybe you'd recognize others on the page who were born in Canada. ... Anne
Source: 1880 Census for Dakota Territory, USA Hickey and Hugh Lunney family in 1880 North Dakota, USA
__________________________ Anne: The Laurence Hickey family lived in the western part of Fitzroy Township, not far from Pakenham,(Lunney country). Also, adjacent to the Lunneys and Hickeys in the 1880 North Dakota Census is a Doyle family, Irish origins but also from Canada. The father is Andrew and one of the sons is Martin. More familiar names. ... Al
February 18, 2009: Hi Al, (this is from Anne):
Hugh LUNNY and Susanna COLLIGAN
I have found what I think is the marriage of Susanna Colligan, 1846, to the Hugh Lunney found with the Lawrence Hickey family in 1881 Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA, and the bapt. of their daughter, Catherine. (I'll gladly transcribe these records if you think it's a match, because I know they're a pain to translate to the website as is.) I think you will know enough to make some connection to what I found on "September 21, 2002: Noticed the above on Bytown or Bust. I have six generations from Thomas Kavanagh, six generations from Timothy Lawn, father of Patrick J, seven generations from William McColgan, and six generations from Hugh Lunney ... Source for the following two records: Drouin records at Marriage of Hugh Lunney in 1846 Baptism of Catherine Lunny in 1854 Forgot to say, Al: that I had a look at that history of Fitzroy that's online, and it said somewhere that Patrick Lunney of Conc. 6 was a cousin of Hugh of Conc. 3. (I think I have that right.) ... Anne Burgess

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