to Bytown c. 1827

 November 3, 2002:

Dear Al:  
A third cousin of my wife and I are trying to track down the origins of a family of 
HENRY / HENERY who came to Bytown about 1827. The wife may be a Lydia Henry who died 
in Cumberland twp in 1896.  Her husband's name may have been Richard.  They had two 
sons, Richard and Francis, before the husband died, about 1840. We have the descendents 
of the two sons, and this might be of interest to you. Richard was born in Canada about 
1827 or 1828, we are not sure where, and Francis was, according to the death certificate 
witnessed by his son, Herbert Francis, born in Nepean Township in 1838. Francis died 
in 1911. Herbert died in 1967, and my wife is his granddaughter.
    I have checked the Nepean Twp. data in the 1842 census in the Nepean Library, but 
the part dealing with Ottawa is missing. Do you knowof anything earlier?   
Cliff Scott  
ps religion was probably Protestant / Methodist if anything.

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