Michael HENDRICK and Margaret BALFE
from Kennystown, County Wicklow to the Gatineau Valley
also son Patrick HENDRICK and Julia MULVIHILL

June 22, 2005:

Hello all,
I wonder if you have any more information on the Lannen / Lannin family, who seem to be 
connected to the Hendricks of Old Chelsea, Quebec.
From the film of St. Stephen's Church, Old Chelsea, we have:
Baptism of Mark(?) Lennon
s/o Mark (?) Lennon and Catherine Henrick of this mission
Sponsors: Martin Mulvihill and Mary Daly.
Now we have located the baptisms of 6 children born in Kennystown, Co. Wicklow, 
to Michael Hendrick and Margaret Balfe (this couple is buried in St. Stephen's 
Cemetery, Old Chelsea):
Mary Hanrick, baptized 1820-03-19
Catherine Hanrick, baptized 1822-07-24
Tom Hanrick, baptized 1824-06-05
Denis Handrick, baptized 1828-08-06
Johanna Handrick, baptized 1833-03-24
Patt Hanrick, baptized 1835-11-12.
Patrick Hendrick married Julia Mulvihill, so it seems likely that the Catherine 
Hendrick who married Mark Lennon (with a Mulvihill sponsor for the child) would 
be Patrick's sister.
Any help with the Lennons/Lannens would be wonderful.
Hi Al,
I consulted with Della, and we'd be happy if you set up a new page for the Hendricks.
Thanks again...Anne

Hi Anne and everyone:
Ann, there is some info regarding the Lannens at the Daniel Carroll page. 
I gather you have already seen that page.

In addition, Michael Daley has recently sent in a connection to the Lannen / Lannin family in 
Farrelton and those in Osgoode Township. 
His material (interesting as usual) is on the Guilfoyle page 
What I would like to do is set up a new page for the Hendricks. You have sent a lot of 
info regarding their very early days and we could link to the Dan Carroll page and the 
Guilfoyle / Kilfoyle page.
I'll also dig up the 1881 census for the Hendricks and see what is there. There were 
also some Hendricks who attended St. Michael's Church in Huntley Township who may or 
may not be related.
Let me know Anne, if it's OK to set up a new Hendricks page based on your e-mail.
Thanks again.
... Al Lewis

Here are the Hendricks near Farrelton in the 1881 Census:

1881 Census Place:	Hull, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375861  NAC C-13225  Dist 97  SubDist Z  Div 1  Page 109  Family 468
	Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace
Patrick HENRICK	M	M	45	Irish	Ireland
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic	
Julia HENRICK	F	M	40	Irish	Quebec (nee Mulvihill)
			Religion:	Catholic	
Julia HENRICK	F		16	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Catholic	
Margaret HENRICK	F		14	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Catholic	
Michel HENRICK	M		10	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Catholic	
John HENRICK	M		9	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Catholic	
Philip HENRICK	M		7	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Catholic	
Martin HENRICK	M		5	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Catholic	
Meselina HENRICK	F		3	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Catholic	
Patrick HENRICK	M		1	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Catholic

In the 1881 Census, the nearest neighbours of the Hendricks were the families of 
Gabriel DUNLOP, John Mulvihill and Richard DALY.
June 30, 2005: Hello All, Many thanks for setting up the Hendrick site...I had reached a wall until Anne came along. I thought that I would forward as much information as I have on the original family that came from Kennystown, County Wicklow, Ireland and settled in the Meech Creek Valley of Chelsea, Québec. Their first appearance in Chelsea was at the death of their son Denis 1 July 1847. They could have lived somewhere else prior to this but I do not have any confirmed information.. Ottawa is a possibility as Mary married to Patrick Hannigan was married in Ottawa, also Elizabeth/Helen married to Figg Kelley. Michael and Margaret's son Patrick(Patt) married to Julia Mulvihill was my ggrandfather. I have pretty much all of the records concerning their descendants. Children of Michael Hendrick(Hanrick/Henrick)b. circa 1788, Ireland d. 23 April 1853 St. Stephen's Old Chelsea, Québec and Margaret Balfe b. circa 1795 Ireland, d. 1 March 1882, St. Stephen's Old Chelsea, Québec: Mary Hendrick baptised 19 March 1820, Carnew Parish County Wicklow, Ireland d. 9 August 1881 married to Patrick Hannigan(Hennigan) b. circa 1817, d. 3 November 1881. (Mary and Patrick lived on Nelson St., in Ottawa, Ontario. Their deaths, along with their daughter Margaret b. circa 1853, d. 26 August 1881 is recorded in Notre Dame Cemetery Records. Another daughter, Johanna was married to James Nesbitt. Catherine Hendrick, baptised 24 July 1822 Carney Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland married to Mark Lennon / Lannen. A child Mark was baptised 24 March 1850 in St. Stephen's Old Chelsea, Québec. Tom Hendrick, baptised 5 June 1824, Carnew Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland. Denis Hendrick, baptised 6 August 1828, Carnew Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland. d. 1 July 1847, St. Stephen's Old Chelsea, Québec. Johanna Hendrick, baptised 24 March 1833, Carnew Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland. d. 21 September 1855, St. Stephen's Old Chelsea, Québec. Patt Hendrick, baptised 12 November 1835, Carnew Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland, buried 7 November 1890, St. Stephen's Cemetery Old Chelsea, Québec, married to Julia Mulvihill 9 June 1864, St. Stephen's Old Chelsea, Québec. Julia was the daughter of John Mulvihill and Julia Ryan, she died 15 September 1901, St. Stephen's Old Chelsea, Québec. Another possible child of Michael Hendrick and Margaret Balfe. Helen/Elizabeth Henrick, (daughter of Michael and Margaret Boyle) m. 13 April 1853, 1)Figg, Kelly, (son of Owen and Mary Rourke) Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa, Ontario. 2) Elizabeth Kendrick/Hendrick widow of Tigg Kelley of Notre Dame Ottawa m. 10 April 1856 Cavanagh (Kavana, Kavanaugh), Patrick, widower of Bridget Richford. Witness: Margaret Hendrick Many thanks again. To communicate with me please use: mcddupuis@hotmail.com. Della Hendrick Dupuis ________________________ There are Hendricks tied in with the Michael Plunkett family as well.
November 4, 2005: Hello All, Thanks to the work of Michael Brennan and a long list of volunteers at County Carlow Genealogy Project Website, new information has been found on the Hendrick family of Meech Creek (Chelsea, Québec) since my last correspondence. The original family to the area was Michael Hendrick (b. circa 1790) and Margaret Balfe (b. circa 1795) who are first noted in Chelsea at the burial of their son Denis Hendrick in 1847. As mentioned in an earlier note, Michael Hendrick and Margaret Balfe along with six of their seven children came to the Chelsea area from Kennystown, County Wicklow Ireland sometime between 1835 and 1847. An eviction record shows a Michael Hendrick on a 1846 passenger list (this has yet to be confirmed). Since this earlier discovery I have found Michael's baptism, his parents Denis Hanrick and Mary Brien, along with seven (7) siblings in Lissalican, County Carlow. The records were found in the Parish of Borris, County Carlow. Children of Denis Hanrick/Handrick/Hendrick and Mary Brien/Breen/O'Brien 1. Patt Hanrick, b. abt. 23 February 1788 2. Michael Hanrick, b. abt. 17 April 1790 and married to Margaret Balfe (residents of Meech Creek) 3. Thomas Hanrick, b. abt. 20 May 1792 4. Jerrimy Hanrick, b. abt. 28 April 1795 5. James Hanrick, b. abt. 24 November 1797 6. John Hanrick, b. abt 8 July 1800 7. Edmond Handrick, b. abt. 5 March 1804 8. Tim Handrick, b. abt. 18 October 1808 I am still searching for other Hendricks' who might have come with Michael and Margaret to the Ottawa area in the early to mid 1800's. One possible relative could be a Margaret Henrick, daughter of John Henrick and Mary (Unknown) married to a William Slattery on 9 February 1858. This information was found in records for Notre Dame Parish (The Cathedral) in Ottawa. Margaret's father John Henrick could be a brother of Michael Hanrick. And research by many on Margaret (spouse of Michael Hendrick) Balfe's family has not produced any conclusive results as to her connection to the Balfes' of Smiths Falls. A great many similarities exist....originating from County Wicklow and having lived on Lord Fitzwilliam's estate but we have yet to make a direct connection to my Margaret Balfe/Hendrick. The search continues.... Della Hendrick Dupuis
December 15, 2005: I was browsing tonight and came upon your web site. I'm paul hendrick.....my grandfather was edwin hendrick whose brother charlie and patrick lived in Chelsea. charlie's wife was loretta and they lived in a white home just above mile hill heading into Chelsea from Hull. edwin's wife(my grandmother) eileen was a daly. I know for a fact we are decendants of michael and margaret and will have to get hold of our family tree to confirm where the connection hooks up. my father is daly hendrick a toronto based geologist who grew up in sandy hill ottawa. I'm appreciative that much of my family history is buried at st. stephens. all the best Paul Hendrick ___________________ just concluded more researching...my grandfather edwin's father was michael who was married to mary bridget plunkett .... my grand mother eileen daly was the son of joseph daly and margaret plunkett. ... Paul Hendrick
January 2, 2005: Hi folks I'm David Hendrick, son of Gerald Hendrick (deceased); nephew of Leo (deceased) and Vincent. Many memorable summers were spent on the Hendrick farm near Chelsea. Last evening, New Year's Eve, my wife and I were together with a group of friends having dinner, and during the dinner conversation I was told about this website. Today I spent most of the day speaking to my uncle Vincent and studying the website. I have learned many interesting facts as a result. My piece of the family tree seems to go like this: I am a grandson of John (Jack) Hendrick and Veronica O'Connor; great grandson of Patrick Hendrick and Julia Mulvihill; and great great grandson of Michael Hendrick and Margaret Balfe. ***Della, I believe you visited with Vincent to discuss some of our family tree earlier this year. ***Paul, I believe your father was a brother of Morris Hendrick, and he had begun some research on the Hendrick family ancestry?? This has been a very intriguing day today, and I want to say thanks to my friend Will Dunlop (who also has some roots in the Chelsea area that we are trying to trace) who connected me to this website, and to all those that have been involved in the excellent research contained in this website. I look forward to receiving any further information. Regards, David
New July 30, 2008: Hi Al, I have a couple of updated records for Catherine Hendrick, d/o Michael Hendrick and Margaret Balfe: Methodist Church, East End (Montreal), Rue Lagauchetiere: 19 Aug 1854 Married, Thomas McMartin of Montreal, bachelor, and Catherine Hendrick of same place, spinster, were married by virtue of a special licence, in the presence of ---- witnesses. James H. Forship, Minister. St. Patrick's Church, Ottawa: 20 March 1858 Bapt. Thomas Alfred, s/o Thomas McMartin and Catherine Hendrick Sp: Michael Donnelly and Jane Donnelly The baptismal sponsors here are two children of Bartholomew Donnelly, Fitzwilliam emigres from Ballyraghine, Co. Wicklow (from our chart on Bytown or Bust). 3 Jan 1868 Burial: Thomas McMartin, late husband of Catherine Hendrick, deceased the 28th ult. at Chamblee, aged 38 years. Present: John Donney and Matthew Kehoe. J.J. Collins, parish priest ... Anne

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