John R. HEANEY and Margaret McGONEGAL
County Donegal, Ireland to the Upper Ottawa Valley

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
Here is a photo, sent in by Clarissa, showing her grandparents William H. Heaney and Margaret Ann Gordon in 1903. More photos posted today, further down on this page. William Heaney and Wife Margaret Ann in 1903
March 15, 2007: Hi Al, My Grandfather was William Heaney born July 6,1873, died Jan. 25,1956-- wife Margaret Ann Gordon ,born 1875, Renfrew Co. Ross TWSP,Ont. Died-Nov 18,1949. Married june 25,1902 Beachburg, Ont. G. Grandfather-Robert J Heaney born- dec.15,1837- died Aug.5,1893--- wife -Francis Ann Gordon-Born 1835 died May 23, 1913.May have married in Ont. G G Grandfather was Hugh J Heaney sr. born early 1800's--- wife- Mary Mellon born around the same time as Hugh, they had 3 children that I know of, Hugh Jr. ,Robert, & Elizabeth. Hugh Sr. & Mary married : Portage Du Fort. G G G, Grandfather was John R Heaney,born in Ireland, County of Donegal, Monroe , late 1700's, wife-Margaret McGonegal Born ? married Portage Du Fort. John had a younger brother, a school teacher who came over a couple of years later. James & Bridget Mc Kinnon-----PDF-Hugh & Margaret MC Glauglin witness for John . Thomas Heaney --wife Sarah Rosseter -Witness- James & Bridget Mc Kinnon----PDG-James & Elizabeth Sonett. Hugh & Mary's Dau. married La Mab Nadeau in Chapeau, Quebec Sept.28,1856. Witness: John Heaney - (& Margaret Whelan, she lived on Allumette Island) I am still looking for information on John Hugh JR. & Francis Ann Gordon parents. Still waiting to hear from Mrs. Evans. The Heaney's when they first arrived spelt their last name Haney, It was Thomas that taught them how to spell it right. Also spelt it with double e's. John had other brothers. Hugh Jr. Married & went to Ogdensburg N Y, Can you tell me where I can find out about him? ... Clarissa
August 11, 2007: Hi Al, I found these in the census ,under Waltham & Bryson Agriculture, Quebec . 40- Haney Robert m 48 Que,Meth. farmer-lot 19-con.6 Irish married 41- HANEY (?) Margaret f 48 Que.Ireland Meth-married 42- Haney Robert m 21 Que,Meth Labourer 43- Haney Thomas m 18 Que,Meth 44- Haney William m 16 Que, Meth 45- Haney Matthew m 12 Que, Meth 46- Haney Alexander m 10 Que,Meth 47- Haney Elizabeth f 6 Que, Meth 48- Haney Catherine f 4 Que, Meth Haney 1881 Census @ ca.qc.096a family 174 17- Haney Thomas m 37 Que, W,Meth Irish,Teacher, Married 18- Haney (?) Diania f 35, Que, W.Meth , English, Married (Sarah Rosseter) 19- Haney William m 15,Que,W. Meth Irish , Student 20- Haney Victor m 12 Que, " " " Son 21- Haneey Mary F 9 Que, " " " Dau. 22- Haney Maggie F 5 Que, " " " Dau. 23- Haney Francis M 1 Que, " " " Son Can you add these to Robert Heaney's family? Thank-you Clarissa
August 18, 2007: HI Al, Would you add this to the Robert Heaney family. 1885 Mattawa, Ont. Hugh Haney, 34,labourer, Waltham, Pontiac County, Quebec S/O Hugh and Mary Haney, same address, married Susan Levins, 35, widow, Scotland, Pembroke, Ontario. D/O James & Catherine Levins. witnesses: J.Calolan & F.M.Bray, both of North Bay, Ont. Feb.11,1885 at Mattawa. Thank-you Clarissa
February 17, 2010:
Here is another photo, sent in by Clarissa, showing her ancestor, William Heaney at one of the J.R. Booth Lumber Camps in the year 1900. J.R. Booth Lumber Camp, 1900 This photo has also been posted to our Lumbering in the Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys web page.

February 18, 2010: (more photos) John Hugh Heaney John R. Heaney
Hugh J. Heaney

March 24, 2010: Hi Al, Marriage of John R Heaney( Haney) son of Hugh & Mary Whelan, married Frances Ann Gordon,Ireland, Aug.21,1866, Renfrew County, Ont. Frances was the daughter of Robert & Mary ( Love ) Gordon from Rathmelton,County of Donegal, northern Ireland. Mary Mellon remarried: 564- Belanger Narcisse- 05-07-1853- Mellon Marie ( Mary ) Jcqs & Mary Boisvert -Chapeau, Que.-Widow of Hugh Haney Thanks Clarissa New April 7, 2011: Anne Burgess has contributed a new web page for the Mellon family.

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