William HEALY / HALEY and Elizabeth KEHOE
County Wicklow, Ireland, to Hastings County, Ontario, Canada in 1852

New April 7, 2008:

Hi Anne,
I've been reading the information you've posted on www.bytown.net with great interest.  

I've recently begun to trace my family's genealogy and have taken one branch of 
Irish emigrants (Wicklow County) back to the Hastings, Ontario area.  I haven't, 
however, been able to figure out exactly which parish in Wicklow they originated from.  
Here's what I know so far:
William (abt. 1801-1879) and Elizabeth (Kehoe) Haley / Healy (abt. 1811-1879) 
arrived in the Belleville area in 1852 from Wicklow Co.  They travelled with their 
six children (this is what made me suspect their transport to Canada was likely 
paid for by Fitzwilliam).  They settled on a farm in Hastings, Ontario until they 
moved (sons moved first, followed by the parents) to Michigan, USA.
As you might imagine, I've found many William Healys in the Griffiths Valuation, 
1848-1864, in Wicklow.  One grouping of Healys in Killinure, Aghowle looked promising 
to me and that William was listed as a shoemaker in the Earl Fitzwilliam tenants list 
for 1839.  But this is a tenuous lead at best.
Can you think of any other available sources I might check?  I'd greatly appreciate 
any assistance you can provide!
Tiffany Johnston

Thank you very much for writing, Tiffany, esp. since you seem to have found another 
Wicklow family for my chart on Bytown or Bust! Where in Hastings county did your 
people settle, and what year did they move to Michigan?
I think the attached Healy family is yours, and they emigrated from Killinure. From 
what I can see, Killinure townland reconstituted itself in the area around Camden, 
Ontario (nearby Hungerford is in Hastings County.

Jim Rees's paperback, Surplus People, tells the story of the clearance of the 
Fitzwilliam estate. It's getting hard to find this book, but it's worth the effort.
Here is an extract from the accompanying CD:

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  539 Parish     Aghowle 
           Year Listed:   1853 
   Surname   Healy 
          Reference No.     22 
   Group Members: 
   William 47, Betty 40, Mick 19, Mary-Anne 16, John 14, Peter 12, Sally 10, Pat 5, 
   Tom 2. 
   Voyage                  Townland 
  Ship  Dunbrody           As spelt in the Emigration 
   Departure  New Ross     Killinure 
   Arrival                 Official 
   Other Information    Holding 
   Chest/Graves in side column.  Cabin on Brown's late farm. 
Good luck with the next stage of your research.
... Anne Burgess

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