Pioneer Cemeteries at Hazeldean, Ontario, Canada (City of Ottawa)

June 8, 2012:

The Hazeldean area, formerly part of Goulbourn Township, was one of the first settlements in the Ottawa area, on the Ontario side of the
Grand River. The Talbot Settlers came mostly from County Tipperary and settled there just shortly after the retired soldiers of the
99th Regiment of Foot arrived to take up their land grants in the Richmond area in 1818.

There are three very old cemeteries at Hazeldean. The Scarf Cemetery is located on the south side of Hazeldean Road. The pioneer
Anglican Cemetery is on Young Road, across from St. Paul's Anglican Church, (picture below). Maple Grove Cemetery is located at the northern 
end of Young Road and dates from a later time, but many of the burials there are descendants of the Talbot settlers.

For any of my descendants in the future: My father's family (Anglicans) was associated with St. Lukes church on Somerset Street, beginning about 1900.
He was buried last year from St. Paul's on Young Road. Picture to follow. My mother's side of the family were Roman Catholics and my grandparents
on the Burns side are buried at St. John the Evangelist Cemetery on the Stagecoach Road in Osgoode Township.

Here is some good background material regarding the Anglican Church in our local history:

1. Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach, by Dr. Bruce Elliott (Carleton University), 
   McGill/Queen's Press, 1988, ISBN 0-7735-0607-I  
   Searchable Digital Version

2, "Ritualism and the Beginnings of the Reformed Epispocal Movement in Ottawa", by Bruce S. Elliott, 
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3. Faith of Our Fathers: The Story of the (Anglican) Diocese of Ottawa, by the Right Reverend
   Robert Jefferson, 1956, Ottawa, The Anglican Book Society 

4 Anglicanism in the Ottawa Valley, edited by Frank A. Peake,
   Carleton University Press, 1997, ISBN 0-88629-334-0

... Al Lewis

Pioneer Anglican Cemetery at Hazeldean, (Kanata), Ontario, Canada
St. Paul's Anglican Church at Hazeldean, (Kanata), Ontario, Canada
Some Talbot Settlers who are interred in this cemetery Robert Young John Colbert, Jr. Tombstone for Robert Young at Hazeldean, Ontario, Canada Tombstone for John Colbert, Junior, at Hazeldean, Ontario, Canada
New June 12, 2012: The Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has a publication called The Hazeldean Cemeteries, Scharfe, Union, Wiggans & Maple Grove, ISBN 0-7779-1498-0, price $15.00. This publication is available through their web site.

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