Hiram W. CHAMBERLAIN and Elizabeth Minerva HAYES

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I am trying to find the Hayes family. Hiram W. Chamberlain (Chamberlin) (1816-1854) married 
Elizabeth Minerva Hayes May 26, 1835, at Baptist Church, Clarence (Petite Nation), 
United Counties of Prescott and Russell, Ontario, Reverend John Edwards (Baptist) officiating. 
Does anyone know the ancestry of Elizabeth Minerva Hayes? 

Also, I canít find any record of an Augustus Chamberlain, father of the above-noted 
Hiram W. Chamberlain. Augustus apparently married Miss Sarah Wyman February 23, 1814 
in Wells Vermont, USA and they settled in Prescott County. I believe Sarah (Wyman) 
Chamberlain is buried in Chute-au-Blondeau cemetery but have no idea when she died. 
I have no information about Augustus although there is reported a death of an Augustus 
Chamberlain in Kingston August 13, 1834. Was this Augustus Chamberlain and Daniel B. Wyman 
part of the Philomen Wright (PW) contingent? Daniel Wyman is recorded as one of, if not the, 
earliest settlers in Prescott County. 

Any information would be sincerely appreciated. 

Ian Fraser
Good morning, Mr. Fraser:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding the early Hayes / Chamberlain / Wyman families.
Do you mind if I add it to our web site and also add your e-mail address as a 
contact for other researchers?
There is a Daniel Wyman, age 28, listed on the 1808 militia list for Hull, as well
as several Chamberlain men and a Martin Ebert. I believe that the Eberts were
connected to the Hayes family in Pontiac County, west of Hull. Maybe someone
can help us further.
Thanks again. 
... Al Lewis
New April 21, 2012: Morning Al; This is an early marriage of Hayes & Ebert families in the Pontiac in response to Ian Fraser. I am sure that if I search farther I will find Chamberlains in the mix. Great site keep up the good work. ... Roger Cole FGSReport created by Family Tree Maker. Family Group Sheet for Soloman HAYES Husband: Soloman HAYES Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Father: 1831 in Ontario, Canada 1860 in Litchfield, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada Union Cem - Otter Lake, QC Abt. 1853 James HAYES Mother: ABBOT Wife: Roxey Ann EBERT Birth: Death: Burial: Father: 19 Apr 1833 in Clarendon Township, Pontiac Cty, Quebec, Canada 01 Mar 1893 in Portage Du Fort, Pontiac Cty, Quebec, Canada Ladysmith Methodist Cem - Ladysmith, Pontiac Cty, QC John EBERT 1 Mother: Anne-Jane ARMSTRONG Other Spouses: Nathaniel NESBITT (01 Jan 1862) Children: 1 M Name: Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: James Cole HAYES Oct 1854 07 Dec 1940 Maple Grove United Cem - Shawville, QC 24 Apr 1886 2 3 Mary Ethel LITTLE 2 F Name: Birth: Jane Ann "Jennie" HAYES 1857 in Litchfield Twp, Pontiac Cty, Quebec, Canada Spouse: Harry DONNELLY Other Spouses: John Henry HAYCOCK 3 F Name: Birth: O'Cecelia Ruth HAYES 1858 Spouse: Ferdinand "Fred" STENDER 4 F Name: Birth: Death: Spouse: Elizabeth Amelia Catherine HAYES 27 Dec 1860 27 Nov 1948 George Edward CAREY 5 M Name: Birth: Death: Burial: Spouse: William John HAYES 28 Mar 1856 1940 St Andrew's United Cem - Campbell's Bay, QC 4 Margaret Theresa DALE 6 M Name: Birth: William Alexander NESBITT 03 Feb 1864 7 F Name: Birth: Death: Spouse: Mary Ellen NESBITT 18 Jul 1865 12 Dec 1956 William Fredrick SCHWARTZ 8 F Name: Birth: Margaret NESBITT 1867 9 M Name: Birth: Donald Campbell NESBITT 1869 10 F Name: Birth: Caroline NESBITT 1872 Spouse: George GILES 11 M Name: Birth: George NESBITT 1877 12 F Name: Birth: Harriet "Rebecca" NESBITT 12 Feb 1881

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