HAYES Families
Pioneers in Pontiac County and Ottawa County, Western Quebec, Canada
also Samuel LORD and Catherine MULLEN

May 11, 2010:

Thanks to Rita La Douceur for supplying the following names for the photographs below:

My daughter happened to forward your link to me as she recognized the pictures on your website and knew that I 
had them with all the names that my mother had copied on the pictures for me.  My mother was Mary Theresa Sullivan, 
daughter of Mary Theresa Hayes and  Michael Sullivan.  She died in 2005 at the age of 105.    You might have 
this info already, but if not here they are: 

1st Family Picture: 

Top Row, L to R
Annie Perrault, Michael Hayes, Mary T. Sweeney, Tim Sullivan, Theresa Sweeney & Mick Sweeney
Emma McCrea (Hughes) (holding Rose Mary Divine / Devine) Celia Hayes (Keon), Michael Hayes (my great grandfather) holding 
Art Divine. Agnes Sullivan (McGuire), Julia Sullivan (Devine) and Laura Keon. (Devine) 

Second picture on Hayes family porch:

My mom’s grandmother (Ellen McCrea) Hayes sitting by Mabel Hayes (Slattery) the youngest in white.  Sitting on grass – 
Gilbert Hayes. Sitting to the far left is Michael Hayes next to my mother (Mary Theresa Hayes).  Standing behind my
mother is Grandpa (Mick) Hayes.  Standing behind Grandpa is George Hayes.  Next to George is Harold Hayes and next 
to him is Martha Hayes (Landon).  Standing on the ground is Celia Hayes (Keon) and sitting between Celia and Grandma 
is Margaret Hayes (McGoldric / McGoldrick). 

Hope this helps with your searches. 

Rita (Roy) LaDouceur
January 2, 2003: Still searching the Smith family from Sheenboro but just happened to have a picture my cousin Peter took at some function in Sheenboro a few years back. It has to do with the Hayes family. I got an email from a Hayes descendant and of course seem to have misplaced it. Will pass on the two pictures. One is the old Hayes homestead in Sheenboro with some children out front. Apparently could be a RoseAnne, Johannha and Margaret. Also a picture i believe of the Hayes family taken a very long time ago. Don't have any of the people in this photo but will try and check into it next time i get back to Quebec. My email for the Hayes family who emailed me is mjsmith4@sympatico.ca ... Merle Smith ____________________________________ Merle: Here's a Hayes family from the 1881 Census for Pontiac County. Thanks for the pictures. ... Al Michael HAYES M M 32 Irish Quebec Occ: Hotel And Store Keeper Religion: Catholic Ellen HAYES F M 28 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic George HAYES M 9 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Maryteresse HAYES F 7 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Margret E. HAYES F 5 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Rosann HAYES F 3 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Marthe Z. HAYES F 1 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Lewis TOMBO M 60 French Quebec (Louis Tombeau?) Religion: Catholic
1st Family Picture: -- Names identified by Rita La Douceur. Top Row, L to R Annie Perrault, Michael Hayes, Mary T. Sweeney, Tim Sullivan, Theresa Sweeney & Mick Sweeney Sitting: Emma McCrea (Hughes) (holding Rose Mary Divine / Devine) Celia Hayes (Keon), Michael Hayes (my great grandfather) holding Art Divine. Agnes Sullivan (McGuire), Julia Sullivan (Divine) and Laura Keon. ... Rita La Douceur

July 4, 2004: All: I am a descendant of the Hayes families of the Gatineau Area. I have a lot of info on this part of the family but I would appreciate any help in pinning down the area of Ireland they emigrated from. I think sometimes people migrated to areas where there may be familiar families from Ireland. I have no record of a ship they came over on or whether they landed in NY and moved up into that area, or if they landed in Quebec City or Montreal and made their way up the Gatineau.I have my families showing up in Church and land records in the 1845 to 1847 time period. The surnames Mullen and Lord come into play with Samuel Lord / Catherine Mullen donating the property St. Camillus in Farellton is built on. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Mark Smith ___________________________ June 4, 2012: Al: In Sue's Notre Dame (Bytown) Marriages she has a marriage of Samuel Lord and Catherine Mullin. This is the same couple I speak of in my Hayes posting above. ... Mark Smith ___________________________ 1881 Census Place: Lowe, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist II Page 15 Family 60 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John FIELD M M 37 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Catherine FIELD F M 39 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Johanna HAYES F 80 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Jeremiah HAYES M 32 Irish Quebec Occ: Labourer Religion: Catholic Michael HAYES M 27 Irish Quebec Occ: Labourer Religion: Catholic David MULLIN M M 29 Irish Quebec Occ: Carpenter Religion: Catholic Mary E. MULLIN F M 23 Irish USA Religion: Catholic ______________________ 1881 Census Place: Low, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist II Page 16 Family 64 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace William HAYES M M 45 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Hanora HAYES F M 60 Irish Ireland Religion: Catholic Patrick HAYES M 30 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Catherine HAYES F 24 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Hannah HAYES F 22 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Michael HAYES M 21 Irish Quebec Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Mary HAYES F 12 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic Bridget HAYES F 8 Irish Quebec Religion: Catholic __________________________
Samuel LORD and Catherine MULLEN
13 Aug 1838 Baptism and reconciliation to the Church of Samuel Lord of the Township of Wakefield James Oegan?, Jarvis Mullen, John Blair & others 13 Aug 1838 After three publications of banns, marriage of Samuel Lord of the Township of Wakefield to Catherine Mullen of Hull Michael Mullen, Elizabeth Bean? & others Source: DROUIN Records at ancestry.ca - Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa
July 9, 2004: Al: Thank you for the follow up. The families Hayes, Field, Barry, Mullen all are tied together in that area of the Gatineau Valley. My Hayes' family dilemma also goes as follows: There were 4 Hayes brothers and their families that came to Quebec (from according to family lore Clonakilty County Cork)in the 1840-1847 time period. The John Hayes/ Mary O'Driscoll (Driscoll) family. Michael Hayes/Joanna Mullen family( my line). Joanna was the sister of Catherine Mullen that married Samuel Lord. Thomas Hayes / Mary Purcell & family ended up around Lac Ste Marie.I do not know whether this couple was married in Ireland or Canada. They seem to have started out around Montreal. A 4th brother we think his name was William married a McCarthy. According to family lore he was said to have went to Pembroke to be by his wifes' family the McCarthys'. He was supposed to have been in the hotel business. He was said to have told his sons " Never throw a shanty man out because it was a shanty man that gave him a start in the hotel business." I have not found any records on this brother. If this story sound familiar to anyone I would be glad to hear from them. I have seen the Hayes located around Sheenboro but I have not proven any ties as of yet. Thank you again Mark Smith ______________________ Here's a Barry connection from Notre Dame records (Source: DROUIN Records at ancestry.ca) 7 Jun 1835 Baptism of Mary, aged 17 days, daughter of Thomas Barry and Eleanor Kelly Godparents: William Hackett & Mary Hays (Hayes?)
January 30, 2006: I have just found the Bytown Site and do have a little information on the Hayes family from Sheenboro Que. Don't know if it will help anyone. This is the info I have on the Hayes Family: Patrick Hayes of Sheenboro Que, married Mary Ann McGrea / McRea who died in 1928/29 at Massey Ont. No info on when she died. They had nine children: 1. Michael Hayes. He had eleven children 2. Thaddeus (Teddy) Hayes. 3. James Hayes. He had five children 4. Simon Peter Hayes (my grandfather). He had eight children Born: July 9 1887 Sheenboro Que, Died Nov 1 1952, North Bay Ont. Married: Winnifred Flavin, Nov 18, 1909 Born: Feb 18, 1887 Massey Ont, Died Feb 17, 1966 5. Bartley Hayes. He had six children 6. Patrick Hayes. He had two children 7. Nellie Hayes. 8. Beatrice Hayes. She had four children 9. George Hayes If anyone has more info that may tie some of this together I would appreciate receiving it. Thank You Jack Hayes Nepean Ont
March 21, 2006: Hi, This is pertaining to the Bytown or Bust site, Hayes page, specifically regarding the two photos at the top and the final message dated Jan 2006 regarding the Sheenboro Hayes family. I can't substantiate it, but I have found the parents of Patrick Hayes (spouse Mary Ann McCrea) and their children include a Rose Ann, Johanna & Margaret - names which appear in relation to the homestead photo. (Source: http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=barbeau&id=I0610) Michael Hayes b. abt. 1810 in Ireland, d. before 1881 in Pontiac Co. QC wife Teresa Meehan b. about 1820 in Ireland Children: 1. Rose Ann Hayes b. abt. 1840 in Ireland, married Timothy Sullivan (children Teresa & Michael) 2. Patrick Hayes b. 1843 in Ontario?, married Mary Ann McCrea 3. Mary Hayes b. 1845, married William Meehan (children John & Michael) 4. Johanna Hayes b. Nov. 27, 1846 married Peter Smith 5. Michael Hayes b. Jul 15, 1848 married Ellen McCrea (children George, Mary Teresa, Margaret, Rosann, Martha) 6. Timothy Hayes b. 1851married Margaret McDonald (children John Alexander, Michael, Clare, Ambrose) 7. Marguerite/Margaret Hayes b. 1853 married Mathias Smith 8. Simon Hayes b. July 27, 1855 married Sophia Marcella Would appreciate feedback. Thanks. Sue Stevenson
August 12, 2007: Hi Al, For some strange reason it has taken me a long time to find your web site. I am a descendant of Thomas Hayes and Mary Purcell (above) by way of their son Edmond Hayes who married Mary Margaret Hayes. Their daughter Alvira Theresa was my grandmother. Its been awhile since I have research anything on the Hayes family, have been working on my other grandparents. I was wondering if anyone knew how to find a birth certificate or record for Alvira and her marriage to Stephen Joseph Dalton, November 1, 1920 Wrightville Quebec. Also if anyone had a copy of Edmond and Mary’s marriage record?? Thank-you…have enjoyed reading about the area on your page. Kelly Hake hakekl@telus.net
December 17, 2007: Al: Just wanted to see if I could generate some discussion on the Hayes families, particularly a William Hayes who supposedly settled around Pembroke. According to family lore he moved to Pembroke to be by his wifes' family the McCarthys'. Moved to Pembroke Ontario where they ran a hotel. He was said to have told his sons "Never throw a shanty man out because it was a shanty man that gave him a start in the hotel business." I know and have read here about the Hayes family around Sheenboro and have not found any ways that we were related. My Hayes' as I have posted earlier settled around the Low, Fieldville, Lac Ste Marie, Farrellton & Venosta areas. My dilemma is finding anything on this William Hayes. I am wondering if anyone can speak of the earlier hotel owners in the Pembroke area in the 1830-1860 era. I ask this based on the statement passed down thru family lore about the shanty man. I am wondering if anyone can add any input. Thanks Mark ____________________________ Hi Mark and Al: Just sitting here talking to my wife and saying I did not think we were related but the Smith Hayes connection there just was not that many who were not related to be just a coincidence. I always looked at just my line but my Peter Smith married Johanna Hayes - his brother Mathias married Margaret Hayes. This Smith and some of the Hayes family were in the hotel business. Mathias Smith had a hotel in the early 1800s in Chichester Quebec. He then moved away from Chichester and was in Pembroke, then Mattawa for a short time, then up North around the Sault, Cutler, Ontario was in the great fire and I believe he had a farm and hotel that was lost in the great fire around 1916. He eventually moved to Sudbury and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Sudbury. This was really ironic because i searched for over 14 years to find any information on him and turned out I knew his grandchildren and the day I went to Fort Coulounge to find out more information from a Joseph Smith Mathias Smith's great grandson was sitting in my own son's living room when I left to drive to Quebec that weekend. When I called from Quebec to Sudbury to speak to a Martin Burton in Sudbury I knew the whole family for probably 30 years but never in my wildest dreams ever realized we were related. I have some information on this family now but think it is more than a coincidence because this Smith line Mathias and Margaret were in the hotel business for almost his whole life. I will try and find out some more information for you. I know they are related to Kings, Bishops, Chaputs, Brothers, Mulligan, Aurie, Tipton and know they have a lot of relatives in the Sault and North Shore as well. Mathias Smith for a time also was know as Cap't. Could not figure this out but it turns out he had a boat of some sort probably a tugboat and worked with logs or possibly commercial fishing around Cutler. His son Joseph was drowned in Cutler around 1902 and have a felling this ended that part of his life. Joseph Smith's body was brought back to Sudbury and buried in the family plot in Sudbury Roman catholic cemetery. I will try and find out a bit more information for you. Merle Smith.
July 15, 2008: Hi everyone on this list. I am a descendant of the Hayes family, Michael Sr (m. Teresa Meehan) , Michael Jr (m Ellen McCrea), Harold (who moved to Saskatchewan in the early 1900s and m. Gertrude Harder my great grandmother). I would certainly like to know where their origins in Ireland were!!!! I can contribute another photo of the Michael Hayes Jr. family. (below, posted on this date) Here is the info I have on Michael Sr. Michael Hayes' oldest child Rose Anne was born in 1840 in Ireland, and the next child Patrick in 1842 in Canada. Therefore he would have immigrated at about this time. Theresa Meehan probably came to Canada with her husband, and it is possible that she travelled with siblings since the 1851 census for the area includes a John Meehan, also from Ireland, who was 15 years older than Theresa. It is possible that this would have been an older brother. The 1851 census also includes Mary, Johanna, Michael and Timothy, and a George Walsh aged 15 who was living with them and born in Ireland The agricultural census shows that the farm was in concession 2 for the township of Sheen, but no lot number was assigned. There he owned 200 acres with 35 cultivated and under crops, and 165 under wood or wild. He grew wheat 2/40, oats 12/350, potatoes 3/300 and 10 tons of hay. He also had 2 bulls, 4 milk cows, 3 calves, no horses, 9 sheep and 5 pigs. They lived in a log shanty. John Meehan on the other hand, had much older children, the oldest son William married Michael's daughter Mary in 1861 despite being 13 years older. There was one death in the family (unnamed) who died of small pox at age 20. The agricultural census indicates operation of concession 1, lot 9, with 20 acres under cultivation and crops producing oats 10/300, potatoes 4/400 and 6 tons hay. He also owned 3 milk cows, 2 calves, 2 horses and 4 pigs. Of interest is the enumerator's observations: "The inumerator having now brought the duties required of him to a close to the best of his ability, it only remains for him to add that there are two creeks in this township which at certain seasons of the year furnishes enough water for two moderate [?] Grist mills. The land is light and sandy, and when the merchantable timber is cut and taken away it is the opinion of the enumerator that the present selling price pence 3/- (say three shillings) is more than its real value." The 1861 nominal census for Sheen is no longer extant, so family information for Michael Hayes is unrecorded. Michael operated concession 3 lot 44 and 2 lot 30. He had 275 acres, 60 under crops, 125 under wood, and 15 under pasture. He produced fall wheat 4/60 and spring wheat 2/20, oats 12/180, potatoes 4/300, peas 3/40, hay 10 tons. The value of the land was $600 and implements $35. He also produced wool 12#, flannel 8 yds, and butter 150#, 1 barrel each of pork and beef. He owned 0 bulls, 5 milk cows, 3 calves, 2 horses worth $250, 4 sheep, 5 pigs and 1 of something else. The livestock was valued at $337. John Meehan, on the other hand, operated in Chichester concession 4, lot 42 and 43, with 175 acres, 75 under cultivation and crops, no pasture, 100 wooded. The value was $1200, and implements at $100. He produced fall wheat 6/150, spring wheat 2.5/50, oats 25/600, potatoes 2/400, and hay 30 tons. He also produced 700# butter, 6 barrels of beef and 10 of pork. He also owned 5 bulls, 12 steers, 10 milk cows, 4 horses worth $400, and 10 pigs. The livestock was valued at $850. The 1871 Census has only Michael, Timothy, Margaret and Simon living at home. The agricultural census indicates ownership of concession 3, lot 44-45 in Sheen, with 300 acres occupied, 60 imporved, 20 in pasture, and 1 in garden/orchard. He produced wheat 5/50, oats 300, potatoes 2/300, turnips 200, and hay 40/30. He owned 5 horses, 6 milk cows, 5 other cattle, 30 sheep and 6 swine. 2 cattle were slaughtered, 9 sheep, and 6 swine. He produced 600# butter, 100# wool, and 100 yds flannel. There was 1 house, 2 barns / stables, 2 carriage/sleigh, 2 cars/wagons/sleds, 1 plough/cultivator, 1 fanning mill, and 1 threshing machine. He was the only person to operate a threshing machine in the Sheen township. John Meehan still farmed in Chichester, but was widowed and had 3 children, including Denis, still residing at home. William's wife, Mary Hayes, had already died leaving 2 children by that marriage, and he was newly married to Mary Anne Gleeson. The 1881 census has Teresa Hayes widowed and living with her youngest son Simon Hayes. Therefore it is possible that Simon Hayes took over the family farm. John Meehan meanwhile has changed residence in order to live with his son Patrick. Michael Hayes (jr) has married Ellen McCrea and had 5 children. The 1891 census has John Meehan returning to live with daughters Mary and Bridget. It is likely that Teresa Meehan has died by this time, since she is no longer evident in the census. John Meehan is not listed in the 1901 census. Here is the info I have on Michael Jr. Michael Hayes was born of Michael Hayes and Teresa Meehan in Quebec. Ellen McCrea was born of George McCrea and Ellen Muldoon. They were married immediately after the 1871 census, and by 1891 have had 5 children, and is listed as his occupation being a hotel and storekeeper. He had Lewis Tombo / Tambeau aged 60 and French residing with him. In 1891, Michael is listed as a general merchant and employer of 4 individuals. These included Louis Tombo, Michael, Simon and Hanna Sullivan, and a Michael Hayes aged 18. They are all listed as Domiciles, all born in Quebec, with parents from France, Ireland, and Quebec respectively. It is not known what relation Michael Hayes was to Michael Hayes the employee. Also noted in the census is that Rosey was blind. The 1901 census indicates that George and Michael are old enough to work in their father's business as general merchant and farmer. It also indicates that they operated in Sheen concession 2 lot 40 ER. There was 1 house vacant and 1/W inhabited (probably means 1 of wood frame construction.) There was 9 rooms in the house. They farmed 200 acres which included 1 town/village lot with 2 stores/warehouses, and 8 barns/stables/outbuildings. Information from church and civil records indicate the marriages of their brothers and sisters Michael to Ellen McCrea, Patrick to Mary Ann McCrea, Timothy to Margaret McDonald daughter of John and Flore McGillis, Simon to Sophia Marcella daughter to Isaac and Cath. Cadieux, Johannah to Peter Smith, son of Owen and Mary McAndrew, Marguerite to Mathias Smith son of Owen and Mary Calagher, Rosy Ann to Timothy Sullivan son of John and Ellen [?] and later to Patrick Sullivan son of Timothy and [?], Mary to William Meehan son of John and Honora McCarthy. Also of John McCrea to Bridget Walker daughter of James and Johanna Donnelly. The records from St. Paul the Hermit in Sheenboro also have the baptisms of their children: Mary Teresa, Margaret Ellen, Rose Anne, Martha Jane, Cecilia Anne, Michael, Cecilia Anne, Herold John, Gilbert, Mable. The death of the first Cecilia Anne at 2 years, Joseph Clarence at 15 months. The marriages of Mary Theresa to Michael O'Sullivan son of John and Rose Anne Hayes [unknown relation to family] and also his death at the age of 47, Mable to Patrick Slattery, Joseph James to Mary Sutton, Marth Jane to George Albert Landon son of Horace and Teresa Dunn, Cecilia Ann to Andrew Keon son of Mathias Keon and Margaret Slattery [with Harold Hayes as witness], Gilbert to Mary Helen Berrigan daughter of Thomas Berrigan and Teresa McGoldrick, and Margaret Ellen to Bernard McGoldrick son of Bernard McGoldrick and Helen Devine. These records also indicate Michael's profession as tavern keeper in 1876, 1878, farmer and postmaster in 1880, 81, storekeeper in 1884, 85, 87, 89 [at the time of Harold's birth], 93, 94, 95, and finally merchant and mayor at the time of his death as noted in the death record of Michael Hayes in 1912. They also note the confirmation of his children during occassional pastoral visits by the Bishop of Ottawa. These include George on June 9, 1883, Mary Teresa Sept 14, 1885, Margarita June 1, 1888, Martha Jane Sept 18, 1892, Michael Patritius 1897, Cecilia Anne May 31, 1900, Gilbert and Mary Mabel Julia May 28, 1906. Rose Anne and Harold are not included, but the pages for 1903 have been left blank suggesting they were left unnoted. Michael Hayes was sponsor for the boys in 1906. The burial record for Michael Hayes is in the records for the Church of St. Bridget's of Sheenboro, Quebec, Canada. It is the 7th Burial record for 1912. The record states: This eleventh day of June, one thousand nine hundred and twelve was interred in St. [Patrick's?] Cemetery of this parish the body of Michael Hayes, sr. Merchant and Mayor of Sheen, aged sixty four years, spouse of Ellen McCrae. He died in the General Hospital Pembroke, Ont. On the seventh instant. The witnesses to the burial were Michael Hayes and George Hayes, sons of the deceased who have signed. M. P. Hayes Geo Hayes P. J. Tracy PP ... Blair Barbeau Here is the photo from Blair: Names identified by Rita La Douceur Second picture on Hayes family porch:
My mom’s grandmother (Ellen McCrea) Hayes sitting by Mabel Hayes (Slattery) the youngest in white. Sitting on grass – Gilbert Hayes. Sitting to the far left is Michael Hayes next to my mother (Mary Theresa Hayes). Standing behind my mother is Grandpa (Mick) Hayes. Standing behind Grandpa is George Hayes. Next to George is Harold Hayes and next to him is Martha Hayes (Landon). Standing on the ground is Celia Hayes (Keon) and sitting between Celia and Grandma is Margaret Hayes (McGoldric). ... Rita La Douceur Family of Michael Hayes, Jr.

December 8, 2009: I just stumbled on this site by accident. My mother was a Hayes, she was born in Lanigan Saskatchewan in 1911. Her father was Michael Hayes the young fellow in the Hayes family picture. I have a picture of him my mother gave me of him on the Rugby team at Belleville Ontario business college. He looks about the same age. Her story is he went and homesteading in Saskatchewan. She was born there, when she was about 2 her mother died. Then her grandmother (blind) and a spinster aunt took the train out west and took her back to Sheenboro and raised her there (in the old house/hotel) as they felt he could not handle her and the farm by himself. He was to come and get her when he when he remarried and it together. He remarried but according to her the new wife wanted her own family. We visited that old house/hotel in Sheen a number of times as kids and knew her cousins who stayed in Sheen. We don't really have any information on the Hayes and if you can direct me to any more it would be appreciated. Isn't the internet great! Best Regards Mike Coghlan ___________________________________________ Hi Mike: I am forwarding this on to my mom, who would LOVE to chat with you. I recognise the name and places, but am MUCH too young to have 1st hand experience with these people. My grandmother, Rhea, who is the daughter of Harold Hayes, is still alive at 95, and also would likely love to chat to you about the people you mention -- she is still very sharp, and full of entertaining stories from the early days, so would likely appreciate a phone call and pleasant chat. After I speak to her, and make sure it is alright, I will give you her phone number. Hi Mom: here is an introduction to Mike, another one of your relatives... :) Is this the Michael Hayes I am named after??? or was it Michael Fitzgibbon. BTW, Mike, Michael is my middle name, but mom frequently calls me Mikey... :) Blair
April 4, 2012: Rita I visited the information you contributed to online re the Hayes Family. My Grandfather was Edward Peter McCrea who was a brother of Mary Emma McCrea and Ellen McCrea who I believe are shown in a couple of the photos you posted. Attached is a family portrait of the McCrea family about circa 1998+-. I had also sent this to Blair Barbeau via another finding yesterday. It would be nice to share some more info. Bob Bourke P.S. my Mother Evelyn Bourke was d/o Edward Peter McCrea and Immogene Lee. My grandparents who raised their family in North Bay, ON. died when I was fairly young but I do recall the name Slattery as a friend of the family back in the 1950's. It would appear from the photos that the Hayes and McCrea family were close friends. To All Regarding the previous message on the McCrea - Hayes family topic I wish to point out the family shown on my photo is that of the John James McCrea (b. abt 1850) family who was married to Bridget Agnes Walker. This John James MCCrea was s/o George McCrea ( 1819-1897)and Ellen Maden (Madden?) Muldoon (1821-1897). Although the names of two of John James's children correspond to the names of spouses of some Hayes family members I understand it was John James's sisters of similar names who were actually married into to the Hayes family. My information shows that John James's sister, Mary Ann McCrea b. 1848 was married to Patrick Hayes and another sister Ellen McCrea was married to Michael Hayes so my John James McCrea would have been a brother-in-law to the Patrick and Michael Hayes in your records. It is interesting to note that one of the Hayes family portraits shown in your string of information (above) seems to have been taken at the same photographer's studio as my John James family portrait, as judged by the backdrop and floor pattern in both photos. I have the original photo of the McCreas and it is framed within a matt that identifies the studio as "Edwards & Harrison(?) of Pembroke". Judging by the age of my grandfather, Edward Peter McCrea in the photo I have guestimated the era of the McCrea family portrait to be about 1898. ... Bob Bourke
McCrea Family Portrait, Pembroke, Ontario, c. 1898 McCrea Family Portrait, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, c. 1898

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