HAWLEY Surname
Ballycapple, County Tipperary to Ottawa, Canada and Australia

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Attached is my Hawley file and it leads you back to the townland in Tipperary 
from which the Hawleys came; enjoy it.

The reason I was able to pinpoint the townland of origin of this family is 
that Australian immigration records were very precise as immigrants at this 
time were sponsored, either by the Government or individuals (generally a 
pastoral company).  There were shipping contractors paid per head delivered, 
the expense of moving a body to Australia being considerable, not just a 
quick journey across the Atlantic.  The authorities were also being careful 
that the body selected (there were stringent rules) was the body that actually 
arrived: hence there was a good description as to source, parents and skills.

My Best
Denis Power, Australia  

Descendants of Hawley of Ballycapple County Tipperary

Generation # 1

Roderick Hawley, born 1796 at Ballycapple emigrated to Canada in 1834.

 Michael Hawley, born in 1797 and who married Margaret McDonnell.                     
 This couple is buried in the Grawn Graveyard, Ballycapple. (per David Lawlor ggg 
 grandson of Thomas Hawley (3) 1.  David lives in Ballycapple (Jan 2003).  The gravestone 
 inscription reads " Of your charity pray for the soul of Michael Hawley of Ballycapple 
 who died 25th July 1874 aged 77 years.  Also for the soul of Margaret Hawley alias 
 McDonnell his wife died 14th March aged 62 years".  Nearby there is another stone 
 that reads "In loving memory of Michael Hawley of Ballycapple who died 5th April 
 1943 aged 80 years".
There is not much evidence of this Michael, except the following article that appeared 
in the "Vindicator" dated July 5th 1849.
"Cloghjordan, July 2.  Daniel Egan of Ballydonagh, a most respectable young man, 
24 years of age was killed on his way to mass at Barna.  He was in company with 
his father, mother and two sisters.  It appears he stopped some few perches 
behind them on the "Mass-path" when he was shot.  The reason assigned-his 
father is a middle landlord.
On Friday the 29th, the house of Mr. Michael Hawley, of Ballycapple, Poor Law Guardian, 
a most respectable farmer, was attacked by some ruffians who broke his windows 
and fired a shot through his door, his family was present at the time.  Constable 
M'Loskey came running but the midnight miscreants escaped.  A notice was found 
posted to the door: "Michael Haly (sic) take warning by this admit Gordon no longer 
to your house or if you do I will come again and send you to hell, let Martin Flarty 
take the same warning.  Thomas Holy (Hely?) let him take the same no more".  
The person alluded to above  is a teacher, a quiet, inoffensive man who Mr. Hawley 
and others have kept in their houses alternately for the last six years.  
On the same night the house of John Shoebottom, a respectable farmer, was visited 
by the same gang, who fired a shot and issued a notice, nearly verbatim with the above.  
It is but a fortnight since Mr. Shoebottom had his windows broken and a shot fired, 
the ball passing within a few inches of Mrs. Shoebottom.

Thomas Hawley, who married Judith/Judy Behan is almost certainly brother to the 
above Michael.  Thomas and Judith lived at Ballycapple, County Tipperary. 
(from immigration records Australia).

 	The RC Church at this time was "Grawn" and the RC parish Cloughjordan.  
    It is now called Kilruane, which is also a village.  
    The Grawn church now stands in ruins, although the graveyard still exists.
    (information per David Lawlor, Jan 2003). 
Children of Thomas Hawley and Judith Behan are:

Generation #2

(2)      1  	Thomas Hawley, .born abt. 1820?  Remained in Tipperary and married 
Margaret Loughanne, who died in March 1883.  They had ten children.  Mary, 
born 1875. aka"Polly", who emigrated to New Zealand.  Margaret, born 1873, 
died at Ballycapple aged 94 in March 2002.  Honarah, born 1871.   Patrick, born 1869.  
John, born 1867.  Ellen, born 1865.  Michael, born 1863.  Sara, born 1859.  
Thomas, born 1857.  Judith, born 1856. 

Ellen Elizabeth Hawley born 1821 or 1825 in Ballycapple,  married 
Daniel Guilfoyle / Kilfoyle in  c1847, at Ballycapple, IRL. Ellen 26 yrs and 
Daniel 31 yrs arrived in the colony on the "Garland" 15 March 1851 with children 
Thomas 2 yrs. and Michael 1 yr.  Michael died aged 36, 2nd March 1886.  Buried at 
Morpeth. Children's native place - Bansha, Co Tipperary (Bansha is in Southern 
Tipperary, about 50 miles from Ballycapple).  Daniel's parents were not named - 
both dead  - native place, Bansha, Co Tipperary.  But I have later advice they 
were Daniel Gilfoyle born abt. 1790 whose wife was Grace Darin born abt. 1800 
(both in Ireland).  Daniel could not read or write.  Ellen's parents Thomas and 
Julia Hawley, mother dead, father at Ballycaplin. Ellen could read and write.  
Beside Daniel's name - brother-in-law Michael Hawley living near Maitland.  
£8 paid for self and family.

Daniel Guilfoyle died 2nd July 1888, aged 69 and is buried at Morpeth Plots.
Ellen Guilfoyle died aged 67 on 3 Sep 1891 at Dunmore, and is buried at Morpeth. 
Father Thomas Hawley, mother Julia Bahan. No.9557.

Children of the marriage: (per Ellen's death certificate).  John 42**, 
Thomas 40, Michael Francis (born Tipperary 1849, died Morpeth 2nd March 1886), 
married 30th March 1875 at Pyrmont, Catherine Garrity (born May 27th 1849, died 
Sacred Heart Hospice, Randwick 1925). Daniel Earnest born 1853, Patrick 36, 
James 34, Julia 32, William 30, Denis 28, Edward 26, (died 22nd Feb 1892 and 
buried at Morpeth). Mary Jane 24.  1 female deceased.  That is Ellen, 
born 1863 and died 24th April 1876.  Buried at Morpeth Plots.
**John Kilfoyle, 10yrs, arrived on the "Golden Era" 16 June 1855.
(Reels 2137 & 2470).  Listed under "Son of resident in colony"
Native place Ballychapel, Tipperary  RC   could not read or write
Parents Daniel and Ellen living at Morpeth

3	Honora (Nora) Hawley.  Born abt. 1822 native place Borrisokane. Died 
3rd January 1859 at Phoenix Park.   Married Robert Duggan, born abt. 1806.  
Native place Borrisoleigh County Tipperary.. Died 8th October 1881. They were married 
abt. 1842 and per Immigration record "near Nenagh, Ireland"(probably Borrisoleigh).  
The couple arrived on the "Earl Grey" on 15th October 1851, with children Alice, 
9 years. Julia 7 years, John 4 years and Maurice, 10 months.  According to the 
arrival records, Honora was then 29yrs and Robert 37yrs(Reels 2136 & 2462).  
Robert's parents - John and Julia, both dead
Robert's native place - Borrisoleigh, Co Tipperary.  Honora's parents Thomas 
Hawley and Julia Bayhon - father in Tipperary.  Honora's native place given as 
Borrisokane. Both could read and write.  Robert paid £18 for self and family.  
Brother and 2 sisters in colony  - Michael Hawley, Maitland, Ellen Guilfoyle 
and Judith Hawley per "Garland"
Honora Duggan died Phoenix Park 3 January 1859, age 37 - parents Thomas Hawley 
and Judith Beahan.  Robert Duggan born abt. 1806, died 8th October 1881.  
They are buried between Michael and Ann Hawley and Patrick and Julia (Hawley) 
Hickey.  This was an obviously tight family group who lived alongside one 
another, helped with the birth of each others children and finally chose to be 
buried together.

Children of the marriage per Nora's death cert: Alice, born abt. 1844 (died 
21st Sept 1918), married Thomas Maher in 1839 and had 14 children. Thomas 
died 2nd April 1920. Judith born abt. 1846, (died 26 January 1923), married 
Michael Walsh (born 22 June 1876, died 11 July 1946) and had  9? children. 
John,born abt. 1849 (died 6 July 1919), married Margaret Isabella Unsworth 
(born 20 April 1864, died 24 October 1950).  They had five children. Maurice, 
born abt. 1851 (died 22 August 1900) did not marry.   Ellen, born abt. 1854 did 
not marry and died 22 December 1884. Mary Ann, born 29 May 1856.   
Thomas, 3 mths. old when his mother died and born on 30 October 1858.

Judith Hawley born abt. 1824.  Native place Ballycaven (per immigration 
record).  Arrived on "Garland" 15th March 1851.  Died on 5th December 1884 
and is buried at Hiland Crescent Cemetery with her husband Patrick Hickey, 
who was born at Coonagh East Townland, County Clare.  They were married at Morpeth 
on 27th January 1852.  They had the following children.  Julia, born 5th November 
1853.  Michael John, born 8th November 1855.  Patrick Thomas, born 1st January 
1857.  Margaret in 1858, Denis James in 1860 and Matthew in 1862.  There was 
also a set of premature twins who died at birth or shortly thereafter.  Julia 
is my GG Grandmother through her son Michael John.
Thirty two years after her marriage, Julia Hawley's death is reported in the 
same issue of The Maitland Mercury, that advertised celebrations relating to 
the opening of West Maitland Park on Saturday Dec 6th 1884.

Largs News: It is my painful duty to chronicle another death in our district.  
After a short but painful illness, Mrs. Hickey, the wife of Patrick Hickey of 
Bolwarra, passed over the majority on Wednesday night last.  The late Mrs. Hickey 
had reached a fairly ripe age, being about 64 years, and leaves a sorrowing 
husband and grown up family of four sons and two daughters, with a large circle 
of relatives and friends, to mourn their loss.
The general health of the district is not good; many are suffering from colds 
and low fever is reported in several homes.  Dec 5th 1884.
Judith is my g,g,g, grandmother. 

5           	Michael Hawley born abt. c 1825, married Ann Fogarty, born 
abt. 1828  in abt. c1845 Ballycapple, Tipperary, IRL. (Daughter Honorah's 
birth certificate - 1859)

Michael 25yrs and Ann 22yrs arrived in the colony on the "John Knox" 29th 
April 1850 with children Thomas 3yrs and Michael 1yr.
Michael's parents Thomas and Judith nee Behan ( Banam from death cert.) - 
father living at Ballycappel. Ann's parents William and Mary Fogarty, father 
at Newtown.  Native place for whole family - Ballycappel Co Tipperary.  
Michael could read and write, Ann could read.  No relatives in colony.

Michael died 17 April 1905 at Narrowgut, Morpeth.  Informant John Hawley, 
son of Narrowgut.  Buried at Hiland Cres. East Maitland. Witness to burial 
Patrick Guilfoyle.  Annie died 29 April 1916 at Hinton.  Buried with Michael.  
Informant Harry Bailey.  Son-in-law of Hinton.  On 18th April his obituary 
appeared in the Maitland Mercury.


One of the oldest and best known of our residents in the person of Mr. 
Michael Hawley died at his residence, Narrowgut, on Monday morning last at 
the advanced age of 80 from senile decay.  Deceased had been a resident of 
the district for over half a century, and by his honesty, industry and 
straightforward life had gained the respect and esteem of the community.  
He was a native of Ireland and possessed those characteristics of grit and 
industry which the early pioneers of this State required to succeed.  The 
funeral on Tuesday was largely attended, the remains being interred in the 
Roman Catholic Cemetery East Maitland.  The Rev. Father Sullivan officiated 
in the Church and at the graveside.  A widow and a large grown-up family 
are left to mourn their loss.

 Ann Fogarty, born in 1821 was to live to a great age, dying on 29th April 
 1916 aged 94.  Her obituary in the Maitland Weekly Mercury of 13th May 1916 
 reads " One of the oldest and most highly respected residents of the 
 district, in the person of Mrs Hawley, relict of the late Michael Hawley of 
 Narrowgut, passed away at her daughters residence, Mrs H. Bailey Hinton.  
 The deceased lady had obtained the honoured age of ninety-four years, and,
 up to a few weeks before her death had enjoyed remarkably good health and 
 could knit and sew without the aid of glasses.  The cause of death was 
 senile decay.  The deceased was born in Tipperary, Ireland and came to 
 this country seventy-three years ago with her husband and two children.  
 They took up farming pursuits in the Hunter, and settled at Narrowgut over 
 forty years ago, and were most successful.  She was widely known and with 
 her loving disposition had gained the widest respect of those who had the 
 pleasure of coming in contact with her.  Her husband pre-deceased her 
 eleven years ago.  She left a family of one son and five daughters.  
 John Hawley of Narrowgut.  Mrs. Byron, Dungog.  Mrs. Morris, Phoenix Park.  
 Mrs. Comerford, Mount Morris.  Mrs. Duff, West Australia and Mrs. Bailey.  
 There are thirty three grandchildren and seventeen great grandchildren.  
 The remains were laid to rest in the East Maitland Roman Catholic cemetery.  
 Father O'Gorman officiating at the graveside."

Michael Hawley (born 1849) Irish born son of Michael Hawley and Ann Fogarty 
(when married a resident of Narrowgut) married Janet McCaffery (of Morpeth) 
on 30th May 1874 at St. Josephs Church East Maitland.  One of the witnesses 
was his sister Nora Hawley.  In that same year 1874, the birth of a Charles 
Michael is registered at Morpeth to this couple.  The Maher women were at this 
birth "Witnesses Mrs. Maher & Honorah Maher).  It is the only child shown to 
this couple in the NSW BD&M. Michael, occupation given as Inn- keeper, died 
aged 26 on 29th December 1894.  Cause of death "Pulmonary Consumption, 2 years, 
much worse 5 weeks".    His late wife is shown as Jane McCaffery and the 
couple lived at Morpeth (although he died at Phoenix Park).  Witneses J.Maher 
& D Gillfoyle.  One child to the couple Charles Michael, aged 3 months 
(therefore born September 1874).
 Charles Michael may be the "Michael" who enlisted in the 53rd Infantry Btn., 
 1st Div.. AIF and was killed in action at the Battle of Fromelles on 19th July 1916.  

In addition to the two children born in Ireland, Michael and Annie had the 
following living children born in Australia. (Annie's death certificate).

Mary, born 29th December 1852 at Phoenix Park and who died at Dunmore on 
24th August 1877.  Mary married John Maher (born 25th June 1847 at Anambah, 
near Maitland and died at Dunmore 17th April 1875.  Their daughter Catherine, 
born 31st July 1871 at Dunmore, married James Hickey (born 25th February 
1864 at Wallalong, died Brisbane 1944) on 24th February 1897.  This James 
is a son of Michael, youngest son of James Hickey and Margaret McNamara. 

Julia, born 27th April 1855 and who married Jeremiah Andrew Byron (died 1901).  
Julia and Jeremiah had four children; Vaughan T., Michael S., William J. and Thomas H.

Annie, born 5th July 1857 and who married Joshua J. Morris at Morpeth in 
1884 and who died 29th December 1938.
Norah, born 31st July 1859 at Phoenix Park.  Mrs. Maher and Norah Maher 
witnessed the birth. Norah married Richard Joseph Comerford (born 13th 
Nov. 1861, died 6th Sept 1829), at Morpeth on 4th August  1885.  Nora 
and Richard had eight children, Mary K.,born 26th June 1886, died 27th 
June 1920) married Vincent Horatio Wallace (born 27 April 1910, died 29 
October 2000), Annie born 1888, married John Clarke.  Ellen, born 1890, 
married Fred J. Terry.  Richard Joseph, born 1895, married Amy V. Robinson,  
Aileen V. born 1896, died 8th Nov 1993, who married John E. Doherty, 
Mabel J., born 1903, who married Eric Coates and Norah H, also born in 
1903, who married Francis F. Bailey (informant at the death of his 
father-in law Michael Hawley.   

John, born 26th Sept 1861, who married Joan Blundell at West Maitland 
in 1890, and who died on 4th December 1917.  This couple had five sons, 
Paul L, in 1891, who married Winifred A. Peattie at East Maitland in 1928.  
Michael J., born 1892.  James B, born 1895 and died 24th June 1919.  
Frank, born 1897, who married Edna A. Percy at East Maitland in 1935 
and Ralph, born 1900, who married Audrey Alma Percy at East Maitland in 1940. 

James, born March 1862, died Sept 1862.

Ellen, born 18th October 1864 and who married James Duff at Morpeth in 1886.

Agnes Patience, born 1865, died 11th Nov. 1867.

Margaret, born abt. 1868 and who died 23rd July 1950, who married Henry 
T. Bailey at Morpeth in 1900.This is Henry J. Bailey B 1872 registration 
Morpeth, father Benjamin, mother Annie, or alternately Henry Thomas Bailey, 
father Samuel, mother Jane Paviour, born 1879, registration Morpeth.)

Annie's death certificate shows 3 males and 1 female deceased -  The 
deceased at the time of Annie's death were. Thomas, born at Ballycappel 
on 16 October 1846, who died aged 23 years from "brain fever", on 18th  
October 1869.  Michael, born abt. 1850 who married Jane McCaffery and who 
died 29th December 1876 and William, who was born 1st March 1851 and died 
on 25th Jan. 1852.  The female deceased was Mary, born 29th December 1852 
and who died on 24th August 1877. 

6	John Hawley, born abt. 1833 was 22 yrs old when he arrived in the 
colony on the "Golden Era" on the 16th June 1855. (Reels 2137 & 2470)
Native place Ballychapel Co Tipperary. Parents Thomas and Judy - father 
at Ballychapel, mother dead.
Could not read or write.  Religion  RC..  Sister Ellen Kilfoyle at Maitland.
John died 1908 at Morpeth --  parents (per death cert.) Thomas and Julia.
John married Margaret Maher, born abt. 1833 and died 1st July 1872.  
Their children were Thomas, born abt. 1860 and who died at Ryde in 1938.

This Thomas, married Catherine Bourke (born 1865, Father Patrick, 
mother Catherine) at Morpeth c.1889. Thomas and Catherine lived and died 
in the district, residing for almost all the time at Morpeth.  They had 
eight children.  Margaret (b 1888 at Morpeth), John (b7th Nov 1889 at Phoenix 
Park near Morpeth), who married Millicent A. Goodwin in 1912.  Michael B. 
(b 1892 at Morpeth.  Thomas P., born at Paterson in 1894.  Mary, born at 
Morpeth in 1895, who married Ernest V.T. Collins at Drummoyne in 1920.   
An (Annie), born at Morpeth on 8th July 1897, who married Harold Bede 
Burnheim at Drummoyne in 1920.  Annie died at Dacyville on ???  Catherine A. 
(born 1899, died 1900).  James Edward., born 1901 at Morpeth, married Helen 
(Nellie) Jackson at Balmain North in 1928 and died at Oakwood Street Sutherland in 1980. 

On the WW1 enlistment form of their son John (b 1889), Thomas and Catherine are 
shown as living at 44 Carey Street, Drummoyne. John, who married Millicent 
A Goodwin at East Maitland in 1912, enlisted in the 1st Battalion AIF and was 
wounded and lost his left leg following action in France on 1st March 1918 
(battle of the Somme at Hebuterne or Dernancourt). 

 Two of Thomas's cousins, sons of Catherine Bourkes brother Patrick 
 (of Louth Park), Sgts Patrick Joseph  & ? Bourke (13th Btn, 4th Division) 
 were awarded Military Medals.  Patricks was awarded on 19th September 1918, 
 for action on 23rd August 1918 (probably the battle of Albert, which raged 
 from 21-23 August 1918).

Children of John Hawley and Margaret Maher who did not survive childhood were 
John, born March 1862, died 24 Dec 1862 and Agnes Patience (born 1865, died 11 
November 1867).    

7	Anne Hawley, baptism registered in 1833.  Remained in Tipperary.  No 
further details known.  As the youngest daughter, she remained in Ballycapple 
and nursed her parents.

8	Patrick Hawley, born abt. 1839 arrived in the Colony on the "Ida" on 18 
January 1864.  (Reels 2139 & 2482).  Native place Gra-oris-, Co Tipperary.  
Parents both dead.  RC who could read and write
Brother Michael Hawley, Morpeth.  With Patrick was his wife Mary, 19yrs, 
same native place.  Father dead, mother Ann O'Neill.  Mary could not read 
or write. Immigration Deposit Journals - Reel 2671
Depositor:		Michael Hawley
Date of Deposit:	18 April 1863
Name:			Patrick Hawley 26yrs, living Clough Jordan, Tipperary IRL
Referee:		Mr Kennedy, Clough Jordan, Tipperary IRL
Patrick died 9 September 1867 (No. 6208) at Phoenix Park and is buried at 
East Maitland. Parents stated as Thomas Hawley and Julia Beahan. Death 
certificate states he was married in Ireland, Co Tipperary, in 1863. There 
were two children of the marriage alive at the time of his death - Mary Ann 3 and Thomas ½

8(a)	Patrick Hawley, born abt. 1839 and aged 20yrs arrived in the colony 
on the "Abyssinian" on the 20 September 1859. (Reels 2139 & 2479)
Father Thomas, mother Julia, mother dead, father in Tipperary.
Native place Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary.
Could not read or write   RC
Cousin William Gleeson at Morpeth.
Immigration Deposit Journals - Reel 2669
Depositor:		William Gleeson
Date of Deposit:	10 November 1858
Name:			Patrick Hawley, 20yrs, living Ireland
Referee:		Rev (?) Scanlan PP, Modreeny, Co Tipperary, Ireland.
How there were two Patrick Hawleys is a matter of conjecture.  It was a 
fairly common trick to claim to be someone else for the purposes of gaining 
a free passage or even entry to New South Wales hence the number of "alias" 
listed amongst people during those times.  As I cannot find a death 
certificate for the second Michael, I suspect he is a "Hawley Imposter" 
and may have belonged to one of the other families.

There are some less sinister explanations of course.  Patrick could well be 
his second name, which he simply preferred to his first.  Alternately, 
the clerk at entry may have not been able to understand his accent and 
simply passed him off as a "Paddy".

Griffiths Primary Valuation for Ballycapple Townland

Ballycapple Townland is 814 acres.  The survey of Tipperary was the first 
conducted and therefore probably dates from 1848.  In that first valuation 
(page 3), Michael "Howley" is shown as occupying Lots 21 A & B.  
A house plus land of 61 acres.  John Hawley or Howley (crossed through 
on page 4 and replaced with Anne (his widow?) occupies Lots 22 A,B and 
C, in total 129 acres.  On page 4 of the survey, Anne Howley ceases to 
occupy these lots, but at page 18 of the survey Michael Hawley holds these.  
Thomas Hawley (possibly father and son/s) occupy Lot 21A, house and land 
of 61 acres up until 1906, when one of the Michael Howleys (note spelling) 
has this lot.

In summary, the following Howley/Hawley blocks in Ballycapple Townland
were (page 18/8) 
Lot 21A	61 acres	House & Land		Thomas
Lot 22		40 acres	Land			Michael
Lot 23A	82 acres	House & Land		Michael
Lot 24A	House Lot				Patrick
Lot 23B	House & Garden	James Guilfoyle leases from Michael Hawley.  
This Guilfoyle is likely a relative of the Daniel Guilfoyle who had 
married Nora Hawley.
Lots 27 A & B	10 acres of Plantation and 5 acres of land	Michael.
Later, there is reference to Lot 26, 64 acres of bog, being leased to 
Thos. & John Hawley (amongst others).
I later obtained copies of the Survey Notes.  From this the following 
people of interest are noted as being in occupation at that time.  
Michael Hawley and Michael Hawley Jnr.  Patrick Hawley (or Hanly) 
copy is faded.  Thomas Lawlor.  Michael Loughanane.

The Howleys/ Hawleys then were the largest farmers in Ballycapple Townland 
and could be described as successful farmers of the middle order.

Origin of the Hawley/Howley name.

The name is equated with the Irish O'hUallaigh, which it is suggested 
may be an abbreviated variant of O'hUallaclain (Houlihan), O'Houlig 
occurs in a Fiant of 1581 relating to County Cork, where O'liotflians were 
and are numerous, but for the most part Howleys are found in north Connacht 
with some in Galway and Clare.  The use of the form O'Howley with the 
prefix O' indicates an Irish origin.  In modern times Wholey has been 
used as a synonym of Howley and this may give a clue to the equation of 
Howley and Wylie in East Clare.  In the forms Whooley, Whooly, Wholey and 
Wholy it appears quite often in the birth registrations of West Cork.




HONORA	1837			35		26/01/1872	Campbells Hill  
									Sect B4, Grave 48
ALSO HS BK7 ?????
MICHAEL	1860			4		13/10/1864      DITTO
MRS.  ??????						         1910

AGNES PATIENCE	1864		3		11/11/1867  HILAND CRES.
JAMES			1895		24		24/06/1919 MORPETH PLOTS
JAMES			1862		9 MONTHS	24/12/1862	HILAND CRES
JOHN			1861		56		4/12/1917	MORPETH PLOTS
MARGARET		1833		39		01/07/1872	HILAND CRES
MICHAEL		1825		80		17/04/1905	HILAND CRES
MICHAEL		1850		26		29/12/1876	HILAND CRES
THOMAS		1846		23		18/10/1869	HILAND CRES
WILLIAM		1852		11 months	20/01/1853	HILAND CRES
ANN (HICKEY)		1822		94		29/04/1916	EAST MAITLAND

DANIEL		1819		69		02/07/1888	MORPETH PLOTS
EDWARD		1856		36		22/02/1892	MORPETH PLOTS
ELLEN			1863		13		24/04/1876	MORPETH PLOTS
ELLEN			1824		67		03/09/1891	MORPETH PLOTS
JAMES STANISLAUS   1900		64		31/01/1964	EAST MAITLAND 
									SECT A GRAVE MICHAEL		1811		72		12/08/1883	MORPETH PLOTS
MICHAEL		1850		36		02/03/1886
MARY			1818		54		08/02/1872	MORPETH PLOTS
(Wife of Michael died 1886)


									BORDER 1 GR. 11
PETER BEDE		1865		23		01/07/1888	MORPETH PLOTS.

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