East and West Hawkesbury Townships, Ontario, Canada
Including the Town of Hawkesbury and Village of Vankleek Hill
History and Genealogy
Also, the Carillon Dam and Canal

March 29, 2011:

Map Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project, 1879 Map showing Hawkesbury Village in 1881, Ontario, Canada
Map showing Vankleek Hill Village in 1881, West Hawkesbury Township, Ontario, Canada
March 29, 2019: (post retirement)
Here is a terrific book: William E. Logan's 1845 Survey of the Upper Ottawa Valley, by Charles H. Smith and Ian Dyck. This book was published by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in 2007, ISBN 978-0-660-19662-6. The book transcribes Sir William Logan's diary and notes written in 1845 when he made an epic trip along the Ottawa River from Lachine to Lake Temiskaming. Lots of detailed maps and information on early settlers. The following drawing is from his book. The following picture is from page 45. Drawing by Sir William Logan at Carillon Dam in 1850
September 18, 2012:
Source for text below: History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Quebec and Prescott, Ontario, page 564 Vankleek Hill was founded by Simeon Vankleek, a Dutchman from New York State, USA. He was a United Empire Loyalist (UEL) Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

The Ontario Genealogical Society, Ottawa Branch has the following publications related to Vankleek Hill in their Library: Greenwood Cemetery - Vankleek Hill, West Hawkesbury Township, Prescott County, Ontario McLaughlin Cemetery, Vankleek Hill, Chamberlain Township, Prescott - Russell County, Ontario Jeannette Logan, Margaret Patenaude Report for Abandoned Cemeteries: Higginson Family Cemetery Lot 66, Vankleek Hill, West Hawkesbury Township, Prescott County See the Library Catalogue for more details. You can also search for Prescott and Hawkesbury, for example. Musée Vankleek Hill Museum is sponsoring a Family History Weekend on October 27 and 28, 2012.
March 6, 2014: As early as 1879, there was a canal and a dam located between what are now the villages of Carillon, Quebec and Pointe Fortune, Ontario on the Ottawa River. See map below and the photograph:
Map Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project
Carillon Dam, Ottawa River, 1879 map
March 21, 2019:
Photo Source below: History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Quebec and Prescott, Ontario, by C. Thomas, page 163 Carillon Dam, Ottawa River, in 1850

Photo Source below: Ottawa Waterway, Gateway to a Continent, by Robert Leggett, page 236
Construction of the Carillon Dam, Ottawa River

New April 16, 2019: (post retirement) Here is the major book for reearching canals on the Ottawa River: The Ottawa River Canal System, by Normand Lafreniere, Parks Canada, National Historical Parks and Sites Branch, 1984, ISBN 0-660-11553-0. During the time of Samuel de Champlain, the fur traders, the logging industry and the steamboats, this set of rapids presented a major obstacle to travellers on the river. The most recent dam was constructed beginning in 1959. At that time, an early canal (see map) was shortened and there is only one lock on the canal today. Here is a wonderful photograph taken by Ian White in 2013:
Carillon Dam, Ottawa River, Photo taken by Ian White, 2013
March 17, 2019: (post retirement)
Source for the following text image is History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Quebec and Prescott, Ontario, by C. Thomas, Montreal, 1896, page 191. Carillon Dam, Ottawa River, Text Block

May 22, 2016: Cliff Seibel from CanadianHeadstones.com posted the following to the Facebook Group: Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society today. ST. ALPHONSE DE LIGOURI RC CEMETERY, Hawkesbury, Prescott & Russell County, Ontario was recently completed by Monique Macdonald. There are 2646 photos and 10613 name entries. Many thanks to Monique for her dedication in completing this large cemetery. http://canadianheadstones.com/on/cemetery.php?cemID=2804 ... Al
March 12, 2019: (post retirement)
Charles Hamilton, from Hawkesbury, First Anglican Bishop of Ottawa Photo Source: Anglicanism in the Ottawa Valley, edited by Frank A. Peake, page 45 Charles Hamilton, First Anglican Bishop of Ottawa, Canada keywords: Protestant Churches, lumbering industry

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