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June 12, 2010:

Trying to Find any information on a David Harrison (wife) Ann, he came to Canada in 1816, 
he was a Sergeant with the Royal Wagon Train of the English Army. He served with Wellington at 
the battle of Waterloo. Given a grant of  200 acres Ė 100 acres in Goulbourn ( east half of Lot 23 
concession 1 and 100 acres in Marlborough west half of of lot 6 concession 5. 

I am pretty sure he was born 1781 and pretty sure he died 1840 but I can not find anything else 
or where he is buried. 

Sincerely David J. Harrison

Good afternoon, Mr. Harrison:
Thanks for your e-mail regarding your ancestor, David Harrison of Goulbourn and Marlborough Townships.
There is a David Harrison listed in the 1842 census for Goulbourn. He was a farmer. This could be your
man (or maybe a son, if the David Harrison born c. 1781 did die in 1840).
I have a database for many of the pioneer families of Goulbourn, but it doesn't show any Harrisons until the 
1860's and these folks had a connection to Pontiac County, Quebec at that time.
If you like, I could start a new web page for David Harrison, based on your e-mail, and some parts of his 
entry in the 1842 census. Hopefully we would hear from other researchers who can add some information.
Is this OK with you? Please let me know.
... Al Lewis

Thank you very much for your reply. David and Ann did come to Canada in 1816 with a son with the same name 
( David ) and daughter, ( son was born 1808 and Elizabeth in 1813 ) David his son died in 1893 Russell Ontario ...

Now according to my information if the family came here in 1816 what did they do or where did they go for 5 years , 
because as a result of his services to the Crown it was on the 24th of October 1821 he was given the grant of land. 
I know that David  #2 did farm and then moved to Russell Township. THE big mystery is where is his parents. 
I just donít know what to do now. 

All the best and many thanks 

David H.
New June 13, 2010: Thanks to Sue for this quick reply: David Harrison is mentioned as part of the Richmond Military Colony on page 35 of the 1927 book "Ottawa, Past and Present" by Alexander Herbert Douglas ROSS. It gives a detailed description of the setting up of this Military Colony starting on page 33. This book can be read online at www.ourroots.ca. You need to join (it's free) and it gives you access to hundreds and hundreds of old Canadian books. When searching (use advanced search), just change from"title" to "text" to get a good search in all the books. Sue

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