John HAGERTY and Elizabeth BRIEN / BRYAN
from Carnew, County Wicklow, Ireland to Kingston, Ontario, Canada, in 1848

July 20, 2010:

Hello !
Thank you for all that you do for the genealogy community !
I have been trying to research the Hagerty family in Kingston, ON. and finally found a record of 
John Hagerty (we think he was born circa 1804 in Ireland)(wife Elizabeth O'Brien).  They are listed 
as parents of Mary in the marriage records of St. Mary's parish in Kingston and it mentions that 
they are from Tomacork, County Wicklow. I found a mention of a John Hagerty (36 yrs old in 1839) 
on your Kilcavan list of the Fitzwilliam Estate. 

On the site there is a listing that includes a John Hagerty and Betty Brien as parents 
for a Baptism on 1844 APR 22.
I haven't found them anywhere on your lists of people that were sent or assisted, from the Fitzwilliam 
Estate to Canada.  He is listed as a labourer - does your list just include land owners/lessees ?  
Or do I have the wrong family ?
Thank You again,
Maureen Supon (

Thank you so much for writing, Maureen. You've certainly made my day! For the last several years I've been documenting 
the settlement place of those who were assisted to leave the Fitzwilliam Estate between 1847 and 1856, and I hadn't 
found the Hagertys.
I'll paste in the FW emigration page for your family below, and maybe you can tell me who of the group actually arrived, 
and then we can add your family to the listing of Fitzwilliam emigrants to eastern Ontario.
I have the full baptism for that one on Joe Kenny's page, and I've just found a few others in the Tomacork records - 
under the spelling Hegarty:
1844 Apr 22
James, s/o John Hagarty and Betty Brien, Kilcavan
Sp: James Fox and Cath. Fox
1834 Mar 3
Peter, s/o John Hegarty and Betty Bryan, Pookstown
Sp: Peter Hickey and Mary Hickey
1836 Jan 18
Catherine, d/o John Hegarty and Betty Brien, no location given
Sp: Nick Anderson and Nancy Hickey
1838 Feb 18
Margo, d/o John Hegarty and Betty Brien, Kilcavin
Sp: Matt Brien and Margo Brien
This couple below may have been related to your John Hegarty (Tomacork parish record):
John O’Neill m. Betty Hegarty, Kilcavan

No marriage details

- son John, b 14-2-1841, sp: Joseph Fox and Mary Fox
Here's the FW emigration notice for your family:
Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  512 Parish     Carnew 
           Year Listed:   1848 
   Surname   Hagerty 
          Reference No.     96 
   Group Members: 
   John 42, Betty 36, Peter 14, Catherine 12, Margaret 10, John 7, James 4, Bessie 1.
Mary Bryan, mother-in-law, 67. 
   Voyage       Townland 
  Ship  Aberfoyle      As spelt in the Emigration 
   Departure  New Ross, April 14th      Kilcaven 
   Arrival           Official 
   Other Information    Holding 
   Query will mother-in-law go?  Cabin from William Hickey. 

... Anne Burgess
New July 21, 2010: Hi Al, I've heard back from Maureen, and she is still not sure that the FW family is hers. But attached is the 1861 census for John Hagerty and family, and they match the FW Hagerty family (except for Catherine - an enumerator's error probably) to my satisfaction. I've found other official records to support this, as well. So here's the new line for our chart on B or B: HAGERTY, John and BRIEN, Elizabeth; Peter, Margaret, John, James, Elizabeth - Kilcavan - Kingston, ON And here is this family in the 1861 census for Frontenac County, Pittsburgh Township, Ontario. Note the addition of Sarah, the first generation born in Upper Canada. ... Anne John Hagerty in Kinsgton, Ontario, Canada in 1861

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