Griffith family and early settlers in
Lanark Township, Upper Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Isaac Griffith and Sarah Astleford family (more photos posted on December 16, 2010)
May 6, 2008:
GRIFFITH family to Beckwith Township
I was going through some records and I have a chance to revisit my document. I have made a few revisions - namely I found a few more names to add and put in my source. You may wish to remove the old and replace it with this newer version. Rory Griffith ______________________
John Griffith, emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located May 17, 1820, C8 NE13. Joseph Moulton?, emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, 3 males under 7, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug. 13, 1819 Drummond Township, C6 SW7. Thomas Leed?, or Luck? emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug. 16, 1819, Beckwith Township, C9 SW12. William Leed? Or Luck?, Sr., emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, 2 males under 7, 1 female over 7, 1 male under 7, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug. 16, 1819 Beckwith, C9 NE12 Samuel Rathwell, emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Feb. 12, 1821, Drummond, C12 NE23. William Rathwell, Jr., emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Oct. 2, 1819 Drummond, C8 SW11. John James, emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, 1 male under 7, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug. 12, 1819 Drummond C5 lot 27. Roger Hawkins, emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female (Mary Elizabeth Griffith) , 2 males over 7, 3 females over 7, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug. 19, 1819 Beckwith, C8 SW12. SDP Henry Hawkins, emigrant, 1 adult male, country Scotland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug 19, 1819, Beckwith C8 NE12. SDP Isaac Wheaty, emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, 1 male under 7, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug. 19, 1819, Beckwith C8 SW13. SDP William Leach, emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug. 19, 1819, Beckwith C9 SW13. (Note: the original name is XXXX but the settlement record of Beckwith list William Leach with # 692 and 1819 as the date.) John Lumox or Lennox, Sr., emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, 3 males over 7, 1 female over 7, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Aug. 20, 1819 Beckwith, C6 NE13. SDP John Lumox or Lennox, Jr., emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, located Aug. 20, 1819 Beckwith, C6 SW13. SDP Samuel Crampton, emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, per ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located March 18, 1820 Drummond, C12 SW23, exchanged from NE14 in the 6th Concession Drummond Robert Hampton, emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located May 13, 1820, Beckwith, C12 NE11. David Moffat, emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located May 13, 1820 Beckwith, C12 SW12. William Ke**nnahan, emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located May 13, 1820, Beckwith, C12 NE8. John McPheal?,(perhaps McPhail - see 1822 list of those who came with Robert no census information whatsoever, country Scotland, ship Maria, June 29, 1819, located Feb. 5, 1821, Drummond, C3 NE15, formerly located to J. Smith, exchanged granted July 26, 1819. George Peacock, emigrant, 1 adult male, 1 adult female, 1 female under 7, country Ireland, ship Maria, 1819, located Nov. 6, 1819 Drummond, C10 NE17. William McSpadden, emigrant, 1 adult male, country Ireland, ship Maria, located Nov. 11, 1819 Elizabethtown, C11 lot 16, formerly located to Robert ***ord, emigrant. All of the records come from this document: Note: SDP = Settlement Duties Performed - they had cleared enough land. CONCESSIONS LOTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 WK 9 10 11 RH 12 RHHH DM 13 JL JGIW WL 14 15 JM 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 JRSC 24 25 26 27 JJ ______________ Settlers that came with Robert Griffith 1822 GRIFFITH Robert Ire Nov 1822 8 11SW LUMMOX Thomas Ire Nov 1822 8 6SW MAY Isaac Ire Nov 1822 5 7NE MAY William Ire Nov 1822 5 7SW McPHAIL Peter Nov 1822 11 3NE · Roger Hawkins (brother Henry) and his wife Mary Elizabeth Griffith from Enniscorthy, County Wexford, · John Lumox - Catherine Griffith married Thomas Lumox b. 1802. Thomas Lumox came on the same boat in 1822 as Robert Griffith · William Leech - Roger and Mary Elizabeth Hawkins (nee Griffith) first child Harriet b. 1794 married William Leech b. 1791) 1817 Emigrants from Counties Carlow & Wexford to Canada. By 1817 there was a post war recession and Irish crops were failing. Soldiers returning from the Napoleonic wars on the European mainland were flooding the labour market. There had been a war in North America between the Americans and the Canadians (1812-14). The English government offered free land to settlers (preferrably with military experience) to defend Canada from the Americans. Mothell Parish Families Desiring to leave to go to Upper Canada 1817 - 1818 With Hugh Masson's (related to the Willoughby's) notes in brackets. Coolcullen 1. GRIFFITH, Widow, Lewis, Elizabeth?, Jane1, Catherine, James, Jane2 , Mary, 2. GRIFFITH, Richard, Sarah, William, John, Lewis, Richard 3. PRESCOTT, Richard, Mary, Lewis 4. JAMES, Thomas, ?, Anne, Catherine, Jacob, Thomas, religion RC 5. PIELOW, name missing, Sally, Dinah, Elizabeth 6. SMYTH, John, Molly, Mary, Sally 7. KIRFOOT, William , Elizabeth, Jane, Thomas, Samuel, Eliza, [this KERFOOT family settled Con 4 lot 25 Beckwith Twp. Lanark Co. 8. GRIFFITH, Henry, Catherine 9. LETT, John, --olly, Martha, 3 more unscrambled names,[ this family was one to move with some of the Willoughbys to Lambton Co.] 10. STONE, William, Susanne, John, Eliza, Jane, William , George, 11. FLEMING, John, Betty, Jane, William ,Richard, Dorah, 12. WARD, John, Anne, Ellen, Mary died, 13. WARD, Luke, Betty, Richard, John Anne, 14. GORDON, Samuel, Mary, John, Samuel, 15. KIERFOOT, George Senior, Jane, Jane Foxstone servant,[ George KERFOOT was known to come but died at Nepean Point 1819 before rest got to Beckwith] 16. MORRIS, Joseph, Sarah, Susan, Jane, James, Mary, 17. MORRIS, William, Jane, Henry, James Mary, Joseph? Betty?, Jane, Ellen, 18. WILLOUGHBY, George, Anne, [nee Kerfoot], MaryAnn, Peggy, Alley, William, Thomas, Richard [I descend from Mary Ann] 19. GRIFFITH, John, Mary, Betty, Sally, Anne, Peggy, Jane, May, John, Betty Gregg = servant 20. Missing 21. PENDER, Widow, Mary, Samuel, John, Mary Langford=servant 22. LANGFORD, Widow died Oct. 1817, George, Sally Joseph, William, Richard, 23. STACEY/ STEACY William, Allie/Sally/Alice, Sally, Joseph, Annie, Betty, Jane, 24. BRADLEY Samuel, Betty, Isaac, John, [Samuel will be related to the Kerfoots via Wm's wife Elizabeth. Records indicate she was Elizabeth Bradley, the widow Wilson before her marriage to William Kerfoot. Sam might be a son of Eliz] 25. BASSETT, Edward, Mary, John, Peggy, Thomas, William, Edward? Bassett? Michael Leach / Leech apprentice, Sally Bradley, gone to America 1817, family emigrated to America, probably Canada in 1817, 26. BRADLEY William, ..ea perhaps Jane Shea noted in burial Register Mothel ,Shea Bradley Coolcullen died of fever Oct 12th buried Coolcullen, ..illy, Betty, Henry, John, Alley, Thomas, Samuel, 27. SCARF James Anne, Enoch, Joseph, John, Becham,[Scarfs are found throughout Carleton Co. Scarf family is being traced by Barbara Hadden] 28. RATHWILE / Rathwell / Rothwell, Edward, Jane and Jane FENNEL [Rothwell is the spelling used in the Tithe applotment book 1824 for Prospect church Coolcullen. Ireland and in land records for Con 4 lot 26 Beckwith Twp. 1880] 29. ROSE Widow, Joseph, Betty, James, and James servant 30. KEAYS/ KEYES/ Keys Thomas, Mary, Mary left 1818 ,Mary Married William ??, William left 1818 William married Mary??, Jane, Mary or May, Elizabeth, Richard 31. KIERFOOT/KERFOOT George, Deborah, William, 32. EUSTACE William, Catherine, left 1817 33. GARLAND Thomas, Jane, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nicholas, Anne 34. ALCOCK, Thomas, Dorah, Mary, Thomas, Joseph, Mary, Francis [Alcocks settled near Kerfoots on Con 4 at Prospect, Beckwith Twp. Peter Light is tracing some of these] 35. TRISTRASSE??, Thomas, Catherine, Patrick, Mary, Thomas, Adam, family left 1817 36. SHIRLEY Basil, Jane, Ellen Morris servant [see families 16 & 17 Shirleys married into Willoughby, some Shirleys stayed in Ireland]
Knockalane 1. GRIFFITH Thomas, Susan, Mary, Anne, Rachel, Francis, Sally, Thomas, Susanna, Esther, 2. JACKSON Robert, Mary, Hannah, Sally, Mary, Robert, 3. LUCAS Widow, Robert, Sally, 4. TOOLE, James, Susan, Robert, Sally [might be POOLE as Pooles settled on Con 4 near Prospect, Beckwith Twp. Lanark Co along with Alcock, Willoughby, Kerfoot] 5. DUCK / AUCK / HUCK William? Margaret? Jonathan married to Anne, Richard 6. SAUNDERS, …?, Margaret, Thomas, John, Margaret, Jane, Martha, 7. SAUNDERS Widow, George, Ellen, James, Nath, Bridget, Betty, Mary, Jane Joseph, 8. PRESCOTT Widow, Henry married ? Mary, Mary, William 9. SAUNDERS William, Anne, Anne, 10. LEECH / Leach / Leich George, [see family 25 Bassett] 1822 GRIFFITH Robert Ire Nov 1822 8 11SW LUMMOX Thomas Ire Nov 1822 8 6SW MAY Isaac Ire Nov 1822 5 7NE MAY William Ire Nov 1822 5 7SW McPHAIL Peter Nov 1822 11 3NE ... Rory
May 23, 2008: Here are Thomas Hawkins and his wife Elizabeth in the 1852 census. They are neighbours of the Griffith family: ... Anne Burgess
February 24, 2009: I am the G-Granddaughter of Adeline Saunders, daughter of Robert Saunders and Margery Griffith. Adeline was married to John Willoughby in 1882 then sometime after that she came to be with James Connell. We have been unable to fine a marriage for James and Adeline but in 1889 my grandfather Robert James Connell was born in Carleton Place. I am trying to find any information for Margery Griffith's family. Is she related to your Griffiths? Thanks ... Maureen Gordon _____________________________ Thanks to Anne Burgess for the following material: I wondered if this Connell / Saunders marriage might also be your family, Maureen: Name: William Connell Birth Place: County Wicklow Ireland Age: 28 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1854 Father Name: John Connell Mother Name: Eliza Hodgins Spouse Name: Sarah Saunders Spouse's Age: 26 Spouse Estimated Birth Year: abt 1856 Spouse Birth Place: Montague Township Spouse Father Name: James Saunders Spouse Mother Name: Mary Jordan Marriage Date: 2 Feb 1882 Marriage Place: Lanark Marriage County: Lanark Source: Family History Library Microfilm: MS932_40 ... Anne Burgess
August 26, 2009: Thanks to Rory Griffith for the following: The Saunders and Willoughby families were from around Coolcullen in Co. Kilkenny. Is this the same one: Anne Shirley , b. 1780, Knocknabranna, Old Leighlin, Co. Carlow. [33] She married John George Willoughby , 31 May 1803, in Old Leighlin, Co. Carlow, [34] b. 1780, Coon, Co. Carlow, Ireland, [35] d. 26 Apr 1874, Beckwith Township, Lanark Co, Ontario, [36] buried: Franktown, Beckwith Township. [37] Anne died 9 May 1871, Beckwith Township, Lanark Co, Ontario., [38] buried: Franktown Cemetery, Beckwith Township. [39] John: The family emigrated to Canada around 1818 and settled in the Ottawa Valley. George and Ann are buried in Franktown Cemetery. Children: i John Willoughby , b. 1807, [40] d. 11 Jan 1870, Beckwith Township, Lanark Co. Ontario, [41] buried: Franktown Cemetary, Beckwith Township. [42] ii George Willoughby , b. circa 1800/10. iii Thomas Willoughby , b. 1814. An excerpt from Dorothea Greenley Letter of 1818 : "Ann Ann Richardson (c1792-1872), Dorothea's daughter (by her prior marriage) who married John Willoughby (????-c1830) in Ireland in about 1815. John and Ann Willoughby arrived in Canada via the ship "Atlantic" in 1817, the year following John and Dorothea Greenley, and settled on land on Con-2/Lot-21 of Landowne Township in Leeds County. When John Willoughby died in about 1830 Ann was remarried to William Biggar (????- 1862/63)." I ran your Robert Saunders and here is what I came up with: Robert Saunders b.1824 (Henry (Harry) John Saunders3, Sarah Edwards Beckwith Township Lanark County, Ontario, and died Dec 23 1890 in Carleton Place, Lanark County, Ontario. He married Marjorie Griffith Jun 19 1849. She was born 1828 in Ireland, and died Mar 21 1900 in Smiths Falls, Lanark County, Ontario. I also attached a Donald Saunders file. (not included here ... Al) ... Rory Griffith
February 16, 2010: I googled and found your Dec 2006 posting today, and was so excited to see so many names on your list of Mothell Parish Families Desiring to Leave to go to Canada 1817 - 1818. I didn't find my direct ancestors (John Burroughs and Robert Booth), but I found so many surnames of spouses of their children: two of John Burroughs daughters married men with surnames of Bradley and Gordon; a daughter of Robert Booth's married a man with surname of Scarf, and John's son, James B. had three children who married spouses with the surname of Griffith, and one married a Scarf. Also, after John B.'s first wife died, he married a Martha James. John Burroughs is supposedly buried in the Scarf / Scharf cemetery at Hazeldean. (Goulbourn Township) I have been researching my Canadian relatives, and both John Burroughs and Robert Booth settled in Huntley Township, Carleton Co., Ontario. (Also, two of John's sons married two of Robert's daughters.) From sites, and from Family Search, and from census records, death and marriage records, etc., I have picked up a considerable amount of information. (My own grandfather migrated to Pennsylvania, USA, when he was a young man. However, I wondered if you could give me a clue as to how to continue to find out more about the origin of my Burroughs and Booth families. Everything seems to indicate that they came from the Castlecomer area of Co. Kilkenny. I did see some info that my John was "an English officer who served over a regiment in Ireland, and both families had Church of England as their religion. The reason I googled Mothel(l) is that there was a reference to it re: the John Burroughs family. However, I do see that your families are from the counties of Carlow and Wexford, which I know are adjacent to Kilkenny. Also, in connection with the Booth family, Moneenroe was mentioned. I know that that is in County Kilkenny. And Robert Booth's wife has parents buried in the Coolbaun Cemetery. I was extremely interested in see the history that you had written, re: 1817, as I am sure that that is about the time that my families also came over. I have seen a reference to a Robert Booth family coming over in 1817, but haven't learned the particulars yet to prove that it is my ancestor. Could you please give me any advice as to how to find out any more about my Burroughs and Booth families, re: how they tie into your list, and facts about their immigration? I would be so very thankful. Freda Saiger _______________________________________________ Thanks to Rory Griffith for the following reply to Freda: I ran a search for some of your names through my data. I think I may have something of interest. I have attached a record for Robert Samuel Griffith which I got from my "DNA cousins" that came from a place called Ridge in County Carlow. It is just over the border from Knockalane and Ballahsallah where my Griffith line comes from. I have added them to this email as I got my material from them and they may shed additional light on the subject. You will see from this small section of the the larger document I have attached that there looks like interconnection farther back with the Booth and the Burroughs families. They are linked in turn with the Edwards family that started in England - went to Wales - and came to the Kilkenny (and other) areas of Ireland. Here is the piece: Margaret Emily Burroughs b. July 22, 1851 in Wallaceburg Ont. d. March 29th 1896 Whose Parents Were: James Bartholomew Burroughs abt. 1808 Kilkenny m. April 13, 1836 d. Mar 18?? Who married Margaret Booth b. April 11, 1813 in Kilkenny d. bef. 1871-81 Whose Parents Were: Robert Booth b. 1766 in Kilkenny, Irelandd. 1842 who married Elizabeth Wilson b. August 17, 1769 in Kilkenny d. August 3, 1847 Most of the Kilkenny folks were there only for a short time. These mainly Protestant left from the south (Wexford - Wicklow) as they were outnumbered 5-1 by the mainly Catholic population. I have commissioned research that clearly shows that as it related to the Mothell Union prior to 1790 there were only 4 protestant families. By 1800 there were 44. They left the south to escape being killed. These protestant folks are often referred to as "Planters" as they were encouraged to stay in Ireland by the English crown. There were two primary ways they entered Ireland. Both relate to Oliver Cromwell. 1.) To raise money for the army the English crown sold "debentures" in the "Irish Adventure" in exchange for lands. These resulted in the absentee landlords that were often back in England. 2.) The army itself made up from recruits in England, Scotland and Wales came in 1649 and were given land in exchange for army service. Let me know if this is any help. ... Rory Griffith _____________________________________ and more: I have another resource on the Wilsons and the Booth families. Please excuse that it is not properly attributed. I am not sure where I got it from. I also added a partial list of the Irish Adventurers - with a Burroughs on the list. Also - I have added Daryl Scarf (Sharf) who is my go to person on Scarf - Sharf folks. Daryl is very knowledgable about the "companion" families as we all have had to become as they were so tightly connected. Here is but one example: 1 Sarah Catherine Leach b: BET 1772 AND 1773 d: AFT 1871 + John Griffith 2 John Griffith b: ABT 1805 d: 1861 + Catherine ??? b: BET 1805 AND 1806 3 Jane Griffith b: 27 DEC 1829 d: 2 MAR 1899 + Thomas Griffith b: 1828 d: 28 OCT 1910 3 William George Griffith , Sr. b: 5 MAR 1838 d: 26 AUG 1883 + Adeline Scharf b: 21 AUG 1854 d: 2 OCT 1946 4 William George Griffith , Jr. b: BET 1872 AND 1873 d: 1950 + Margaret ??? d: 1951 5 Mildred Griffith b: BEF 1905 + Robert Masterson d: 1963 5 Earl Griffith b: BEF 1905 + Ellen Robinson b: ABT 1891 d: 1977 5 Grace Griffith b: 1908 + Don Munroe b: 1909 4 Hilmond Augustus Griffith b: BET 1877 AND 1878 d: 1948 + Bessie ??? b: ABT 1880 d: 1960 5 Ruby Griffith d: 1971 + ? Robinson 5 Percy Griffith d: 1979 5 Jerranie Griffith d: 1978 + Lorne Peterson d: 1954 5 Fern Griffith + Wayne Campbell 3 Robert Samuel Griffith b: 21 APR 1844 d: 26 DEC 1892 + Margaret Emily Burroughs b: 22 JUL 1851 4 William Edward Griffith + ? ??? 5 Margaret Ann Griffith + ? Pabst 3 Richard Griffith 3 John Leach Griffith b: 2 FEB 1841 2 James Griffith + Bess Whitaker 2 Mary Griffith b: 22 DEC 1814 d: 1874 + William R. Alcock Happy hunting. Rory Griffith ____________________________________
and from Freda: Hi, fellow researchers - I was totally in 7th heaven to have received all of the wonderful information that you sent to me. And, Al, I do not at all mind if you put any information of mine on your web page. I am apologizing in advance for the three family record sheets I am attaching of the Robert Booth, John B. Burroughs and the James Bartholomew families, for their being typed on the forms that I use. I do not have my information entered on any computer programs, such as Family Tree Marker, but I do have lots of information stored as documents under my various family files. For starters, I believe you will gain some information from this forms. I have searched the Canadian census records, (1851 through 1881), and some marriage and death records. I certainly found lots of different spellings for the Burroughs, such as Burrows, Borris, Borroughs, and Burrougs. (Do note that Isabella Burroughs married John Leach Griffith, and Mark Burroughs married Catherine Griffith) Also, please feel free to forward these to the other researchers if you wish. I have only addressed this to the two of you that I have heard from. I am also into writing narratives - stories of the people that I have been researching. The Booth family and the John Burroughs family never left Huntley Twp, but John's son, my James Bartholomew Burroughs, moved his family to Chatham Twp, Kent Co., sometime between the 1861 and the 1871 census. On the Burroughs side, I descend from John B. and Hattie, James Bartholomew and Margaret Booth, and Thomas Hamilton, my gr-grandfather, who moved to PA sometime after the 1861 census. I have fully researched my line since that time, and have the names of almost all of Tom's descendants. If anyone feels that I can share anything else that you might want to know, please let me know. Also, do note that the earliest Wilson I have known about, up until now, is a William Wilson, b. abt 1699, probably in North Wales, and I also descend from an Edwards. I am still trying to digest all of the old history, and all of the information on the links to this period in history that you have been kind enough to send me. I cannot believe my luck. I will be forever greatful that you have given me a glimpse into my ancestors' past. Thank you again, reseachers. Freda Saiger
December 16, 2010: Peter Hawkins - a descendent of the line of Hawkins that came from Enniscorthy and settled in Beckwith, Lanark County (and later Carleton county and Renfrew County) is looking for photos of the following families: Hawkins, Griffith, Burgess, Fennell, Herron, Leach, Lumax I have some Fennell gravestones from Carlow - (Nathanial of Ridge) if anyone wants them. I also have a funeral card for a Mary Herron who died in Moose Jaw as there were many of the old Lanark families that came west (Astleford, Rathwell, Morrison). ... Rory Griffith William Hawkins, son of Roger Isaac and George Griffith Isaac Griffith and Annie Elizabeth McBride William Hawkins, son of Roger Isaac Griffith and George Griffith Tom Griffith Thomas Griffith and Family Thomas Griffith Isaac Griffith and George Griffith George and Eliza Griffith Isaac Griffith, aged 18 George and Eliza Griffith Isaac Griffith, age 18
March 3, 2011: ... Rory Griffith
March 7, 2011: I am addressing this broad email to both my direct Griffith line as well as Robert Griffith b. 1776 group. Wayne Henderson, a Mitchell descendent who lives in London Ontario, was kind enough to send a copy of a picture of James and Annie Griffith (below). I have always seen James' birthdate as 1811 as this is how it is recorded in various census records. Verifying information can also be a challenge, Brent Mitchell has located James Griffith's death record and it appears that the birthdate of 1811 may not be correct. He thinks it is likely 1809 as the death record was recorded in December 17th 1885 and his age was noted as 76. (1885 - 76 = 1809) 1.) Picture of James and Annie Griffith 2.) Picture of James Griffith's gravemarker in Derry Add Cemetery Rothsay Ontario (the bottom is buried in dirt but above it says AGED. We are looking at any primary record that verifies his age. James and Annie Griffith Tombstone of James Griffith 3.) Unknown picture - identified as "maybe a Griffith family". If you have any info please let me know. (see above family picture, dated March 3, 2011). 4.) Here is my most up to date record of James' father - Lewis Griffith abt 1770 Lewis Griffith Family (From the Mothell families wishing to emmigrate document circa 1817) GRIFFITH, Widow, Lewis, Elizabeth, Jane1, Catherine, James, Jane2 , Mary, The first two named people I believe to be Lewis Griffith b. 1790 and his wife Elizabeth Budds b. 1795 . They were married in 1816. If my theory is correct widow Griffith was named Elizabeth (see Rothe House record). Their oldest child was Elizabeth Jane. To keep them straight they used the Jane 1 and Jane 2 designation. I think this was Jane 1. (Note: the names are listed in order of descending age). As for the others - Jane 2 - Catherine - I have made a possible connection with this piece of data: (From a birth record supplied by the Rothe House) Catherine Griffith b. November 15, 1810 Parents: Lewis and Elizabeth Griffith Residence – Ballysallah Co. Kilkenny Source: Mothel Church of Ireland Registers Vol. 21, p.1 This data suggest that the father was also named Lewis and his widow was "Elizabeth". Approximate birthdates would be around 1770 as Lewis Griffith the son was born in 1790. I also have a Jane Griffith b. 1809 in Ossary Hills. This may be Jane 2. Lewis Griffith abt. 1770 (From a birth record supplied by the Rothe House) Elizabeth abt. 1770 (From a birth record supplied by the Rothe House) Children: Lewis Griffith b. 1790 (wife Elizabeth Budds b. 1795) - LDS record Elizabeth "Eliza" Jane Griffith b. 1804 (married to Edward Holbrook b. 1814) - JANE 1 (from a 1892 letter by John Griffith noting "Uncle Holbrook") James b. 1809 - 1811 Catherine b. 1810 (From a birth record supplied by the Rothe House) Jane b. 1809 - JANE 2 (- LDS record) Mary I would like to stress that this is my THEORY which I have backed up with references. I have established through DNA that my Griffith line is also in and around Coolcullen in County Kilkenny and just over the border in Carlow around Ridge and Leighlin Bridge. Thank you for your assistance. ... Rory Griffith
New April 19, 2019: Hello I believe I am a descendant of a relative (possibly brother/cousin/uncle) of the Prescotts who went to Canada with this group. Do you know are there any descendants who may have done a DNA test? A DNA connection would confirm my suspicions. I believe John Prescott who was killed in the Carrickshock Incident / massacre in 1831 was the father of my 3rd great grandmother, Mary Prescott, born 1816. I would be delighted if you think anyone could help me. The list of police (including John Prescott) killed in the Carrickshock incident is here: I suspect he is the brother of Henry Prescott of Knockalane (Mothel parish) mentioned on your site on this page as a member of one of the families intending to travel to Canada. Mothell Parish Families Desiring to leave to go to Upper Canada 1817 - 1818 There are only two Prescott families in the area at the time that I can find a trace of and they were both Protestant and both lived in the same townland. It is highly unlikely they were not related. So, it would be a descendant of anyone belonging to that Prescott group in Canada who could help me confirm everything with DNA. The police tradition in the family continues in branches in the US. I am grateful for any assistance and would be obliged if you added my email to the page. Could you use please? Trish

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