Archibald GREER / GRIER and Mary Ann RICHARDSON
Goulbourn Township, Ontario and Clarendon Township, Quebec

November 4, 2013:

Hi Al,
I find your website fascinating.  Great job.  I have been trying to 
find my wife's ancestors and traced them back to Clarendon (Pontiac County, Quebec) in 1842.  That  
is where and when Archibald Greer (from County Antrim) married Mary Ann Richardson from County Tipperary.  I have  
good information on Mary Ann as she was the daughter of William  
Ferdinand Richardson and Ann Colbert.  I can't seem to find anything  
on Archibald Greer though.   According to census records, Archibald  
was born about 1818 in Ireland and his name may have been spelled  
Grier.  His father's name might have been John.  I am wondering if you  
ever come across anything about the Greer family prior to 1842 or if  
you can provide me with advice on how I might go about finding out  
about their arrival in Canada.
Thank you very much,
Gary Duschl

Good morning, Gary:

 Thanks for your e-mail.

 I had a quick look for the surname Greer / Greer and found some  
 material which may refer to your wife's ancestors, however, most of  
 the information is later than 1842.

 Here are some rough notes:

 Descendants of Laura Christena Greer

 (Goulbourn or Nepean)
   1      Laura Christena Greer    1913 -
 ..        + Clifford Struthers Moodie    1911 - 1991
 ........    2      Shelby Moodie    1938 -
 ........    2      Lorraine S. Moodie    1940 -
 ............        +William R. Foster    1937 -
 ........    2      Clifford 'Greer' Moodie    1944 - 1980
 ............        +Emillie V. Fairbairn

 Descendants of Ellis Greer
 (Goulbourn or Nepean)

 1      Ellis Greer
 ..        + Ozias Banning
 ........    2      Ellen Banning    1840 - 1927
 ............        +William James Byers    1839 - 1920
 ...................    3      Margaret Jane Byers    1866 - 1913
 .......................        +John Webster James    1850 - 1905

 Township of Clarendon, Pontiac County, Crown Lands Free Grants and  
 Source: The book Clarendon and Shawville, by J. Lloyd Armstrong
 1.    Archibald Grier bought SW half of Lot 15, Range 10, 100 acres,  
 on August 25, 1847
 2.    Archibald Grier Sr. Bought 150 acres consisting of North-east  
 half of the SW half of Lot 16, Range 10 and  Lot 15, Range 11, also  
 the NW half of Lot 15 Range 11,  all on August 17, 1877

 A Mathew GREER also spelled GRIER shows up in 1829 in Bytown. Mathew  
 came from County Antrim, Ireland, was unmarried but had a brother-in- 
 law back in County Antrim. His brother-in-law's name was James  
 Cahill.  (possibly a Roman Catholic family). Source: The McCabe List  
 of 1829 by Bruce Elliott.

 I have seen the name Greer fairly often but do not see anything  
 prior to 1842.

 If you like, I'll set up a new web page for Archibald Greer / Grier.  
 With any luck we may hear from other Greer or related surname researchers.

 Please let me know if this is OK with you.

 Thanks again,

 ... Al Lewis

Hi Allan,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  Thanks to the Canadian  
Census, and Canadian Gravemarker Gallery, Pontiac County Anglican  
church records and others I have been able to find all of the  
descendants of Archibald and Mary Ann Greer.  They are the GGG  
Grandparents of my wife, and I was surprised and pleased to discover,  
the are also the GGG Grandparents of a rather famous Canadian.  I have  
attached a picture of him and his mother below.

The census records can be very confusing.  Archibald Greer is indexed  
under Grier in 1851 and 1861, under Green in 1871 and Greer in 1881.   
The ages listed are all over the place and they seemed to grow older  
quicker back then.  I would like to get a copy of the book "Clarendon  
and Shawville".  That is definitely my Archibald Greer who purchased  
the acreage mentioned in 1847 and 1877.  I would like to research his  
neighbours, as well as his relatives that moved to Clarendon from  
Upper Canada.  These include William Ferdinand Richardson, who I  
believe moved there from Goulbourn and Joseph Wall who moved there  
from Fitzroy Township.  William would have been his Father-in-law and  
Joseph, the Father of his Daughter-in-law, Eliza Wall.  Perhaps  
Archibald lived near the Richardson family as he did marry their  
daughter in April 1842 in Clarendon.

Anyway, I will keep searching.  Yes, please set up the web page or  
Archibald Greer.  Thank you for your help and interest and once again,  
congratulations on your site and all the work you have done on it.
Best wishes,
Gary Duschl


November 7, 2013: Thanks to Mr. Roger Cole for the following contribution: Descendants of Archibald GREER Generation 1 1. 1 ARCHIBALD GREER . He married MARY RICHARDSON. Archibald GREER and Mary RICHARDSON had the following child: 2. i. 2 ARCHIBALD GREER was born on 18 Jan 1851 in Clarendon Twp, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada. He died on 26 Mar 1888. He married Susanna DAGG, daughter of William M DAGG and Ann HODGINS on 26 Apr 1881. She was born on 27 Aug 1862 in Clarendon Twp, Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada. Generation 2 2. 2 1 ARCHIBALD GREER (Archibald ) was born on 18 Jan 1851 in Clarendon Twp, Pontiac Cty, Quebec, Canada. He died on 26 Mar 1888. He married Susanna DAGG, daughter of William M DAGG and Ann HODGINS on 26 Apr 1881. She was born on 27 Aug 1862 in Clarendon Twp, Pontiac Cty, Quebec, Canada. Archibald GREER and Susanna DAGG had the following children: i. 3 WILLIAM JOHN GREER was born on 17 Feb 1882. 3. ii. ARCHIBALD GREER was born on 17 Feb 1884. He married ELLA. She was born in Sep 1891. iii. ANNIE MARIE GREER was born on 03 May 1888.
New November 25, 2013: I have just discovered the Greer family page and thought that I may have some information that may be helpful. Here is some information for my great great grandparents and their children as documented by members of our side of the Greer family: Parents Archible Greer born 1814, died January 12, 1877, buried at Shawville Cemetery Maryann (Ammeids) Richardson born March 12, 1825, died August 13, 1890 Married April 27, 1842 Children John Greer born June 16, 1843, death not documented, spouse not documented Mary Greer born October 14, 1845, death not documented, spouse M. Akins William Greer born Oct 27, 1847, died December 26, 1877, died at age 30 and buried at Shawville Cemetery, spouse not documented Archible Greer born January 18, 1851, died March 12, 1888, spouse Susan Dagg Emily Greer born May 10, 1853, died 1930, spouse Robert Dagg Isabellah Greer born June 29, 1855, died August 14, 1912, spouse Samuel Hobin Sarah Jane Greer born September 27, 1858, died August 29, 1896, spouse John Palmer Susan Greer born February 27, 1861, died April 12, 1877, died at age 16 and buried at Shawville Cemetery Richard Greer born October 20, 1863, died November 8, 1867, died at age 4 Henry Tomas Greer, born March 30, 1866, died October 25, 1867, died at age 1 In closing, I just wanted to thank you for your website. While I seem to have some information regarding Archible Greer, most of the information about Maryann Richardson was still unknown. Your website has filled in many of the blanks. If anyone has dates or information regarding Archble’s immigration from Ireland and/or location of his marriage to Maryann, I would appreciate hearing from you. Note two of them – William and Susan - are buried at the Shawville Cemetery along with their father Archible Greer. Pictures of the headstones can be seen at and . Regards, Glenda Blissett _______________________________ more from Gary Duschl: Hi Allen, Yes, Mary Richardson is the daughter of William Ferdinand Richardson, son of William Richardson, shoemaker from Borrisokane, Tipperary Ireland. The family came over as part of the Talbot party on the "Brunswick" in 1818. William married Mary Colbert, daughter of John and Ann Colbert who also were part of the Talbot party. William's older brother, Fredrick William Richardson immigrated the following year and settled in Goulbourn. The picture below is Fredrick's sons and their wives from the book by Bruce Elliott, "Irish Migrants in the Canadas, A New Approach". These gentlemen are therefore, Mary Ann Richardson's cousins. (photo is on the Richardson page above ... Al) Some of these families (including the Colbert family) are buried in the pioneer Hazeldean Cemetery on Young Road in Kanata. ________________________________ And thanks to Linda Falls for the following connection of the Greers to her family: Hi Al: In regards to the Greer family coming to Canada, I offer the following information: from "The City Beyond: Nepean” by Bruce S. Elliott pg 37: “The Greers were said to come on the ship "Dolphin" in 1842. John Greer from Armagh or Tyrone came on the ship "Independent" in 1837 with his eldest son James and was followed by the rest of the family in 1842.” My connection with the Greer family is via William Greer b 1821, married to Mary Ann b 1826, whose daughter Jane Greer (1845-Jun 13 1876) married William Falls, (May 22 1837-July 23, 1920), s/o Samuel Falls & Mary Hazelwood. The 1891 census shows William Greer, born in Ireland, C of E, living with wife Ann, children Maria, age 28, Eliza, age 26, James, age 23, & Ann Jane, age 21, Leeds & Grenville North, sub-district: Oxford. I don’t know if there is any connection to Archibald Greer or not but this might clarify the arrival time of Greers in Carleton County. Linda

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