GRAHAM Pioneers in Huntley Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
from County Fermanagh, Ireland, in 1822

New January 26, 2007:

Hi Al:  I just ran into this book and I am sending you the front page.  It is 
written on 8 X 11 inch paper and has some great photos.  This Graham family first 
were in Huntley and ended up into the Hotel business and owned such Hotels as the 
Old Albion (downtown, Ottawa).  Graham's Bay on the Ottawa River is called after 
them.  Well worth a look through.  I searched for it on your site but couldn't find it.  
The families that it includes is Graham, Armstrong, Magee, Barton of Huntley.  
The author has a quote which is apropos for genealogy and that is:-
as said by one family historian.  If this research has errors it is the fault 
of clarity in the records, or loss of records.  But he who reads it and criticize 
the manner also had the right to and time to correct and write before this 
document was written.  Therefore, they should hold their peace until they can 
produce a more accurate document."
... Robert Sample

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