Early Settlers in Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada, and area
(mostly disbanded soldiers and folks from County Cavan and County Tipperary)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

The village of Richmond was established in 1818 as a military settlement.
It's pioneers were mostly members of the 99th Regiment of Foot which was 
disbanded in Lachine, Quebec after the War of 1812.

For an explanation of the relationship between the 99th and 100th Regiments of
Foot see Carol Bennett McCuaig's e-mail regarding William John Vaughan.

October 17, 2015: New page for the the Upcoming Bicentennial of the Settlement of Disbanded Soldiers from the 99th / 100th Regiment of Foot Thanks to Alexa Pritchard for the following list: The following are listed as living in the Township of Goulburn, County of Carleton, District of Bathurst yeomen, private, late of the 99th Regiment: John Walsh W 1/2 No 24 in the 3rd Concession of Goulbourn 4 Feb 1824 Thomas Brown E 1/2 No 4 in the 5th Concession of Goulbourn Do Robert Gree W 1/2 No 3 in the 3rd Concession of Goulbourn Do Jno Sake/Lakee? W 1/2 No 2 in the 8th Concession of Goulbourn Do Joseph Brownlee W 1/2 No 18 in the 7th Concession of Goulbourn Do William Lakey E 1/2 No 13 in the 8th Concession of Goulbourn Do James McEvoy E 1/2 No 5 in the 5th Concession of Goulbourn Do Michael Bradley W 1/2 No 14 in the 6th Concession of Goulbourn Do Francis Morgan E 1/2 No 3 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn Do William Nesbitt E 1/2 No 21 in the 7th Concession of Goulbourn Do Michael McQuade E 1/2 No 7 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn Do James Maller E 1/2 No 22 in the 7th Concession of Goulbourn Do James Dourie W 1/2 No 11 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn Do Hiram Hayes E 1/2 No 13 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn Do Henry Hayes W 1/2 No 14 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn Do George Flemming E 1/2 No 15 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn Do John Crozier W 1/2 No 22 in the 7th Concession of Goulbourn Do James Denovan W 1/2 No 16 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn Do (Donovan ?) Hofford Walsh W 1/2 No 1 in the 7th Concession of Goulbourn Do Richard Medly W 1/2 No 27 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn Do John Harken / Harkin? W 1/2 No 7 in the 5th Concession of Goulbourn Do James Lennon W 1/2 No 1 in the 1st Concession of Goulbourn Do Thomas Rath E 1/2 No 1 in the 1st Concession of Goulbourn Do Patt Tumer W 1/2 No 4 in the 1st Concession of Goulbourn Do Foster Morrow E 1/2 No 3 in the 1st Concession of Goulbourn Do Chas Boyle W 1/2 No 5 in the 1st Concession of Goulbourn Do John Lee W 1/2 No 11 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Francis LeCharity E 1/2 No 24 in the 6th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do William Lackey E 1/2 No 13 in the 8th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do John Morris E 1/2 No 19 in the 8th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do John McGregor W 1/2 No 16 in the 8th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do John Murray E 1/2 No 21 in the 9th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Peter McGinn W 1/2 No 5 in the 9th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do James McKill / McGill W 1/2 No 24 in the 8th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Alex McCaslin E 1/2 No 24 in the 10th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Geo Nutherlaird / Nutterville ? E 1/2 No 19 in the 9th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Jervis Mullin (see below) W 1/2 No 12 in the 9th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Henry McDonald W 1/2 No 28 in the 9th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Richard Mealy / Maley W 1/2 No 27 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do William McFadden W 1/2 No 1 in the 8th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do James McGrorey E 1/2 No 14 in the 9th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do John Murphy W 1/2 No 19 in the 10th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Hugh McLaughlin W 1/2 No 15 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Alex McCabe E 1/2 No 7 in the 6th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do James McGarry W 1/2 No 20 in the 6th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Thomas McCabe W 1/2 No 7 in the 6th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Michael McQuade E 1/2 No 7 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do James McAllier / McAllister ? E 1/2 No 22 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Francis Morgan E 1/2 No 3 in the 4th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do James McEvoy E 1/2 No 5 in the 5th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Daniel Loryhrea / Lorrea E 1/2 No 13 in the 7th Concession of Goulbourn 100 acres Do Isreal Thompson 100th Regiment W1/2 No 11 in the 11th Concession 100 acres 14 April 1828 James Miles Sgt, Irish Militia W1/2 No 23 in the 4th Concession 100 acres Do Wm Radenhurst Capt, Cdn Fen Esquire, No 16 & 17 in the 2nd Concession Do William Cathcart Sgt, 89th Regiment E1/2 No 20 & W1/2 21 , 7th Concession Do Joseph Jones Private 70th Regt W1/2 No 4 in the 8th Concession Do June 20, 2018: John Pierce Private 99th W1/2 No 19 in the 8th Concession Do Thomas Jones Private 99th E1/2 No 28 in the 8th Concession Do Wm Fitzpatrick Sgt, 99th W1/2 No 15 in the 6th Concession Do James Pack Private, 37th W1/2 No 23 in the 11th Concession Do Patt McPherson Private, 2 Garrison W1/2 No 15 in the 8th Concession Do William Shea Sgt, 99th E1/2 No 13 in the 3rd Concession Do Note: Peter McGinn was a son in law to William Shea. John Caffrey / McCaffrey Private, 99th W1/2 No 14 in the 8th Concession Do Arthur Sharpley Private, 99th W1/2 No 1 in the 8th Concession Do Thomas Lyons Private, 6 Dragoon Guard W1/2 No 7 in the 9th Concession Do Peter Manning / Manion Private, 99th W1/2 No 20 in the 9th Concession Do August 11, 2020: Thomas Cox Sgt, 99th E1/2 No 5 W1/2 7 in the 3rd Concession Do Edward Barry Private, Royal Sappers E1/2 No 20 in the 4th Concession Do Francis Le Charity is an ancestor of John Lacharity on CBC Radio, by the way! Alexa
March 24, 2003: John Withers was also an 1818 military settler. His wife was Ellen Kelly.
I have two Ottawa area families who came from Ireland. John Neal and his wife Elizabeth Barrett came to Goulbourn Twp in 1842 from the Coollattin Estate, near Paulberg, Shillelagh, County Wicklow. They later settled in the city of Ottawa. John Wright and his wife Ellen Taylor came to Nepean about 1833 and later to Goulbourn Twp, from Coolbaun, a small village near Castlecomer, in County Kilkenny. Do you need any other information? Jean Broadfoot, Ottawa
More Early Settlers in Goulbourn Township Given Year Type Surname Name Came of Grant Argue William 1828 fgme Argue George 1828 fgme Barry Jonas 1824 fgm Basset Edward 1820 Carlow (Bassett ?) Bassett Edward 1824 fgme Blair James 1828 fgme Bradley Samuel 1829 fgme (Captain, 99th) -------------------- January 4, 2004: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following obituary: The Bytown Independent --- Thursday, February 24, 1836 OBIT; --- "In this village, on the 25th instant (as written), in the 34th year of his age, Edward Sands Bradley, Esq. He was Ensign in the late 99th Regiment, and son of Captain Bradley (Samuel), Township of March, County of Carleton." -------------------- Bradley William 1824 fgme Bradley Jacob 1824 fgme Bradley Joshua 1824 fgme new link September 25, 2004 Cathcart, Carleton from County Donegal, bur. Stittsville United Cemetery Buckley Timothy 1825 fgpr Cole Ezekiel 1824 fgm Collins Thomas 1823 fgpr Collins Richard 1823 fgpr Connell William 1828 fgpr Crotty Michael 1823 fgpr Cunningham Roger 1823 fgpr Cuthbert James 1820 Wexford Ferris James 1824 fgm Finn John 1823 fgpr Forsyth Adam 1824 fgm Grant Robert 1824 fgme Guile Thomas 1824 fgm Hampson Israel 1828 fgm Hazelwood John 1828 fgme Hodgins William 1824 fgme Kemp William 1828 fgme Kemp William 1822 clergy Kemp William 1820 Cavan, Kemp's Tavern on Hazeldean Road Keyes / Keys James 1820 Wexford McCurdy John 1824 fgme McGee / Magee William 1828 fgme Morgan William 1824 fgme Morgan William 1820 Tipperary August 12, 2004: (new link to a Thomas Mulligan) Mulligan Thomas 1828 fgme (possibly this Thomas Mulligan) Murphy John 1824 fgm Nash Martin 1820 Kilkenny (37th Foot) Pack (Peck?) Samuel 1824 fgm Park James 1828 fgme Scharf Joseph 1824 fgme Scharf Thomas 1824 fgme Scharf Thomas 1820 Kilkenny Nov 26, 2002: ML# 47 Scharf James 1820 Carlow Spearman John Jr. 1824 fgme Taylor John 1820 Tipperary White John 1824 fgpr Wilson James 1828 fgme Some businessmen in Stittsville in 1871: James ALEXANDER - Tanner John ARGUE - Postmaster, Storekeeper John BRADLEY - Steam Saw Mill William BRADLEY - Carding Mill William EASTMAN - Blacksmith John HARTIN - Saw Mill James McCANN - Weaver James NOLAN - Carriage Maker Thomas STANLEY - Blacksmith James STEELE - Shoemaker William STANZELL - Shoemaker Thomas WARREN - Carriage Maker Source: Stittsville - A Sense of Place Author: Barbara Bottriell ISBN 0-9695006-1-0 Sorted and HTML'd by Al Lewis, Sept.29, 2000 fgme = Free Grant Military Emigrant fgpr = Free Grant - Peter Robinson fgm = Free Grant - Militia
Hello Al! I hope you can help me, I have Ancestors that are Magee's or McGee's that Married the Haughton Sisters, they were married in Colonel By's house, by a Rev. W. Ainsley, Church of England, minister of Hull. James married Isabella (in 1825 in Bytown and Simon married Catherine in (?) James moved to Stittsville and Simon to Merrickville Ontario. I hope you can help. (Note: See below from Jeffrey Haughton, dated April 9, 2003 ... Al) Also, My Great grandfather's sister married a William Burns. His sister's name was Abigail McGee or Magee which ever one is correct. Linda. See also McGees and Magees.
Dear Al, Very nice to make your acquaintance... and we have quite a bit in common here! (snip) I have been working on the Argue family history for many years - and am getting ready to publish a book - on the descendants of George & Mary (nee Wilson) Argue who emigrated from County Cavan, Ireland to Stittsville in 1821. I have much information on Mary Wilson's family as well - but unsure whether Wib's Wilson line ties in. His parents were William Robert Wilson and Christiana Richardson. There were a few Wilson families back then. What I am trying to find out now is the parentage of Mary Wilson who married Thomas Cathcart in 1839 at St. John's, Richmond. I believe her father's name was James - as there was another wedding on the same day, of another Wilson girl, and her father's name is listed as James. This gets confusing but, Mary Wilson who married George Argue, also had a brother James Wilson - for whom I have no further information. At any rate, I have a gr. grandmother x4 in the Argue family called Mary Wilson AND I have a gr. grandmother x3 in my Cathcart line called Mary Wilson. I am wondering if the one Mary Wilson was an aunt to the other Mary Wilson? Have I lost you yet? As the census didn't start until 1841, I think my only other option is to search for a will of a James Wilson of Richmond....at any rate, I'm still working on things!! Below is a copy of what info I have on 'Uncle Wib'. If you are able to add anything, i.e. marriage date to Kay Burns, that would be much appreciated. Descendants of William Robert Wilson: Generation No. 1 Note: The homestead of this Wilson family was on Fernbank Road just west of Eagleson Road. 1. WILLIAM ROBERT1 WILSON was born August 02, 1878, and died 1962. He married CHRISTIANA RICHARDSON. She was born April 22, 1881. More About WILLIAM ROBERT WILSON: Burial: Maple Grove Cemetery, March Township, ON (Kanata) Children of WILLIAM WILSON and CHRISTIANA RICHARDSON are: i. CLARENCE BERTRAM WILSON, b. 1902, Goulbourn Twp., Ottawa/Carleton; m. AGNES STIRLING CATHCART, Notes for CLARENCE BERTRAM WILSON: Obit - Ottawa: WILSON, Clarence Bertram - Suddenly at his residence, R.R. 1, Stittsville, on Thursday, December 22, 1977, Clarence Wilson, aged 75; beloved husband of Agnes Stirling Cathcart. Dear son of Christiana Richardson and the late William Robert Wilson, and dear father of Mrs. Harvey Brown (Shirley), Bruce, Ross, and Thomas; brother of Wilbert, Russell and Mrs. Sidney Gray (Myra). Also survived by 9 grandchildren...Interment Maple Grove Cemetery. More About CLARENCE BERTRAM WILSON: Burial: Maple Grove Cemetery, Hazeldean, ON More About AGNES STIRLING CATHCART: Burial: Maplegrove Cemetery, Hazeldean, ON ii. WILBERT Thomas WILSON, b. December 19, 1903, Goulbourn, Ontario; d. February 11, 1992, Perth Hospital, Perth, Ontario; m. (1) LEITHA EMELINE ARGUE, 1930; b. March 18, 1902, Stittsville, Ontario; d. June 11, 1944, Ottawa, Ontario; m. (2) CATHERINE CECILIA BURNS, Aft. 1944; d. March 21, 1998, Ottawa, Ontario. obituary More About WILBERT Thomas WILSON: (my Uncle, really a "great as in wonderful" uncle ... Al) Burial: Pinecrest Cemetery, Nepean, Ont. More About LEITHA EMELINE ARGUE: Burial: Pinecrest Cemetery, Nepean, Ont. More About CATHERINE CECILIA BURNS: Burial: Pinecrest Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont. Catherine (Aunt Kay) was the daughter of John George BURNS (1880-1952) and Catherine Theresa CHRISTOPHER (1885-1957). See 1908 picture at "Bytown or Bust" iii. MYRA WILSON, m. SID GRAY. iv. RUSSELL WILSON, m. GLORY JENKINSON. With regard to Lewis family, I appear to have quite a few in my index, relating to the families I have been working on - Argue, Cavanagh, Seabrook, Cathcart, Scharf(e). Do you happen to have much on the Lewis family? Looking forward to hearing back from you! Debbie Coxon Prince "GENEALOGISTS TRAVEL IN THE PAST LANE."
Hi; I am stuck on one of my great grandmothers sisters lines. The family lived at Stittsville and I believe the younger generations moved elsewhere, but where. The family as I know them are as follows; Mary Ann Argue 1824 - 1899 daughter of Thomas Argue and Ann Argue of Carp, Huntley Township, married Archibald Wilson 1828 - 1901, son of James Wilson of Richmond in 1847 at Carp. They farmed at Stittsville / Richmond until they died. Their family were as follows: 1. James Wilson 1848 - ? married Priscilla Pettapiece at North Gower in 1880. Their family were Etta Mary Wilson, Eva Wilson, George Wilson, Wesley Wilson, Jim Wilson, Mable Wilson, Margaret Wilson and Lottie Wilson. 2. Thomas Wesley Wilson 1850 - ? married Ann Jane Ralph in Goulbourn in 1884. Their family were; Mary Wilson, Archie Wilson, and Joe Wilson. 3. John Wilson 1852 - ? married Margaret Mitchell in 1891 in Wright Township, Ottawa County. Margaret was born in 1857. Their family were; Anna M.E. Wilson b 1892, Lila Jane Etta Wilson b 1893, Thomas Graham Wilson b 1895, Stanley E. Reynold Wilson b 1897, Frederick J.B. (Bert) Wilson b 1900. 4. Ann Jane Wilson 1854 - 1879 married Andrew Gideon Argue 1847 - 1925 on 8 May 1874. They lived at Stittsville, Ont. Their family were Andrew Hobart Wilbert Argue 1875 - 1953 and Lila Argue 1877 - 1956. 5. Mary Elizabeth Wilson 1861 - ? married William Henry Mitchell 1964 - 1944 at Stittsville, Ont in 1891. William Mitchell was from Kazabazua, Quebec. It would seem this family lived in the Gatineau for a time then moved back to the Stittsville area and then moved where? Their family were Mable Jane Mitchell 1892 - 1971, Mervil Mitchell, Winnifred Mary Ann Mitchell 1894 - 1912, Gordon Mitchell, Ida Pearl Mitchell 1905 - 1906. 6. William George Wilson 1864 - 1941 married Elizabeth Etta Wilson 1868 - 1928 in Stittsville in 1891. 7. Archibald Robert Wilson 1868 - 1941 married Mary Featherstone 1877 - 1964 in 1899 at Stittsville. Where have these families and their descendants gone? Can anyone help? Thank you, Ernest.
See also William BRADLEY and Bridget CUNNINGHAM in Huntley and Goulbourn

Hi: I just had to e mail you about this site. I have been trying to find a site on the Ottawa area and have had no luck. While checking my family tree in Montreal and found someone else checking the same families. Which were Eveleigh / Ross and Brown. The gentlemen informed me that we were both decendents of William Brown who was granted land in Goulbourn Township in l821 as was William Brown's father Thomas Brown who was a Private in the 99th regiment . I checked down the list quickly but didn't see any reference to their names. Take care and thanks for the great site . I will definitely be visiting it again. Linda, Ont. Canada
March 5, 2002: Hi to the Argue researcher I have been working on an update of a Moorhouse book for six years. Sarah Ann Moorhouse m Henry Willis. Their son William Willis and his wife, Eliza Jackson had a daughter Rachel born 26 Feb 1848. Rachel married John Wilson Argue. She was his second wife. I have no birth or death date for John Wilson Argue and would like to have that. (Note: See September 4, 2003 e-mail from Lena Bobier ... Al) If you are interested in the family of John and Rachel Argue I have some of the family, not all. Norine Wolfe
February 8, 2003: Hi, Alexa, What book do you have with Hickey? Have you seen anything more on Simon and Thomas HUGHES? They were privates in the 99th. Regiment and were granted 100 acres in the Goulbourn area. Thanks, Linda
February 17, 2003: HENRY HAMROCK, HIS WIFE AND 2 DAUGHTERS ARE ON THE GOULBURN 1820, 1821 AND 1822 CENSUS, (SPELLED HENROCK 1821), AND IN THE GOULBURN, LOWER CANADA LAND GRANT 1824. Does anyone know anything of their subsequent history? Henry is a native of Ireland, from County Roscommon, or the adjoining County Mayo. He may be from MAYO, as I see CAPTAIN JOINT / JOYNT, sharing a census page with him. By the way, Catherine Gillingham Cunningham, Goulburn, (CUNNINGHAM QUERY), is probably Catherine Gilligan. Gilligan is an Irish surname. Thank you, M.SMITH.
April 4, 2003: From the Perth Courier: March 26, 1851, died, in Richmond, C.W., George LYON, J.P., aged 61, formerly of the 99th Regiment of Foot. Deceased was severely wounded in the Battle of Chippawa during the last war with the United States and was among the first military settlers at Richmond. He represented the County of Carleton in the Parliaments of Upper and United Canada.
April 9, 2003: I can offer a very small bit of info, I hope it helps. If you have any info on the Haughton sisters, I would be very interested. 1. JAMES MAGEE He married ISABELLA HAUGHTON 1825 in Bytown, Ottawa, Canada. She was born in Northern Ireland. Notes for JAMES MAGEE: The Montgomery Surname Message Board Message #169 Tuesday, November 23, 1999 Subject: William Alfred Montgomery Posted by: Kathryn Montgomery - Ontario Message: I can't seem to get beyond William Montgomery of Essex county Ontario (Widsor area) who married a Maria Magee (d/o James Magee and Isabella Haughton - emmigrated from Cavan Co, N Ireland in 1820) they in turn had a son William Alfred Montgomery b 1862 and m to Ellen Sheppard / Shepherd. Any help out there? Kate Child of JAMES MAGEE and ISABELLA HAUGHTON is: 2. i. MARIA MAGEE Generation No. 2 2. MARIA MAGEE (JAMES) She married WILLIAM MONTGOMERY. He was born in Ontario. Child of MARIA MAGEE and WILLIAM MONTGOMERY is: i. WILLIAM ALFRED MONTGOMERY, b. 1862; m. ELLEN SHEPPARD Regards, Jeffrey Haughton
Also posted on April 9, 2003:
in Marlborough Township in 1851
Hello! I'm very excited to see your site! I'm also a descendant from the Ottawa Valley, and I'm trying to find John Bradley, originally from Ireland. He had a daughter, Frances, around 1842. The 1851 census states: John age 45, Jane age 40, James, Charles, John, MaryAnn, Moses, Fanny, Thomas, Henry, Alfred, Jane, Jemima, and Catherine. All found in Marlborough Township. I know John and Jane are from Ireland, but I seem to be stuck finding any other info. Are there any sites I can go to to find them? Any Societies I could write to? Thank you for your help! ... Rick Cartwright
April 30, 2003: Hi I have been looking in to the familes of Huntley Township and recently discovered on the internet there was a James Magee in Goulborn Twp. Today I visited the Museum to see what kind of information they had there. Well most of the McGee's I have found are buried in Huntley, but this winter I found out there was a Book published in 1949 by a lady living in California. All of the names you guy's have listed are in this book. there is a small portion of the book at the Goulborn Museum if anyone did not know of this? I would love to help out a bit more but I purchased this book through Quinton Publishing and it may take a bit longer till I receive it. the Book was Called the Macphersons and the Magee's by Laura Macpherson "Crawford". Alexander William Magee is the father of James Magee who married Isabella Haughton, If anyone is interested please let me know if I can help. Cheryl Thomas May 1, 2003: Cheryl is also researching the THOMAS (dit TRANCHMONTAGNE family)
May 3, 2003: Sergeant John DUNBAR and his wife Jane CAMPBELL also settled in Goulbourn. As a Sergeant he was eligible for 200 acres of land. Sgt. John Dunbar and his bride, Jane Campbell together with another couple were the first to be married in the settlement at a public ceremony performed by Rev. Michael Harris of Perth. There they raised a family of five boys and five girls.
May 16, 2003: Hi I noticed a post in Some Early Settlers in Goulbourn Township (see above, dated April 9, 2003 ... Al) "Child of JAMES MAGEE and ISABELLA HAUGHTON is: 2. i. MARIA MAGEE Generation No. 2 2. MARIA MAGEE (JAMES) She married WILLIAM MONTGOMERY. He was born in Ontario. Child of MARIA MAGEE and WILLIAM MONTGOMERY is: i. WILLIAM ALFRED MONTGOMERY, b. 1862; m. ELLEN SHEPPARD Regards, Jeffrey Haughton I emailed him regarding a Photo I noticed in my late Grand mother's collection I have a Reita Montgomery, We Buried my Grandmother and I was able to acquire some of her photos she had. Does the last name Eastman ring a bell? It does to me but I am not sure why. this Photo is from 1926. I also have Photos of the Younghusband family. There may be more but at the moment, I have the Irvine family to connect from these Photos. Cheryl Thomas
August 22, 2003: Subject: John Scharf (1831) Date: Monday, August 18, 2003 4:51 PM Would you have any information on John SCHARF who married Anne JAMES (1834 - 1873) (see posting dated January 2, 2005) and their 12 children. They are buried in Scharfe Cemetery, Hazeldean. I am interested in finding out more about their family. ... Lena
September 4, 2003: From Lena, in reply to Norine Wolfe's inquiry dated March 5, 2002: Hi Norine! He was first married to May Ann Bobier and birth year for John Wilson Argue was 1840 and he died April 28, 1894 and is buried Bathgate, North Dakota. Regards, Lena ____________________ Hi Lena, I have 1842 for his birth year and I got that from the obituary in the Christian Guardian of 25 July 1894. Norine
September 16, 2003: James Hill, John Hill, Abraham Pratt and William Hobbs were all pioneers in Goulbourn and Marlborough Townships. The historic village of Ashton is located on the western boundary of Goulbourn Township.
September 5, 2004: Jeremiah Burns (ex-soldier from County Wicklow, and Judith Murphy settled on concession 9 lot 21w, Goulbourn Township. September 13, 2004: Robert Sample is researching the family of James Andrew STARR and Elizabeth Amelia EBERT November 15, 2004: Don Dubé is researching the James DEVINE family (Richmond to Osceola, Renfrew County). December 17, 2004: John O'Neil is researching his O'Neil, Newcombe and Eagleson ancestors, in the Hazeldean and Stittsville areas -- some of whom had connections to the Gatineau Valley January 2, 2005: Darryl Scarff is descended from the pioneer Scharff / Scarff family who settled in the Hazeldean area around 1820. January 10, 2005: Reilly's Hotel was an important commercial establishment in Richmond in the 1800's.
March 4, 2005: Nancy Owston is researching the family of John Henry O'Connor and Elizabeth Steadman who received a military land grant in the Burritt's Rapids area. Elizabeth Steadman was probably born about 1818 in Renfrew County.
March 9, 2005: Larry Cavanagh is researching his ancestor, Peter Cavanagh who was granted land in Goulbourn Township. He was a retired member of the 99th Regiment.
March 18, 2005: John and Elizabeth Davidson were also early arrivals in Goulbourn Township. March 21, 2005: Edward Hicks and Clara Dowd were early settlers in the North Gower area. March 24, 2005: John Alfred McGuire was born in Goulbourn Township in 1848. He and his wife, Ann Bobier, later lived in Bristol and Shawville, Quebec. April 3, 2005: Two Montgomery men, Hugh from County Fermanagh and Gabriel from County Cavan were in the Ottawa area by 1829. April 8, 2005: William Gordon came from County Armagh, Ireland in 1827 to Goulbourn Township. His son Moses lived in Osgoode Township. October 3, 2012: Note: There is a book called "The Gordons of Goulbourn, The Lowrys of Huntley and Fitzroy" at the Ottawa Genealogical Society Library. A very good book. ... Al May 11, 2005: Helen Dunbar has researched the families of William Pettapiece and Susan Morrison, Thomas Pettapiece and Catherine Stokes in the Merrickville area, John "Richard" Pettapiece and Ann Ferguson in Marlborough and Jonas Pettapiece and Ann Ferguson in North Gower, Township.
June 28, 2005: Evelyn Leroux is working on the history of the descendants of Robert Green. Three of his sons were members of the 100th Regiment of Foot and settled in Goulbourn Township.
Patrick Hartin and Ann Kenly (McKinley ?) came from County Antrim and settled in Goulbourn and Huntley Townships. Their large stone home on Hazeldean Road was still standing after the great fire of 1870. July 3, 2005: Robert Sample has sent us a link to the early McLinton / McClinton family. Samuel McClinton and Margaret Torney came from County Down to Goulbourn Township and the early James Porter / Jane McGibbon family, in Goulbourn Township which includes a great picture of a 1931 barn raising.
November 24, 2005: St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church was located in Stanley Corners. Today the original stone building is used by the Goulbourn Township Historical Society and Museum.
February 1, 2006: Peter Stern is researching his ancestors, Patrick Lyng / Ling and Elizabeth O'Neil, who were in Goulbourn Township by the 1830's. He has also sent along the following important links to early census records in Goulbourn and Marlborough Townships: 1851 Goulbourn Census 1851 Marlborough Census
See also The Military Settlement at Richmond, 1818 and the 99th and 100th Regiments of Foot

and the 66th Regiment ( an interesting settlement story).
April 19, 2006: Thanks to Karen Thompson for the following: I found Thomas Rath as a member of the 100th Regiment of Foot 1809 stationed as Niagara on the Lake. The 100th was stationed there from 1809 until 1817. I found a Amellia Rath was baptised on Nov 12, 1809. Her parent were Thomas and Mary Rev. Robert Addison was Military chaplain for Niagara on the Lake. Bill Martins web site my.tbaytel.net/bmartin/niag-bapt.htm lists many birth of children of 100th and 99th Regiments. ... Karen Thompson
May 8, 2006: James Beaman from County Down received land in Goulbourn Township as a retired member of the 100th Regiment of Foot.
May 17, 2006: There will be a reunion of the descendants of John McCARTHY and Elizabeth PORTER on July 1, 2006 at Mowat's Barn in Barrhaven (Nepean). John McCarthy settled in Goulbourn Township.
June 6, 2006: Patti McCurdy is researching the McCurdy, Black, Caldwell, Kemp, Johnston and Jelly surnames.
May 5, 2007: Robert Sample has sent in some history of the family of William HEALEY and Lady Ann Talbot. (Healey's Heath, south of Stittsville).
May 9, 2007: Jeremiah Byrne and Julia Murphy from County Wicklow, settled in 1818 on Lot 21W, Concession 9, Goulbourn. He had been in the 99th Regiment of Foot.
June 7, 2007: William Featherstone / Featherston came from England to Goulbourn Township.
June 21, 2007: Paul is researching his ancestors, James Doyle and Mary Quinn who were living in Goulbourn Township by 1837. He's also researching his McCarnen ancestors in Manotick.
July 29, 2007: Linda Falls is researching the Kemp and Hazelwood / Hazlewood families in early Goulbourn.
August 27, 2007: James McCaffrey and Mary Hanna / Hannah were early settlers in Goulbourn.
October 4, 2007: John Barton was a disbanded member of the 37th Regiment of Foot. He also settled in Goulbourn Township.
October 22, 2007: Does anyone have information regarding the first Land Grants which were given in the Hazeldean area of Goulbourn. Specifically those along each side of what is now Hazeldean Road between Eagleson Road and Amberwood. I believe that these were Concession XI on the south side and Concession XII on the north side ? Any and all information would be much appreciated. Thanks, ... Ian White in "Kanata South". See map where the Talbot Settlers received land.
October 26, 2007: Two new Goulbourn pioneer families submitted by Robert Sample: 1. Richard Flewellyn 2. John and James Shore
January 3, 2008:
Stittsville Hockey Team, 1927-28
1927 Stittsville Hockey Team
The team members are: Front Row, L to R: C. Cathcart, S. Bradley, W. Paul (goalie), H. Argue, W. Wilson Back Row, L to R: C. Rothwell, E. Bradley, R.A. Bradley, J. Vaughan (manager), C. Wilson, O. Rothwell This is the team which travelled to Carp, Richmond, etc. by horse-drawn sleigh. C. Wilson is Clarence Wilson. W. Wilson is my uncle, Wilbert Thomas Wilson (Uncle Wib). Only the first initial of the players is given on the picture. Can anyone fill in the first names of the other players? C. Cathcart may be Clifford Cathcart. ... Al _____________________________ March 21, 2008: (players names updated) Thanks to Robert Sample, Debbie Prince and Sid Bradley for the following names of hockey players in the above picture: The team members are: Front Row, L to R: Franklin Anthony "Clifford" Cathcart -10 April 1904 to 20 Aug 1937, Silas Christopher Bradley-October 15, 1898 to April 20, 1972 William Paul (goalie), Thomas 'Howard' Argue - October 01, 1906 to January 04, 1972, Wilbert Thomas 'Wib' Wilson December 19, 1903 - February 11, 1992 Back Row, L to R: C. Rothwell, Eldon Bradley, Richard A.(Gus) Bradley, J. Vaughan (manager), Clarence Bertram Wilson- March 10, 1902 to December 22, 1977, (brother to Wilbert), Osborne Rothwell
January 25, 2008: Kirk Peck is researching his GGGGrandfather, James Pack / Peck who settled near Stittsville after being disbanded from the 37th Regiment of Foot.
This map of Stittsville in 1879 shows the Pack farm (upper left corner). Source: Belden's Atlas of Carleton County
Map of Stittsville in 1879
Other names on the map are William McCurdy, William Alexander, Robert Cherry, John Rose, James Lewis. Mrs. Argue has the store at the corner of Stittsville Main Street and Abbott Street, across from the Railway Station. At one time (maybe in 1879, this was a Temperance Hotel). The initial "J.S." on the edge of the Pack farm may be Jackson Stitt, the founder of Stittsville. ... Al
February 4, 2008: Paul Gray has sent in an interesting history of the family of Samuel HANNAH. The Hannahs, who arrived in 1829, were related to many of the pioneer families of Goulbourn, North Gower and Marlborough Townships in the 1800's. A probable son of Samuel Hannah was Robert Hannah who arrived in 1825 and is on the 1829 McCabe List.
February 21, 2008: Bill Mains has been researching his Mains, Featherston, Cathcart, Morton and Seabrook ancestors in Goulbourn, Beckwith, Marlborough and North Gower.
March 8, 2008: The family of Michael Fagan and Mary Coleman settled on the 10th Concession of Goulbourn, now called Fernbank Road.
August 11, 2008: William and Elizabeth BRADLEY came from County Wexford, Ireland and settled in the Hazledean area of Goulbourn Township. Margaret Clemett is researching this family. When I lived in Stittsville, my dog and I liked to walk along the old railway line from Main Street Stittsville easterly to Kanata. It seems to me that we passed a large grove of maple trees, near Iber Road, which had been the Bradley maple sugar bush in pioneer days. I'm not sure which Bradley family this farm belonged to. There is a James and Abraham Bradley who came from Castlecomer, County Kilkenny to Stittsville as well. (McCabe List -- ML# 13). ... Al
October 26, 2008: Randy Wall is researching the family of James Dowdall and Mary Ann Cassells / Castles.
April 18, 2009: The log home of the pioneer family of Patrick Corbett and Elizabeth Spearman is being donated to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village in London, Ontario. The Corbetts and the family of William Bradley settled first along the Hazeldean Road between Hazeldean and Stittsville and some family members migrated to Middlesex County, Ontario during the 1840's. The original log house has been moved to it's new location and is known as the Corbett Tavern.
May 9, 2009: Kevin Leahy is researching his ancestors, Philip and Ann Malone, who were in Goulbourn Township at the time of the 1852 census. Some members of this family migrated to Renfrew County by 1863.
July 26, 2009: Mr. Ian Furst is researching his ancestor, Sgt. Andrew Hill who received a land grant in Goulbourn Township in 1818. He was retired from the 100th Regiment of Foot and had been born in County Fermanagh, Ireland.
April 1, 2010: Munster Hamlet is a village in Goulbourn Township on a line, as the crow flies, between Richmond and Ashton.
April 2, 2010: Thomas Shillington and Barbara Robinson were early settlers in the Munster Hamlet area.
June 12, 2010: Trying to Find any information on a David Harrison (wife) Ann, he came to Canada in 1816, he was a Sergeant with the Royal Wagon Train of the English Army. He served with Wellington at the battle of Waterloo. Given a grant of 200 acres - 100 in Goulbourn and 100 in Marlborough Township. ... David Harrison
September 18, 2010: The Goulbourn Township Museum and Archives St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery (Stittsville) Stanley Corner (Between Richmond and Stittsville) Next Door to the Museum Goulbourn Township Museum St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery, Stittsville, Ontario, Canada
November 21, 2010: Tanya, from Australia, is researching her Villeneuve ancestors in Goulbourn and Nepean.
May 4, 2011: Joyce, Debi and Helen have supplied family history information for the family of James KEYS / KEYES and Mary Anne BEAMOND / BEAMAN
April 5, 2012: Bob Bourke is researching his ancestors, William and Thomas MURRAY, in Goulbourn Township and beyond.
April 19, 2012: Another pioneer family in the Ottawa area, (Goulbourn Township and Gatineau, Quebec) were Martin EBERT and Roxey WALLER.
June 20, 2012: Doreen Harvey is researching her McAMMOND ancestors, Goulbourn Township to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
September 14, 2012: New e-mail address for Mrs. Bobier incorporated in the list below. ... Al
November 4, 2013: Gary Duschl is researching the family of Archibald GREER / GRIER and Mary Ann RICHARDSON in Goulbourn Township, Ontario and Clarendon Township, Quebec.
November 28, 2013: Cheryl is researching the family of John SYKES, 100th Regiment of Foot, From Yorkshire, England to Goulbourn Township.
February 26, 2015: Thanks to Ian White for sending along the History of the Hazeldean Masonic Lodge.
March 5, 2015: Robert Paterson is researching the William Edward FARMER and Margaret Ann HEMPHILL family, also the EVOY, HOBBS and LYON families, Ireland to the Ottawa, Canada area
March 6, 2015: When we lived in Stittsvile, we knew members of the pioneer Faulkner family. We paid, through our taxws, for the "Faulkner Drain".
June 12, 2015: Thomas Henry STAPLETON and Maria Jane NEELIN were early settlers west of the village of Richmond.
July 27, 2015: Mr. Bill Neelin is researching his Neelin family ancestors in the Munster Hamlet area.
September 22, 2015: I believe that the Morton and Higginson families may have travelled together from Balinderry, Conty Antrim, Ireland to the Munster Hamlet neighbourhood. ... Al The family of John Garland, from County Kilkenny, Ireland was one of the pioneer families here.

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