Martha GORDON, from England to Almonte, Ontario, Canada in 1885
Possibly a British Home Child

New April 26, 2012:

Martha Gordon, Born in 1874, came to Canada in 1885 on the SS Sarmatian. 
I believe she was brought hereby Maria Rye. Martha lived in Almonte Ontario. 
She married my grandfather in Saskatchewan In 1904, had  8  children and died in 1942.

... Elinor Hinds

Here is the Library and Archives Canada record for a Martha Gordon:

Surname: GORDON
Given Name: Martha
Age: 11
Sex: F
Ship: SS Sarmatian
Year of Arrival: 1885
Departure Port: Liverpool
Departure Date: 1885-04-16
Arrival Port: Quebec
Arrival Date: 1885-04-27
Party: Maria Rye Homes
Destination: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Comments: Scattered entries of labourers plus Maria Rye's girls, this record is too faint to read. 
55 girls.
Source: Library and Archives Canada
Reference: RG 76 C1a
Microfilm: C-4534
Type of Record: Passenger Lists

And here is a Martha Gordon in Almonte in the 1901 census.\
She is living as a boarder in the home of William Anderson, Scottish, and his wife who is Irish.

Martha Gordon in 1901 census for Almonte, Ontario, Canada

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