Gloucester Township, Carleton County, Upper Canada, Ontario
More Early Settlement (1800's)

Rideau Front:
Allen Anderson Bow (Bowes?) Blyth Brady Bratton Brennan Cain (Keane) Carle
Caron Clegg Clements Coghlan Cunningham Denning Downey Duncan Findlay 
Freeman Gamble Glasky Grimes Hackett Halpenny Holliwood Hunter Hurlburt
Johnston Kinninmouth Lees Looney Lynch McGee McGuire McKenny (McKenna)
McKenzie Moore Murphy Nolan O'Connor Otterson Pratt Ritchie Skeffington
(Skiffington) Stackpole Stewart Stratford Thompson Tomkins Watts West

Also: Brown Cooke Craig Cray Dackles Daly Doyle Fallon Farrand Graham Hines
Morgan Morrow Rain Saunders

Ottawa Front:

Concession I - Bailey(2) Burns Callaghan Clark Dunning (Durning?) Dubois Forbes
Rathwell / Rothwell Spears Sullivan Thompson Urquhart

Concession II - Allen Armstrong Coombes Craig Johnston Moxley Phair

Concession III - Bailey Laws Graves

Concession V - Jones

Concession VI - Templeton

Concession VII - Porter

Source: Gloucester Roots
Compiled and edited by Lois Kemp
ISBN 0-9695572-05
March 24, 2004: See also John Johnston, Royal Artillery, and below, dated March 26, 2005
March 26, 2005: Thanks to Cheryl Thomas for the following: Hi I had been driving down Albion Road in Ottawa and just before you hit the parking lot of the Rideau Carleton Raceway and Casino I spotted 5 tomb stones ?? right along the road. No Cemetery name or any fencing around the area. 1 . James Johnston Died Jan 16 1870 age 72 on the same Stone it had Margret Jane Johnston Died March 17 1846 age 42. Other side of Stone Had Mary Ann Johnston Died July 23 1847 24 year's Old. 2. The Stone Beside was for an Isaiah Johnston M.D Died May 30 18?4 the ? could be a 2 or 7, 25 years old and 11 months Son of James and Margaret Johnston. 3. Thomas Duncan June 22 1886 Age 79 Catherine Johnston wife of Thomas Duncan Died April 1856 Age 52 4. Ann Gamble Beloved Wife of Samuel Moore June 4 1896 Age 90 The Stone had the year 1888 inscribed on the bottom of the stone. 5. Robert Gamble Aug 7 1877 Age 75, Native of County Antrim Ireland. I did a small search online and found a few things: Carleton Co., 1882 , part 1 1807-82 John R. EADIE, 27, yeoman, Russell, same, s/o William EADIE & Sarah MURPHY, married Margaret L. JOHNSTON, 23, Gloucester, same, d/o James JOHNSTON & Margaret BORTHWICK, witn: Joseph D. EADIE of Russell & Addie CUMMING of Cummings Bridge, 27 May 1882 at Gloucester ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Immigrants to Canada Name of Grantee Date of Orders in Council Date of Patent Lot Concess Acres Township District Remarks Johnston, John 28 Mar 1833 " - - - 20 5 - Gloucester Ottawa Discharged soldier I have no connection to the family but found it interesting to see these Stones all alone beside a Parking Lot. Wonder if anyone know's the name of this Cemetery?? Just down the street is the South Gloucester United Church Inscribed on the Church it say's Presbyterian Church A. D 1880. ... Cheryl E-Mail: __________________ Cheryl: These folks are also mentioned in the book "Gloucester Roots" by Lois Kemp (above). James Johnston came from Ireland in 1827. ... Al
March 30, 2005: Hi Al, re: Early (pre-1834) Settlers in Gloucester Township I have a little on this James Johnston mentioned, but my main interest in the cemetery are the Moore and Gamble families buried there. In the book WHO'S WHERE, A Guide to the Cemeteries of Rideau Township by Jim Kennedy (and Associates) the cemetery is called Presbyterian Cemetery (closed) near Johnston Corners. I read somewhere that originally there was a small Presbyterian Church near the cemetery property, to which the cemetery belonged. As time went on, the church was too small and became part of the United Church at Johnstons Corners to the south. Descendants of James Johnston, Sr. 1 James JOHNSTON, Sr. 1798 - 1870 b: 1798 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland d: 15 January 1870 in Gloucester Township, Carleton County, Ontario Burial: 1870 Presbyterian Cemetery (closed), Albion Road, Ottawa, Ontario . + Margaret Jane GROVES 1803 - 1845 b: 1803 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland m: Abt. 1822 in Ireland d: 17 March 1845 in Gloucester Township, Carleton County, Ontario Burial: March 1845 Presbyterian Cemetery (closed), Albion Road, Ottawa, Ontario ... Bill Sharkey _____________________ Thanks to Cheryl for the following photograph. She has a larger, full colour version, not reproduced here due to space limitations. ... Al
Picture of Albion Road Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

April 1, 2005: Hello As I drove down Bank Street South Close to Gloucester at Analdea Dr there was a Plot of Land in front of some Houses with Tomb Stones?? No name for the Cemetery and only 3 Stones showing. Very Close to the Main Road and no Fencing around the Cemetery . 1st Stone Herbert Wilson son of Robert and Mary Ann GOTH Died Jan 6 1882 Age 4 months 2nd Stone John Goth Died March 11 1897 Age 81 His Wife Hannah Goth Born Feb 24 1824 Died April 29 1920 Age 96 3rd Stone was Knocked down and completely buried except for a corner? 4th Stone Mary Elizabeth FENTON Died June 11 1883 Albert Ernest Fenton Died May 8 1892 Age 29 Years Other side of Stone John Forest Fenton Aug 16 1874 Age 23 , Johnson Edward Fenton April 9 1873 Age 29 Years Other Side of Stone George Fenton Died Dec 27 1889 Age 90 His Wife Elizabeth CALDWELL Died Jan 5 1900 Age 76 I have no connection to this family and again find myself curious why they are all by themselves in the middle of a Main highway when there is a Church just down the Road . Wonder also if there was a name for this Cemetery at some point . (see posting from Darlene Carnegie dated April 27, 2005) Cheryl
April 3, 2005: Hi Al I spent most of last evening navigating the site Gaelynn Wall provided the link to. More than one cup of coffee was required. What surprised me was how relatively few Canada Company settlements there were in Gloucester. I counted 8 up to your gggf. Its not like much of the township was settled by then so it probably speaks to just how undesirable much of it was or how hard it was to get into the hinterlands. Interesting. I also spent a bit of time on the section covering land patents issued in 1836; lots of Peter Robinson folks there. (PR) While pursuing a lead on my Moxley ancestors I made contact with a descendent of the Freeman family who settled at Bowesville. One of the Moxley daughters married into this family which has links to many of the other early settlers in Gloucester and up the valley. ... Al Craig _______________ Hi Al: Thanks for your e-mail. I think that you're right about some of the land in Gloucester being not prime farmland. According to the 1879 map, the 200 acres which my GGGrandfather bought in the mid 1830's seems to be about one-third swamp. He moved to another farm in 1842, just a few miles south in Osgoode Township, no swamp, but lots of rocks! Each field is surrounded by a five foot stone wall. ... Al Lewis
April 5, 2005:
Graham's Corners
Hi Al, I have been fascinated reading the Bytown or Bust site about the Ottawa area. I was wondering if you had ever heard about or had any information about an area in the early 1800`s at Walkley and Russell road area? Back in the early 1980's when the Walkley Road ramp was being completed to the 417, I read an article about a town that was in that area in early 1800. The article had a map, showing a stable, livery, dairy, Henry Farm (?) hotel, saloon, school house. A whole little town. Maybe Grahams Corners(?) Do you have any knowledge or info about this. I have lost the article through the years. (Put it somewhere for safe keeping) Now can`t find it, any info would be great. Also, I am related to the Hawley family that lived on Viewbank Road. My grandmother was a Hawley (Houlahan were her cousins) Thank you, Sandy Townson ______________________ Hi Sandra: Thanks for your interesting e-mail. I have a copy of a map of Gloucester Township, dated 1879. I think that your village at Walkley and Russell Road was called "Hawthorne". (see also posting dated June 12, 2005, regarding the Hawthorne neighbourhood ... Al) Or, at least, the Post Office there was called "Hawthorne". There is a Graham farm located at the intersection so it may have been known also as Graham's Corners. Some of the other landowners in the area were the Heron family (Heron Road), Borthwick, Norton, Little (Litle?) and Enoch Walkley families. There was a Post Office, Church and Orange Hall at the crossroads. Do you mind if I add your e-mail and e-mail address to our web site as a contact for other researchers who may have further information for us? Thanks again. ... Al _____________ Hi Al, Thank you for the information on Graham`s Corners. I'll check into it. Sure you can add my e-mail name and address to your web site. Thanks, Sandy (see more from Al Craig, below, dated April 10, 2005)
April 8, 2005:
Ramsayville Cemetery
This large cemetery is located at the corner of Ramsayville Road and Russell Road. There are many very old grave markers, including one for Robert Clements ( see posting dated November 29, 2014, below) from County Antrim who was a member of the 15th Company of the Royal Sappers and Miners (ML# 417). Some of the names are Allen, Moxley, Anderson, Borthwick, Kettles, Baskerville, McGregor and McEwan. Dorothy: I was unable to locate the marker for Elizabeth McGregor, spouse of ? Wotley. However, there is one for an Albert Firth, born 1891. Is this one of the surnames which you are researching?
Picture of Ramsayville Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

April 10, 2005: Hi Al and Sandy: According to Grace Johnston's article in Gloucester Roots, the general area Russell Rd, Walkley Rd, Hawthorne Rd was first known as Greens Corners after Gordon Green who settled at the corners in the 1830s, He operated a sawmill on Greens Creek somewhere closer to its mouth. That name was apparently used until 1873 when it was changed to Hawthorne as part of the expansion of postal services to rural areas in that year. The village kept that name until it was annexed by the city of Ottawa in the 1950s. More detailed information is available in RJ Freisens book The History of Hawthorne United Church. A man named Archibald Graham was postmaster for some time so its quite possible Grahams Corners was used as a 'by name'. Hope this helps Al Craig
April 27, 2005:
Re: Unknown Cemetery at Bank Street South Close to Gloucester at Analdea Dr
Thank you Cheryl for the picture of my ancestors cemetery. I do have individual pictures but not a group picture of the entire cemetery. There is a lot of history to this cemetery. I refer to it as the Union Cemetery but it could also be called the United Church Cemetery or the Methodist Cemetery. Its location is Lot 18 West Pt., Con 5 Rideau Front, Gloucester. Today it is an inactive cemetery but at one time it was a full cemetery. Many were moved to Johnston's Corners Cemetery but some were not moved and are still there but without stones. There is about 5 or 6 stones still there but not visible as a lilac bush is growing amongst them and they are the LEE family. In 1837, William Fenton donated the land to the church and the 1st Methodist Church in that area was built right in front of the cemetery. About 1878 a larger church was built over the original one. Some time abt. 1940 it was sold to the Leitrim Womens' Institute. When the highway came through the church was torn down. If possible I would love to obtain the larger picture that you have. Thank you Darlene
April 29, 2005: Al: Thanks so much for your prompt reply. Of interest, I was looking at your site in Bytown or Bust and was noticing the piece on Ramsayville Cemetery. In the Carleton Saga it was written that Ramsayville has four different names. Ramsay Corners, after pioneer Alexander Ramsay. Then, Charley Taylor arrived From England and the settlement was named as Taylorholme, then Taylorville, then finally Ramsayville. The first settlers listed in Ramsayville were listed as Kinmond, Sharp, Rowatt, Johnson, Fee, Taylor, Ramsay Smith, Stewart, Anderson, Croll, Kettles, Mison, Baskerville, Childs, Farmer and Hueston. Ramsayville is where my relatives--Stewart and Hueston came from--hence the interest in the Hueston family. ... Carole Stewart, _________________________ Hi Carole: When I was in Ramsayville a couple of weeks ago I was looking for the cemetery associated with Bethany United Church. Do you know if the Ramsayville cemetery is the correct one or is there another cemetery, belonging to Bethany United Church in the Ramsayville area? Thanks again for this. ... Al ________________________ Al: You could add my e-mail address as I am always looking for new information regarding the Stewart/Huestons of that area. The Ramsayville Cemetery is indeed the one associated with Bethany United Church, and where you will find most names that I quoted buried there. Carole
May 5, 2005:
Another early cemetery in Gloucester Township (Riverside South)
surnames Nixon, Moodie, Hawkins, Drysdale
Thanks to Sandra for the following: Hello, I've been eyeing down this Cemetery for about a week now & I was finally able to stop & take pictures. Looks like the headstones were damaged before. As you can see William Nixon's headstone was replaced at the bottom (fairly new), so you can't read anything on the bottom, if there was anything there its now covered. Looks like the Cemetery is well kept & has an iron fence all around it, but has no name to it. Surnames are: Nixon, Moodie, Hawkins & Drysdale. To view the pictures click the link below: Cemetery-River Road near Earl Armstrong(Riverside South) Go to: or click here. ------------------------------------------------------------ Thomas, son of John & Ellen Hawkins Died March 20,1889 11 years 11 months & 3 days ------------------------------------------------ John James, son of William & Margaret Nixon Died July 30,1891 9 yrs old & 10 months ----------------------------------------------- Alice, daughter of William & Margaret Nixon Died Jan 6,1880 1 years old & 2 months ----------------------------------------------- William, son of William & Margaret Nixon (This stone has been broken & the bottom was replaced. Therefore you can not read anything below). ----------------------------------------------- James Moodie Died Nov 5,1873 60 years old (first gravemaker) ------------------------------------------------- Front of gravemaker: Thomas Moodie Died Dec 25,1904 59 years old Also his wife Grace Drysdale Died April 19,1926 74 years old Side of gravemaker: James Moodie Died Nov 5, 1873 60 years old (his second gravemaker) Also his wife Christina Moodie Died May 18, 1901 75 years old Hope it helps, Sandra Bugnet (Beaudry) e-mail ____________________________ And from Robert Sample: See also or click here. Thank you Sandra. I think the William and Margaret Nixon may be the folks below. I did not have anything on what Moodie family Margaret belongs to but this gives us a bit more to go on. I have two people helping me with the Nixons so I will pass this great info on to them also. ... Robert Sample e-mail

May 24, 2005: Sandra Beaudry has recorded and photographed another cemetery on the River Road.
June 12, 2005:
Hawthorne neighbourhood (continued from April 5, 2005)
I was just reading some things on your website and notice you mentioned the post office, Orange Hall and United Church at Hawthorne. There was also a Public School there. Hawthorne Public Schhol is now located on St Laurent Blvd but it used to be right at Hawthorne. I lived on the Hawthorne Road in the early 1950's but went to Ramsayville Public. ... James Halpenny ____________________ Hi Al. I don't mind you using my email or my address. I didn't go to Hawthorne P.S. as I mentioned but my nieghbours did. I don't know when it was built or when it was moved to St Laurent Blvd. but I do believe it was a one roomer just like the old school at Ramsayville. ... James Halpenny _____________________ June 13, 2005: Thanks to Al Craig for the following: Hi Al The following comes from Gloucester Roots, p.48, an article by Grace Johnston " Three neighbouring communities decided to make one big school section for the Ridge, Hawthorne and Taylorville ( later Ramsay's Corners, Ramsayville) with the school to be built in Taylorville. However, the distance for the Ridge and Hawthorne pupils to walk was considered to be to great, so Hawthorne was chosen as the central point for the log school. Mr. George Green gave the land in 1869 at the intersection of the Walkley and Russell Roads.... About 1870 a second school building below the hill replaced the first log school... In 1899, SS 16 hired John Alexander to build a new brick school - the third school- on land purchased from James Borthwick "on the south side of Walkley Road just west of where Hawsthorne Road joined Walkley" Three of my cousins attended Hawthorne in the late 50's and of course most of my Moxley forbears would have attended from its beginings. Hope this is of interest Regards ... Al Craig
August 17, 2005:
MARTIN and BOURQUE / BURKE at Cyrville
Hi… my name is Colette and my grandfather had a farm which was situated on Ogilvie Road. I would like more info on him if possible… His name was Georges Martin and he grew vegetables which he sold on the market. (downtown Ottawa.) The land originally belonged to his wife’s father…Victor Bourque (Burke). My grandfather was born in France and came to Canada when he was 19. You can put my name on the web problem. Thank you. Thanks for any info you may have….or pictures of the area ... Colette
November 8, 2005: Cathy is researching her Duncan ancestors in Gloucester Township. Thomas Duncan from Northern Ireland was married to Catherine Johnston, then to Margaret Savage.
February 2, 2006: Al Craig is in the process of sorting out four Johnston families who settled in Gloucester Township as early as the 1820's.
February 3, 2006: Joy French is researching her SPRATT ancestors in Gloucester Township.
August 7, 2007:
More on the Graham family history
Gary King has sent in the following infromation regarding his Graham ancestors in Gloucester Township: Re: the info on your site regarding the Grahams in Hawthorne. Not sure about them, but there was a Graham farm on the Bowesville Rd. near the corners of Walkley and Riverside Dr. See the Carleton County Map 1879. This was my Grandfathers homestead. It had been settled about 1830 by my GGGrandfather. The main building was still there until 1958. The farm was sold to the Campeau Corporation at that time. There are now town houses along Walkely Rd. running east where the farm had been. Apparently there had been a section reserved for a new Catholic Church (Holy Cross) which was to be built. However, I understand that the church didn't particularly like the area so they moved a bit farther east. This is not mentioned on their web history. Mooney's Bay was called that because my relatives of the day rented a building to him in the 1830's which he used as a hotel or inn. Thus the Mooney's Bay moniker. I have spoken a number of years ago with a gentlemen who remembers the bay being called Graham's Bay because of the farm, but of course that is not confirmed. Not to be confused either with the Graham Bay in Britannia. Anyway some help here. I do have a newspaper clipping of the farm building from 1958. cheers ... Gary
January 7, 2010: Thank you so much for posting pictures of the River Road / Earl Armstrong Cemetery. I think my Great Great Grandparents are buried there. They would be James and Christina Moodie. My Great Grandparents are buried at the Johnston Cemetery off of Albion Road. James and Christina's daughter Ida married by Great Grandfather, Samuel Mulligan (Milligan). I have been searching for family history for a while now and I think this might be a very positive sign. thanks again. ... Louise Milligan-Guzzo (Some of these Moodies and Mulligans were related to a Hawkins family in the 1800's in Gloucester Township ... Al)
November 29, 2014: Greetings, Thank you for all the postings on your web-site. Just a small note concerning your posting about the Ramsayville cemetery. Yes, there is a headstone for Robert Clements in this cemetery, but there is an error on the stone itself. The inscription states that Robert was a member of the 13th company of the Royal Sappers and Miners, when in fact, he was a member of the 15th company. The two companies that worked on the construction of the Rideau Canal were the 7th and the 15th. Keep up the Good work, Randy Thomas Sheik (Great-Great Grandson of Private Robert Clements, Miner, 15th Company, Royal Sappers and Miners)

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