Bartholomew GILLIGAN and (1) Rose Ann DWYER and (2) Mary McNiff / McKNIFF
Ireland to Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

March 29, 2010:
Source: Cemetery Transcription of Our Lady of the Visitation Cemetery, South Gloucester, David G. Bryden, 1985 Bartholomew Gilligan - Cemetery Records, 1850's
Thanks to Michael Daley for the following: Hi Al.& Michael for your info, If you go, to Google " Ottawa Area Grave Markers , go down the list to Ottawa East , to our Lady Of The Visitation , you will find the Gilligan Tombstones, there are two. Al if you go ,they are in the section directly behind the church, Michael Daley Here is the link at Scott Naylor's Grave Markers Web Site:
New March 30, 2010: Hi I was reading your string on the Connoran family on with interest. My great, great grandfather was Bartholomew Gilligan and I have been doing research for a few years now. Bartholomew was in the Gloucester region since at least the 1850's. His general store was on Sussex Drive. The earliest record I have of him in Canada is a marriage in 1846 to Rose Dwyer in Quebec City. Interestingly enough a John Cunningham was present as a witness. Rose died in 1854 and he married Mary ann McKniff the following year. Rose and Bartholomew had one surviving son, Bartholomew Jr. He married Bridget McManus and they are both buried in Notre Dame cemetary in the McManus plot. My great grandfather James was his half brother being the son of Bartholomew and Mary ann McKniff, who had 9 children altogether. Mary ann died in 1888 and Bartholomew died in 1890 shortly after his son Joseph passed away. Judging from her age and the fact that John Cunningham was present at the marriage in Quebec I surmised that Catherine Gilligan was an older sister to Bartholomew. I am quite interested in learning and pursuing any information related to my family and if you are interested I would be more than happy to pass on anything I have learned. I have only passed on a fraction of the information I have compiled in this email. I was in Ottawa this past year at the archives in Ottawa but only came up with an obituary for Bartholomew Jr. In May I will be taking another trip to Ottawa to continue my research. If you had any tips to help me along I would be greatful. Thanks very much and I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Michael Gilligan
March 31, 2010:
Map of the south-western part of Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps The farm of "Bartley" Gilligan straddles the railway tracks on the map below: Part of Gloucester Township in 1879

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