Gideon LANE and Catherine LEVILLE / LEVEILLE
Ireland to Montreal, Quebec to Ottawa, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

E-mail from Gene:

I am researching Nelson Gideon LANE, born 06 June 1881 or 1882, 
Russell, Ontario, now part of the City of Ottawa; died 24 September 1958, Hoisington, Barton county, 
Kansas, USA. He married Catherine T. GRANT, born 26 February 1877, Metcalfe, 
Ontario, also part of the City of Ottawa; died 31 July 1962, Hoisington. The marriage took place 01 October 1902, 
definite place unknown though I assume in the Metcalfe and Russell area. Nelson's 
father Gideon LANE was born 12 December 1855, place unknown. Gideon LANE 
married Catherine LEVILLE, born 01 April 1855, place unknown; died 07 December 
1937. Gideon LANE married Catherine LEVILLE 25 January 1873. Nelson Gideon 
LANE and family moved to the USA in April 1910 through Detroit, Michigan. I do not 
believe that Gideon LANE and Catherine LEVILLE moved to the USA. Any available 
information on any of these relatives would be greatly appreciated.

Al, This a follow-up of my earlier note. The information you sent me appears to be that of Maureen's Great Grandfather Gideon LANE. The Nelson LANE, age 9, seems to be the right age for the person who married Catherine GRANT, date and place of marriage unknown but surely was before 1904 when Gerald Nelson LANE (Maureen's Father) was born. Thank you. I have found another Gideon LANE on the Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario, National Archieves of Canada. This Gideon LANE was, at the time of the census, age 39; born in Ontario; Religion, Wesleyan Methodist; Origin, Irish; Occupation, Farmer, District Prince Edward; sub-district, Hillier. I can't seem to get the Gideon LANE you sent and this one together. Have a good evening. Gene See also Grant and Thompson Connection
From Valerie Olander, Feb. 21, 2001: Sounds like my GGgrandmother Clara Lane is Nelson's sister. Her parents are Gideon Lane b. 1854 in St. Andrews, Que. d. Jan. 1935 at 473 Cooper St. in Ottawa, buried at Notre Dame Cemetery in Ottawa. He was married to Catherine Leville in Jan. 1875 in Embrun, Ont., Canada. She died at age 81,also in Ottawa, buried at Notre Dame. Don't know when she was born, but her brother Joseph Leville married Gideon's sister, -or vice versa.... I don't have Gideon's sister's name. Gideon' Lane's parents were Alfred Lane and Virginia Sabourin. i think they lived in St. Andrews, Que. That's all I have on them. Did you know Gideon and Catherine had 12 children!!!!! It looks like your Nelson was #3 m/ Kate Grant. My GGgrandmother was #7 Clara Lane b. June 13, 1878 in Russell, Ont.. Died Jan. 2, 1946. Married to Leo Larose. I have names of all 12 children and spouses, but no dates. I also have Catherine's obit and photo of both of them, if interested. I don't think they lived in Detroit, either, but I know they visited my grandparents, I guess that would be their grandson Bill Larose and w/ Agnes Burns. however, they didn't come to Detroit until 1923. Val Olander
August 27, 2004: Hello! My name is Shirley-Ann. I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My parents were Adrian James Franklyn Lane and Doris Alberta Hale Lane. My grandfather was Franklyn Lane, Born in 1880 (one of Catherine and Gideon's 12 children). My grandfather died in 1956 in Montreal. My cousins, Pauline and Louise Lane, visited me recently. Their father , Cecil, and my dad were brothers.(Cecil was the eldest of three boys.) Louise told me that Catherine and Nelson Leveille were born in Ireland. Their parents died of "the plague" (typhus) enroute to Canada from Ireland. The children were subsequently adopted by a French Canadian family. Their Irish name was least, Uncle Cecil did not know it. I wonder if you know it. I was unaware of this fact until Louise informed me. I live in New York State and I have been trying to get information on the Gideon Lane ancestry for a long time.With a progeny of 12 children, it would seem that there must be a lot of people around with knowledge but I can't find them!!! My daughter, who is more computer savvy than I am, found your information for me. I have searched maps of Quebec but cannot find "St. Andrews" where Gideon was born. There are 3 "ST.Andre's which, of course, is French for Andrew. However, my cousin Louise teels me that Gideon was actually born in St. Andrew's parish of Lachute, Quebec. Also, my understanding is that Catherine lived in St. Sophie, Quebec prior to her marriage. St. Sophie is not all that far from Lachute so that seems plausible. Do you have any idea where Alfred Lane and Virginia Sabourin were born??? Incidentally, Alfred's namesake, my cousin, Alfred Lane (Louise and Pauline's brother) passed away on June eighth of this year. He was 67, the eldest of the seven Lane cousins. I have a picture of Gideon and Catherine and all their children. I also have a newspaper clipping describing the wedding of Valerie Larose to Ernest Ray of Ottawa. It does not give a date. I noticed a reference to Clara Lane Larose and Leo Larose in the computer info. It was from "Val Olander". I hope that this information is of interest to you. I would be pleased to hear from you if you care to do so. Thank you for your time. Shirley-Ann
September 2, 2004: Good morning. I found your inquiry from August 27 2004. Any result yet in your research? I live in Gatineau, Quebec and depending on your requests, maybe I could search the local archives here. Regards, Roger F _____________
1901 Census Data includes birthdates: (Osgoode Township, now part of the City of Ottawa ... Al) 19 19 Lane Gideon M Head Married Feb 12 1854 age 46 20 19 Lane Cathrine F Wife Married Apr 1 1854 age 46 21 19 Lane Laria? F Daughter S Nov 23 1875 25 22 19 Lane Clara F Daughter S Jun 13 1874 24 23 19 Lane Wilfred M Son S Jun 13 1879 21 24 19 Lane Frank M Son S Jun 13 1879 21 25 19 Lane Nelson? M Son S Jun 6 1881 19 26 19 Lane e Barbra F Daughter S Aug 20 1883 17 27 19 Lane Samie M Son S Jan 29 1885 15 28 19 Lane Campbell M Son S May 23 1888 12 29 19 Lane Marge F Daughter S May 23 1888 12 30 19 Lane A ? Norah? F Daughter S Jan 31 1891 10 31 19 Lane Virginia F Daughter S Sep 15 1894 6 32 19 Lane Walter M Son S Jun 12 1898 2
March 8, 2005: The March 2005 edition of the newsletter of the Osgoode Township Historical Society contains a picture of Gideon Lane's blacksmith shop. (I'll dig this up and will post it here over the summer of 2017 ... Al) ... Al

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