John GIBSON from County Cork, Ireland to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
from Youghall, County Cork, Ireland, c. 1818
Discharge Papers from the 99th Regiment of Foot

October 10, 2003:
Thanks to Paula Gibson for the following interesting document!
 Hi Al,
 I've been researching my husband's gggrandfather,
 John Gibson and have found his discharge papers on
 microfilm #861764 at the LDS Church.  Hopefully this
 will reach out to some Gibson researchers or, at
 least, show others what info is available out there.
 The following is from the 99th Regiment of Foot:
              THESE ARE TO CERTIFY
 1st THAT PRIVATE JOHN GIBSON born in the Parish of
 YOUGHALL in or near the Town of CORK in the County
 CORK was enlisted for the aforesaid Regiment at
 in the PROVINCE L. CANADA on the 25th Day of MAY
 2nd THAT he hath served in the Army for the space of
 the Age of Eighteen, according to the subjoined
 49TH REG/12Oct1790 to 24May07/Private 16 Yrs. 285
 Days/Service prior to Age 18 deducted 8 Yrs. 0
 Days/Total Service 8 Yrs. 285 Days/0 Yrs. 0 Days in
 East or West Indies.
 99TH REG/25May07 to 24July18/Serjeant 5 Yrs. 0 Days/
 Private 6 Yrs. 61 Days/Total Service 11 Yrs. 61
 0 Yrs. 0 Days in East or West Indies.
 TOTAL/Serjeant 5 Yrs. 0 Days/Private 22 Yrs. 346
 Service to Age 18 8 Yrs. 0 Days/Total Service 19
 346 Days/ 0 Yrs. 0 Days in East or West Indies.
 3rd THAT in consequence of THE REDUCTION OF THE
 4th No entries
 5th No entries
 6th No entries
 7th I JOHN GIBSON do hereby acknowledge that I have
 received all my Clothing, Pay, Arrears of Pay, and
 just Demands whatsoever, from the time of my Entry
 into the Service to the date of this Discharge. 
 Witnessed by GEORGE PINCKNEY CAPT. 99th.
 Signature of Soldier JOHN GIBSON
 8th TO prevent any improper use being made of this
 discharge, by its falling into other Hands, the
 following is a Description of said PRIVATE JOHN
 He is about THIRTY SEVEN Years of Age, is FIVE Feet
 FIVE Inches in height, BROWN Hair, BROWN Eyes, FRESH
 Complexion; and by Trade or Occupation a MUSICIAN
 Given under my Hand, and the Seal of the Regiment at
 QUEBEC this 12th Day of JULY 1818.
 Signature of the Commanding Officer
 Anyone with questions or info can contact me at
 Paula Gibson, Nevada, USA
May 26, 2004: John Gibson is my great great great grandfather on my mother's side. My info matches the info you have and he married in 1825 at aged 44 yrs to Julia Ann Orange (Lived in Cobden Ontario Canada- he was a drum major before he left the army-he died Dec 7 1860 aged 80 yrs He had 11 children: John, Thomas, William ,Isaac, Lucy, Annie, Mary, Edward (died 1890), Rettie, David ,Samuel. Edward married Kate Rankin and they had 5 children: Kate, Jack, Colin, Julia, Rebecca Julia (1867-1951) married William Burns- they had 6 children: Edward (1887- ) Mary Jane (1888-1978) Susie (1890-189) Florence (1892-1933) Willie (1894-1897, Alice (1896-1928) Mary Jane Burns married Frank Jabez Bigmore and they had 4 girls: Winnifred, Ivy, Irene (1918-1993), Ruth I may be able to give you other details if you wish. We would love to know more about Julia Ann Orange-- her parents and even John Gibson's parents- we can only go back as far as this couple Hope this isn't too much Beth Rees
August 26, 2004: I have researched this line and would be willing to share information. Please contact if interested. ... Mary McGinn Finnigan
January 22, 2006:
William Gibson
For many years I have been trying to track down the origins of William Gibson (born 1784) who lived in Eardley Quebec and also spent a good deal of his life in Hull, Quebec. He was married? to Marie - Magdeleine de La Ronde and had many children, one of whom was also named William (born 1802) who married a Wyman in a civil ceremony in 1831 in Bytown. William was employed by the XY Fur Company at the Chats in the 1802/03 period. People in the Quyon area apparently believed that William's father had been a Scottish soldier in the British army and had traveled up from the Glengarry area to work for the XY company --- but I have no proof. Some of William's children were raised as RC francophones while others were raised as Protestants. Strange indeed! Are there any Gibson researchers who can help me on WIlliam's origins? ... John __________________ Al, It would be great if you posted my email.For your interest, the great Alexander Mackenzie's correspondence refers to the Chats and William by name as a winterer at the post. William's wife was a Metis who was the daughter of Louis Denys de Laronde who had an early independent fur trading post near North Bay Ontario in the late 1790's. Their Catholic children were baptized at the Oka / Kanesatake mission. William's was a very fascinating family indeed and I know Bruce Elliot of Carleton University and a prominent local historian (now deceased) named Michael Newton found the Gibson family and their early connection to the fur trade an area of great interest. Regards, John Riviere
November 2, 2006:
I found your William and John Gibson posting on the website and think there may be a connection between William, John and our ancestor, Robert Gibson b 1797 d 1890. Robert Gibson was also a soldier in the 99th Regiment and was given land in Richmond, Goulbourn Township, ON, Canada when the regiment disbanded. According to the attestation papers BRITISH MILITARY - 99th FOOT REGIMENT MICROFILM TITLE: Public Record Office WO25 549;Eng 2-4387; WO25 550; Robert Gibson was born in Ireland COUNTY Derry, PARISH - Magherafelt, Ireland, although he was of Scottish descent. According to the land registry, Robert bought and sold land to both John Gibson and William Gibson in the 1830s (West 1/2 Lot No.12, Concession 7, Goulbourn Township). This may be a coincidence, but it seems likely they were related because they owned land near each other. If you think there may be a connection, please let me know. Id be happy to share information. Sue Gibson
November 26, 2006: My great great grandfather was the same John Gibson born october 12 1780 at Youghal , county cork Ireland . He enlisted in the 49 th. foot , 12 october 1790 at 10 years of age as a drummer. John embarked for Canada in 1802. He transferred to the 100 th. foot on the 25 of august 1807at age 26 years in Quebec. The full name of the 100 th. foot was the PRINCE REGENTS COUNTY OF DUBLIN REGIMENT. He served with his regiment during the war of 1812- 1815 . The 100 th. took part in the battles of Sacketts Harbour , Plattsburg, Chippawa , Blackrock, Fort Niagara, (grenadier company) , Fort Erie assult and acted as marines on the ships -- WOLFE and MELVILLE on lake Ontario . John Gibsons name appears on the nominal roles of those who lost their kit and knapsacks in the crossing of the Niagara river to storm niagara falls N.Y. - 18 TH. DECEMBER 1813 , and for the battle of Chippawa , 5 th. of July 1814 . He was promoted to drum major 25 th. june 1815. He was discharged to pension 23 rd. sept. 1818. He served 28 years less 19 days . He married Julia Ann Orange in 1825 at the age of 44 and they had 11 children. He was eligable for the prince regents bounty of land grant when discharged which he took in Goulbourn . The 100 th. was renamed the 99 th. in 1816 and had Niagara on its colours . General Brock fell at Queenston Heights at this time . John moved to Ross township and settled on a farm on the Zion line by the side of Gibson Lake where he remained until he died on the 7 th. of December 1860 at 80 years , 1 month and 26 days. note : This short history was written in 1921 by my great uncle -- David Gibson -- a son of John Gibson . Uncle David served in the 1 st. world war with the FIRST CANADIAN RIFLES , 32 BATTALION -- where he lost an arm due to serious shrapnel wounds. I am very interested in tracing our family roots in Ireland , and would also like to find out more about Julia Ann Orange , i could also fill in information on Johns son Davids family . ... Larry Gibson
January 2, 2007: New e-mail address for Sue Gibson incorporated in the group below. ... Al
New September 20, 2009: I am also a descendant of John Gibson, via David Gibson and Eliza Jane Appleby his second wife. I am willing to share info with anyone. I would like to know about Julia Orange - I can not find anything on her. Sharon Booker

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