Edward DODGE and Rosaline D'AMOUR POTVIN

October 19, 2002:
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> Good morning Al;
> I was looking at your list of births in Huntley Township.  I would be
> interested in having the names of the godparents of Gabriel Dogges
(Dodge) - > 29-05-1838.  Also, in which church did you find that baptism?
> Many thanks for your help. Gabriel's parents must be Edward Dodge and
> Rosaline Damour-Potvin.  If so, Rosaline/Rose/Rosalia was a sister to
> Potvin married to Francois Chartrand that Taylor posted on the site.
> Frank
Hi Frank and Taylor:

Here is the record from St. Michael's Church, Huntley. It's difficult to
read and Roseanna Power could well be Rose Povin / Potvin:

Dogges, Gabrial (Dodge)
son of Dogges, Edward and Power, Roseanna 
was born on 5/29/1838
Godparents: Behan, Edward & Mary

And thanks for your e-mail regarding the history of the Diocese of Ottawa. I
hope to get a copy of it soon.
I keep coming across the name Potvin. The Potvin family had a store at
Manotick Station in the early 1900's and one of my Burns ancestors married a
Dora Potvin if I remember correctly. She was always called "Black Dora"
because of the colour of her hair. There must have been another Dora in the
neighbourhood with fair hair.

... Al
also posted on October 19, 2002: Hi Al; Thanks for the info. Yes, Power is Potvin. The name was usually written Pudva/Pudvah in the English parishes. I presume that St Michael's, Huntley is the same as St Michael's, Corkery? That's where the Dodge's lived about that time, but I didn't think St Michael's was open at that time. Before that, they lived on Long Island, below Burritt's Rapids. Do you have the baptismal date although I have access to Corkery, so I should be able to find it. If you're familiar with Long Island, where would a person likely go to be married about 1828-1830. I checked in NDO and there was nothing, although it's possble the wedding was lost when Father Patrick Haran disappeared with all the records (if he ever compiled them!). That's where Edward Dodge and Rosanne Potvin lived in 1832. I have a suspicion that Dodge was not his original name. I think it was more likely Dazé, pronounced DAWZE or DAWTZÉ in French. Otherwise, why would an English/Irish priest have so much trouble with a good English or Irish name like DODGE? In Richmond, the name was also screwed up, just like in NDO. That Potvin family is the same one that owned a store in Manotick Station in the 1900's. The first one to move there was John (Jean Baptiste) Damour-Potvin married to Marie Reine (Larene) Albert who was my grgrandfather's sister. My grandmother Annie Albert was married first to Simon Tracey from March Township, then when Simon died in 1879, she married grandfather John Watters in NDO in 1881. Could you give me the full name of your Burns ancestor and the names of his parents? I only have his family name. If you descend from the Burns/Potvin couple, we're related as Dora was the d/o Alexandre Potvin and Valerie Guindon. Alexandre Potvin was the s/o Joseph Potvin and Julie Lécuyer, who was the s/o Jean Baptiste and Marie Reine Albert. I have all the Potvin, Albert & Lécuyer families from those dates up if you want them. Somewhere on Bytown of Bust, someone wrote that all the Irish in the area were related. I think that all the Catholics were related. Best regards Frank ================================ Frank: This is very interesting - and it's a small world, for sure. Yes, St. Michael's is in the village of Corkery, in Huntley Township. The baptism took place on August 5, 1838. I also thought that Dodge must have been originally a French surname ... maybe even Dugas. Here is the James Arthur Burns / Dora Potvin tree (not complete): Descendants of Daniel Lawrence Burns (known as Daniel / Danny) 1 Daniel Lawrence Burns 1874 - 1927 . +Susan Charles 1885 - 1932 (from England) ...... 2 James Arthur Burns C.D. 1922 - 1985 (WWII, Korea), buried at South Gloucester .......... + Dora Potvin 1921 - ? (I believe that Dora remarried after 1985) .............. 3 Roy Burns .............. 3 Richard Burns .............. 3 Suzanne Burns (Nun - Sisters of the Holy Cross) .............. 3 Vivian Burns .................. +Douglas Brown .............. 3 Daniel A. Burns 1955 - 1973 ...... 2 Edward W. Burns 1917 - 1970 .......... +Diane Leona Ladouceur 1927 - ...... 2 Michael Burns ...... 2 Roy Burns ? - 1943 (killed in action in Holland) ...... 2 Mary Burns 1915 - 1980 .......... +Patrick Larkin 1908 - 1974 ...... 2 Edna E. Burns 1919 - 1982
October 21, 2002: Hello Frank and Al My great uncle Dick (Richard Dubois) married Elizabeth Dodge who was born April 19, 1902. They married July 16, 1917. After some time, they split and she became owner of cabins in Calabogie. The name Dodge, not that common, I was wondering if you had any information on her in your data. Take care Taylor ========================== Here are some Dodge names from Carol Bennett's book People of St. Patrick's, 1843-1993: 1851 Census, Brougham Township - Jeremiah Dodge is listed as Head of Family. A Dora Dodge became a nun. A picture of Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt, nee Dodge, on her 90th birthday (photo undated) I think that the Hunt family was previously at Corkery. ... Al
August 21, 2010: Joyce, a Kennelly descendant has sent us an e-mail regarding her ancestors. Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for his reply: Hi Joyce I hope the two attachments helps. Also attached below some data. Taylor Kennedy Descendants of Bridget Cecelia Bridgeman / Bridgman Generation No. 1 1. BRIDGET CECELIA1 BRIDGEMAN was born June 06, 1863 in Co. Cork, Ireland, and died May 31, 1926 in Calabogie, Ontario. She married (1) DANIEL KENNELLEY. She married (2) JEREMIAH DODGE January 16, 1894 in Mount St. Patrick, Renfrew County, son of JEREMIAH DODGE and HENNRIETTE LECLAIRE. He was born January 10, 1871 in Black Donald Mines, Renfrew County, and died April 06, 1931 in Black Donald Mines, Renfrew County. More About BRIDGET CECELIA BRIDGEMAN: Burial: June 02, 1926, Brougham, Renfrew County Notes for JEREMIAH DODGE: Mount St. Patrick This tenth day of April, one thousand nine hundred and thirty one, we the undersigned parish priest of Calabogie, have blessed the remains of Jeremiah Dodge, of Black Donald, deceased on the sixth inst., apoplexy aged about sixty two years. The remains were afterwards interned in the New Cemetery in the presence of Thomas Moodie, John Patno, William Kazaran and others. Marriage Notes for BRIDGET BRIDGEMAN and JEREMIAH DODGE: This sixteenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and ninety four; whereas a dispensation of two banns haven been given, in virtue of faculties granted us by the Right Reverend N.G. Lorrain, Bishop of Gythera and Vicar Apostolic; and one bann having been published, no impediment was discovered, no objection made, we the undersigned priest, received the mutual consent to marriage of Jermiah Dodge, son of age of Jermiah Dodge and Henriette LeClair deceased, of Matawatchan, in the mission of Griffith of the one part; and Bridget Bridgeman, widow of the late Daniel Kenelly of Brougham, daughter of age of Maurice Bridgeman deceased, and Bridget McCormick of Brudenell on the other part, in the presence of Joseph Lapointe, Francis Dodge and Mary Bridgeman, the brides sister. W.J. Holland P.P. Children of BRIDGET BRIDGEMAN and DANIEL KENNELLEY are: i. ALICE2 KENNELLEY, b. March 17, 1888. ii. MAURICE KENNELLEY, b. February 23, 1890. Children of BRIDGET BRIDGEMAN and JEREMIAH DODGE are: iii. AMBROSE2 DODGE, b. October 20, 1893. iv. HARRIET ANN DODGE, b. October 20, 1893. Notes for HARRIET ANN DODGE: Was rergistered as Mary Ann Dodge but this was changed with an entry May 6th, 1955 v. KARL DODGE, b. October 27, 1897. 2. vi. ELIZABETH DODGE, b. April 19, 1902, Black Donald Mines, Renfrew County; d. October 25, 1997, Renfrew County, Ontario. vii. BRIDGET DODGE, b. October 1905. viii. WILFRED JOHN DODGE, b. June 24, 1909. Generation No. 2 2. ELIZABETH2 DODGE (BRIDGET CECELIA1 BRIDGEMAN) was born April 19, 1902 in Black Donald Mines, Renfrew County, and died October 25, 1997 in Renfrew County, Ontario. She married (1) MICHAEL RICHARD WILFRED (DICK) DUBOIS July 16, 1917 in Black Donald Mines, Calabogie, Renfrew County, son of JOSEPH DUBOIS and MARGUERITE CLEARY. He was born July 02, 1889 in St. Pierre de Wakefield, Quebec, and died March 11, 1967 in St. Pierre de Wakefield, Quebec. She married (2) JOSEPH HUNT October 24, 1970 in Esmond, Ontario. Children of ELIZABETH DODGE and MICHAEL DUBOIS are: (Taylor has supplied Joyce with another generation, most of whom settled in Espanola, Ontario). Source for the record below: Drouin records at ancestry.ca Death of Daniel Kennelley ... researched by Taylor Kennedy

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