Bytown Gazette
Transcription of Miscellaneous Birth, Marriage and Death Notices

 December 24, 2009:

Linotype Operators, Ottawa Free Press, 1908 Photo Source: Ottawa: An Illustrated History, by John H. Taylor, page 121. Linotype Operators, Ottawa Free Press, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1980
You can also search the digital archives of the Ottawa Citizen from about 1900 onwards. February 17, 2003: Thanks to Sue for the following: Hi Al; I went through a number of old Bytown Gazettes and pulled the deaths, marriages and some notices which many people doing their genealogy might find helpful. I sent them on to the Carleton, Ontario Mailing List, but thought you might like copies of what I sent in so that there would be a permanent place for this information as most of it pertains to Bytown from 1836-1843. I am sending it in 4 emails - this is the first - do with them what you will. Love your site (I'm a Denis Tierney, from Nepean) descendant, Sue ----- Original Message ----- From: sue To: Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2003 6:37 PM Subject: Various Bits and Pieces from the Bytown Gazette, 1836-1843 Notice: Rachael Bell, of the Parish of Faun, County Donegal came to Canada in 1836, by the ship "Anadule / Anadole". Her sister and brother-in-law came with her. Birth: At Bytown, on June 26, 1836, a son was born to the lady of Captain Armstrong of the 66th Regiment. Death: At March Township, Upper Canada, in June or July, 1838, Captain Benjamin Street, age 64, only surviving son of John Street of Babington, Cheshire, England. Marriage: At Rockcliffe on August 1, 1838 by Rev. John Smith of Beckwith, Reverend John Cruickshank of Bytown to Catherine, 2nd daughter of the late Richard F. Fellows of Her Majesty's 2nd Ceylon Regiment. Death: At Bytown on September 20, 1838, of apoplexy, Mary, in her 30th year, wife of James McIntosh, Barrister at Law, and daughter of John Kearns. Death: At Lochiel (Glengarry County) on September 11, 1838, age 104, Angus McMillan, leaves upwards of 70 grandchildren and 200 great-grandchildren. Death: At Bytown on March 3, 1839, Mary Frances, age 4 years and 7 months, only daughter of James McIntosh. Death: At Bytown on March 3, 1839, William Graham, 42 years of age and a native of Fermanagh, Ireland (and was once Bailiff of the Court of Requests of Bytown. Death: At Niagara on March 21, 1839, Harriet, in her 26th year, eldest daughter of Dr. Thom, Staff Surgeon at Perth, and wife of James Boulton / Bolton. Notice: Alexander Patterson, shoe-maker, sailed from Belfast to Quebec in 1832 on the Ship _____ of Sunderland. He had a brother George and he lived for a time in Drummond Township (near Perth). Marriage: 1838, at Goulbourn, by the Reverend Mr. Padfield - Jonathan Wyman of Hull to Mary Catherine Francis Smith, daughter of Ralph Smith (ML# 594). Death: January 18, 1838, Stephen Lett, age 21, of Richmond, eldest son of the late Captain Andrew Lett of the 26th Regiment. Marriage: Jan or Feb 6, 1838, by the Rev. Mr. Strong, Thomas Anderson of Nepean to Mrs. Chisholm, widow of Colin Chisholm of Nepean. Death: In Bytown on Feb 6, 1838, John Graves, age 37. Marriage: On Feb 19, 1838, Daniel Duras (Douras?) of Lower Bytown to Ann Styles of Lower Bytown. Death: At Pakenham Mill on May 4, 1838, Catherine, age 3 years (drowned) and on May 7, 1838, Christina, age 7 months (whooping cough), both daughters of Mr. A. Dixon. Marriage: August 11, 1836 by Rev John Cruikshank, Mr. Richard Ailess / Arless to Miss Henrietta Dunn, both of Bytown. Marriage: At Bytown on the 11th of July, 1836 by Rev. John Cruickshank, Mr. Thomas Alexander, of Goulburn, to Miss Elizabeth Doherty, of Huntley. Notice: Information wanted. Would Edward Degan, black & white smith, who left County Tipperary, Ireland last season (1835) and sailed from Limerick to Quebec, please write to your brother John Degan. (Duggan or Deegan?) Notice: Concerning Sarah Leech / Leach, wife of Edward Burrows of Torbolton, who left her husband in July of 1836. He will no longer be responsible for any debts she may incur. Marriage: On August 17th, 1836, Mr. Peter Ballantyne of Bristol, Lower Canada to Miss Agness Reid of Fitzroy Harbour. Death: In Bytown on Sept 23, 1836, John Halliday, plasterer, aged 33 years, a native of Haddington, Scotland. He leaves a widow and 5 children. Notice: Margaret Lang of County Cavan, Ireland, sailed from Dublin to Quebec in May of 1822. Her brother Alexander Lang arrived in 1836. Marriage: On October 12, 1837, by Rev. Cruikshank, Rodrick Stewart to Wilhemina Ross. Death: On Feb 11, 1837, Wellington Wright, son of the late P. Wright and grandson of Philemon Wright Esq. of Hull, age 21 years. (PW) Death: On Feb 11, 1837, Orlando Chapman, age 33, of Nepean. Death: On Sept 4, 1837, Sally, age 10 months, daughter of J.R. Stanley of Bytown. Death: 1837, Elizabeth Frost, daughter of John Frost of Bytown, age 1 year and 11 months. Marriage: At Perth on Sept 19, 1837, Dr. W.H. Barrett of Smiths Falls, son of Col. Daniel Barrett, to Maria Schofield, daughter of James Schofield of Bastard Township. Marriage: In March Twp on May 18, 1839 by Rev. A. Harper, Thomas Naughty of Templeton, Lower Canada to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of John Headley of March Township. Death: In Bytown on July 1, 1839, Ewan, age 4 years, son of Mrs. E. Cameron. Marriage: At Hull on July 9, 1839 by Rev S.S. Strong, G.J. Marston to Miss C.H. Chamberlain. Death: In Bytown on July 14, 1839, Charlotte, age 11 months, daughter of T.M. Blasdell / Blaisdell. Death: On July 22, 1839, Emma, infant daughter of C.L. Rudyard, Paymaster Rideau Canal. Marriage: At Bytown on July 28, 1839, by Rev. John Cruikshank, Duncan Grant of Buckinham, L.C. to Mary Burnham, youngest daughter of Capt. Samuel Smith of Brownington, Vermont, USA. Marriage: At New Edinburgh on August 2, 1839, by Rev John Cruikshank of Bytown, Isaac MacTaggart to Ann Maria, 3rd daughter of James Stevenson. Death: At Bytown on Aug 5, 1839, John, only son of __?__ Brush, Rideau Bank, age 17 years. (Brush may be LaBreque) Death: At Bytown on July 29, 1839, Joseph B, age 4 years and 6 months, son of Mr. Taaffe Taylor of Bytown. Marriage: At Bytown on Aug 12, 1839 by Rev. John Cruikshank, Robert Colton to Susan McMullin, both of Hull. Marriage: At Bytown on August 13, 1839, by Rev John Cruikshank, John Egan to Anne Margaret Briscoe, eldest daughter of Capt. William Gibson, late of the R.V. Battalion. Death: In Kingston on August 3, 1839, Alexander Ross, age 34 years. Marriage: On August 28, 1839 by Rev. E. Morris, Mr. John McLeod to Miss Elizabeth McLeod, both of Fitzroy. Marriage: On August 29, 1839 by Rev. E. Morris, Moses Kidey / Kedey of Fitzroy Harbour to Rebecca Landon of Fitzroy.

Death: Near van Kleik's Hill (Vankleek Hill) on October 6, 1838, John O'Hara, a native of County Mayo, Ireland. (Vankleek Hill) Marriage: At Oswego on Aug 28, 1839, by Rev. William McCarty, Daniel MacMartin, Barrister of Perth, to Charlotte Matilda Morgan, only daughter of T.S. Morgan. Death: On Sept 12, 1839, Louis Diddle Riel, age 18 months, son of Peter R. Riel of Bytown. Death: At Richmond, on Sept 9, 1839, William, infant son of T.F. Daniel. Marriage: At Bytown on Sept 9, 1839, by Rev S.S.Strong, John Cowan, mason, to Catharine Latimer, oldest daughter of George Latimer, all of Osgoode Township. Death: At Halifax on Sept 24, 1839, in her 64th year, Mrs. Catharine Black, relict of the late Hon. John Black. Death: At Wolfe Island on Sept 18, 1839, Mr. Donald McDonald, a native of Glengarry, Scotland, aged 97 years. He came to America with the McDonells in 1772. He leaves a wife, 6 sons and 2 daughters. Notice: Information wanted of Martin Looby, who left Athlone(?), Ireland in 1832 and came to Quebec and changed his name to Martin Low. His sister Margaret Looby (Luby) is looking for him. (in 1840 Bytown Gazette). Marriage: At Osgoode on Jan 3, 1843, by Rev. Mr. Henderson from South Gower, John Campbell, 2nd son of Thomas Campbell, to Ellen Cameron, 3rd daughter of Daniel Cameron, Postmaster of Osgoode Twp. Death: At Longueil, in the Ottawa District, on Jan 17, 1843, Walter Beckworth, aged 77 years and 3 months. He was one of the first settlers on the Ottawa. Death: On Jan 20, 1843, George Edward McCulloch, aged 4 years, youngest son of William McCulloch. Marriage: On Feb 9, 1843, by Rev. William Bell of Perth, James Bell of Carleton Place, to Jane Judd of Brockville. Death: At Bytown on Feb 18, 1843, Phillemon William Colter, aged 5 months, infant son of William Colter. Marriage: At Bytown on Feb 11, 1843, by Rev S.S.Strong, William Brown of Montreal to Eliza Snedden Harrison, daughter of the late Mr. Harrison of Montreal. Marriage: At Bytown on Mar 28, 1843 by Rev. John Flood, Rector of Richmond, Henry Arthur White, Lieut. Royal Engineers, to Catharine Whitley Gibson, 2nd daughter of Capt William Gibson. Marriage: At Vaudreuil on Mar 23, 1843 by Rev James Pyke, John G. McTavish, Hudson Bay Company, to Elizabeth Cameron, daughter of Alexander Cameron of Ballinlish, N.B. Death: At Kingston on Apr 11, 1843, Joseph Farnded, Staff Surgeon, in his 54th year. Death: At Bytown on April 23, 1843, Mrs. Margaret Fitzgibbon, aged 83 years, mother of James Fitzgibbon of the Royal Engineer Dept. of the Rideau Canal. Marriage: On May 15, 1843 by Rev. M. Harris of Perth, Donald McKay, merchant of Montreal, to Sarah A. Melville, only daughter of the Hon. H. Grahman (Graham) of Perth. Death: In Bytown on May 16, 1843, Robert Weir(?) Jr, aged 31 years, Proprietor of the Montreal Herald. Notice: Information Wanted: If George Lindsay, who left Bytown about 2 years ago (1841) will address a letter to his wife, whom he left in Bytown, she will be glad to hear of him. Died: In Kingston on May 24, 1843, The Rev. Robert David Cartwright of St. George's Church, aged 38 years and 7 months, son of the late Hon. Richard Cartwright and twin brother of John S. Cartwright of Kingston. Died: At Fraserhill, near Williamstown, Glengarry, on May 16, 1843, Mrs. Margery Fraser, wife of John Fraser. Died: At Carrillon on June 2, 1843, Mrs. Taillon, consort of John Taillon of Bytown. Died: In Bytown on June 10, 1843, Walter, aged 21 years, youngest son of the late Lieut & Adjutant Ross of the 7th Royal Veteran Battalion. (Walter died of an accidental gunshot wound while trying to kill a snake with the butt end of his fowling piece). Died: In Bytown on June 17 1843, Alexander Wedderburn, aged 47 years, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland - leaves a wife and 2 children. Died: In Bytown, on Aug 1, 1843, Phebe, aged 39 years, wife of G. Patterson. Died: At Perth on July 20, 1843, John Ambrose Hume Powell, late Sheriff of the Bathurst District and eldest son of the late Colonel James Hamilton Powell. Died: In Bytown on Aug 12, 1843, James Inglis, aged 55 years. He was a native of Selkirk, Scotland. Married: At Richmond on Aug 23, 1843 by Rev John Flood, Charles Aylmer Coates, to Catherine Lyon, 4th daughter of George Lyon. Died: In bytown on Aug 5, 1843, Marie Angele Reaume, aged 34 years, wife of L.T. Besserer, founder of Sandy Hill. Died: In Bytown on Aug 22, 1843, John D. Lesperance, aged 3 months, son of A.P. Lesperance. Married: At Kingston on Aug 15, 1843 by Rev. John Machar, Andrew Drummond, eldest son of the late Robert Drummond, to Jane Ann Gale, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Gale of Valleyfield, Queens County, Ireland. Married: At Helensville in March Township on Aug 31, 1843 by Rev. Matthew Kerr, John Bower Lewis, Barrister, Bytown, to Helen Street, 2nd daughter of the late Capt. Benjamin Street and step-daughter of the late Capt. Robert Stephens. Died: In Bytown on Aug 25, 1843, David Torrance, aged 10 months, youngest son of the late James Inglis. Died: In Bytown on Aug 28, 1843, Marion Jane King, aged 1 year and 10 days, only child of Mr. B. Gordon. Died: At the Caledonia Springs on Sept 9, 1843, Arthur Hopper, aged 31 years, a Watchmaker and Jeweller of Bytown. Died: At Montreal on Aug 31, 1843, Robertson McIntosh, aged 95. Died: At Montreal on Aug 31, 1843, Mary Ann Mills, aged 34 years, wife of Benjamin Workman, daughter of the late Major Mills of Franklin Plains, Michigan, USA and niece of General Mills of Mount Norris, New York, USA. Died: In Bytown on Oct 3, 1843, Thomas McGuffog, agged 14 years, 5th son of John Porter. Died: In Bytown on Oct 9, 1843, Georgina Mary, aged 10 months, daughter of William Stubbs. Married: At Bath on Sept 25, 1843 by Rev. W.F.S. Harper, the Rev. Thomas Bolton Read of Port Burwell, to Eliza Ann, eldest daughter of W.J. McKay. Married: At Perth on Oct 17, 1843 by Rev. Michael Harris, Augustus Randall Patton of Castleford, to Ellen, 3rd daughter of Thomas Hamlen, late of Devizes, Wiltshire, England. Died: In Quebec on Oct 6, 1843, at the Ottawa Hotel, John, aged 28 years, son of Angus Roy McDonnell of Fitzroy Harbor. Married: At Fitzroy Harbor on Sept 28, 1843 by Rev. Hannibal Molkins, William Percy Taylor, to Ruth Sarah Marsh, widow of the late Mr. Marsh of London, England. Died: At Nepean on Oct 19, 1843, Mrs. William Bell, aged 39 years. Died: At New Edinburgh on Oct 2, 1843, Janet, aged 4 months, infant daughter of Mr. George Lang. Died: At Bytown on Nov 1, 1843, Eugenia Carisbrook, aged 7 years and 11 months, only child of Major F. Ringles Thomson, Royal Engineer. Married: At Helensville in March Twp on Nov 6, 1843 by Rev. Matthew Kerr, John George Bridges, Editor and Proprietor of the Ottawa Advocate, to Helen, widow of the late Capt. Stephens and sister of Col. Fogo, Royal Artillery, of Duchray Castle, Scotland. Died: In Bytown on Nov 13, 1843, Dr. A.J. Christie, aged 55 years. Died: At Montreal on Nov 1, 1843, William Moore, aged 82 years, resident of Montreal for 30 years. Born in Paxton, Massachusetts, USA. For 23 years Inspector of Provisions in Montreal. Married: At Portage Du Fort on Nov 16, 1843 by Rev. Alexander Mann, D.S. Montgomery of Ross Township, to Christina McLaren, also of Ross. Died: At Bytown on Dec 1, 1843, Mrs. E.B. Wilson, aged 67 years, relict of the late Capt. Andrew Wilson, R.N. Married: In Bytown on Dec 7, 1843 by Rev. P. Phelan, John McDonald, merchant, to Sarah Martin, both of Bytown. Died: In Bytown on Dec 17, 1843, Thomas George, age 1 1 1/2 years, infant son of Mr. T.G. Burns. Notice: (In Dec, 1843 paper): Information wanted of Thomas Wilson, Parish of Colegate, county Donegal, Ireland. He worked some time last winter at Muskrat Lake (Renfrew County) and came to Bytown in July to meet his wife and children then expected from Ireland. They are now at Pembroke.

Bytown Newspapers at the National Archives of Canada: (Second Floor) Gazette and City of Ottawa Advertiser. NJ.FM.1144 Je 9, 1836- N 20, 1845 (Bytown gazette only) Je 9, 1836- Je 25,1840; (City of Ottawa advertiser only) Jl 9,1840- N 20, 1845 AN 3490047 Another edition NJ.FM.2462 Mr 6, 1856 AN 19193892 Independent and Farmer's Advocate. NJ.FM.1144 F 24, Mr 10, 1836 AN 33490049 Ottawa Advocate and Dalhousie and Sydenham Advertiser. NJ.FM.2512 Mr 26, 1844 AN 19729434
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