Bytown Gazette and Ottawa Advertizer
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1836-1845

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Here are some more transcribed Bytown Gazette and Ottawa Advertiser announcements 
from the Paper of Record web site ( using a search on terms 
DIED/BIRTH/MARRIED/residence. The OCR [optical character recognition] 
process does not work too well on skewed, smudged, folded or torn papers, 
so it is effective probably in less than say 20 - 50 percent of actual 
announcements.  Browsing PAGES 2 or 3 of the 1,188 papers Bytown Gazette 
from 1836 - 1845 would be the only way to get all of announcements, a very 
slow process since each page is a 1 MB download.
Note: most of entries below are not on 
[Sue Barr] or 
... Bob Mackett, 


BIRTH 30 Jun 1836
At Bytown, on Sunday last [26 Jun], the lady of Captain Armstrong, 66th 
Regt. of a son.
DIED 30 Jun 1836
At Hull, L. C. on the 21st [Jun]  inst., Esther, daughter of Jas. F. 
Taylor, Esq., aged 2 years.
At the same place, on the 25th inst, Edmund, twin son of Ruggles Wright, 
Esq., aged 6 months and 11 days. 
DIED 29 Sep 1836
On Monday morning [27 Sep], at the age of 45. Mr. John Murphy, Bailiff of 
the Court of King's Bench for this district.  Mr. Murphy was a native of 
Ireland, but came to this Province at an early age and was at the time of 
his decease, the senior Irish settler, in point of residence, in this city.
DIED 22 Dec 1836
At his residence at the Cascades, L. C., William Johnson, Esquire, aged 66 
yrs, son of the late Sir John Johnson, Knight and Baronet, Captain of late 
Regiment of Canadian Voltigeurs. He has left a widow, two daughters and 
three sons to lament his loss.  Captain Johnson enter the British Army 
early in life as an Ensign; he served in several Regiments, and last in 
that distinguished Regiment of Canadian Voltigeurs was such, in the late 
war with the United States, as to merit, marks of approbation and was at 
its reduction, placed on the half pay of the British establishment.
BIRTH 30 Aug 1837
At Paris, on the 25th of June, at the Hotel of Madame the Countess L'Espine 
Faubourg St. Germain, the lady of William Bingham, Esq. of Montreal of a son 
MARRIED 30 Aug 1837
At Kingston, by the Rev. John Macher, Thos. Burrowes, Esq., Clerk of Works, 
Rideau Canal to Mrs. Margaret MacDonald, of Kingston.
DIED 30 Aug 1837
At Beckwith, U. C. on the 15th August, Elizabeth Macyntire, aged 29, relict 
of the late Duncan McLaren, grocer, Montreal, both of Perthshire Scotland.
DIED 6 Sep 1837
On Monday the 4th, Sally, infant daughter of Mr. J. R. Stanley of Bytown, 
aged 10 months.
At Hull, on the 31st ult., Horace, oldest son of Mr. Richard Austin of that 
place, aged 19 years.
BIRTH 11 Oct 1837
At Bytown, on the 5th, Mrs. Daniel Fisher, a son.
MARRIED 11 Oct 1837
At Perth, on the 19th ult.[Sep] Dr. W. H. Burrett of Smith's Falls, son of 
Col Danl. Burrett, to Maria, daughter of James Schofield, Esq. of the 
township of Bastard.
DIED Wed. 11 Oct 1837 
In this town, on Saturday morning last [4 Oct], Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. 
John Frost, aged one year and eleven months.
At Montreal, on the morning of 4th [Oct] inst. at her mother's residence, 
Mary Ann, fourth daughter of the late Thomas A Turner, Esq.
MARRIED 25 Oct 1937
On the 17th instant, by the Rev. M Harris, Rector of Perth, Mr. Roland 
Carter of Fitzroy Harbour, to Miss Ann Riddle? of the same place.
DIED 25 Oct 1937
On the evening of the 10th [Oct] inst., at her father's house at Carouge, 
Parish of St. Foy, after an illness of three months and a half, aged 22, 
Agnes Nielson, youngest daughter of John Neilson and sister of the late 
Samuel Nielson, Proprietor and Editor of the Quebec Gazette, who died at 
the Quarantine Station ,Staich? Island, on his return from Gibraltor, the 
17th June last.
DIED 15 Nov 1837
On Sunday morning, at his residence in St. Gabriel Street, David Ross, Esq. 
Sen. K.C. and Doyen of the Montreal Bar, aged 67.
MARRIED 6 Feb 1838
At Bytown, on the 6th, by the Revd. Mr. Strong, Mr. Thomas Anderson of 
Nepean, to Mrs. Chisholm, widow of the late Colin Chisholm of the same 
At the Cathedral of Quebec, by the Lord Bishop of Montreal, S. Walcott, 
Esq. Civil Secretary, to Miss Davidson, daughter of John Davidson, Esq., 
Commissioner of Crown Lands.
In the Township of Ramsey, on the 29th ult. by the Rev. John McIntyre, Mr. 
Grevill Toshach? to Miss Jane Drynan, both of Ramsay.
DIED 6 Feb 1838
In the township of March, on the 27th ult. William Newstead Gardener, aged 
38 years.
BIRTH 28 Mar 1838
On Wednesday, 21st inst. at Bytown, Mrs. Chas. Shiels of a son.
MARRIED 28 Mar 1838
At the Government House, Toronto, by the Honorable and Venerable the 
Archdeacon of York, Captain Frederick Halkett, of the Coldstream Guards 
A.D.C. to His Excellency Sir Francis Bond Mead Bart. to Elizabeth M. 
Moodie, of Richmond Hill, Yonge Street, Upper Canada.
BIRTH 4 Jul 1838
At Fitzroy Harbour, on the 29th [May] ult., Mrs. A McMillan, a son.
At the same place on the 29th, Mrs Boyd of a son.
At New Edinburgh, on the 26th [Jun] ult., Mrs. Jas. Fraser, of a son. 
MARRIED 4 Jul 1838
At York Place, Hamilton, Upper Canada, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. J. 
Gamble? Geddes, Francis George Stanton, Esq., Barrister at law, to Mary 
Robertson, youngest daughter of Andrew Geddes, Esq., late of the City of 
Aberdeen, N. Britain.

DIED 4 Jul 1838 The first on Saturday and the second on Monday last, the twin sons of Chas. Blomfield, Esq., surgeon of this place. At March, Upper Canada, aged 61, Capt. Benj. Street, R.N., he was the only surviving son of John Street, Esq. of Babington, Cheshire, England, and was justly proud of having commenced his Naval services in Lord Howe's glorious battle and victory of the 1st June, 1792. MARRIED 5 Sep 1838 At Bytown, on the 3rd inst., by the Rev. S.S. Strong, Thomas Frederick Daniel, Esq. to Elizabeth Maria, only daughter of William Burton, Esq. of Bytown. On Saturday the 1st in Hull L. C., John Laforge, lumber merchant, to Mrs. Cowan, relict of the late John Cowan, of this place. DIED 5 Sep 1838 On the second September, of consumption, aged 17, William Henry, second son of Thos. Reid, Esq. of March U. C. DIED 19 Sep 1938 In Toronto, on Sunday the 9th inst., the Hon. Duncan Cameron, Provincial Secretary and Registrar. BIRTH 13 Mar 1839 At Bytown, on the 10th instant, Mrs. James Inglis -- a son. DIED 13 Mar 1839 In Bytown, on the 3rd [Mar] inst., Mary Frances, only daughter of James McIntosh, Esq. of this place, aged four years and seven months. On the same day, William Graham -- a native of county Fermanagh, Ireland, and for many years Bailiff of the Court of Requests of this place -- aged 42 years On the 14th [Feb] ult., at his residence, 101 Division St., New York, Mr. Robert Gissing, 4th son of the late John Gissing, of Wickham, Skeith Abbey, in the County of Suffolk, England, and brother of Mr. Dr. Blomfield, Hull, L.C. BIRTH 19 Jun 1839 On Wednesday, the 12th, Mrs. Capt. Burke, Richmond, a son. MARRIED 19 Jun 1839 In the Township of March, 18th May, by the Rev. A. Harper, Thos. Naughty, Esq., Templeton, L.C., to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. John Headley, of March. MARRIED 7 Aug 1939 At the residence of her father, New Edinburgh, on the 2d, by Rev. John Cruikshanks of Bytown, Isaac McTaggart, Esq. of the same, to Ann Maria, third daughter of James Stevenson, Esq. DIED 7 Aug 1939 At Montreal, suddenly, on Wednesday night, John Stanley, Esq. Advocate. By a fall from his horse, on Monday the 5th [Aug] inst. John, only son of ? Brush, Esq, Rideau Bank, aged 17 yrs. On Monday, the 29th [Jul] ultimo, Joseph B infant son of Mr Taaffe, taylor, of this Town, aged 4 years and 6 months. MARRIED 21 Aug 1839 At Montreal, on the 25th July, by the Rev. Henry D Sewell, M.A., John Jamieson, Esq. to Jane Anne, youngest daughter of the late Stephen Sewell, Esq. K. C. DIED 21 Aug 1839 At his house in Edinburgh, on -- May last, Charles Cockburn Ross, Esq. of Shandwich, in Ross-shire, N. B. BIRTH 16 Jun 1840 At Bytown on the 13th inst. Mrs. J. Fraser, of a daughter. DIED 16 Jun 1840 In this city, on Thursday morning, the 9th instant, Mr. Isaac Hitchcock, aged 60 years. At Bytown, on the 11th inst., Mr. Gabriel Tallion, mason, aged 82 years. On Sunday last, at the residence of D. W. B. McAulay, Esq. in this town, after a long and painful illness, (contracted while under arms as a Volunteer with Glengarries, in the expedition to Beauharnois in November 1838) John Macdonell (Greenfield), Attorney at Law, aged 24 years, third son of the late Alexander Macdonell, Esq., Sheriff of the Ottawa District. DIED 3 Sep 1840 On the 24th [Aug?] inst., Alice Eliza Lloyd, daughter of the Rev. Wm. F. S. Harper, Rector of March, aged 6 months 27 days. MARRIED 19 Sep 1940 At the residence of Messrs W. & J Thomson, Nepean, by the Revd. Mr. Cruikshank of Bytown, Johnston Fenton, Esq. to Miss Jesse? Newton, of the same place. MARRIED 8 Oct 1840 At Bytown, on the 6th, by Rev Mr. Harper, Rector of March, James McIntosh, Esq. Barrister at Law, to Jane, relict of the late J. D. Gellie, Esq., Surgeon. On the 21st June, Drummond Place, Edinburgh, by the Rev Henry Grey, Jas. Gardner, Esq. of St. Helen's Place, London, to Elizabeth Nesbit, youngest daughter of Charles Shiriff, Esq. Fitzroy, Upper Canada. July 30, At Alrewas, Staffordshire, John Wilkes Daniel. of Burton-upon-Trent, Esq. to Mary Esther?, eldest daughter of Thomas Reid, Esq. of March, Upper Canada, and niece of the Rev. John Moore, Vicar of Alrewas. MARRIED 19 Nov 1840 On the 10th Nov. by the Rev. S. S. Strong, Mr. Saul Baldwin of Bytown, to Miss Grace? Duggan of the same place. On the 11th by the same, Mr. Chas. Armstrong of Nepean, to Miss Ruth Bell, of the same place. On the 11th, by the same, T.R Syman? Esq. of Aylmer, to Harriet, He...ics Edey, Esq. of Aylmer. DIED 19 Nov 1840 In this Town, on the 13th inst., of messrs? Thomas, fifth son of Thomas Sproule, Esq. of Woodcut, near Richmond, aged 22 years. The deceased held a commission in the 2nd Carleton Militia, and his funeral was attended by his brother officers. BIRTH 22 Oct 1840 At Kingston Mills, on the 4th inst., Mrs. Thomas Burrowes, of a son. MARRIED 22 Oct 1840 On Wednesday last, at the Scotch Church, Oldhamstreet, by the Rev. Hugh Ralph, LLD, Mr. John McRae? of Napanee, Richmond, Upper Canada to Catherine, daughter of Mr. Mckenzie? of Dingwall, Scotland. DIED 22 Oct 1840 Rev. George Archbold, Rector of Trinity Church, Cornwall, at the Parsonage of the Town, on the 14th [Oct] inst., in the 57th year of his age. MARRIED 21 Jan 1841 At Long Island on the 14th, by the Rev. Mr. ????, Mr. Walter Collins, Nepean, to Helen, fourth? daughter of Mr. William Blythe, of that place. DIED 21 Jan 1841 At Hull? on the morning of 15th instant, after a short illness, Mr. William Cook, farmer and lumber merchant, aged 46 years. The deceased was a native of Tostock?, Barnstable, Devonshire, England and a resident of Hull for 25 years He left a widow and numerous circle of friends to regret his loss. BIRTHS 1 Apr 1841 On Thursday last, Mrs. W. McCrea, of Bytown, a daughter. MARRIED 1 Apr 1841 On Thursday last, by the Rev. S.S. Strong, Dr Edward V Cortlandt, of Bytown, to Harriett, third daughter of Mr. J Harrington, of St. Andrews. On the 21st inst. at Buckingham, Ruggles Wright, Junr. Esq. of Hull to Miss Frances Mary Russell, of the same place. BIRTHS 8 Apr 1841 At Bytown, on the 20th March, Mrs. (Rev. J.) Cruikshank, of a daughter. In this Town, on Wednesday, the 31st ult., Mrs. G.R. Burke, of a son. MARRIED 8 Apr 1841 On the 6th instant, by the Rev. J. Cruikshank, Mr. William Strachan, of the Township of Hull, to Miss Isabella Kirk, of the same place. DIED 8 Apr 1841 At Richmond, on the 7th inst., after a long and painful illness, Milo M. Burke, Lieutenant on half pay of the 98th Foot. Yesterday morning, Mr. John Baird, late of the Herald Office, Montreal, after a long and painful illness. The deceased left a widow to mourn his loss. MARRIED 7 Oct 1841 At Grenville, on the 28th ult., by Rev. Wm. Mair, Mr. James Thompson, Proprietor of the "Bathurst Courier" to Catherine, daughter of Mr. John Wilson, Merchant, formerly of Montreal. BIRTH 30 Sep 1841 At Macnab, on Saturday, the 18th inst., Mrs. William Morris of a daughter. MARRIED 2 Dec 1841 At Quebec, on Tuesday, at the Cathedral Church by the Rev George Mackie, B.A., the Rev John Torrance, Missionary at Mascouche, to Jane Ann, second daughter of Jeremiah Leaycraft, Esq. DIED 20 Oct 1842 At his residence in Augusta, on Monday the 10th of October inst., William Wells, Esq., aged 74 yrs, 3 months and 11 days. He was on the first settlers of the Johnstown District, having come to the country in the winter of 1788. BIRTH 24 Nov 1842 At Bytown on Friday the 18th inst., Mrs. G. R. Burke, a daughter. DIED 24 Nov 1842 In this Town, on the 18th inst. at the residence of Mrs. Cameron, Jane, infant daughter of John Cameron, Esq. of Kemptville, aged 11 years. BIRTH 9 Feb 1843 In Cobourg, on the 31 January, Mr. N. H. Baird, of a son. At the Chaudiere Falls, Hull, on Sunday the 5th [Feb] instant, Mrs. James Anderson, of a son. DIED 9 Feb 1843 At Longueil, in the Ottawa District, on Tuesday the 17th [Jan?] inst., after a lingering illness, Walter Beckwork, Esq., aged 77 years and 3 months; he was one of the first settlers on the Ottawa, and was formerly engaged in the timber trade, to a heavy extent. At his father's residence, St. Antoine St., Montreal, on the 26th [Jan?] instant, George Edward, youngest son of Wm. McCulloch, Esq., of this city, aged 4 years. DIED 9 Mar 1843 To the Memory of The Right Hon. Charles Poulett Thomson, Baron Sydenham, G.C.B., in Kent and Toronto in Cansda; born Sept. 13th, 1788; Governor General of H. M.'s British Provinces in North America, accomplished the Union of Upper and Lower Canada. He died at Kingston, U. C. aged 42 years where his remains are deposited. A tablet for the late Lord Sydenham was erected by his sorrowing brother George Poulett Scrope, of this place, Esq. MARRIED 30 Mar 1843 At the residence of Major Bolton, Commanding Royal Engineer, Bytown, on Tuesday the 28th March, instant, by the Rev'd John Flood, Rector of Richmond, Henry Arthur White, Esq., Lieutenant Royal Engineers, to Catherine Whitley, second daughter of Captain William Gibson, late of Her Majesty's 32nd Regiment. At Vaudreuil, on the 23rd [Mar] instant, by the Rev James Pyke, John G McTavish, Esq., Hudson Bay Company, to Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Cameron, Esquire, Ballinlish, N.B. DIED 27 Apr 1843 In this Town, on Sunday last [Apr 23], at the age of 83 years, Mrs. Margaret Fitzgibbon, mother of Mr. James Fitzgibbon, of the Royal Engineer Department of the Rideau Canal. DIED 1 Jun 1843 In Kingston, on the 24th [May], after an illness of several months, the Rev. Robert David Cartwright, A. M., Assistant Minister of St. George's Church, and acting Chaplain to the Forces, aged 28 years and 7 months. He was the son of the late Hon. Richard Cartwright; and twin brother of John S. Cartwright of that town. At Fraserhill, near Williamstown, Glengary on the 16 [May?] instant, in the 52nd year of her life, Mrs. Margery Fraser, wife of John Fraser, after a lingering illness. DIED 8 Jun 1843 At Carrillon, the 2nd [Jun] instant, Mrs. Taillon, consort of John Taillon, Esq., of this place. DIED 17 Aug 1843 In this Town on Saturday last [Aug 12], Mr. James Inglis, merchant, aged 55 years. The deceased was a native of Selkirk, in Scotland. MARRIED 24 Aug 1843 At Richmond, C. W., on the 23rd [Aug] inst., by the Rev John Flood, Charles Aylmer Coates, Lieut. 74 Regt., son of the late Captain Coates 89th Regt., to Catherine, fourth daughter of George Lyons Esq., late 99th Regt. DIED 24 Aug 1843 The 5th [Aug] instant, Mrs. Marie Angel Reaume, wife of L. T. Besserer, Esq., of Bytown, aged 34 years. In this Town on the 22nd [Jul] inst., John D. Lesperance, infant son of A. A. Lesperance, aged 3 months. William Fraser, Esq. of Culbock???, respected proprietor and for some time Convener of this country, on the 3rd ult. at his mansion-house of Guisachan, in Strathglass. -- Inverness Journal. DIED 5 Oct 1843 In Bytown on Oct 3, 1843, Thomas McGuffog, 5th son of John Porter Esq., aged 14 years. DIED 12 Oct 1843 In this Town, on the 9th [Oct] inst., Georgina Mary, infant daughter of Mr. William Stubbs, aged 10 months. MARRIED 12 Oct 1843 At Bath, C. W., in St. John's Church, on Monday the 25th [Sep?] instant, by the Rev. W. F. S. Harper, the Rev. Thomas Bolton Read, of Port Burwell, to Eliza Ann, eldest daughter of W. J. McKay, Esq. MARRIED 19 Oct 1843 At Perth, C. W., on the 17th [Oct] inst., by the Rev. Michael Harris, Augustus Randall Patton, Esq., of Castleford, to Ellen, third daughter of Mr. Thomas Hamlen, late of Devizes, Wiltshire, England. DIED 19 Oct 1843 In Quebec, on the 6th [Oct] inst., at the Ottawa Hotel, John, son of Angus Roy McDonnell, of Fitzroy Harbor, C. W., aged 28 years. DIED 18 Jan 1844 At Toronto on the 10th December [1843], after a short illness, James Stevenson, formerly a lumberman, Litchfield, Ottawa River. DIED 1 Feb 1844 At Amherstburgh, Canada West, on the 5th [Jan] ult., Assistant Commissary General Leggalt. MARRIED 15 Feb 1844 On the 6th [Feb], by the Rev. P. C. Campbell, Professor of Classical Literature, Queen's College, Kingston, Mr. Thomas Wardrope, master? of the Dalhousie District Grammar School, to Sarah, third daughter of Mr. Thos. ???son, Kingston. DIED 15 Feb 1844 At Miramichi?, Ottawa River, on the 30th January last, suddenly, John Young, Esq. Mr. Young was a Justice of the Peace, a Lieutenant Colonel of the Militia, and for many years a respected member of society in Bathurst, Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick. MARRIED 22 Feb 1844 At Ogdensburgh, by the Rev. Mr. Savage, Presbyterian Clergyman, of that place, on the 5th [Feb] instant, Mr. Wm. Harris, of Kemptville, to Miss Hessey Crawford, late of Longford, Ireland. DIED 22 Feb 1844 Near Richmond, on the 14th [Feb] inst., of apoplexy, Major James Rollo, son of the Hon. Captain Rollo, Ayr, Scotland, and nephew of Lord Rollo, aged 43. MARRIED 7 Mar 1844 On the 21st [Feb] ult., E. Burke, Esq., merchant of Pembroke, on the Ottawa, to Miss Mary McConnell, of Hull. DIED 7 Mar 1844 At an advanced aged, on the 27th January, at his residence, Ann's Grove, Township of Bristol, Daniel Ross, Esq., a native of Ross-shire, Scotland. He served his country in a military and civil capacity, in the Royal Engineer Department for 37 years. He left a family and many friends to mourn his loss. At Burritt's Rapids, on the 26th Feb'y, Mary, only daughter of George Dogherty, Esq., aged 26 years. On the 29th Feb., Louisa Jane, lady of Lieut. John Grierson, R.N., of Torbolton, aged 37 years. At Perth?, on the 25th [Jan] ult., after a short illness, Francis Allan, Esq., aged 51. The deceased held the joint situations of Postmaster? and District Land Agent, and was recently appointed Superintendent of Common Schools by the Bathurst District Council. BIRTHS 28 Mar 1844 On the 18th [Mar] inst., the lady of Judge J. S. McCord, of a son. In Montreal, on the 19th [Mar] inst., Mrs. McKay, relict of the late Donald McKay, Esq., of a daughter. DIED 28 Mar 1844 After a short illness, at her residence, Township of March, Elizabeth, widow of the late David Duncan, Esq., formerly of Coleraine, County of Londonderry, Ireland, aged 74 years. Suddenly, at Cornwall, on the 14th [Mar] inst., Isabella, lady of John Finlayson, Esq., and daughter of the late William Fraser, Esq., formerly Sheriff of the Johnstown District. DIED 4 Apr 1844 At Accasia Cottage, Bytown, on the 1st [Apr] inst., Mrs. Ross Paterson, aged 30 years, of Edderton, Ross-shire, Scotland. BIRTH 4 Apr 1844 At the 20th [Mar?] inst., at the Lake of Two Mountains, the lady of J. G. McTavish, Esq., of the Hudson's Bay Co's Service, of a daughter. DIED 9 May 1844 Accidentally drowned at Fitzroy Harbour, on the morning of the 6th [May] instant, Donald, eldest son of Alpin McMillan, Esq. MARRIED 9 May 1844 At Hill, on the 26th March, by the Rev. T. Johnston, Mr. William Beswarick, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. Francis Julyan, all of that place. On the 29th April, by the Rev. Mathew Kerr, at her father's residence, in the Township of March, Miss Honora Woods, to Mr. Samuel Scissons, of the city of Norwich, England. At Kingston, the 19th [Feb?] instant, Edouard Masse, Esq., of Bytown, to Mrs. Maria Burke Donnelly, relict of the late Stuart Jones, Esq., of Brockville. MARRIED 23 May 1844 On the 21st [May] inst., at Christ Church, Bytown, by the Rev. S. S. Strong, Major F. Ringles Thomson, R. E. to Caroline, daughter of the late Major Powell, of Perth and relict of George Buchanan, Esq. At St. Mary's Church, Horaceville, March, Mary Anne, daughter of Hamnett Pinhey, Esq., to Dr. Hamnett, M. R. C. S. DIED 23 May 1844 Yesterday [22 May], at the residence of Ruggles Wright, Esq., Hull, Mrs. Elizabeth McKay, relict of the late James McDowal, Esq., of Montreal BIRTH 12 Sep 1844 In this Town, on Saturday the 7th [Sep] instant, Mrs. Alex Graham, of a daughter. MARRIED 12 Sep 1844 on the 21st [Aug] ultimo, at Sand Point, on the Ottawa River, by the Rev. Hannibal Mulkins, Mr. Daniel Cowley, Master of the Steamer "George Buchanan" to Miss Mary McJennet, of Bristol. On the 3rd [Sep] instant, by the Rev. Mr. Musgrove, Mr. Jones Barry, to Miss Jane Burns, eldest daughter of Mr. T. J. Burns, of Bytown. At Rideau Hall, New Edinburgh, on Thursday the 5th [Sep] instant, by the Rev A. McKidd, Mr. John Shaw of Inverness, Scotland, to Miss Barbara Thomson, niece of the Hon. Thomas McKay. DIED 3 Oct 1844 At Bytown, on the 30th Sept. Margaret Strachan, wife of Mr. George Brown, farmer, Hull, aged 39 years. In this Town, on the 27th [Sep] ult., Sarah, infant daughter of Mr. Andrew Main. On the 24th [Sep] ult., in this Town, Andrew, infant son of Mr. William Grier.

MARRIED 10 Oct 1844 On the 30th September, at Chaudiere Cottage, by the Rev. J. C. Davidson, Mr. Geo. Burrows, merchant, to Miss Preston, both of this town. DIED 10 Oct 1844 On Friday the 4th [Oct] inst., Mr. A. F. Marshall, hardware merchant of this town. In this town, on the 5th [Oct] inst., after a lingering illness, Margaret, wife of Geo. R. Burke, Esq., Emigrant Agent. MARRIED 24 Oct 1844 At Montreal, on the 15th [Oct] inst., by the Revd. J. Girdseed?, Mr. William Muir, merchant tailor, to Jane, third daughter of Mr. George Johnston. DIED 7 Nov 1844 At Paris, on Friday, the 20th September, William Pemberton, Esq., aged 56 years. MARRIED 21 Nov 1844 On the 31st October, by the Rev. S.S. Strong, Mr. Wm. Bell, of Nepean, to the widow of the late Mr. Hirsh, of London. On the 15th [Nov] inst., by the Revd. Alex. McKid, Mr. James Black, printer, to Miss Elizabeth McKibbin, both of this town. DIED 21 Nov 1844 On Friday morning, the 15th [Nov] inst., in this Town, Jane Emily, daughter of Mr. James Joynt, aged one year. DIED 5 Dec 1844 In this town, on Monday the 2nd [Dec] instant, Anna, wife of Mr. Philip Thomson, and daughter of Mr. John Perkins, aged 21. DIED 12 Dec 1844 In this town, on the 8th [Dec] instant, Mr. John Litle?, aged 47, a native of Clones, County Monaghan, Ireland. BIRTH 19 Dec 1844 At St. Leonards, near Bytown, on the 30th [Nov] ult., the lady of Archd. Petrie, Esq., M. P. P., of a daughter. DIED 19 Dec 1844 In this town, on the 17th [Dec] inst., Ellen, wife of Mr. Wm. Atkins. DIED 26 Dec 1844 On Friday the 20th [Dec] instant, after a short but severe illness, Marianne Dufont? Sproule, aged 28 years, third daughter of Thomas Sproule, Esq., of Woodcot, near Richmond Canada West. DIED 23 Jan 1845 At his residence, Rockhurst, near ?ston, on Wednesday [Jan 22?], J. S. Cartwright, Esq., aged 40 years. BIRTHS 6 Feb 1845 In this Town, on the 3rd [Feb] inst., the lady of Wm. Stewart, Esq. M. P. P., of a son. MARRIED 6 Feb 1845 At Brockville, on the 30th [Jan] ult., by licence, by the Rev. James Drummond, Augustus Keffer, Esq., Barrister and Attorney-at-law of Bytown, to Miss Grace Ann Fraser, daughter of Col. Richard D. Fraser, of this town. BIRTH 27 Feb 1845 At Grenville, on the 22nd [Feb] inst., Mrs. Charles Reilly, of a son. MARRIED 27 Feb 1845 On the 23rd [Feb] inst., by the Rev. S. S. Strong, Mr. Joseph Greer, of Nepean, to Miss Jane Lang, of the same place. On the same day [23 Feb] by the Rev. S. S. Strong, Christopher Leggo, Esq., of Brockville, to Miss Julia Ann Church, of Hull. On the 25th [Feb] inst., by the Rev. S. S. Strong, Mr. Hugh McConvill, of Hull, to Emily, daughter of Mr. Hooper Wright, of the same place. BIRTH 6 Mar 1845 In this town, on the 2nd [Mar] inst., Mrs. Alexr. Christie, of a son. At Vankleeck Hill, on the 25th February, Mrs. Thomas Smith, of a daughter. DIED 24 Apr 1845 On Saturday last, the 16th [19 Apr?] inst., Marian Louise, infant daughter of Mr. N. S. Blasdell, of this town. DIED 1 May 1845 On the 6th of March last, S. S. Strong, Esq., of Hamworthy, in the County of Dorset, England, aged 78. [This gentlemen was the father of the Rev. S. S. Strong of this Town. BIRTH 29 May 1845 In Bytown, on the 26th [May] inst., Mrs. John Blythe, of a son. DIED 29 May 1845 On Tuesday, May 20, Alexander McConnell, son of Mr. James McConnell. BIRTH 26 Jun 1845 On the 19th [Jun] inst., Mrs. Hamnett Hill of a son. MARRIED 26 Jun 1845 At Christ Church, on the 25th [Jun] inst., by the Rev. S. S. Strong, Mr. Allen McCracken, lumberer, Ottawa River, to Miss Elizabeth Elliott, of this town. DIED 26 Jun 1845 At the residence of Charles Sparrow, Esq., Lower Town, on the 18th [Jun] inst., Mrs. Ford, niece of Mrs. Sparrow. BIRTH 28 Aug 1845 At Teviot? Grove, Nepean, on the 22nd [Aug] inst., Mrs. William Thomson? of a daughter. MARRIED 28 Aug 1845 In Montreal, on the 11th [Aug] inst., by the Revd. Mr. Parather?. at Trinity Church, Mr. William R. Browne, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. J. P. Seybold? of that city.
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