William GARRETT and Elizabeth DOYLE
County Wicklow, Ireland to Gloucester Township, c. 1840

New January 30, 2008:

William Garrett came from County Wicklow, Ireland to the Ottawa area before 1840.
Anne Burgess, who is studying assisted emigration from the Coolattin Estate has connected
this William Garrett to some of the emigrants from Coolattin c, 1847-54.

"About Wm. Garrett, Al: would you have any children for him--please? He was widowed by 1881, 
and there was a Mary Ann in 1881, b. 1856, but that's all so far.
Marg T and I are just about ready for the Royal Ottawa trying to sort out the Williams 
and Thomases in these two Garrett families in Ballynultagh - this William in Ottawa, and 
the rest of them in Camden and Sheffield. I have to wonder if they all came to work on 
the Canal, since all of them were here by 1840.
And about that William Garrett who was married in Bytown in the 1840s, I believe 
he was a son of the attached family, who came early for the Canal, or whatever. 
The family must never have come, because I can't find them here, and the mother was 
still in Wicklow in 1850. These Garrets are cousins, I believe, to a family that 
settled in Camden c 1840.

Attached is Wm. Garrett's death cert, and he's b. Wicklow, as I suspected. As his 
parents were Thomas Garrett and Mary Byrne, I do believe he may be the son of this 
Ballynultagh couple, below (records from John O). 
James Garrett, the son, was in 1851 Sheffield with his family, but is not on the CD.
> THOMAS GARRETT was aged 60 in 1827 [b 1767] and his wife MARY was aged 50. They
> lived on 8 acres and 5 sons and 2 dau. lived with them. Living along side
> them in 1827 was JAMES GARRETT aged 30. His wife was aged 40. They lived 
> on 12 acres and had 2 sons and 3 dau. living with them in 1827. This  family 
> of JAMES GARRETT was GONE by 1839.
>  MARY GARRETT a widow was still alive in 1850.Her age given as 67 in 
> 1848 and 1850 ? She had 2 sons and 1 dau. with her and they lived on 20 acres 
> in > 1850. The HEAD TENANT was WILLIAM IRELAND on 207 acres 1 rod 11 perch. In 
> 1839 > MARY GARRET and THOMAS GARRETT had 6 sons living with them. Her age in 
> 1839 > was 56.

 Maybe William came to work on the Canal?

Here are some Notre Dame records for William Garrett -- he's connected to a lot
of other County Wicklow immigrants:

23 May 1841
Baptism of James, born the 9th of the marriage of John Burns and Harriet Murphy
Sponsors: William Garrett & Elizabeth Keogh 

The next day, he is again a witness: 

25 May 1841
After one publication of banns, marriage of John Kennedy, labourer, to Julia Doullan 
/ Dolan?, both of this place

Witnesses: John Cullen, William Garrett, Michael Doulan (Dolan or Dowling?) & others 

Here he is again: 

18 Apr 1842
After one publication of banns, marriage of Thomas Presley, labourer, to Catherine 
Byrnes / Burns, both of this place 
Sponsors: William Garrett, Mary Tomkins & several others
(Thomas Presley / Prestley was from County Carlow, and died in Gloucester Township 
in April of 1873, aged 57). (death certificate) 

More familiar names. And finally he gets married: 

26 Nov 1844
After two publications of banns, marriage of William Garrett of Bytown, adult son of 
Thomas Garrett and Mary Burns / Byrnes, to Elizabeth Doyle of Bytown, adult daughter 
of Stephen Doyle (Bank Street near South Gloucester)and Elizabeth Ashward
Sponsors: Jamima Stephenson & Joseph Stephenson / Stevenson

Now, here's one of great interest to me!
13 Aug 1848
Baptism of Mary, born 16 April of the marriage of James Doyle and Helen Kilby of Osgoode
sponsors: William Garrett & Eliza Doyle (married)

James Doyle and Helen Kilby are recorded in the registers of St. Brigid's on the
River Road. My GGGrandmother was Margaret Doyle, whom I believe to be a brother
of James Doyle (Doyle Road near the bridge linking Osgoode Township and the village
of Wellington (now called Kars in North Gower Township)).
All these Byrnes / Doyles are connected in County Wicklow and in Eastern Ontario ... Al

Children born in Carleton County:
24 Sep 1848
Baptism of Mary Ann, born yesterday of the marriage of William Garrett and Eliza Doyle
sponsors: John & Mary Ann Slater  (Slattery?)

2 Mar 1851
Baptism of Stephen, born yesterday of the marriage of William Garrett and Eliza Doyle 
of Bytown (named after Stephen Doyle?)
sponsors: Martin Corbett & Elizabeth Darcy

21 Aug 1853
Baptism of William, born 17 August of the marriage of William Garrett and Eliza Doyle 
sponsors: Michael & Mary Donnelly

6 Nov 1855
Baptism of Elizabeth, born yesterday of the marriage of William Garrett and Elizabeth Doyle
sponsors: Mary Corbett & James Doyle

Source: Drouin records at ancestry.ca
... Al

Thanks very much for the Garret page, and for those Garret baptisms, Al. 
Look at the godparents: John Slater is no doubt the one you 
have a B or B page on (m. Bridget Tormey). In 1851 they lived next to the FW Whelans 
(also from Ballynultagh) in Aylmer; later lived in Bytown; Michael Donnelly is the son 
of either Bartholomew Donnelly or Redmond Donnelly (attached), I believe (again, from 
... Anne

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