Patrick GALVIN and Eliza CASSIDY
County Westmeath, Ireland to Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

January 3, 2001:
(Originally posted to the CAN-ONT-CARLETON List
Reproduced with permission of Paul Stagl

Can-Ont-Carleton-List Members

I am a new subscriber and this is my first log-on. I am researching my
wife's family. In the Carleton area we are interested in researching Galvin,
Cassidy, Gibbons, Bourgean / Bourgon, Paquette, Conn, Doyle, Garette / Garett, McGuire and

Specifically, in Carleton Place, we have Patrick Galvin (Moate, County
Westmeath, Ireland) and Eliza (Letitia) Cassidy (Drumraney, County Westmeath,
Ireland) that we are searching. Patrick Galvin and Eliza Cassidy emigrated
to Canada in 1845 and were married at Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal in
February 1846. From Montreal they lived in Carleton Place in Ontario where
Patrick opened a tailor¹s shop.

Information we have for Patrick Galvin is that he was born in 1816 in Moate.
His parents were Michael Galvin and Marcella Fallon. His grandparents were
Patrick Galvin and Mary Claffy and Thomas Fallon and Bridget Byrns.

Information we have for Eliza Cassidy is that she was born in 1815 in
Drumraney. Her parents were James Cassidy and Eleanor Murtaugh. Her maternal
grandmother was Honour McCue and her maternal great-grandmother was Eliza

Patrick Galvin and Eliza Cassidy had eight (8) children including:

Marcella (b. 1846, married to Austin Gibbons),

Michael (b. 1848, married to Marie Bourgean / Bergin or Berrigan ?),

John R. (b. 1849, married to Mary Paquette),

Joseph Patrick (JP) (b. 1850, first marriage to Sarah Conn, second marriage
to Isabelle Doyle),

Eleanor Frances (b.1852, married to Joseph Garette),

James S. (b. 1855, married to Margaret McGuire),

Elizabeth Letitia (b. 1857, married to Thomas James Dowling),

Thomas (b. 1860, unmarried).

I would be pleased to share information and links.

I also have a specific question for the Can-Ont-Carleton-List subscribers. I
am just beginning my research and while I have scanned the List's digest for
the past few years to update myself on your correspondence, I would be most
grateful for any suggestions or leads that you might have in terms of
further investigating the family line, particulalry in Ireland.

Best New Year's Greetings
Paul J. Stagl,
Toronto, Canada 

March 7, 2002: This must be my lucky day. When searching the web for some information on my ancestors I came across your web site and the information listed by Paul Stagl which connects to my family records with a few minor differences. James S.(Samuel) Galvin and Margaret (Ann) McGuire were my grandparents from Carleton Place, Ont. They had 8 children; 4 girls and 4 boys. The youngest, Francis ( Frank ) was my father. My mother was a Warnock from Arnprior, Ont. I'm retired and living in Fredericton,N.B. and this winter I decided to research my family tree and compile an organized record of the information I have gathered over time. I would be delighted to follow up with Paul and share information which apparently is common to your wife's side of the family and mine. J. Galvin
April 10, 2002: E-mail from J. Galvin to John Kenny (thanks for sending me a copy ... Al) When searching the web for information on my ancestors I came across the BYTOWN web site and the massive amount of research and information you have posted on the Kenny Family, which, in part connects to my maternal grandparents. John Warnock and Catherine Behan were my grandparents from Arnprior, Ont. As you have noted in your records they had seven children, 2 boys and 5 girls. The eldest, Mary Theresa Warnock (Essie) was my mother. My father was Francis(Frank)L. Galvin from Carleton Place Ont. I'm retired and living in Fredericton N.B. and this winter I decided to research my family tree and compile an organized record of the information I have tried to gather over time. Naturally, I was absolutely delighted when I located the extensive amount of information in your data base pertaining to the Warnocks. I would like to follow up with you and share the information that I have available. It may not add much but it might help reconcile small differences pertaining to a few of my ancestors. Unfortunately, the older generation have all passed away, however, I will be checking with my cousins to see what information they may have available as well. Since I'm a novice at this stuff perhaps you can advise me on the best way to proceed. For example, can I download the section of your family tree that deals with the Warnocks and /or send notes or questions to you at this email address. I'm using a copy of the LDS software (PAF) V. 5.0 which is available off the web. J.Galvin: ( ) p.s. I think both the public service web site authored by Al Lewis and the Kenny Family data base and information that you (John Kenny) have developed and posted on the web are excellent.
May 16, 2009: Hello to All, I live in Carleton Place and I have been working on a genealogy project that I want to submit to the Catholic Church for the 125th anniversary of the parish in September. James Galvin, son of Patrick was on the committee struck by the priest to assist with the planning and building of the first church in 1884. I would like to include some information about the families of the committee members. I lived on the corner of Bridge and College streets in the 1950’s . Next to our building was Lam Galvin’s tailor shop. I remember Lam vaguely. I would see him and his sisters. I remember when the plate glass of his store window was vandalized (broken). In the 1950’s when I was in my teens the “Battle of the Boyne’ was still being waged in Carleton Place. In the attached pictures the Galvin building is the one story structure. My father’s Central Garage is in the foreground. I would be delighted to include any information that can be provided about the Galvin family from Patrick and Eliza down to the present. Thanks, Terry
Bridge Street, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada - 1930's

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