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From Norma O'Toole:
Hi Al

Thank you for this new information.  I have checked the McCabe list, but will
now follow up on the assessment records and the Notre Dame records for this
branch of the family.

My husband's O'Toole ancestors came to Eastern Ontario in 1882 from Birmingham,
England.  His grandfather, Bernard Francis O'Toole was age 10 at the time.  His
ggrandfather, John Vincent O'Toole was also born in Birmingham of Irish parents
from Old Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland.  John Vincent, his second wife Alice (Bailey)
O'Toole, Bernard and his brother John initially settled in Smith's Falls, Ont
where a son, George William O'Toole was born.  I believe that he worked with the
railroad there.  John, Alice, and the family moved to Ottawa in 1885, where he
is listed in the City Directories as a machinist.  A daughter, Mary Catherine
was born in Ottawa in 1887.  Unfortunately, John Vincent died in Ottawa in 1888,
and Alice in 1896.  Their son George went on to be a Canon in the Roman Catholic
Church.  He was ordained in Ottawa in 1910, and served at St. Mary's, Cantley, (Cantley)
Pakenham, Almonte, St. Brigid's, and St. Mary's.  He died in Ottawa on 3 Nov 1949.

I don't think that the Alice O'Toole that you mentioned would be connected to my
husband's family, but then you never know.  Alice (Bailey) O'Toole was the
sister of Rev. Geo. Bailey, parish priest in Chippenham Wilts, England.

I will be sure to let you know if I turn up any interesting information while
following your leads.

... Norma 

Al Lewis wrote:

> Norma:
> Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you.
> The only sources of records for the canal workers that I know of are:
> 1. The McCabe List. Bruce Elliott has listed 683 men who were in
> Bytown in 1829. Most of them were working on the Rideau Canal. It's fascinating
> reading as it gives the county and parish in Ireland from which each
> individual came. There is a Michael McCauley from Limerick mentioned, but no
> Alexander.
> 2. The early records of Notre Dame church on Sussex Street mentions a lot of
> the canal workers. Some of the records are available in the 3rd floor
> reading room at Library and Archives Canada. (hard cover, typed and sorted
> alphabetically).
> 3. There are early (1831 or 1834) assessment records. I have copies of them
> for Osgoode and a summary for Gloucester. I believe the National Archives
> may have these records for Nepean and Bytown as well.
> I've been interested in the period around 1826-1832 for a while, but haven't
> had time to look into it very much so far. I know there was a major cholera epidemic which killed many people here in 1832.
> I believe there was an O'Toole family in Osgoode, around the Stage Coach
> Road, seems to me about 1860. The one name I remember was an Alice O'Toole
> who married into possibly the John Finan or McGee family. If I come across the
> name again, I'll send it to you.
> Can you let me know if you find anything?
> Thanks and good luck!
> ... Al

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> Subject: Re: Murphy and Gaffney Surnames
> > Hi Al
> >
> > Thank you for the reply.  On checking your subsequent e-mail, I agree that
> I do
> > not need a hard copy of your other leads.  The names  Tobin and McLaughlin
> have
> > not yet been linked to this family.  I have referred to your web page
> several
> > times in the past and today clicked on the link in your message to check
> it out
> > once more.  You have been very busy indeed!  There is a lot more
> information there now than the last time that I had looked.  I have also been
> researching the films for St. John's RC in Perth and have marriage, birth and burial
> entries for my McCauley (McAuley), Doyle, Kelly, and Murphy names.
> >
> > Other Irish families that I am researching are the Michael Sage family
> from Quyon, (Pontiac County, Quebec, mid 1800s), and the O'Toole family in Ottawa (late 1800s), so I
> have lots of work ahead.
> >
> > You have my permission to copy the information on the Gaffney family to
> your site and use my internet address as a contact.  It should widen the search
> area and possibly result in more contacts.
> >
> > The Alexander McCauley mentioned in my submission had worked on the
> construction of the Rideau Canal before going to Ste Foye Quebec to be married.   
Could you possibly suggest some leads that I could follow up on to see if he is
mentioned?  I have been told that the names of the  "workers" were not normally
> > Al Lewis wrote:

> > > Thanks for the work you've done on the Murphys at Arnprior. I hope you
> don't
> > > mind, but I've taken the liberty of setting up a web page based on it at
> > >
> > >
> > >                             (Murphy Surname in Arnprior)
> > >
> > > I think some of these people are descended from / related to  families
> in
> > > Huntley Township and in Ottawa.
> > >
> > > Norma:
> > > Someone sent me some material which may include some Gaffney families.
> I'd
> > > have to dig it up, but it seems to me that some of the other surnames
> > > mentioned were Tobin and McLaughlin. Does this sound familiar to you? If
> so,
> > > I could snail-mail it to you (it's about 20 pages). Do you mind if I add
> > > your info on the Gaffney family to a web page with your e-mail
> > > address as a contact?
> > > -------------------------
 ... Al Lewis

Here's Norma's original posting to the UOVGEN List: Hi Melissa I have not had time to go through my research notes, but was very interested in the link between the names Murphy and Gaffney. My husband's gg grandmother was a Catherine Gaffney, married to Alexander McCauley, married 5 Sep 1843 at Notre-Dame de Foye, Sainte Foye Quebec. They settled in Chapeau, Alumette Island. Catherine's brother James Gaffney married Mary Murphy on 9 May 1853 at Chapeau, Quebec. Her other brother Patrick Gaffney married Catherine Hughes at Notre Dame de Quebec on 30 Sep 1845. Their parents were Michael Gaffney and Elizabeth Swords. (This family had connections to Kemptville, Ontario). It is possible that the Catherine Gaffney in your list is related to this family group. She was giving birth from 1869 to 1878, so may be the daughter of either James or Patrick. I would like to go through this film. Do you have the LDS film number? Are you connected to this group of Murphys? Best wishes, Norma O'Toole Here are some Murphy's in the Arnprior area.
January 25, 2012: Hi Al, I've finally found some documentation for the O'Toole family, pioneers of Cumberland, in the Killaveny and Annacurragh parish records in County Wicklow. Sept. 1818 Marriage of Michael Toole to Ann Cody / Coady Wit: Matt (or Patt) O'Toole, Mary Ryan and Mary Timmons / Timmins Oct 12, 1819 Bapt. of Thomas s/o Michael Toole and Ann Cody, Ballimarrogue Sp: James Toole and Elizabeth Jones Feb 17, 1823 Bapt. of James s/o Michael Toole and Ann Cody, Ballimarroge Sp: Pat Toole and Eliza Neil June 11 1825 Bapt of Batt/Patt s/o Michael Toole and Ann Cody, Ballimarroge Sp: Pat Cody and Ann Toole Dec 5, 1828 Bapt. of John s/o Michael Toole and Ann Cody, Ballymarroge Sp: Patt Kavanagh and Cath. ---- If I have the right place, Ballymarroge appears to be in Clonmore parish, since it's next to Stranakelly, Cronelea and Ballynultagh, but I suppose the boundaries were flexible then. Then from you, Al, I got this Notre Dame, Ottawa, marriage record for James, above: 9 Oct 1843 After one publication of banns, marriage of James Toole residing in Cumberland, adult son of Michael Toole and the late Ann Cooley (Cody) of County Wicklow, Ireland, to Sarah McNulty, daughter of Hugh McNulty and the late Susanna Duffy of County Donegal, Ireland Patrick Kione / Keogh / Keon?, Mary Tomkins, Benoni Chevalier, etc. Sometime after the death of Ann Cody, Michael O'Toole married Helen / Ellen Tompkins. I believe it was in Canada, but I can't find the record. Here are some ND Ottawa records for this family: 26 Nov 1847 Funeral service for Denis Toole who died at Cumberland, aged 1 yr. + 8 mos., son of Michael Toole and Ellen Tomkin Patrick Toole & Lewis Byrns / Burns [ has a page on Lewis Byrne] 1 Mar 1848 Baptism of Catherine, born 15 February of the marriage of Michael Toole and Helen Tompkins of Cumberland Felix Labreche & Mary Clary By 1861, Michael O'Toole had died (I believe it was in a mill accident), and his widow, Ellen,age 50, was still in Cumberland with Michael, 19, Peter 17, and Catherine 13. The place of birth for the children is unclear. The family lived just a few households away from John Tompkins and Elizabeth Traynor. Ellen Tompkins O'Toole could be either John Tompkins' sister (given the large families of the time) or his aunt. Also living in Cumberland in 1871 were Thomas and Pat O'Toole (perhaps James was there, as well), sons of Michael's first marriage. ... Anne Burgess
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