FULLER and TAYLOR families
County Clare, Ireland to Canada then to New Zealand
also RUTLEDGE and MOONEY surnames

March 3, 2006:

The Fuller family, with some Taylor cousins, left Torbolton in the early 
1850's for New Zealand.
Source: Bruce Elliott, Irish Migrants in the Canadas, Second Edition, page 169.

Hello Folks:
I am from New Zealand and have been seeking info. re my ancestors who 
travelled from County Clare, Ireland - early 1840's -to 'Upper Canada'    

What we KNOW is several members of the same family, i.e., brothers, sisters, their 
spouses and their many children - ALL joined an 'exodus' to Canada (supposedly via 
New York - but this may not be so! ), ending-up in the Carleton County area, where 
my great-great-parents had two further children (in Aylmer, Quebec ?), and 
subsequently my great-great-grandfather died 1849 (in Torbolton? )   
THEN my great-great-grandmother journeyed to Melbourne, Australia - with her 
remaining 3 children - to join her brother who had been working in India - 
and finally they all came on to N.Z. - where SHE was the first white woman in the 
town where they settled in 1855 - and where we as a family have just celebrated 
150 years since SHE and her family arrived . . .  We also KNOW that a sister and 
brother of our great-great-grandmother died in Canada - and we're fairly SURE 
there are descendants of other 'said' sister and brother - plus other relatives - 
remaining there  . . .  

Question  I-S ( ? )  - how do we begin to research our family's arrival, land 
ownership and movements etc. ???  Any info. you can offer will be HUGELY appreciated . . .  
Their names were TAYLOR ( my great-great-grandmother's and her many relatives ) 
and FULLER ( my great-great-grandfather's ) . . .  Hope to hear from any one of you 
Best Regards    
Lesley Cranch  ( nee Fuller )
January 9, 2008: Hello Lesley & Al, I was just surfing the internet looking for more information on my g g g grandfather Walter Taylor and came upon your email on Fuller and Taylor families from Ireland to Canada. I do believe that we are researching the same family tree. My g g g grandfather was Walter Taylor his daughter Mary Ann Taylor is my g g grandmother. I have been trying to find some information on the Taylor family for some time now. I do know that Walter was born in 1807 in Londonderry, Ireland ( I got this information from his childrens birth certificates, his brothers were William and Joseph and sisters Ann and Elizabeth but I believe that they were born in County Clare. Walter married Ann West in Bombay, India in 1836 and 6 children were born to them in Bombay Walter George born 1840 died 1 month later, Mary Ann born 1841, Walter born 1843 died 10 months later, Walter born 1845, Frederick Jeremiah born 1849 and Julia born 1852. Walter was an accountant for the Bank of Bombay while in India. The family sailed to Melbourne in 1854. Just after they arrived Julia died. They had 3 more children in Australia William Henry born 1855, Jullianna born 1859 and Alexander James Born 1862. Around 1864 they moved to Picton, NZ Walter started up a newspaper there but after the paper failed he moved his family to Wanganui where he was the editor for the Wanganui Times. They did have one more child John Mcgregor Taylor in 1865. I believe that Walter's parents were Jeremiah and Ann Taylor. Do you know if the whole family moved to Canada in the 1800's? I have not been able to find out why Walter was in India as there are no military records for him. Also what information do you have on his brothers and sisters? I hope you do not mind me asking all these questions. I do have a lot of information on the Walter Taylor side that I would love to share with you. Kindest Regards ... Lori Adkins ______________________ also posted on January 9, 2008: This may be a long shot but the 1829 McCabe List in the Bytown (Ottawa area) shows a Jeremiah Taylor, in this area. He came from Castletown, County Tipperary, and had three brothers, John, Joseph and William who resided at Uggerhim (sp?) in County Clare. (ML# 500). ... Al _______________________ Note: Another enquiry and reply has come in today regarding these families. I hope to post this new material tomorrow. ... Al
January 10, 2008: Hi Bev I just found your email on Bytown or Bust and think we may have a bit of a connection. I am a descendent of Eliza TAYLOR RUTLEDGE’s brother Walter Taylor. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards ... Rebecca New Zealand ____________________________ and a reply from Alfreda Veenstra: Hello Rebecca Thank you for your interesting message. Eliza Taylor Rutledge (1791-1896) is not related to me other than that two of her children from her marriage to John Mooney (1780-1859) married into my Hodgins family. Her second husband, John Mooney, had first been married to Ann Hodgins. It is the Hodgins family that I am connected to. Children of Eliza Taylor and John Mooney who married into my family: Eleanor Mooney (1834-?) married 24 Jan 1860 to Thomas Hodgins (1843-?) John Mooney (1836-1912) married 3 Feb 1860 to Eleanor Hodgins (1834-1911) Other children of Eliza and John were: Sarah Mooney (1839-?) married 3 Nov 1864 to Robert Hazzard (1844-?) William Mooney (1842-1903) married 27 Dec 1864 to Ellen Phillips (1847-1915). I do have a Margaret Elizabeth Taylor (1816-1892) in my direct line. I do not know who her parents were. She was born in Tipperary and married John Hodgins (1806-1883) born in Tipperary, Killaloe or Moneygall. They took out a marriage bond in 1838 in Killaloe Diocese, Tipperary, County Tipperary, Ireland which would indicate that they were married that year. They had at least two children, Edward Hodgins (1840-1914) [married Elizabeth Ellen White (1856-1940)] and Elizabeth Hodgins (1841-c1852) born in Tipperary. Their daughter Susan Hodgins (1844-1925) [married Samuel Clare] was probably born in Canada although there is some question about that amongst family members. The remaining members of their family were: Ellen Margaret Hodgins (1845-?) married George Darville Sarah Jane Hodgins (1849-1900) married Robert Walpole Margaret Hodgins (1850-1916) married George Howe John B Hodgins (1853-1900) married Martha Jane Paskins Elizabeth Hodgins (1857-1935) married George Henry West Benjamin Taylor Hodgins (1859-1930) married Sarah Ann Evans From my notes -- Using the names of the children of Margaret Elizabeth Taylor and John Hodgins if they used the naming pattern in vogue when their children were born we could, but won't, assume the following. John Hodgins father's name should be Edward Hodgins. Margaret Elizabeth Taylor's father's name should be John B Taylor. The B probably stands for Benjamin. John Hodgins mother's name should be Elizabeth. We can further assume this to be correct since after the 1st Elizabeth's death a second Elizabeth was born indicating this was an important family name. Margaret's mother's name should be Susan. Margaret's oldest sister's name should be Ellen (Taylor). John's oldest or favourite sister's name should be Sarah. Either John or Margaret probably had a brother Benjamin. I hope this information is of some help to you and if any of this later information regarding Margaret Elizabeth Taylor sounds familiar to you I would certainly enjoy hearing from you. ... Alfreda aveenstra@rogers.com
New August 26, 2010: Hello Al, If you could please post the following for me........ RUTLEDGE / MOONEY / TAYLOR / FULLER I am trying to trace the parents and siblings of Thomas RUTLEDGE who was born 1776 in County Limerick, Ireland. He married in 1816 Limerick to Elizabeth TAYLOR ( Born 1791 in Killaloe, Ireland), they had 5 children Elizabeth, Ann, Thomas, Joseph S. and Sarah. Thomas Snr and his daughter both died in 1831 in Ireland. After her husband and baby died she took the rest of her children and moved to Ontario, Canada were the rest of her family had settled. If anyone has information on this Rutledge family then please contact me. I am also trying to trace the parents and siblings of John MOONEY born 1796 in Killaloe, Ireland he married the above Elizabeth Taylor RUTLEDGE in 1833 in Ottawa, Ontario they had 4 children Eleanor, John, Sarah and William. John Mooney Snr died in 1859 North Onslow, Pontiac County, Quebec. Elizabeth his wife died 1896 in North Onslow, Quebec. Any help with this MOONEY family line would be of great help. My last request is to trace the parents and siblings of John FULLER. I really do not know much about him. He married Ann Taylor the sister of the above Elizabeth Taylor Rutledge Mooney. Married in 1829 Killaloe, Ireland they had 8 children Elizabeth, James, John, William, Amelia, (after baby William died they had another son named William born after Amelia), Mary Ann and Sarah. The family moved to Canada. After moving to Canada her husband died in Ottawa in 1849 and she lost two more of her children to cholera. After this she moved to New Zealand and settled there with her remaining children, brother Walter and other members of her family. If anyone has information on the bloodline of John Fuller Senior then please contact me. Thank you Lori

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