French River Trip, Ontario, Canada
to Bryer Lodge on Wolseley Bay

Photograph by Grace Lewis

August 18, 2014:

We are back from Wolseley Bay on the French River. It's August 16 and the temperature was about 10 degrees Centigrade
over the past 5 days.
It was raining and windy with white-caps on the bay. However, the landscape scenery more than makes up for it.

Here is a terrific map by Taylor Kennedy -- a combination of mapping and photography!
Don't forget to pan to the right to catch all of this first image.

French River, Map and Photographs by Taylor Kennedy

Thanks to Taylor and Cheryl Kennedy for the following photographs and for a terrific week!

Photographs by Taylor and Cheryl Kennedy French River, Ontario, Canada, Plaque Keywords above: Ojibway First Nations, Dokis First Nation, Fur Trade, Massasauga Rattlesnake French River, Ontario, Canada, Plaque Keywords above: Étienne Brûlé, Samuel de Champlain, Radisson and Groseilliers, La Vérendrye, Mackenzie, David Thompson French River, Ontario, Canada, Plaque Keywords above:Pierre-Esprit Radisson French River, Ontario, Canada French River, Ontario, Canada

Lots more information to come for this page over the next few months -- photographs and stories, some of 'em true. This place is absolutely beautiful and should not be confused with the French Riviera.
August 17, 2014: During our five day stay on the French River, our home base was Bryer Lodge on Wolseley Bay. Bill and Louise Nuttley are the owners and this is an excellent place to stay. There are 11 cottages available to rent. Not being voyageurs anymore, we rented the 20 foot long pontoon boat shown below. Bryer Lodge on the French River, Ontario, Canada Pontoon boat on the French River, Ontario, Canada
October 8, 2014: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for sending along this photo of the Five Finger Rapids in 1925.
August 23, 2015: Back from our 2015 trip to the French River with Taylor and Cheryl Kennedy.
Here is a photograph of Grace with a nice smallmouth bass. Hey, wait a sec ... how come the shadow of the fish is so much smaller than the fish in the photo? Photograph by Taylor Kennedy, magician. Grace with smallmouth bass, French River, Ontario, Canada
________________________________________________________ The Leduc Portage on the French River, Ontario, Canada. Source Ottawa Waterway, Gateway to a Continent by Robrt Leggett, page 55 Source for the above painting is Ottawa Waterway, Gateway to a Continent by Robert Leggett, page 55.
French River, Ontario, Canada - Five Finger Rapids in 1925 Credit: Canada. Dept. of Interior / Library and Archives Canada / PA-049821 Restrictions on use: Nil Copyright: Expired.

New August 28, 2015:
Canoe Sailing on the French River, August, 2015 Canoe Sailing on the French River, August, 2015

New April 7, 2019: (post retirement)
Canoe Flotilla Source: Les coureurs de bois par Jeanne Pomerleau, page 75 Birch Bark Canoe Flotilla on the French River

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