James FOX and Johanna SEXTON
Liscarrol, County Cork, Ireland, to Ontario, Canada in 1825 (PR)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Some information on my Fox ancestors that I have gathered so far.

My ggrandfather and ggrandmother were James Fox and Johanna Sexton (picture below). They
came from County Cork (emigration petition was signed at Liscarrol Parish, Cork).
They left Ireland in 1825 on the ship "Albion" with Peter Robinson settlers
and took up land on Conc. 11 in Emily Township, Victoria County near today's
Lindsay and Peterborough and the village of Downeyville. They kept the old Gaelic name
"Sionnach" until the 1830's (though variations on the spelling included
Shenock, Shenig, Shennick). They were listed as "Shinig" in the 1826
Newcastle District census. By the time of the 1839 Newcastle District
census, they were referred to as "Fox".

Two other families with same name came over at the same time but were not
listed on ship's lists (see below).I know this because these families ended
up on lands adjacent to James and Johanna and were referred to as Thomas
Shinig and Pat Shinig in the 1826 census. My research of census, land titles,
church records etc suggest that Pat was a brother to James and Thomas may
have been the much older older brother or even the parent of both James and
Pat...I suspect the latter even though I know that older folks were not
supposed to join the migration.

Re: the alias situation...my guess...Pat came over as Darby Guinea and
Thomas came over as Regan (other researchers seem to have suggested this and
review of my family's records since then would confirm.)

Yes add me to contact list and hope we can continue to share. 


PS I am looking for information on another side of my family... Patrick
Murray my ggrandfather who settled in Ops Township, Victoria County but I
can't seem to trace back beyond the 1860's. If you have contacts with Murray
families, please let me know. 
At 09:10 AM 1/10/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks for your e-mail regarding the FOX family.
>This is an interesting story - I've just begun to look into it, and maybe
>you can help me out.
>The FOX family is tied in with a family named SHENECK / SHENICK according to Carol
>Bennett's book "The Peter Robinson Settlers". It is an anglicized version of the
>Gaelic word for Fox.
>It's tricky, because the Sheneck families travelled to Canada under that
>name and then changed the name to Fox in Canada. Some of these people used
>aliases - they're tied in somehow with the REGAN family and also with some
>other families who came to the Ottawa area in 1823, some of whom also used
>Before I spend a lot of time looking into this, can you add any details? I'd
>like to start another web page for this family, based on what we have now,
>what we find out, and I'll add your e-mail address to the page as a contact
>for other researchers - if this is OK with you.
>I have no information on the MORE surname list. There are some web pages
>dedicated to the 1825 Peterborough area PR settlers and they may have some
>information on the FOX / SHENECK families.
>... Al
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>> Have just visited your website...would like to contact Michael More who I
>> believe is your area (Ottawa Genealogical) No luck getting to their site.
>> Can you help?
>> I'm looking for info on my family...the Fox's... Peter Robinson
>> 1825 to Emily Township, Victoria Co. Ont. from Cork Ireland. The above
>> mentioned surname list by Michael More had the names of my ggrandparents.
>> Any help appreciated.
>> Bryan Tisdale
December 27, 2003: Al We corresponded awhile back when I was researching the Fox side of my family history (Peter Robinson settlers 1825, Emily Township, Ontario, Canada). I am now looking at the Murray and O'Connor families. I received information from a distant cousin in Michigan about my ggrandmother, Ellen O'Connor who married Patrick Murray. Ellen's sister, Mercy Frances O'Connor married John Burns and resided in Ottawa. John Burns was a wood carver and worked on the Parliament Buildings. They had two sons... Denis? and... James Joseph who died April 9, 1889 while studying at the seminary. Also, members of the McGuire family (relatives of the O'Connors) resided with the Burns. Do you have any information about this family? Bryan __________________________ Hi Bryan: > >Thanks for your e-mail. ..... > >In the meantime, does this marriage fit in with your folks? > >17 Sep 1852 >Baptism of Mary, born 7 September of the marriage of John Burns and Mary >Connors >Witnesses: Nicholas & Mary Ann Barry > >This record is from Notre Dame Cathedral, the mother church in Ottawa. > >Also, while I think of it: Here is the first baptism recorded in the >Catholic Church in Ottawa: > >16 Sep 1825 >Baptism of Mary, born on the 14th instant, legitimate daughter of Patrick >Shunig (Gaelic for FOX) and Ellen Sullivan >Witnesses: Thomas Shunig (Fox) and Mary Fitzgerald (This Mary Fitzgerald could be my GGGrandmother who married Patrick CHRISTOPHER ... Al) > >... Al Lewis, ________________________ Al Thanks for replying. Nothing as of now on Burns / Connors but the reference to Patrick Shunig is interesting. Patrick "Shinig" and Ellen "Sulavan" travelled under an assumed name from Cork during the 1825 Robinson migration. My ggrandparents James "Shinig" and Johanna Sexton came at the same time under their own names as they had a "legitimate" embarkation certificate. Both families ended up settling on adjacent lots in Emily Twp. Victoria County On. The third member of the family who settled there was Thomas "Shenig"(according to records that date back to 1826). By the 1840's/1850's they all used the surname Fox. The place is still called Fox's Corners today. St. Mary's Church Lindsay Ontario records Patrick Fox and Ellen "Sulavan" as parents to daughter Jean, baptised Dec.1842; witnesses were Michael Geary and Mary Fitzgerald. A distant U.S.cousin, who I have been in touch with, has received info. from Ireland that a William Fitzgerald was a first cousin to our family back in Ireland.. So what do you think? Did part of the family go up to Ottawa before finally settling in Emily Twp.? Anything to suggest origins/parents etc. Right now, my research suggests the family came from Liscarrol, County Cork. Bryan
September 8, 2004: Bryan, I just came across your email. Is the distant cousin in Michigan, USA? Tim R... or am I lucky enough to find another person interested in this family. Patrick and Ellen OConnor Murray are Tim and my ancestors also. We are descended through their son, Patrick who went to Wisconsin and then to Michigan. I would love to hear from you. Carole cabazzell@yahoo.com
February 3, 2006: Hi My name is Julie and James and Johanna Fox were also my gggrandparents. I live in Ops township. My grandmother Rose M. Fox (Giltenan) born in Downeyville, Ont. to James and Mary Fox (Commerford / Comerford). I would love to hear from you regarding family history etc. ... Julie ______________
Julie: I think that this family has connections to Osgoode Township in the 1840's. They may be connected through the Comerford family who had connections to the surnames DARCY and BELLINGHAM here. Comerford's Smoke Shop on Bank Street in the 1950's? Possible. ... Al
February 4, 2006: I agree Al to the Osgoode, Gloucester connections. The Murrays and O'Connors were residents in Bowesville area and I have letters from Patrick Murray who left to join his parents in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. His parents had previously settled in Bowesville (maybe moving there after Corkery area??) Fox descendants lived in the Manotick area so did the Burns and of course, the Downey family. This may be coincidental but.... I am not related directly to the Murrays but the letters I have were sent to John Foran a good friend of Patrick Murray Junior not sure what his parents names were but he had a brother John Murray who married 1) Hanorah Foran and then 2) Mary Thompson Martin Quinn was married to a O'Connors. The Downeys and the Fox' from Bowesville / Manotick area are also related. Do you think there is a connection? ... Mary Quinn __________________ Mary: I suspect that the Mary Fitzgerald mentioned above is my GGGrandmother who later married Patrick Christopher in 1835. Here is another connection from Notre Dame in Ottawa but I believe that all these folks mentioned in this record were living near South Gloucester at the time: 20 Apr 1848 Baptism of Helena, born the 10th of the marriage of Laughlin Moran and Helen Comerford Witnesses: Nicholas Foran & Mary Ann Nolan There was a Fox family on the Manotick Station Road, near the Nick Adams Road today where my Burns ancestors lived. But they came from County Sligo and are buried at St. Brigit's. I can't find the Comerfords in the 1881 census in this area although I know that they lived in either North Osgoode or South Gloucester in the 1850's. They are listed in some early records from Our Lady of the Visitation parish which Michael lent to me to copy. (c. 1848 to 1854 time frame). There is a John Burns mentioned earlier on this page. One of my Great Uncles was named John Burns from Osgoode. He disappeared from the farm in the 1850's and hasn't been heard from since. I'd like to know where he ended up. John ... call home. ... Al
April 22, 2009: I read with great interest your article on James Fox. Patrick Fox was my ggggrandfather and is buried in Downeyville Pioneer cemetery..I have a picture which I will send you. Now at least I know when he came to Canada. You will notice on the stone (maybe hard to read) there is Jane S. Fox (their daughter) age 20yrs. old Do you know who Patrick married? it looks like Ellen on the stone. I have a private tree on ancestry.ca Bryan.. My grandmother was Emma Fox married to James Morrisey ? .. if you wish to email me please do as I have info on the Fox family. Thanks ... Bonnie Toms James Fox born c. 1791
March 31, 2011:
Johanna Sexton Johanna SEXTON, Ireland to Lindsay, Ontario, c. 1832
I would like to know more about the Fox Name, I have a Picture of Johanna Sexton Which I believe to be my ggggggrandmother. Their son Patrick was the Father of John Fox, who married Sarah Dempsey, Their Son Michael, was married to Anna Delehunt, Their Son Edward Vincent was my Granddad, who moved to Buffalo, NY, USA, Married Anne Wagner from Scranton, Pennsylvania they Had 2 sons Edward V. Fox Jr and John. I'm Getting curious, about this. I know, Michael and Annie (see photo, below) lived in Lindsay Ontario, where My Grandfather was born. ... Robert Fox The name FOX came to be used as the regular surname for an ancient Celtic family whose early name in Gaelic was O'Catharnaigh. In the 11th century one of the O'Catharnaigh chieftains was given the nickname An Sionnach, which means "The Fox", because of some wily traits of character typical of the fox. This soubriquet became traditional in the family. So much so that in the course of time it supplanted the original family name, O'Catharnaigh, in the popular mind and eventually came to be regarded as the surname. It has survived the centuries as such. The Celtic FOX family, therefore, trace their descent from Maine, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, King of Ireland, A.D. 397. The original territory of the clan was located in County Vestmeath. Their chieftains were rules of all Teffia. In later times their possessions were narrowed down to the barony of Kilcoursey in County Offaly. Due to the influence of wars and commerce, members of the family settled in many other parts of the country, so that today the name is widespread in three provinces. An account of the variant pronunciations of the spoken Gaelic, the original name, O'Sionnaigh, has been transliterated into English in many forms other than FOX. It appears as McAshinah in County Tyrone, McShanahy in County Louth, Shanahy in County Westmeath, Shinagh in County Mayo, Shinnock in County Kilkenny and Shinogh in County Galway. The anglicized version FOX is most popular and found in greatest numbers today in Counties Longford, Leitrim and Tyrone. The head of the soubriquet has for centuries been known as "THE FOX". But since titles as such are no longer recognized under the Irish Constitution, the designation is now merely traditional and honorary. Besides the Celtic FOX clan, there are some families of the name in Ireland who are of English origin, the most noteworthy being the FOXES of County Limerick who are perpetuated in the place name Mountfox near Killamock. Charlotte Milligan Fox, (1864-1916), the noted collector of folk songs and founder of the Irish Folk Song Society, played an important part in the Gaelic cultural revival. James Fox and Johanna Sexton were married in Dublin County in 1825?. They came over from Ireland in the Robinson Immigration of 1832. (Note: The Robinson Settlers came over in 1823 (Ottawa area) and 1825 (to the Peterborough area ... Al) James Fox and Johanna Sexton were among the early settlers of Downeyville, Canada. They are listed in Carol Bennett's book and came over on the Albion in 1825. See more details in her book, Peter Robinson's Settlers, 1823 1825. Michael Fox Sr. was born in Downeyville in 1839. He died December 9, 1912. He had many brothers and sisters - among them James, Patrick, and Richard. One sister moved to Chicago. Uncle Dick had two girls, one Polly and one Hanna (named after Grandmother Johanna). Hannah married a Callahan / Callaghan (another descendent of Donneyville settlers), another sister married a Maher / Meagher, and he was struck by lightning as he stood in the barn door. Michael Fox Sr. bought the farm from Maher. Another sister married a Tracy. Michael Fox married Mary Ellen Roche / Roach November 2, 1864. Mary Ellen Roche was brought to Ontario Canada from Ireland as a child by her parents, Edward and Catherine Roche, who settled in Ops Township. Catherine Roches parents were Tom and Catherine Coyle. Mary Ellen Roche had a brother James and a brother Timothy and a sister Catherine (old Aunt Kate). Mary Ellen Roche Fox died June 12, 1902. The following are the children of Michael Fox and Mary Ellen Roche: 1) Mary Fox born August 22, 1865 - died October 11, 1875 2) James Fox born November 20, 1866. 3) Edward Fox born July 15, 1868. 4) William Fox born March 24, 1870. 5) Michael Fox born March 24, 1870. 6) Catherine Fox born April 15, 1874. 7) Thomas Patrick Fox born April 22, 1877. 8) Mary Ellen Fox born May 4, 1880. James Fox married Margaret Fox June 18, 1894. They had three children, a daughter, Margaret, that died and Cyril and Helen. James Fox died. Edward Fox remained a bachelor. He died January 9, 1936. William Fox married Elizabeth Warde / Ward on April 16, 1913. They had one baby that died at birth. William Fox and Elizabeth Ward William Fox died July 15, 1953 - age 83. Elizabeth died June 12, 1963. She was born December 8, 1870 - age 93. Michael Fox married Annie Delahunt October 23, 1901. They had 5 children. Joseph Michael died at 10 months, two died at birth, and Mary Margaret and Edward Vincent. Michael Fox died February 4, 1953. Anna Theresa Delahunt died June 5, 1954. She was born November 18, 1870. (See page on Delahunts) Michael Fox married Annie Delahunt Catherine Fox and Joseph Breen were married June 5, 1894. Their children were Mary Magdalene, Monica Kathleen, Helen, Frank, George, Marcella, Margaret, Dorothy, and Jack. Joseph Breen died December 19, 1930. Catherine Fox Breen died September 8, 1941. Thomas Fox married Annie Landry July 16, 1907. Their children were George, Joseph, and Felix. Annie Landry died November 8, 1922 at age 41. Thomas Fox remarried Annie Fagin / Fagan -no children. Mary Ellen Fox married John Whalen October 11, 1910. They had no children. Mary Ellen Whalen died February 3, 1947. John James Whalen died December 12, 1935.
THE DELAHUNTS Michael Joseph Fox married Anna Theresa Delahunt October 23, 1901. Anna Theresa Delahunt was born in Leroy, NY November 18, 1870. She had two brothers, John and Daniel and one sister, Mary Frances (Aunt Mate). All four were born in Leroy, NY, the children of Daniel and Rose Ellen Delahunt. Rose Ellen was born in Lindsay, her maiden name was Duke. Her grandmother's name was Tevin (Teevin?). Rose Ellen Duke used to come over from Lindsay with Lucy Crowley to work. Lucy Crowley and Rose Ellen Duke married the Delahunt brothers John and Daniel. John Delahunt worked for a man named Francis who caned chairs and sold whisk brooms. Two of the children, Daniel and Mary, had middle names of Frances after him. Daniel Delahunt went on a sales trip to New York City where he contracted Typhoid fever and died January 21, 1875 at the age of 34. Rose Ellen died the same year. Anna Theresa Delahunt was at that time four years and some months old. She had been staying in Lindsay with relations and remained with them later residing with the Brady family. Daniel Francis was taken by the Sisters of St. Joseph at St. Mary's in Rochester and brought up by the nuns until he was 18 years. They sent him to telegraphy school. John was sent to live with another relation. Mary Frances (Aunt Mate) who was about ten at the time of her parent's death, got on a train and went to live with her Aunt Mary O'Keefe who was her godmother. It was Aunt Mate who kept the family together through visits and correspondence, although Anna Delahunt Fox was about 18 before she saw her sister Mary Frances Delahunt. Mary Frances Delahunt died in 1934 at age 65. She had been married to Edward Aylard who died in 1924 at age 65. When he died in 1924, Mary and Edward Fox, children of Michael Fox and Anna Delahunt came to live with their Aunt Mate. John Delahunt died by drowning while he was in his early teens. From "The Evening Post" Lindsay, Ontario Wednesday, October 23 FOX / DELAHUNT This morning at St. Mary's Church by Rev. Father Sullivan, Mr. Michael Fox Jr., of South Ops, was united in marriage to Miss Annie Delahunt, of this town. Miss Mattie Delahunt of Batavia, New York, USA, a sister of the bride, and Mr. Edward Fox, a brother of the groom, assisted the happy couple through the trying ordeal at the altar. The bride was dressed in a tailor-made traveling suit and hat to match. Miss Delahunt was given away by her cousin, Mr. Thos. Brady, Lindsay, of whose family she has been a member for many years. After the marriage ceremony, the young couple, with a few immediate friends, repaired to the residence of Mr. Brady, Lindsay and Gleneg Sts., where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was served and congratulations were extended to the bride and groom. The Bride was the recipient of many useful and valuable presents, showing the high esteem in which she was held by her many friends. Mr. and Mrs. Fox left on the 10:50 train going east, amid showers of rice and old shoes on their way to the Pan-American. On their return home they will take up the residence of Russell St. From the TELEGRAPH WORLD October 1933 Daniel F. Delahunt The passing of Daniel F. Delahunt at his home in Buffalo, NY on August 30 will be a distinct shock to his many friends in the east as well as the central west. Mr. Delahunt had been ailing since the first of the year and although he and his family had great hopes of his recovery, he became steadily weaker until the time of his death. "Dan", as he was generally known, entered the service of this company at Chicago in October, 1892, where he filled numerous positions during his long term of employment in that office, first as a Morse operator, later becoming branch manager, Chief Clerk to the Supt. of City Lines. He had charge of the Western Union Office at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893. FROM THE LINDSAY DAILY POST OCTOBER 26, 1951 Local Couple Celebrate Fifty Years of Marriage In the home where they have lived for 50 years, Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Fox celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday of this week. Mr. and Mrs. Fox have lived at 86 Lindsay Street for 50 years and it was here that they entertained a multitude of friends and relatives who had come to congratulate the on this day. In the morning, Mr. and Mrs. Fox attended a Nuptial High Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, celebrated by Right-Rev. Msgr. McAuley, assisted by Rev. Father Walsh and Rev. Father Kay. Although the weather was anything but satisfactory, a great many friends called in the afternoon and evening to extend congratulations. For the occasion, the Fox home was beautifully decorated with white and gold. Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Frederick, Mrs. John O'Leary, and Mrs. Patrick Harrington attended to the tea and coffee while Mrs. William Fox, Mrs. Ed Fox, Mrs. Lucy O'Connell, and Mrs. Katerhine Burns poured tea. Many beautiful gifts, flowers, and cards were received from well-wishers. Mr. Fox was born in Ops Township 80 years ago and Mrs. Fox was born in LeRoy, NY, 81 years ago. She came to Canada at an early age and met and married Michael Fox in St. Mary's Church on October 23, 1901. After they were first married, Mr. Fox worked for a time for Sylvester Manufacturing. He later took employment with the railroad. He finally worked with Spratt and Kilen / (Killeen?) who operated a grocery store in Lindsay at that time. He worked with this firm for six years. About 40 years ago, he and Fred Nugent joined to form the Fox-Nugent grocery which was located where Mercer's Drug Store now stands. The grocery business was finally abandoned after about three years because of illness and Mr. Fox went to work for the Lindsay Coal Company. He was with this firm for 25 years until his retirement some 12 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Fox state that they enjoy excellent health and were pleased to welcome many relatives and friends. Among them were their two children, Mary, now Mrs. Albert Desor, and Edward, both living in Buffalo, NY. Mr. Fox has two brothers living in Lindsay and one in Toronto. They are Thomas and William, in Lindsay and James. JAMES FOX (see picture above) Death claimed another pioneer of this county, in the passing of James Fox, Fenelon Township, which took place at his home on Thursday, January 5th, at the ripe old age of ninety years. He was born in Emily Township, and resided there until about twenty-five years ago, and then he moved to N.E. boundary of Ops. He had enjoyed almost perfect health until two years ago, but it was only within the last three months that his illness was though serious. He was married fifty two years ago to Mary Commerford / Comerford, of Victoria Road, they having celebrated their Golden Wedding in November, 1931. Left to mourn his loss is his widow, eight sons, and two daughters: James, Of Kansas City, USA, Edward and Joseph of Buffalo, New York, USA, William of Toronto, Thomas and Leonard of Detroit, Michigan, John of Downeyville, and Hubert, on the homestead, Mrs. Cyril Fox, Toronto, Mrs. Mich Giltenan, Ops. (One daughter, Mrs. Loretto Turner, died about ten years ago), and his brother, Richard Fox, of Fox's corners, Emily Township, who is in his 82nd year. His funeral took place on January 8th, to St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, where the Rt. Rev. Mon. McColl chanted Requiem Mass, at 9:00 a.m. Burial was in St. Luke's Cemetery, Downeyville. Mon. McColl, in his brief oration over the remains, paid tribute to the deceased, as a true type of God-fearing, dutiful man, a pioneer, not afraid of work and who surely left an example of a busy meritorious life. Among those who attended the funeral from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fox, and Mr. Edward Fox and Edward Turner of Buffalo; Mr. and Mrs. William Fox and son, Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fox and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fox, Detroit, Mrs. Cyril Fox Toronto; and Mr. and Mrs. Basil McQuillan of Toronto. The Last Picture is of My Grandad Edward V Fox Sr, My Grandma Anna Fox Nee Wagner. His Father Michael, and Anna Delahunt My Dad Edward V Fox Jr, and My Uncle John Fox Fox Family Michael J. Fox On February 4, 1953, Michael J. Fox, a long time resident of Lindsay, passed away at the Lindsay Private Hospital. The late Mr. Fox had lived for over 50 years at 86 Lindsay St. S. He was born February 24, 1872, the son of the late Michael Fox and Ellen Roche of South Ops. He was a descendent of a pioneer family of Downeyville, his paternal grandparents, James Fox and Johanna Sexton, being members of the party who came from Ireland about 1830 and pioneered in the Downeyville Section. The late Mr. Fox is survived by his widow, Anna Delahunt. Two children, Edward Fox and Mrs. Albert Desore (Mary) and four grandchildren, all of Buffalo, three brothers, James of Toronto, Thomas and William of Lindsay. The funeral took place from the family residence to St. Mary's Church where a Requiem Mass was said by Mon. McAuley. The pallbearers were Hack Harnett, Jack Curtin, Dave Crowley, Patrick Harrington, Patrick Twohey, and Frank Brady. Interment took place at St. Mary's Cemetery with Mon. McAuley officiating at the grave. Anna T. Fox On June 5th, Anna T. Fox passed away at the home of her daughter in Buffalo, NY. Mrs. Fox was born Anna Theresa Delahunt at LeRoy, NY, on November 18, 1870. Orphaned at an early age, she was brought to Canada and spent most of her life in Lindsay. She was predeceased by her husband, Michael, on February 4th, 1953. They had lived over 50 years in Lindsay at 86 Lindsay St. So. They celebrated their golden anniversary there October 23, 1952. Left to mourn her loss is a son, Edward, and a daughter, Mary, (Mrs. Albert Desor) and four grandchildren, all of Buffalo. Requiem mass was celebrated at St. Mary's Church, Lindsay, by Mon. McAuley. The pallbearers were Felix Fox, George Hodgson, Pat Harrington, Norbert McClory, Basil McIntyre, and Huber Fox. Interment took place at St. Mary's Cemetery, Lindsay, Father Fitzpatrick officiating at the grave. ... Robert Fox
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