possibly ML# 453 on the McCabe List
also the HUNT family (to Corkery c. 1865)

October 8, 2002:
I have enjoyed your Bytown or Bust web-site, and have found at least one entry of 
considerable interest, Daniel Kavanaugh's posting about his ancestors John Kavanaugh 
and Jane Hunt. I think that Jane Hunt was a cousin to my ggggrandmother Mary Hunt, 
who married Holmes Fowler in 1843 in Kitley Twp, Leeds Co.
I have been searching high and low for information on Holmes Fowler and Mary Hunt 
and other than finding some other Hunt descendants who are also flummoxed on where 
the Hunts came from in Ireland and when, I can find nothing. 
I heard from an expert in Irish names that Holmes may well be the Anglicization of 
the Irish/Gaelic name Thomas. 
Today I found mention of a Thomas Fowler in a 1829 list of Irish Settlers in the 
Ottawa Valley. Do you know anything about this list or, better yet, the Thomas Fowler 
in question?
I would appreciate any help you could extend about finding out more about Holmes 
Fowler's origins. I calculate that he was born in Ireland about 1811-13. I know 
(from census records) that he was in Kitley by the late 1830s and married in 1843. 
His first son (of 13 children) was born in 1844. He died at age 63 in 1876. 
Thank you for your interest and time,
Kathryn Ellen Fowler
Granddaughter of Kitley



The Thomas Fowler you mention above shows up on the December 1828 Militia List 
for Carleton County, Bytown and Hog's Back. There was a settlement at Hog's Back 
which is a dam and set of locks on the Rideau Canal system, within the City of
Ottawa today. His age was stated as being 21.
There is also a Thomas Fowler on the McCabe List of 1829. He was unmarried and 
gave his origin as County Kilkenny, Ireland. His relations were all in Canada.

As for the Hunts. According to the 100th Anniversary Booklet of St. Michael's
RC Parish in 1924, the Hunt family came to that area late (in the 1860's).
The two large waves of settlers to the parish came in 1823 (Peter Robinson Settlers)
and in 1847 (Famine Immigrants). The book states that the Hunts came from Tipperary, but 
there is a question mark after the word "Tipperary". One of the church records states 
that one of the elder Hunt men was born in Stoney Stratford, England.

Maybe someone else can connect Holmes Fowler and Thomas Fowler or may have further
info on the Hunts.

... Al
October 11, 2002: Al, thanks for your information on Thomas Fowler and the 1829 list. Do you think that the one mentioned in the 1828 list and the McCabe list of 1829 are the same man? My Holmes Fowler is probably not the 1828 man, because of the age difference. By my calculations, from census data, Holmes was born about 1811-13/14. The first Thomas you list must have been born about 1807. What is McCabe's List? (See McCabe List ... Al) As for the Hunts, I don't think the Hunts you mention are my Hunts, although I suppose they could be related. Daniel Hunt, who seems to be Mary Hunt's father, was listed in the 1839 Kitley census. Mary was probably born about 1821, in Ireland. The family must have come over in the 1830s. The 1860s Hunts that you mention perhaps heard about the area from them, that is of course that they are related and knew one another! Thanks again, and I look forward to any information about Holmes/Thomas Fowler who was born about 1811-14 and who married Mary Hunt (1821-1894) and settled in Kitley, Leeds Co. and had a family of 13 children. Kathryn Fowler

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