settlers at Richmond, Upper Canada, c. 1821

April 15, 2006:
Hi Sue and Al
First let me thank you, Sue, for your transcriptions of the Ottawa newspapers 
posted on Bytown or Bust, they have been a terrific resource.  What prompted me to 
write today was discovering your work on the Dubroys posted on WorldConnect. I 
am trying to confirm a connection between the Dubroys (and all spelling variations) 
of St. Patricks and St. Phillips and my Fournier / Leblanc surnames. 
My Fourniers,  Anthony and Sarah (Hill),  were in Richmond from about 1821,  Sarah 
was received into the Catholic church as an adult in 1837 at St Philliips and they 
are both buried at St. Phillips ( gravemarker pic Scott Naylor). Their known children 
were Margaret b. 1821 m. Charles Leblanc 1841 at St. Phillips, Jeremiah b. abt. 
1828 and John b. abt. 1828 (1851 census).
What I am wondering is if Amelia/Emilie Fournier b. abt 1822 Upper Canada (1861 census) 
wife of Antoine Dubroy  both buried at St. Phillips ( gravemarker pic Scott Naylor)  
was their daughter as well. As you may know she was very active at St Phillips, 
acting as sponser several times.
Other possible children are Maria wife of Francis Bushey/Bushi ( a Bushey [Boucher ?] 
child age 6 was on the 1851 census in the home of Anthony and Sarah); and Angelina.
Did you happen to encounter any of these folks during you Dubroy research? 
... Allen Craig
May 18, 2006: Hi Al, Thought I'd pass on a little more info that I have obtained re the above. 1. The following is the text of an email from David Papineau forwarded with his permission Hi Allen, always interested in helping out where I can. I have run across few people searching the Dubroy name. The original name was Dubrule, but seems to have been anglisized when they moved from Quebec. I have seen at least a half dozen different spelling variations. I'll limit my response to the first few generations as I'm not sure how much info you would like. Antoine Dubroy(Dubrule) h/o Emilia Fournier would be my gggreat-grandfather's (Louis) brother. I have not verified the following information(in italics). It was given to me by Sylvain Dubrule, a Montreal researcher of the name Dubrule. I was in contact with him in 2001 and this is a summary of what he sent me. I have been unable to reach him lately to ask him some questions that have come up. Antoine and Louis parents were Antoine Dubrule and Elizabeth Benard. Antoine Sr. and Elizabeth were married in Vaudreuil. They had at least 4 children: 1. Antoine born March 18, 1820 married Emilia Fournier November 22, 1842 in Richmond. Unfortunatley, the names of the parents were not recorded in the parish register. 2. Louis(my gggreatgrandfather) born May 13, 1822, married Ellen O'Connell in Richmond October 20, 1846. 3. Moise born July 20, 1826 married Laurie Chapman in Richmond, settled and buried in Minnesota, USA 4. Zephirine born April 3, 1829, married Jules Thibodeau Sept 25, 1848 in richmond Antoine jr. has at least 9 children, Louis had 14, Moise had at least 7, Zephrine at least 2. I don't have many references between Founiers and Dubroy's, but this seems to be different from what you have sent: Antoine(Anthony) III (son of Antoine and Emilia Fournier) was born August 1, 1844 in Richmond. The sponsors at his birth were John Fournier and Zephirine Dubroy The 1851 census shows that Antoine (30 yrs old) and Emelia (28 yrs old) are residing in Carleton County, Nepean Township along with 5 of their children; Illegible name(9 yrs), Antwain(Anthony) III(8 yrs), Oliver (5 yrs), Elizabeth (4 years) Joseph (1 yr). The census also shows that Antwain was born in Lower Canada, Emelia in Richmond and all the kids in Nepean. To answer your questions, I don't have any info that shows on who Emelia's parents were. Concerning Hyancinthe Dubroy, I have been looking into concrete information as to where he fits in. Currently I'm thinking that Hyancinthe and Antoine Senior were brothers. Logic: Based on census information Antoine would have been born around 1789-1791. In the 1881 census, Hyancinthe is living in Ottawa his son Octavious.(Note the census shows the last name as Dubreuil. His age is 85, which would put his date of birth at 1796, which would fall in line as a sibling of Antoine. In the 1842 census, Antoine and Hyancinth are listed as neighbours. Antoine and Elizabeth were also sponsors for Octavious Dubrule who was born in 1839. I hope that this provides some help. If you have any questions or if you want further breakdown of branches let me know. I'm currently almagamating my information as I have bits and pieces everywhere. I hope once its finished it will be alot easier to extract info. I'll keep my eyes open for any Fournier reference ... Dave 2. I have also been in touch with Mike Dubroy who is a direct desc of Antoine and Emilia, he is quite certain that Emilia was the daughter of Anthony Fournier and Sarah Hill. His father apparently researched this in the mid 90's mostly from family papers etc. 3. It's suggestive that the Dubroys (Antoine, Amelia and family) moved from Nepean to Richmond around the time of Anthony Fourniers death in 1858 and lived on Lennox St. -- Anthony Fournier lived at 12 Lennox W. where he had a carpentry shop. Regards, ... Allen Craig
March 8, 2008: Hi Al and Sue, Thanks to you both for posting the new transcriptions. Found three that I think are family members. 6 Oct 1841: Charles Leblaune and Margaret Turner I think this is my gggrand parents Charles Leblanc and Margaret Fournier ( dau of Anthony Fournier and Sarah Hill) as the date is consistent with what I have from other sources and neither of the surnames is too big a stretch. 22 Nov 1842: Anthony Dubrule and Emilia Furmin I think this is Anthony Dubrule and Emilia Fournier ( 2nd dau of Anthony Fournier and Sarah Hill) 24 Feb 1857: John Fournier, son of Anthony Fournier and Sarah Hill, to Mary Kennedy, daughter of James Kennedy and Margaret Murphy deceased, both of Richmond Didn't have this one and am very glad to get it now to chase them down. Thanks again for the transcriptions and for posting them Allen Craig
New March 10, 2008: Hi Allen; I've found a few more for you. From the records of Notre Dame: Baptized 13 Jan 1833, William, son of William Fournier and Sarah Hill of Richmond. Sponsors were James Boyle and Susanna Farley (Priest must have made a mistake here and given the father the same name as the child) (my ancestor): baptized 13 Jun 1833, Hyacinth Dubruille, son of Hyacinth Dubruille and Margaret Charlebois. Sponsors were Antoine Dubruille and Elizabeth Benard Baptized 11 Nov 1833, Mary Ellen, daughter of Antoine Dubrule and Elizabeth Benard. Sponsors Joseph Dubrule and Thes....? (can't read this woman's name). Hyacinth Dubreuille, merchant of Bytown, married at Notre Dame 19 April 1841, Marie Rosalie Thy.....? ____________________________ Anthony Dubrule married at St. Philip's 22 Nov 1842, Emilia Fournier (she was buried 1 Sept 1881 at St. Philip's in the presence of Antoine, Henry and Moses Dubrule) Louis Dubruille, (son of Antoine Dubruille and Elizabeth Minnard of Nepean) married 20 Oct 1846 at St. Philip's, Ellen O'Connell (daughter of Edmond O'Connell and Bridget Katen / Keating ? of Nepean) Julius Thibodeau married at St. Philip's 25 Sep 1848 Zepherine Dubroy (Dubrule) __________________ I'll keep my eyes peeled for your Dubruilles, etc. Sue
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