Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada History and Genealogy
Fort William, Ontario, Canada, 1881 Census of Residents

(Hudson's Bay Company post originally called Fort Kaministiquia)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
Overview of Lake Superior and the Lakehead Map Source: A Historical Atlas of Canada, Edited by D.G.G. Kerr, University of Western Ontario, Thomas Nelson and Sons, Second Edition, 1966, page 20
Note Sandwich is the earlier name for Windsor, Ontario. Wikwemikong is the earlier name for Manitoulin Island.
December 30, 2020:
The Steamship Algoma Passing Thunder Cape, 1870
Picture Source: Life in a Thundering Bay - Voices from Thunder Bay's Past, Edited by Tania L. Saj and Elle Andra-Warner, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9782721-0-4, River Rocks Publishing.
Steamer Algoma Passing Thunder Cape, Lake Superior, 1870

November 20, 2020:
Picture Source The Pedlars from Quebec and Other Papers on the Nor'Westers, by W. Stewart Wallace, Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1945, inside front cover. Fort William from book The Pedlars from Quebec
January 22, 2020:
A Place in History: Twenty Years of Acquiring Paintings, Drawings and Prints at the National Archives of Canada, Introduction by Jim Burant, ISBN 0-660-13740-2, 1991 page138. Kaministiquia Falls, Late 1840's
Kaministiquia Falls, Late 1840's
Picture Source: Michael Power: The Struggle To Build The Catholic Church On The Canadian Frontier, by Mark McGowan, McGill Queen's University Press, 2005, ISBN 0773529144, page 195. Keyword: Jesuits
Church by Jesuits at Fort Kaministiquia

September 10, 2009: Fort William, Ontario, Canada, located at the northwest end of Lake Superior, was originally called Fort Kaministiquia. The fort was built by the French explorer and voyageur Sieur Duluth and became the inland headquarters of the fur trade carried on by the voyageurs employed by the Northwest Company out of Montreal, Quebec. It was built on the Kaministiquia River. August 17, 2016: A very good description of the early days of Fort William is provided in a chapter in the book The Pedlars from Quebec. The chapter (pages 73-80) is called "Fort William of the Fur Trade". Thanks to Mrs. Althea Douglas for this book. August 1, 2013: Before the end of the 1600's, the coureurs de bois had established regular routes to Lake Superior and, from Kaministiquia, northwards to Rainy Lake which they had penetrated by 1688. Although they found that the intermediate trading tribes with whom they travelled were anxious as ever to prevent French access to the more distant fur-hunting tribes, and though they became involved in endless tribal quarrels, as well as in the long-term hostilities with the Iroquois, yet they kept thrusting outwards. As always, they had Montreal as their starting point, with the Ottawa River as their initial step upon the journey. (1) (1) Source: Montreal and the Fur Trade, by E. E. Rich, McGill University Press, 1966, page 19. Kaministiquia was renamed Fort William for William McGillivray, who formed and led a regiment of voyageurs recruited from the area during the War of 1812. In 1970, Fort William and Port Arthur became part of the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Environment Canada Seven Day Weather Forecast for Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The Thunder Bay Chronical Journal
January 6, 2013: This web site covers history, genealogy and the fur trade in the Thunder Bay region beginning in the 1600's. The following list of names comprise the residents of Fort William in 1881 according to the Census of Canada. In 1850, the British Government negotiated with the Objibway and Cree peoples for land along the north shore of Lake Superior and Lake Huron - see shaded area on the map below. These two areas are known as "Robinson Superior" and "Robinson Huron". In 1905, Treaty Number 9 was completed (see map). The village of Attawaspiskat is located on the western shore of James Bay. Chief Theresa Spence is in Ottawa and she will meet with Prime Minister Harper and representatives of the Native peoples of Canada on January 11, 2013. The Idle No More movement is a hot topic among the Algonquins and Mohawks in the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec area. The book Treaty No. 9, Making the Agreement to Share the Land in Far Northern Ontario in 1905, by John S. Long, McGill-Queens University Press, ISBN 978-0-7735-3761-3 has a tremendous amount of information regarding the treaty and the process by which it came about. The map below is extracted from Mr. Long's book, page 26.
Map showing Robinson Superior and Robinson Huron treaties in 1850
If you have ancestors listed among the names below, drop us an e-mail. We'll set up a new web page for your family history. Over time, the various surnames will add up to form a history of the pioneers and their lives in the Thunder Bay area. Also welcome are research subjects for the Thunder Bay area in which you may be interested -- the fur trade, railways, the history of the logging industry, transportation on the Great Lakes, etc. Here are the folks in the Fort William area of Thunder Bay in the 1881 Census of Canada:
Source: 1881 Census Place: Fort William, Algoma, Ontario, Canada FHL Film 1375918 and Library and Archives, Canada, film number C-13282
NOTE: If you are searcbing for a Family Name beginning with MC or MAC, look under the letter that follows (i.e., McFADDEN will be found under FADDEN) as well as under MC or MAC. For the Family Name O'CONNOR, look under CONNOR as well as O'CONNOR. For the Family Name ST. JOHN, look under JOHN. Name Birth Sex Origin Birthplace , Rev Baxter 1816 M Irish Irel , Sister Tellier 1822 F French Fran , Brother Timmons 1826 M Irish Irel , Sister Paulhus 1836 F Canadian Quebec , Sister Connelly 1837 F Irish Ireland , Brother Gerome/Jerome 1841 M Canadian Queb , Rev Heber 1841 M Canadian Queb , Brother Hayes 1842 M Irish Irel , Sister Linch/Lynch 1843 F Irish Irel , Sister Kirn/Kearns 1845 F German Germany , Rev Skee 1847 M German Germany , Brother Stacum 1851 M Irish USA , Rev Geon 1851 M Canadian Queb , Madann 1875 F French Ont ABRAHAMSON, Mary 1857 F Swedish Sweden ACCUBEE, Margaret 1813 F Indigenous Ont ACCUBEE, -- 1821 M Indigenous Ont ACCUBEE, Nawanthigosqua 1826 F Indigenous USA ACCUBEE, Mary Ann 1865 F Indigenous Ont ADAMS, John 1859 M Irish Ont ALLISON, Louis H. 1857 M English NS ANDERSON, Donald 1841 M Scottish Scotland ANDERSON, Wi m 1862 M Irish Irel ANGER / Angers, Peter 1856 M French Queb ANGER, Abenia 1858 F French Ont ANGER, Eugune 1879 M French Ont ANGER, Oscar 1880 M French Ont ATKINS, Edmond 1841 M Scottish USA ATKINS, Emma 1845 F English England BAKER, Charles 1829 M African USA BAKER, Annie 1847 F French Queb BAKER, Annie 1873 F African USA BALL, James 1850 M English Ont BALL, Lucinda 1857 F Canadian Ont BELANGER, ... 1870 F French Ont BELANGER, Clara 1876 F French Ont BERGESON, Elilly 1876 F French Ont BERGESON, Elizabeth 1878 F French Ont BERGRON, Frank 1856 M French Queb (Bergeron ?) BERGRON, Catherine 1857 F French Queb BERGRON, Narcisse 1861 M French Queb BERGRON, Edmira 1877 F Queb BERGRON, Elizabeth 1878 F Queb BERGRON, Frank 1880 M Ont BISSETT, Violet 1848 F Scottish Scot BLACK, Colin N. 1850 M Scottish Scot BLACK, Eliza A. 1850 F Canadian NS BLACK, Mary M. 1874 F Scottish USA BLACK, George D. 1876 M Ont BLACK, Madeline 1878 F Ont BLACK, Charles M. 1880 M Ont BLIAS / Blais, Wilfred 1838 M French Queb BLIAS, Celina 1848 F French Queb BLIAS, Andrew 1868 M French Queb BLIAS, Joseph 1872 M USA BLIAS, George 1874 M USA BLIAS, Mary A. 1877 F Ont BLIAS, Wi m 1879 M Ont BLIAS, Mary 1880 F Ont BLAUS, Charles 1841 M German Germ BLETTUER, John 1797 M German Germ BONNIA, Malvina 1875 F French Ont BONSHEE, Thomas 1853 M French Ont BONSHEE, Cathrine 1856 F French Ont BONSHEE, Alexander 1880 M French Ont BOUCHEE / BOUCHER ?, Joseph 1811 M French Ont BOUCHEE, Nannett 1819 F French Ont BOUCHEE, Luck 1856 M French Ont BOUCHEE, Paul 1858 M French Ont BOUYET, Mary 1811 F Indigenous Ont BOUYET, Peter 1855 M Indigenous Ont BOUYET, Jane 1861 F Indigenous Ont BOUYET, James 1879 M Ont BOUYET, Roase 1880 F Ont BRETT / Britt, Fannie 1867 F Indigenous Ont BRETT, Elizabeth 1870 F Indigenous Ont BRETT, Mary 1872 F Indigenous Ont BROAD, Mary A. 1821 F English Engl BUCHEE / Boucher, Ensa 1833 M French Ont BUCHEE, Mary Ann 1846 F Ont BUCHEE, Paul 1875 M French Ont BUCHEE, Alexander 1877 M French Ont BULLUS, Joseph 1870 M English Engl CADDY, J. St. Vincent 1838 M English WeIn CADDY, Frances C. 1852 F Canadian Ont CADDY, Edith 1874 F English Ont CADDY, Georgianna 1875 F English Ont MCCALLUM, Duncan J. 1834 M Scottish Queb MCCALLUM, Almira J. 1835 F Canadian Ontario MCCALLUM, Wi m A. 1859 M Scottish Ont MCCALLUM, Alzina 1861 F Ont MCCALLUM, Emma J. 1863 F Ont MCCALLUM, Almeda 1867 F Ont MCCALLUM, Maggie A. 1869 F Ont MCCALLUM, Ada E. 1871 F Ont CAMERON, Wi m 1854 M Scottish NS CAMPBELL, John 1834 M Scottish Scot CAMPBELL, Murdock 1843 M Scottish Scot CAMPBELL, Mary 1852 F Scottish NS CAMPBELL, John M. 1875 M Scottish NS CAMPBELL, Catherine 1877 F Scottish NS CARLESON / Carlson, Alexander 1846 M Swedish Swed CARLESON, Mary 1851 F Swedish Swed CARLESON, Carle 1881 M Swedish Ont CARTER, Wi m 1832 M English Engl CHARLES, Elie 1861 M Indigenous Ont CHASE, Duglas 1852 M English NB CHASE, Alase 1856 F English NB CHRISTIE, John 1841 M French Ont CHRISTIE, Ang 1843 F French Ont CHRISTIE, Julia 1871 F Scottish Ont CHRISTIE, Henry 1876 M French Ont CHRISTIE, Mary 1879 F French Ont COLLIN / Collins, Michel 1801 M Indigenous Ont COLLIN, Baptist 1831 M Indigenous Ont COLLIN, Mary 1838 F Indigenous Ont COLLINS, William 1847 M Swedish Swed COLLIN, Michel 1856 M Indigenous Ont COLLIN, Mary A 1858 F Indigenous Ont COLLIN, Baptist 1859 M Indigenous Ont COLLIN, Anglic 1865 F Indigenous Ont COLLIN, Tusa 1870 M Indigenous Ont COLLIN, Iccac 1874 M Indigenous Ont COLLIN, Nanette 1874 F Ont COLLIN, Cathrine 1876 F Indigenous Ont COMMO / Comeau?, Lizzie 1868 F French Ont O'CONNOR, Cathrine J. 1847 F Irish Irel O'CONNOR, Maud 1877 F Irish Ont CORBETT, Percavill 1871 M American Ont CORBETT, Calla 1879 F American Ont COATES, John 1863 M Irish COXETTER, Louis H. 1832 M English NB COXETTER, Minnie T. 1842 F Irish USA COXETTER, Isabella A. 1871 F English NS CRAIG, Robert 1856 M Scottish Ont CRAWFORD, Neil 1845 M Scottish Scot CRAWFORD, Alexander C. 1848 M Scottish Scot CROW, Wi m 1831 M Indigenous Ont CROW / CROWE, Margaret 1833 F Indigenous Ont CROW, Charlotte 1855 F Indigenous Ont CROW, Peter 1857 M Indigenous Ont CROW, John 1879 M Indigenous Ont CURRIE, Hugh 1841 M Scottish Ont CYRETTE, Louisa 1841 F French Ont CYRETTE, Clement 1859 M Indigenous CYRETTE, Mary 1861 F Indigenous Ont CYRETTE, Cathrine 1865 F French Ont CYRETTE, Frances 1866 F French Ont CYRETTE, Madeline 1867 F French Ont CYRETTE, Ambrose 1873 M French Ont CYRETTE, Laurence 1879 M Indigenous DACKANESS, Nancy 1870 F French Ont DEACON, Edward 1852 M English Engl DAVID, Josett 1836 F Indigenous Ont DAVID, Elizabeth 1866 F French Ont DAVID, Frances 1868 M Indigenous Ont DAVID, Neseet 1872 F Indigenous Ont DAVID, Mary 1874 F Indigenous Ont DEBERNARDI, Ercole 1853 M Italian Italy DEBERNARDI, Maggie 1854 F Italian Ital DEBERNARDI, Arthur C. 1876 M Italian Ont DEBERNARDI, Mildred E. 1879 F Italian Ont DEBERNARDI, Robert 1880 M Italian Ont DECHAMPS, Joseph 1835 M French Ont DECHAMP / Deschamps ?, Ang 1839 F French Ont DECHAMP, Nancy 1841 F French Ont DECHAMP, Michel 1855 M French Ont DECHAMP, Louis 1863 M French Ont DECHAMP, Philip 1863 M French Ont DECHAMP, Sarah 1866 F French Ont DECHAMP, Alexander 1867 M French Ont DECHAMP, Peter 1868 M Ont DECHAMP, John 1869 M French Ont DEFOE, Ann 1853 F French Ont (Dafoe) DEFOE, Frank 1855 M French Ont DEJARDIA, Luenncia 1873 F Canadian Ont Desjardins ?) DENNISON, Nellie 1869 F Irish Ont DENNISON, Mary 1878 F Irish Ont DERMID, Maggie 1858 F Scottish Ont DINGWALL, John 1843 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD, John 1839 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD, Colin 1841 M Scottish Scot MCDONALD, John B. 1847 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD, Mary 1850 F Irish Ont MCDONALD, Mary 1851 F Scottish Ont MCDONALD, James 1856 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD, Mary C. 1870 F Scottish Ont MCDONALD, Archie 1872 M Ont MCDONALD, Susanna 1876 F Irish Ont MCDONALD, Donald John 1878 M Ont MCDONALD, Isabella 1881 F Ont MCDONALD, Jane 1881 F Ont MCDOUGALL, Ann 1832 F English Engl MCDOUGALL, Neil 1857 M Scottish Ont MCDOUGALL, James 1858 M Scottish Ont MCDOUGALL, Walter 1859 M Scottish Ont MCDOUGALL, Robert 1861 M Scottish Ont MCDOUGALL, Fannie 1862 F Scottish Ont MCDOUGALL, Aggie 1870 F Scottish Ont DUCHARMES, Harriet 1837 F Indigenous Ont DUCHARMES, Harriet 1863 F Indigenous Ont DUCHARMES, Martin 1863 M French Ont DUFF, James 1849 M Irish Irel FABAHQUNIN, Namab 1838 F Indigenous Ont FABAHQUNIN, John Bapt 1840 M Indigenous Ont FABAHQUNIN, Alexie 1841 M Indigenous Ont MCFADDEN, Thomas 1855 M Irish Ont MCFADDEN, Mary J. 1857 F Scottish Ont MCFADDEN, Annie E. 1878 F Irish Ont MCFADDEN, Wi m J. 1880 M Ont FAYON, John Bapt 1846 M Indigenous Ont FAYON, Stephen 1851 M Indigenous Ont FAYON, Mary 1861 F Indigenous Ont FAYON, John 1878 M Indigenous Ont FAYON, Lucy 1880 F Indigenous Ont FREEMAN, Thomas 1842 M English FREEMAN, Charlott 1848 F English Ont FREEMAN, Wi m 1868 M Ont FREEMAN, Mary 1869 F Ont FREEMAN, Charlott C. 1873 F Ont FREEMAN, Thomas J. A. 1874 M Ont FREEMAN, Rose Ann 1878 F Ont FREEMAN, Victoria 1880 F Ont FREGAN, Frederic 1835 M French Queb FREGAN, Virginia 1841 F French Queb FREGAN, Delph 1861 F French USA FREGAN, Frederic 1862 M French USA FREGAN, Louis 1865 M French USA FREGAN, Clophes 1869 F French USA FREGAN, Louisa 1872 F French USA GAELH, John 1841 M German Ont GARDEN, Louisa 1846 F French Ont GARDEN, Joseph 1877 M Ont GODFREY, Thomas 1856 M Irish Ont GOODWIN, Able 1841 M Indigenous NwT GOODWIN, 1845 F Indigenous NwT GOODWIN, Isabella 1866 F Indigenous Ont GOODWIN, Sarah 1868 F GOODWIN, Luzie 1870 F GOODWIN, Jennie 1875 F GOODWIN, Joseph 1877 M GORMAN, John D. 1841 M Irish Irel GORMAN, Mary 1856 F Irish Ont GRAFFE, Frank F. 1849 M Canadian Ont GRAHAM, George A. 1857 M Scottish Ont GRANT, Henry J. 1840 M Scottish Ont GRANT, Mary 1856 F Scottish USA MCGREGOR, Jessie 1862 F Scottish Ont GUERARD, Basil 1828 M French Queb GUERARD, Adelaide 1833 F French Queb GUERARD, Godfrey 1863 M French Ont GUERARD, Henry 1866 M French Ont GUERARD, Louisa 1869 F French Ont GUERARD, Albert 1872 M French Ont GUERART, Alexander 1865 M French Ont HEALY, Wi m J. 1843 M Irish Irel (Healey ?) HEALY, Ellen N. 1847 F Irish Irel HEALY, Daniel N. 1873 M Ont HEALY, Eleanor 1875 F Ont HANNA, Margaret 1843 F English Ont Hannah ? HANNA, Martha A 1870 F Ont HANNA, W. J. Campbell 1876 M Ont HARTNEY, Michael 1836 M Irish Irel HARVEY, James 1861 M Irish NS HAYWARD, Samuel 1855 M English Engl HAYWARD, Hannah M. 1857 F English Engl HAYWARD, Samuel 1877 M Ont HAYWARD, Wi m 1878 M Ont HAYWARD, Arthur 1880 M Ont HEWITT, Wi m 1851 M Irish Engl HEWITT, Fannie 1855 F Irish Ont HEWITT, Jane 1873 F Ont HEWITT, Wi m 1875 M Ont HEWITT, Jacob 1877 M Ont HEWITT, Joseph 1879 M Ont HOLLINGSWORTH, John S. 1855 M English Ont HOLLINGSWORTH, Agnes 1857 F English Ont HOLLINGSWORTH, Mary A. 1880 F Ont INGALLS, Edmond 1841 M American USA INGALLS, Ruth A. 1849 F American USA INGALLS, Ruth L. 1874 F USA INGALLS, Almira L. 1876 F USA INGALLS, Edmond 1879 M USA WHISKEY JACK, Nabous 1851 M Indigenous Ont WHISKEY JACK, Catherine 1857 F Indigenous Ont WHISKEY JACK, Agnes 1877 F Ont WHISKEY JACK, Janeann 1879 F Ont JACKSON, Grace 1831 F Scottish Scot JACOB, Theresa 1806 F Indigenous Ont JOHN, Mary 1846 F Indigenous USA ST. JOHN, Michelle 1856 M French Ont ST. JOHN, Roasalle 1859 F French Ont ST. JOHN, Josephine 1879 F French Ont JOHNSON, Constance 1852 M Swedish Swed JOHNSON, Alexander 1855 M Swedish Swed JOSEPH, Lizzie 1874 F French Ont MCKAY, Nancy 1851 F Scottish Ont MCKAY, Nancy 1867 F Indigenous Ont MCKAY, Moses 1870 M Indigenous Ont MCKAY, Alexander 1872 M Indigenous Ont MCKAY, John 1879 M Indigenous Ont MCKAY, Joseph 1879 M Indigenous Ont KEBEWCISO, Louie 1834 M Indigenous Ont KEBEWCISO, John 1836 M Indigenous Ont KEBEWCISO, Annie 1863 F Indigenous Ont KEBEWCISO, Mary 1865 F Indigenous Ont MCKELLAR, Margaret 1815 F Scottish Scotland MCKELLAR, John 1836 M Scottish Ont MCKELLAR, Mary 1839 F Scottish Ont MCKELLAR, Peter 1841 M Scottish Ont MCKELLAR, Effie 1843 F Scottish Ont MCKELLER, Archie 1848 M Scottish Ont MCKELLAR, Maggie 1853 F Scottish Ont MCKELLAR, Susan 1861 F Scottish USA MCKELLAR, J. Sewart 1863 M Scottish USA KENNEDY, Annie 1860 F Scottish Ont MCKENZIE, Elizabeth 1866 F Scottish Ont MCKENZIE, Alexander 1869 M Scottish Ont KEOTASSING, David 1847 M Indigenous Ont KEOTASSING, Round Eye 1870 M Ont KEOUGH, Patrick Wm. 1841 M Irish USA (Kehoe) KEOUGH, Maria 1847 F Irish USA KEOUGH, John 1871 M Irish USA KEOUGH, Pamela 1875 F USA MCKINNON, John C. 1862 M Scottish Ont KIRKPATRICK, Wi m 1861 M Irish Ont MCNABB, Richard 1847 M Irish Ont MCNABB, Annie 1853 F Scottish Nova Scotia MCNABB, Janet 1870 F Scottish Ont MCNABB, Joseph 1871 M Scottish Ont MCNABB, Neil 1874 M Scottish USA MCNABB, Mary 1878 F Scottish USA KNAPPEN, Prosper L. 1845 M German USA KNAPPEN, Matilda E. 1847 F --- USA LABLAU, Nanette 1870 F French Ont LAFRANCICINA, Daniel 1853 M Swiss Switzerland LAMBERT, Joseph 1781 M French BC LAMBERT, Michael 1821 M French Quebec LEE, James 1837 M Irish Ont LEE, Mary 1844 F Irish Ont LEE, Maria C. 1863 F Irish Ont LEE, Wi m E. 1865 M Ont LEE, Michael 1867 M Ont LEE, John Hugh 1870 M Ont LEE, Henry A. 1875 M Ont LEE, Mary T. 1880 F Ont LEOUDITT, George 1851 M French Ont LAVALLEY, Moses 1837 M French Queb LEVELLEY, Annie 1843 F NwT LEVELLEY, Alexander 1865 M NwT (LaValley ?) LEVELLEY, Albert 1868 M NwT LEVELLEY, Emily 1871 F NwT LEVELLEY, Josephine 1874 F NwT LEVELLEY, Wi m 1875 M NwT LEVELLEY, Angus 1877 M Ont LONEY, Samuel 1861 M Irish Ont LOONAM / LUNAM, Peter 1848 M Irish Queb LOONAM, Mary D. 1851 F Irish Irel LOONAM, Patrick E. F. 1875 M Queb LOONAM, Mary Ellan 1876 F Queb LOONAM, Peter Paul 1878 M Queb LOONAM, Bertha S. 1880 F Queb LOUTTIT, Ellen 1871 F English Ont LOUTTIT, Samuel 1873 M English Ont LOUTTIT, Elizabeth 1877 F English Ont LOUIE, Simon 1841 M French Ont (LOUIS ?) LOUIE, Moses 1843 M French Ont LOUIE, Margarett 1845 F French Ont LOUIE, Mary 1847 F French Ont LOUIE, Cathrine 1858 F French Ont LOUIE, Julyet 1865 F French Ont LOUIE, George 1866 M French Ont LOUIE, Jannet 1868 F Ont LOUIE, Joseph 1870 M Ont LOUIE, Mary 1872 F Ont LOUIE, Mary 1874 F Ont LOUIE, John 1878 M French Ont LOUIE, Jane 1880 F French Ont LOUIE, Simon 1881 M Ont LUDITT, Moses 1859 M Indigenous Ont LUDITT, Josephine 1861 F Indigenous Ont LUNDBERG, John 1842 M Swedish Sweden LUNDBERG, Caroline 1852 F Swedish Sweden LUNDBERG, Selma 1873 F USA LUNDBERG, Ida 1875 F Swedish USA LUNDBERG, Nellie 1877 F Swedish USA LUNDBERG, Edward 1879 M Swedish Ont LUNDBERG, Charles 1880 M Ont

MACAB / McCabe ?, Patrick 1860 M Irish Irel MACCHESSING, Michel 1843 M Indigenous Ont MACCHESSING, Mary 1851 F Indigenous Ont MACCHESSING, John 1871 M Indigenous Ont MACCHESSING, Nians 1880 M Indigenous Ont MCALLEN, Emily P. 1842 F English Engl MCALLEN, Philip P. 1842 M English Engl (Thanks to Mr. David Miller for sending along the correct spelling ... Al) MCALLEN, Phil 1863 M Engl MCALLEN, Alfred 1867 M English Engl MCALLEN, Edwin 1869 M English Engl MCALLEN, Emily 1873 F NB MCALLEN, Duglass 1875 M English NB MCALLEN, Ernest 1877 M NB MCALLEN, Adda 1879 F Ont MCALLEN, Clement 1881 M Ont MCLENNAN, Charles 1851 M Scottish Ont MCLENNAN, Annie 1856 F Scottish Ont MCLENNAN, Myra 1881 F Ont MCINTYRE, John 1817 M Scottish Scot MCINTYRE, Jane S. 1818 F English Engl MCINTYRE, Mary V. 1850 F Scottish Queb MCINTYRE, Annie 1862 F Ont MCLAREN, Archibald 1831 M Scottish Scot MCLAURIN, John 1836 M Scottish Ont MCLAREN, Susan 1837 F Scottish Ont MCLAURIN, Mary 1843 F Indigenous USA MCLAURIN, George 1862 M Scottish USA MCLAREN, James 1864 M USA MCLAURIN, Peter 1866 M Scottish Ont MCLAURIN, Susan 1868 F Scottish Ont MCLAURIN, Mary Jane 1871 F Scottish Ont MCLAURIN, Kate 1874 F Scottish Ont MCLAREN, A. Allison 1875 M USA MCLAURIN, Daisie M. 1877 F Scottish Ont MCLEAN, Donald 1843 M Scottish Scot MCLEAN, Wi m 1846 M Scottish Scot MCLEAN, Mary J. 1850 F English Ont MCLEAN, Flora 1851 F Scottish Ont MCLEAN JR., Wi m 1852 M Canadian Ont MCLEAN, Grace L. 1871 F Ont MCLEAN, Winnifred J. 1871 F Scottish USA MCLEAN, Alexander 1874 M Ont MCLEAN, George 1878 M Ont MCLEAN, Donald 1880 M Scottish Ont MCLEAN, Mable Allace 1880 F Ont MCLEOD, John 1841 M Scottish Scot MCLEOD, Annie J. 1860 F Scottish Ont MCLEOD, Annie 1868 F Scottish Ont MAGUTANAH, Jacob 1794 M Indigenous Ont MAGUTANAH, Mary 1831 F Indigenous Ont MAGUTANAH, Peann 1865 M Indigenous Ont MAGUTINA, Jacob 1796 M Indigenous Ont MARCILL, Edward 1856 M French NwT MARCILL, Annie J. 1860 F French NwT MARCILL, James G. 1878 M French Ont MARCILL, Alace 1880 F Ont MARTIN, Madaine 1826 F French Fran MERCELL, James 1826 M French NwT MERCELL, George 1847 M French NwT MERCELL, Barbra 1851 F French Ont MERCELL, Mary 1861 F French Ont MERCELL, Harriet 1871 F French Ont MERCELL, Domonic 1879 M French Ont MICHAU / MICHAUD ?, Nanette 1873 F French Ont MCMILLEN / McMILLAN ?, Grace 1861 F Scottish Ont MINNAWABUSH, 1847 M Indigenous USA MINNAWABUSH, Mary 1851 F Indigenous Ont MINNAWABUSH, Alexander 1872 M Indigenous Ont MINNAWABUSH, Moses 1874 M Indigenous Ont MINNAWABUSH, Mary J. 1876 F Indigenous Ont MINNAWABUSH, John 1878 M Indigenous Ont MINNAWABUSH, Joseph 1880 M Indigenous Ont MITCHELL, Henry 1841 M French Queb MITCHELL, Louisa 1858 F Indigenous Ont MITCHELL, Mary 1876 F French Ont MITCHELL, Henry 1878 M French Ont MITCHELL, Peter 1879 M French Ont MIZZOBIE, Frank 1836 M Ont MIZZOBIE, Louisa 1846 F Ont MIZZOBIE, John 1863 M Ont MIZZOBIE, Emaly 1865 F Scottish Ont MIZZOBIE, John 1873 M Ont MIZZOBIE, Sabill 1877 M Ont MIZZOBIE, Mary M. 1879 F Ont MOBERLY, Frank 1845 M English Ont MOBERLY, Jessie V. 1875 F Ont MOBERLY, Olgan 1876 F Ont MOBERLY, Bernard K. 1878 M Ont MOBERLY, George M. 1880 M English Ont MOORE, Wi m 1853 M Irish Irel MORISON, Daniel 1839 M Scottish Ont MORISON, Mary M. 1845 F Scottish Scot MORISON, Mary 1863 F Scottish Ont MORISON, John 1866 M Scottish Ont MORISON, James 1869 M Scottish Ont MORISON, David 1870 M Scottish Ont MORISON, Robert 1876 M Scottish Ont MORISON, Henry 1878 M Ont MORRISON, Murdock 1831 M Scottish Scot MORRISON, Mary 1847 F English NwT MORRISON, Donald 1851 M Scottish Scot MORRISON, Jennie 1858 F Scottish Ont MORRISON, Dinnah 1869 F English NwT MORRISON, Thomas J 1871 M English NwT MORRISON, Charles 1877 M English NwT MORRISON, Nellie 1877 F Scottish MORRISON, Alexander 1879 M Scottish MORRISON, Mary 1879 F English NwT MORSE, Charles 1846 M English NS MORSE, Kate 1859 F English Queb MORSE, Kate 1880 F English Ont MU MU, 1821 F Ont MU MU, Niael 1856 M Ont MURRAY, Wi m 1836 M Scottish Ont MUSKOAGESIE, 1837 M Indigenous USA MUSKOAGESIE, Mary 1861 F Indigenous Ont NOBAY, Moses 1862 M Indigenous Ont ORGAN, Margaret 1871 F Irish Ont ORGAN, Nancy 1875 F Irish Ont OSHTEGUMAHE, Mary 1876 F Indigenous Ont OSHTEGUMESHE, Charles 1843 M Indigenous Ont OSHTEGUMESHE, Sarah 1851 F Indigenous Ont OSHTEGUMESHE, John 1861 M Indigenous Ont OSHTEGUMESHE, Andrew 1870 M Indigenous Ont OSHTEGUMESHE, Cathrine 1880 F Indigenous Ont PADDY, Andrew 1857 M Indigenous Ont PADDY, Narrcy 1862 F Indigenous Ont PADDY, Mary 1878 F Ont PADDY, Madeline 1880 F Ont PEASE, Mary 1831 F Indigenous Ont PECHEAU, Paul 1874 F Indigenous Ont PENASSIE, John 1836 M Indigenous Ont PENASSIE, Mary 1848 F Indigenous Ont PENESSIE, Simon 1849 M Indigenous Ont PENESSIE, Joseph 1853 M Indigenous Ont PENESSIE, Mary A. 1855 F Indigenous Ont PENESSIE, Thomas 1867 M Indigenous Ont PENESSIE, Mary 1874 F Indigenous Ont PENESSIE, Peter 1880 M Indigenous Ont PERRAULT, Joseph 1842 M French Queb PERRAULT, Ang 1846 F Indigenous Queb PERRAULT, Joseph 1869 M French Queb PERRAULT, Mary 1872 F French Ont PERRAULT, Philemun 1872 F French Queb PERAULT, Susan 1875 F French Ont PERRAULT, Susan 1878 F French Ont PERRAULT, Sarah 1881 F French Ont PERRON, Frank 1854 M Indigenous Ont PERRY, Fred C. 1849 M American USA PERRY, Katie 1851 F Scottish Ont PESHUMA, Mary 1851 F Indigenous USA PESHUMA, John 1871 M Indigenous USA PESHUMA, Sallie 1873 F Indigenous USA PESHUMA, Agnes 1875 F Indigenous USA PESHUMA, Mary 1878 F Indigenous Ont PETEWAMQUET, Solomon 1846 M Indigenous Ont MCPHERSON, Alexander 1857 M Scottish Ont PISKIE, Mary A. 1841 F Indigenous Ont PISKY, Joseph 1836 M Indigenous Ont PISKY, Isabella 1841 F Indigenous Ont PISKY, Joseph 1866 M Indigenous Ont PISKY, Isabella 1868 F Ont PISKY, Mary 1870 F Ont PISKY, Margaret 1872 F Ont PISKY, Paul 1874 M Ont POULIN, Margret 1867 F French Ont POINTON, Thomas C 1843 M English Engl POINTON, Mary E 1849 F English Engl POINTON, Sarah H. 1869 F Engl POINTON, Perella V 1871 F Engl POINTON, Elizabeth A 1874 F Engl POINTON, Olive R 1876 F Engl POINTON, Mary E 1879 F Ont PRATT, Margaret 1820 F Scottish Scot PRATT, Jessie 1850 F Scottish Scot PRATT, Robert M. 1850 M Scottish Scot PRATT, Stephen S. 1879 M USA PURCELL, Patrick M Irish Irel QUECUS, Margaret 1801 F Indigenous Ont RANKIN, Robert 1858 M English NS REDDEN, Dora 1860 F Irish Engl REDDEN, Joseph 1867 M Irish Engl RICHARDS, Thomas 1821 M Welsh NwT RICHARDS, Mary 1830 F Scottish NwT RICHARDS, Ellen 1861 F Welsh NwT RICHARDS, Louisa 1866 F Welsh NwT RICHARDS, Clara 1869 F Welsh NwT RICHARDS, Christina 1874 F Welsh NwT ROACH, Wi m 1860 M Irish Ont ROBERTSON, Jane 1843 F English NwT ROBIDEAN/Robideaux ?, John 1858 M French Queb ROBIN, Philemon 1841 M French Queb ROBIN, Aurilie 1842 F French Queb ROBIN, Eugenie 1866 F French Queb ROBIN, Damase 1869 M French Queb ROBIN, Delphine 1871 F French USA RYAN, Joseph 1843 M Irish Ont RYAN, Maggie 1849 F Irish Ont THOMS, Stuart 1851 M Irish Ont THOMS, Mary J 1852 F Irish Ont THOMS, Stuart 1873 M Ont THOMS, Sarah 1876 F Ont THOMS, Elizabeth 1878 F Ont THOMS, Susana 1880 F Ont SAUNDERS, Hester 1851 F Indigenous Ont SAUNDERS, Maggie 1874 F Indigenous Ont SCOTT, James 1853 M English Queb SEBESKANT, 1835 M Indigenous USA SHEHAN / SHEEHAN ?, Philip 1862 M Irish Ont SHAW, James 1855 M English Ont SILLES, John 1829 M Irish Irel SILLES, Mary 1833 F Irish Irel SILLES, Lucy 1863 F Irish Ont SILLES, Maggie 1865 F Irish Ont SILLES, John 1866 M Irish Ont SILLES, James 1867 M Irish Ont SILLES, Katie 1868 F Irish Ont SILLES, Mary 1878 F Irish Ont SIMON, Joseph 1845 M Indigenous Ont SIMON, Mary 1853 F Indigenous Ont SIMON, Mary 1875 F Indigenous Ont SIMON, Joseph 1876 M Indigenous Ont SIMON, Michel 1878 M Indigenous Ont SIMON, Nancy 1880 F Indigenous Ont SINGLETON, Joseph 1851 M English Ont SINGLETON, Josephine 1853 F Indigenous Ont SMITH, George B 1847 M Canadian Ont SMITH, Josephine 1849 F English Ont SMITH, James S. 1853 M Canadian Ont SMITH, Herbert J 1874 M Ont SMITH, Eestella 1875 F Ont SMITH, Louisa M 1879 F Ont SPOTTEN, Alexander L. 1826 M Irish Queb SPOTTEN, Clarassa 1828 F Irish Queb STEVENSON, Alexander 1842 M Scottish Scot STEVENSON, Matilda 1859 F English NB STEVENSON, Ann 1880 F Scottish Ont SWANSON, Robert 1847 M English NwT SWANSON, Sarah 1857 F English NwT SWANSON, Frances C. 1878 F Ont SWANSON, Wi m R 1880 M Ont TARRNEY, Mary J 1873 F French Ont THOMPSON, John 1836 M Scottish Scot THOMPSON, Thomas Geo. 1857 M English Engl MCVICAR, John R. 1831 M Scottish MCVICAR, Christina 1842 F Scottish Queb MCVICAR, Victoria 1845 F Scottish Queb See photogaph below, dated July 30, 2014. MCVICAR, George P. 1871 M Scottish Ont The McVicar family is related to the family of William Frederick Brennan WARRINGTON, Louisa F Indigenous Ont WARRINGTON, Pritchard 1833 M English Ont WARRINGTON, Fred 1867 M English Ont WARRINGTON, Ell 1869 F Ont WARRINGTON, Wi m 1872 M Ont WARRINGTON, Warren 1875 M Ont WARRINGTON, M. Sarah 1877 F Ont WARRINGTON, Louisa 1880 F Ont WATICIA, David 1853 M French Ont WATICIA, Charlott 1855 F French Ont WATICIA, Lizzie 1873 F French Ont WATT, Jane 1859 F Scottish NwT WEIDEU, Joseph 1855 M German USA WEIDEU, Lucy 1855 F English USA WEIGAND / WIEGAND Thomas 1802 M English NwT WEIGAND, William 1815 M English NwT WEIGAND, Mary 1821 F English NwT WEIGAND, John 1844 M English NwT WEIGAND, Jane 1849 F English NwT WEIGAND, William 1849 M English NwT (Wiegand) WEIGAND, Thomas 1851 M English NwT WEIGAND, Mary 1859 F English NwT WEIGAND, Richard 1859 M English NwT WEIGAND, Robert 1864 M English NwT WEIGAND, Charlott E. 1869 F English NwT WEIGAND, Mary J 1879 F English Ont WEIGAND, Wi m F. 1881 M English Ont GUENARD, Georgina 1860 F French Ont WELSH, Sarah 1865 F Irish Ont WHALEN, Joseph 1850 M Irish Ont WHALEN, Allace 1851 F English Engl WHALEN, Charlott 1860 F English Engl WHALEN, James 1868 M Irish Ont WHALEN, Wi m 1871 M Ont WHALEN, Joseph 1874 M Ont WHALEN, Rosanna 1876 F Ont WHALEN, John 1878 M Ont WHALEN, George F. 1880 M Ont WHITE, Joseph 1854 M Indigenous Ont WICKSTUD, Henry K. 1855 M English Queb WICKSTUD, Helen M. 1861 F Scottish Ont WICKSTUD, Anna W. 1880 F English Ont WILMOT, Edward A. 1847 M English NB WILMOT, Belle M. 1854 F English NS WILMOT, Hugh H. 1880 M English Ont WILSON, Peter 1849 M Scottish Ont WILSON, Rebecca 1850 F Canadian Ont WILSON, Charles 1856 M Irish Ont WILSON, Mary M. 1872 F Scottish Ont WILSON, Hannah J. 1874 F Scottish Ont WILSON, Ernest 1876 M Scottish Ont WILSON, Peter John 1879 M Scottish Ont WHISKEY JACK, Nabous 1851 M Indigenous Ont WHISKEY JACK, Catherine 1857 F Indigenous Ont WHISKEY JACK, Agnes 1877 F Ont WHISKEY JACK, Janeann 1879 F Ont YOUNG, Bridget 1846 F Irish Irel YOUNG, James 1846 M Scottish Scot Many of the folks enumerated above are listed as "Indigenous". See also our page for Native Canadian history.

September 12, 2009:
Map Source: A Historical Atlas of Canada, Edited by D.G.G. Kerr, University of Western Ontario, Thomas Nelson and Sons, Second Edition, 1966, page 45 Portage Routes, Lake Superior to Rainy River
Two main canoe routes departing from the western end of Lake Superior - from Grand Portage and from Kaministiquia -- are shown on the map above. After 1803, most traffic went from Kaministiquia. By the first decade of the nineteenth century, annual meetings of the Northwest Company were held at Kaministiquia. These meetings were necessary to co-ordinate the operations of the company to the west and north of Lake Superior. Capital was raised in Montreal and was used to finance infrastructure required for the fur trade along the canoe and portage routes from Montreal, up the Ottawa River to Mattawa and across to Lake Nippissing and to Lake Superior. October 1, 2013: The Northwest Company in Rebellion – Simon McGillivray's Fort William Notebook, published in 1988 by the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, ISBN 0-920119-08-5 is a transcription of Simon McGillivray's 1815 diary when he was at Fort William for the annual meeting of the Northwest Company. This book gives very good insight into the conditions at the time.
Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada Photo by Al Lewis
The wind was called "La Vieille", or the Old Woman. La Vieille led to layovers of up to a week until she subsided. This is a very powerful lake which can turn from flat calm to six foot rollers in an hour. Eric Morse and his wife canoed from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie in a 17 foot Grumman canoe. Grand Portage is in the State of Minnesota, USA. ... Al
December 29, 2009: According to Bruce Graham (see Steamboat Mail Contracts), the first steam boat reached Lake Superior on July 27, 1857. The steamer was named the Collingwood.
Steam Boat on Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada Image Source: Selections from Picturesque Canada, plate 46 Steamboat on Lake Superior, 1860's

April 8, 2019:
Note: This is not the same Fort William which existed at Allumette Lake on the Ottawa River, across from Pembroke. Drawing of Fort William

July 24, 2011 Brian Schatz is researching his Wiegand ancestors who show up in the 1881 census for Fort William. (see listing above).
September 4, 2011: By 1900, thousands of new citizens came to the Lakehead to work on the railways and on the docks as freight-handlers. The following excerpt is from a paper by Jean Morrison. The paper is called "Ethnicity and Violence: The Lakehead Freight Handlers before World War 1" and it appears in Essays in Canadian Working Class History Edited by Gregory S. Kealey and Peter Warrian, McClelland and Stewart, 1976, ISBN 0-7710-4477-1 The labour unrest involved mainly Italian and Greek labourers. See also Italians in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Strikes at the Lakehead (Thunderbay, Ontario), 1902-1912

August 1, 2012:
The Rock of Ages Lighthouse in Lake Superior See also Lighthouses on the Ottawa River ) The Rock of Ages Lighthouse in Lake Superior, near Isle Royale
For other lighthouses, see our Lighthouses page.
October 24, 2012: New article: Catholic Missionary Labours on the Lake Superior Frontier, 1667-1751, appears in the Autumn 1959 Ontario History publication of the Ontario Historical Society, pages 237-250. Available in the OBOGS Library in Ottawa. See their online catalogue. The author is Francis J. Nelligan, S.J.
July 30, 2014:
The McVicar House in Fort William. (See family in 1881 census, above) Photo Source: Life in a Thundering Bay, edited by Tania L. Saj and Elle Andra-Warren, page 29 The McVicar home in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
New February 26, 2020:
The Ferry at the Mission at Fort William, 1883, painting by John A. Fraser, from the book Painting in Canada: A History, by J. Russell Harper, page 241, ISBN 0-8020-2271-5, 1966 Fort William Ferry at Mission, 1883

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