Thomas FOGARTY and Mary DEVINE
Ireland to the Gatineau Valley

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New October 20, 2011:

Good morning to all of you.
I have been searching one of our genealogical lineage:
- Thomas Fogarty and Mary Devine. It seems they were reported married April 
18 1861, St-Frs-de-Sales, Gatineau Qc.
Went through all the Fogartys (I think so) on your web site and can not
find that couple...
Their marriage certificate from the Gatineau church is not clear on their 
parents' name: William's father's name is spelled Martin Fogerte and the 
mother Elizabeth Lilles?; while Mary's Devine is spelled Davoide, her 
parents being Ones and Catherine Harvev?.
The reason for this research's clarification is that we want to find the 
real parents of Thomas and Mary who in the Bouchette book are spelled 
Thomas Fogarthy and Mary Devine with children such as Mary-Ann, Thomas, 
Elizabeth, Brigitte, Ellen, William and so on...

So, we are wondering if you could bring in any clues on this couple.

Roger & Joyce Flansberry

Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for this quick and detailed reply to Roger Flansberry:

Roger and Joyce:
The parents are Martin Fogarty and Elizabeth Lawless. Her parents would be 
Onesine Devine and Catherine Harvey.
... Taylor
Martin Fogarty & Elizabeth Lawless 

Elizabeth Lawless died 8 Oct 1871, buried 10 Oct 1871 aged 75 yrs.

Children born at Ste.-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier parish

Andrew died 15 Jun 1833
Martin born 31 May 1835
Thomas born 5 April 1833
Michael born 17 Sep 1837
William born 21 Jun 1839
Anastasia married James Buggery 2 March 1835 – minor daughter. He died and she 
remarried Denis Shanaghan or Shanahan 21 Sep 1875. She died 22 Sep 1877 aged 63 years 

Elizabeth married Dennis Driscoll 2 Feb 1869. She died 7 August 1880 aged 39 years
Martin Jr. married Catherine Driscoll 21 Jan 1862. He died 13 Apr 1873
Michael married Jane McCarthy 24 May 1870. She died and he remarried Maria 
Mulrooney 21 May 1872 and he died 16 August 1905 aged 67 years.

Martin Sr. died 11 August 1872 aged 83 years 

Thomas Forgarty and Mary Devine belonged to BOUCHETTE, Quebec, parish
He died 9 January 1900 aged 68 years.
Mary Devine died 26 January 1933 aged 92 years 
Lost four children in 1881; John d. 5 mar 1881, Bridgette buried 12 March 1881, Flora d. 6 March 1881, Thomas Jr. died 17 March 1881 Antoine born 8 Apr 1880 Lucie born 20 May 1886 Maria born 5 May 1890 Maria Anne married Andrew Lynch 16 Apr 1883 Elizabeth married John Scollian or Scullion 25 May 1884 Marguerite married Alexander Brunette 19 Jun 1895 ... Taylor Kennedy
New December 28, 2011:
Lucie Fogarty (and possibly her sister?) Roger wants to determine, for sure, both of the persons in the photograph
Lucie Fogarty (and her sister?)

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