George FLUKER / FLEWKER and Frances LOWE

 November 1, 2002:

Hello Al,
    Re, your research into Ottawa Valley settlers who came from Ireland; I wonder if you 
    have seen the name FLUKER (or FLEWKER)?
    My gr grandfather George FLUKER, b. abt. 1825, came to Canada and married Frances LOWE, 
    also from Ireland, in Pakenham in 1851. They lived in Huron County for a few years then 
    moved to Renfrew County. They had 7 children.
    I am desperately trying to find where in Ireland George came from, with no success. 
    Any clues would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Regards, Dave.

Verna Ross McGiffin has written a very good history of Pakenham. It's written in 2 volumes
and unfortunately I have just the second volume which covers 1860-1900.
George Fluker may show up in the first volume.
In volume two is a list of property owners in Pakenham in the year 1867. There are a great
many Lowe names - alphabetically from Andrew to William.

Here's another possibility (a bit of a stretch): There are some Luker families (dropped the "F"?) 
in Renfrew County today, for sure at Calabogie, Renfrew County.

Your best bet would probably be to search the Church records for the Pakenham area and see 
if there is a record of the marriage in 1851.

... Al

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