Abraham Lazarus FLORENCE and Lena PULLAN
from Lithuania to Ottawa, Canada in the 1800's

September 12, 2011:

My name is Brad Adlerstein , im looking for any info on a relative of ours Abraham Lazarus Florence a very 
prominent Jew and business man in the early 1900s he owned a paper mill also, if there is any info you could share 
or direct me to it would be very much appreciated, its for our family book.

Here's what I got on the whole family please share info with whomever you like, basically looking for all the info we 
can find on Abraham Lazarus Florence his father Moses and his mother that we have no name for have been working 
on Florence family for 7 years now, my cousin is Barry Florence were both in California, USA. his great grandfather 
was Aaron Florence, looking for info on his Paper Mill in OTTAWA his life in the Jewish community his time with sports 
and his involement in Ottawa, 

thanks Brad lots of info here

... Brad

                                       Generation No. 3
                                   (Brad has previous generations)

4.  ABRAHAM LAZARUS3 FLORENCE (MOSES2, FLORENCE1) was born Jun 1872 in Zadic, Lithuania, and died 01 Jan 1936 in Carleton County, 
Ontario Canada.  He married LENA PULLAN, daughter of BERNARD PULLAN and MOLLY.  She was born Jun 1879 in Russia, and 
died 12 Feb 1925 in Carleton, Ontario Canada.


1901 Census of Canada 
about Abra Florence 
Name: Abra Florence 
Gender: Male 
Marital Status: Married 
Age: 27 
Birth Day & Month: 25 May 
Birth Year: 1874 
Birthplace: Russia 
Relation to Head of House: Head 
Immigration Year: 1882 
Racial or Tribal Origin: Hebrew 
Nationality: Canadian 
Religion: Jewish 
Province: Ontario 
District: Hamilton (City/Cité) 
District Number: 69 
Sub-District: Hamilton (City/Cité) Ward/Quartier No 5 
Sub-District Number: E-7 
Household Members: Name Age 
Abra Florence 27 
Lyda Florence 23 
Jacob Florence 2 
Mollie Florence 6 M 
Ton Takefman 43 

1911 Census of Canada 
about Abraham Florance 
Name: Abraham Florance 
Gender: Male 
Marital Status: Married 
Age: 38 
Birth Date: Jun 1872 
Birthplace: Russia 
Relation to Head of House: Chef (Head) 
Immigration Year: 1894 
Tribal: Jewish 
Province: Ontario 
District: Ottawa City 
District Number: 105 
Sub-District: Ottawa Ward 
Sub-District Number: 32 
Place of Habitation: 184 Sussex 
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age 
Abraham Florance 38 
Jina Florance 31 
Jacob Florance 12 
Molley Florance 10 
Rosie Florance 8 
Freda Florance 6 
Estelle Florance 4 
Harry Florance 2 
Veronica Hodgson 65 
July 3, 2012: Hi Al, Brad, I was doing some research on Abraham Florence and the Florence Paper Company this past week. I'm the president of the Lowertown Community Association where Abraham Florence lived for many years on Sussex Avenue in the early 20th century. His house was the former house of a Captain Bowie who was in charge of a ferry service on the Ottawa River. I believe the ferry service was one of the few ways to get to Ottawa for some time from Montreal. Captain Bowie lived in an old stone house on Sussex Drive right by the wharf where the ferry docked. The house, of which I'm trying to find a photograph, was a much nicer one than most of the ones in the neighourhood. Abraham Florence lived there at one point and it looks like he might have later torn it down to build some income properties (rowhouses). I have some photos of these rowhouses, but none of the original house. I currently live on the property where Florence Paper was once located. My father remembers the building from his youth in the 50's and 60's. I have also previously found photographs at the National Archives of the Florence Paper building, but have not been able to get any funding to have the photos reproduced yet. The archives charge about $15 per image. If this might be of interest, I could obtain the images for you. My community association founded a historical society just last year and we have a number of goals including building a photographic inventory of buildings that existed in the area as well as s tories about families from Lowertown. We already have about 1,500 images in our digital database. I think there are a few that show the Florence Paper building in the distance, but none of the old house on Sussex as of yet. It would be great if you have more information about Abraham Florence. I'm assuming he must have had children and that perhaps they are still in Ottawa. Maybe they even have photographs of the old house on Sussex. The Jewish presence in Ottawa was an interesting one and we are actually trying to get a small portion of the neighbourhood designated a Jewish Heritage Conservation District. Hope this is helpful! Yours truly, Marc Aubin, Ottawa, Ontario ______________________ Good morning, everyone: Thanks for including me in your e-mails. First of all, is it ok with you if I include your e-mails on our page for Abraham Florence on our web site? We may hear from other researchers who may have a picture of the original Bowie / Florence house. Also, Marc, the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society has a large group of photographs taken by or for the City of Ottawa, possibly for fire insurance / assessment purposes. I'm not sure what years these photographs cover, but I believe that they are filed by street name and address. I'll be there this week and will have a look. The Ontario Genealogical Society, Ottawa Branch, Reference Library and the City Of Ottawa Archives are both located on Tallwood Drive in CentrePointe and they may have some material to consult for your groups' research work. I remember that the Government of Canada here in Ottawa ran on Florence Paper Products for many years. As the bureaucracy grew, the paperwork increased with it! And a designated Jewish Heritage Area in Lowertown is a terrific idea. I'll mention this subject on our page at www.bytown.net/jewish.htm. ... Al Lewis Ottawa, Canada ___________________________ Hi Al, No problem on publishing any of my emails. If you can find out the date range of the OGS files, then that would be helpful. I suspect this house won't be in that collection, because it was torn down sometime around 1910 to build some rowhouses. However, there might be other photos of interest in that collection. If you're ever looking for anything in particular of Lowertown, let me know. Our photographic collection is growing very quickly. A few of the rare photos that we have not yet found include: -Robinson Primary School, 153 Chapel Street near Rideau -Old Cemetery at Macdonald Gardens -Watson Carriage Factory, 100 Friel at Murray (previously the Germain Tannery and Desrivieres Planing Mill) -The Bywash along Cathcart Street and King Edward Avenue (we have one photo, but it is suspect) -Old market buildings on Cathcart and Anglesea (Jules Morin) parks -Many homes and smaller businesses... We have, however, found some rare photos of other buildings (I just haven't got the funding to get copies of them yet): -Anglican Mission Hall at 52 Chapel at the corner of Clarence (since demolished) -Catholic Contagious Diseases Hospital on Macdonald Gardens along Cobourg Street between Heney and Tormey (since demolished) -Hopewell Hospital on Porter's Island (demolished) -Original wood-frame St. Anne's Church rectory at 47 Myrand (replaced) -Common School, 18 Anglesea (later replaced by the now demolished Brebeuf School) -Original good Shepherd Convent archway over St. Andrew (demolished) -Many homes and businesses We have found sources for almost every institutional building that ever existed in the neighbourhood. Marc Aubin __________________ Good Morning Al and Marc Please feel free to share and use all info as you please, the more people we got working on this the better chances of obtaining more information, looking around late last night I found this about our Capt Bowie Steam Boat Mail and like I said if either of you gentlemen can get information from Temple Beth Shalom wed be able to locate more info on Abraham, Frank Florence if I remember correctly was Abraham's first born son and Moses Doctor is kin of his also, and im sure Abraham was a member there also but when the temple was located in another part of the city and then rebuilt if I remember correctly, im working on so many projects and its been about 6 months since ive worked on any Florence material , Abe and cousin Becterman who had a railroad had a lot to do with the early building of Canada, amazing what you can find on the Internet these days. My friend Colin in Australia wairarapacol56@yahoo.com.au has over 25 years doing genealogy and is the backbone of all my research with all my families he's great at locating things, anywhere. Hope to here from you both soon, Thanks Brad
July 6, 2012: Here is the grave marker for Abraham Lazarus Florence. Can someone volunteer to translate from Hebrew to English? We have a larger and clearer photo. Thanks, ... Al
grave marker for Abraham Lazarus Florence

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