Patrick FLOOD and Julia CORCORAN
from Borris, County Carlow, Ireland
to North East Lot 13, Concession 4, Osgoode in 1879

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
June 14, 2003:

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 2  Page 10  Family 44
		Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion

Peter FLOOD	M		50	Irish	Ireland  (son)	Farmer		Catholic	
Patrick FLOOD	M	M	80	Irish	Ireland		Farmer		Catholic	
Julia FLOOD	F	M	70	Irish	Ireland				Catholic

February 15, 2006: Hi Al, I found the baptism of Peter Flood of Osgoode on that site with the Borris parish records: 30 Aug 1834 Peter, s/o Patt Flood and Judy Corcoran, Knockymullgurry Sp: Thomas Flood and Judy Flood 5 Oct 1836 Mick, s/o Patt Flood and Judy Corcoran, Scorteen Sp: Patt Flood and Brigid Corcoran 23 June 1839 Mary, d/o Pat Flood and Judy Corcoran, Knockymullgurry Sp: James Flood and Citty Flood 18 Feb 1845 Marks, s/o Patt Flood and Judy Corcoran, Tinnacarrig Sp: Patt Cloven and Cath Cloven
New March 2, 2006: Hi Al and Michael, I found what appears to be the baptism of Patrick Flood (m. Julia Corcoran) among the Borris records: 27 Apr 1804 Patt, s/o Peter Flood and Mary (surname not given), Knockmullygurry Gps: Brian Flood and Mary Doyle And I found two records that might be the baptism of Patrick's wife, Julia (=Judy/Judith) Corcoran: 6 May 1804 Judith, d/o Andrew Corcoran and Mary Fenlon, Lissalican Gps: John Neil and Anne Welsh or 13 Mar 1809 Judy, d/o John Corcoran and (mother's name not given), Rathgeran Gps: Michael Doyle and Catherine Kealy Although the Corcoran father's name in neither case appears to fit the naming pattern in Patrick and Julia's children's names, I'd be inclined to choose the 1809 baptism because Rathgeran is only about 2 kms. from Knockmullgurry. For what it's worth...Anne ... Anne ____________________ Hi Al , Anne: fits like a glove Anne, as one wanders amidst the tombstone in that pioneer cemetery in Enniskerry one comes upon a tombstone that reads, In memory of Patrick Flood, died Feb. 8 1884 age 84 yrs, Julia Corcoran wife of Patrick Flood died Nov 10,1883 aged 75 yrs, Natives of Co, Carlow, Ireland,Peter Flood, died April 19, 1920 aged 86 yrs, two tombstones over In memory of Catherine Flood, wife of Paul Shanahan, died 4th Sept 1875, age 53 yrs,in my view Peter, and Catherine were brother, and sister, the flood farm, was across the road from me, part of lot 13, con 4, Shanahan farm was lot 16, con,4, and im on lot 14 con, 3, thank for the info Anne ... Michael
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