in Chelsea, Cantley and Gatineau

November 15, 2002:

I just scanned the whole work first as it is getting late but I will be back.  I will also tell others 
about your work.  I am looking in mainly Chelsea, Cantley and Gatineau regions for the Fleming, O'Neill, 
Werrell, Brown, Bradley, etc. connections.  I have a bit of work done and would be quite willing to share 
it if anyone asks.  I hope to be able to write something up in the near future so that my gchildren will 
have it for future reference.  Well must go for now.  Once again thank you.  
May 16, 2003: Ann, I have written to you over the years about the Fleming family of Cantley who came from County Mayo and in particular about the Fleming connection to Youngstown, Ohio. If you have come up with any new information I would sincerely appreciate it if you would share it with me. I am still at loggerheads in finding the true names of the parents of John, (m. Susan Lynott from Cantley), Thomas, (m. Mary Holmes from Cantley) Patrick, (Winnifred Loftus From Youngstown) and Winnifred (m. a Lanahan from Mineral Ridge, OH, USA). Hope all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you. Tom Fleming T.E.Fleming@att.net
November 10, 2004: Thanks to Karen Andrews for the following: From Ste. Elisabeth de Cantley records: 25 AVR (April) 1871 FLEMING: Thomas parents: Thomas* et Mary FLEMING epouse (spouse) Mary HOLMES temoins (witness) John FLEMING et Mary FLEMING * de Bear Hill, Etat d'Ohio, Etat Unis, USA ====================================== FLEMING, Winifred (agee de 66 ans) 66 years parente (not shown) temoins (witness) John FLEMING, Patrick FLEMING, et Daniel HOLMES D: 13 Jul 1899 S: 15 Jul 1899 ===================================== Karen (KEARNEY) Andrews................ researching the KEARNEY, KERNY, TEMPANNY, LYNOTT, HOGAN, TREAU & WARD (and other) families of/near Cantley, Quebec about the turn of the century.
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