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October 29, 2013.

The Dream for Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada Dream of the Sheriff Family of Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada Source: History of the Ottawa Valley, by J.L. Gourlay, 1896, page 8,book reproduced on CD by Archive CD Books, Canada,ISBN 1-897338-75-9. Keywords: Chats Falls, Georgian Bay Ship Canal, Port Hope, Ontario, Shirreff House in Fitzroy Township An 1842 Bartlett sketch, printed in Carleton Saga, page 467 This house was located where the Boat Launch is today in Fitzroy Provincial Park
Shirreff House in Fitzroy Township
St. George's Anglican Church, Fitzroy Harbour
St. George's Anglican Church, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada
Map of Fitzroy Township in 1879 BEHAN, Edward from Nenagh, County Tipperary COADY, Richard, came to Fitzroy c. 1830 from County Cork, Ireland. Coady's Creek on Highway 44. (One of the 1823 Peter Robinson Settlers) COLTON, Michael, Owen, Frank and John (brothers) from County Tyrone, c. 1830. COSTELLO, Michael (died at Grosse Isle, 1847). Widow was a GAVAN, Gavin's Hotel at Quyon in Pontiac County ?, 7 children. Eldest son, Mathew COSTELLO farmed in Fitzroy. CROTTY, Michael, wife Norah, from County Waterford CURRIE (CURRY), Patrick, wife Mary Kavanagh, both from County Fermanagh, Ireland in 1840's. FARRY, Patrick from County Fermanagh immig. in 1842. wife was Mary LUNNEY. See Lunney family picture. Patrick died 1856, aged 67 GORMAN, Patrick, from Thurles, County Tipperary (old Celtic Cross tombstone in Fitzroy Harbour cemetery) HOGAN, Thomas, from Cloughjordan, County Tipperary LINDSAY, Patrick and wife Catherine QUINN, 3 sons Bernard, Patrick and Joseph. Foster son, John O'REILLY married Bridget CARLETON McDERMOTT, Michael from County Galway McGRATH, Michael Lot 2, Con. 3. McHALE, Patrick and wife Mary FARRELL - from County Mayo, Ireland Son James McHALE 1831-1891 married Margaret WALSH. Son Patrick 1825-1895 married Bridget O'DONNELL McMAHON, Michael, Thadeus, and Patrick (brothers) from County Clare, Ireland. Write-up in Fitzroy Book but church records are at records at Corkery. MORAN, Francis, 1813-1888 from County Leitrim, Ireland O'NEIL, Joseph and Agnes COADY, from County Clare in 1840. O'NEILL, John and wife Ellen from Tipperary SHANNON, Sarah from County Sligo SHERIDAN, John b. 1811, brother Michael, b. 1821, STANTON, John 1821-1884, wife Catherine GIBBONS, both from Roscommon, settled at Morris Island (before railway bridge was built). SULLIVAN, Thomas, from County Cork, wife Adeline born in Vermont, USA Source: Beyond Our Memory ... A History of Fitzroy Township, 1989, ISBN 0-969-4250-0-7, Edited by Karen Lewis Runtz This book is also online at (Thanks to Jim Kirkpatrick for the link ... Al) The above pioneers lived in Fitzroy Township, but many of them attended church at Corkery, in Huntley Township and later generations migrated to Renfrew County.
January 16, 2002 Thanks to Dennis Hunt for the following list of pioneers in Fitzroy Township: Al, I saw your web page that listed early Irish families in Fitzroy. Here is my family and their friends that were very early settlers of Fitzroy. McKibbon, William, came to Fitzroy from County Cavan, Ireland (see e-mail dated September 11, 2003) Shaw, Henry, came to Fitzroy in 1926 from Mohill, County Leitrim, Ireland Gillan, Francis, in 1831 from Clooncumber, Co Leitrim, Ireland Latimer, James in 1831 from Mohill, County Leitrim, Ireland Wilson, John in 1831 from Mohill, County Leitrim, Ireland Moreton, George, in 1831 from Mohill, County Leitrim, Ireland March 8, 2011: McGinley, Robert, in 1831 from Mohill, County Leitrim, Ireland Hello-I am related to Robert Mcginley as his daughter Sarah was my grgr grandmother as she married Thomas Ellis. Dennis had emailed me a long while back with some of the information. Now that I live in Ottawa, my research is simpler. I was wondering if anything more has ever come up about the Mcginleys as I am in contact with a possible family member in the USA as by the sounds of it the Mcginleys split up by coming to canada and the states. I do have quite a bit of info on them. If anyone has interest on thomas and sarah ellis and their journey out west into alberta and BC. ... Marc MacIntyre (E-Mail Marc) Hunt, John in 1832 from Curraun, Mohill, Co. Leitrim, Ireland Hunt, Robert in 1840 from Curraun, Mohill, Co. Leitrim, Ireland Hunt, Thomas came to Fitzroy from Curraun, Mohill, Co. Leitrim, Ireland ... Dennis Hunt
March 5, 2002: Hello Dennis, I stumbled across this web site; On this web site was the following posting; January 16, 2002 Thanks to Dennis Hunt for the following list of pioneers in Fitzroy Township: Al, I saw your web page that listed early Irish families in Fitzroy. Here is my family and their friends that were very early settlers of Fitzroy. McKibbon, William, came to Fitzroy from County Cavan, Ireland Would you have any more information on William McKibbon and his family? I'm wondering if he had a brother or was related to an Adam McKibbon. Yours truly, Kevin McKibbon
July 20, 2002: The following was posted to the UOVGEN list by Norma O'Toole. It provides some historical background regarding early itinerant priests in the Fitzroy / Pontiac / Corkery area: Hello Mary I don't know where Eardly / Eardley, Quebec is but I am tracing my husband's great great grandfather, Michael Sage, from the Quyon, Onslow area across from Fitzroy Harbour. On my last visit to the Pontiac County Archives in Campbell's Bay, I made a copy of an article titled "Early Onslow and St. Mary's Catholic Church" which appeared in the Centennial Edition of "The Equity" newspaper. (Sorry, no date on my copy.) I will repeat a small part of the article below to show how difficult it is to find early church records for this area. Quote As early as 1837, thirty years before Confederation, the area was visited by Fathers Poire and Moreau from Montreal, who brought the sacraments to the Catholics from Ottawa to Lake Temiskaming. (skip one paragraph) The first priest to make regular visits to Onslow was Father Terence Smith of Richmond Parish, forty miles away. On one of his early trips to the Ottawa River district he is recorded to have united twenty couples in marriage. At the same time Father Brady of Buckingham and Father Bellefeuille of Montebello were also visiting this area as well as Father Desautels and Father Moreau of Aylmer so a number of baptisms registered in those other centres actually refer to babies born in Onslow.

In 1845, after a visit to the Mission, Father Telmon, OMI wrote to the Bishop of Ottawa asking that a parish priest be appointed, and the Bishop appointed Father Feeley to look after Fitzroy Harbour and Onslow. From then on the baptismal records for this area were kept in Corkery, across the river. By 1860 Onslow had a priest of their own, Father McDonnough, who came in hard times when there was much poverty. His first church was burned down, it was said, by a band of men and times were such that it could not be rebuilt so the priest was recalled. In 1863 a young priest from Chapeau, Father Casey, came to Onslow and worked hard to finish the wooden church and pay off the debt. One of Father Casey's duties was to look after the Pontiac Village men who had been brought in to attempt to build a canal along the Chats Rapids, a project which was later dropped. Unquote A search for early records of the people of this area would require checking the parish registers of quite a few churches. Are there any of the knowledgeable people on this list who can shed some light on this research dilemma? Norma O'Toole in Eastern Ontario
September 11, 2003:
Hi, my name is Helen Wyse and I am a descendant of Thomas McKibbon (1800-1876) and Jenny Johnston (Johnson) (1802-1823 or 34). They came from Enniskillen, County Cavan to Fitzroy, then Pakenham and then on to Mink Lake, Renfrew County. Thomas and his brother Henry are thought to be nephews or cousins of William McKibbon. Some infectious disease (cholera) hit Pakenham in about 1832 and Thomas had to burn all of the buildings on his land and he sold his farm to William Russell in 1833 with the stipulation that it could not be farmed for several years. Thomas and his family and brother Henry set out to Mink Lake, and Jenny died in Douglas, Renfrew County. She is buried in a field (Tom Donahue’s farm), on hwy 60 going east from Douglas to Renfrew. There are about 9 graves in total there (presumably all people who died from the same illness and Thomas who was later buried there by his son, Samuel. Thomas and Jenny had the following children: Joseph, Margaret, James and Jane. He later married Nancy Bell and had a son, Samuel. Thomas apparently was not a farmer but had as much as 1500 acres of land in Fitzroy / Pakenham at one point. He would clear the land, sell the lumber and then sell the land as an improved lot for farming. I am trying to determine when Thomas came to Canada, exactly where he lived and worked in Canada and more about he and his family in Enniskillen, Cavan. Any information which you may have or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you, Helen Wyse
March 10, 2004: Conrad Tittley is researching the family of Michael McDermott and Mary Walsh who were in Fitzroy Township beginning in the 1840s.
March 15, 2004:
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Hi Dennis I saw your posting of Fitzroy Township names on Bytown or Bust. Is this John Hunt the one who was married to Laetitia Gillan parents of George Hunt (1821-1886) who married Ruth Burke or is he a brother? And what is the relationship of the other 2 Hunts Robert and Thomas? I am researching the Stevenson family tree and Chastina Hunt (1853-1911) daughter of George and Ruth Burke married John Stevenson (1857-1908) And do you have any information on Hiram Carle Stevenson son of John and Chastina Hunt Happy to exchange any info I have. Diane Moorhead E-Mail: (Also researching: Moorhead, Milford, Stitt, Stevenson, Bishop, Jeffrey, Mooney, Lowry) _______________________________ also posted on March 15, 2004: To Whom It May Concern; My name is Bill Taylor I live in British Columbia. I am searching for my grandfather Arthur Hunt's decendants. I believe he came from Fitzroy County Ont. not very far from my grandmother who lived in Fitzroy County Ontario. I am the 5th generation of John Mantle who married Ellen Horgan / Hourigan and married about 1800 (mothers side) who arrived in Fitzroy Co. in 1823 residence W lot 25 con 5 pakenham township Lanark Co, Ont. Direct decendant of their daughter Mary Mantil / Mantle arrived 1823 same address as above married Benjamin Finner about 1828 My Grandmother Mary Ann Finner Born 01/04/1870 in Fitzroy Twp, Carleton County, Ontario married Arthur Hunt born 06/03/1864 I believe came from the same area. I am trying to find whatever I can on my grandfather Arthur Hunt and if anyone should have any information for me it would be appreciated. ... Bill Taylor E-Mail: ________________________________ April 10, 2004: 30 Jun 1853 After one publication of banns, marriage of Arthur Hunt of Bytown, adult son of William Hunt and Catherine Webb, to Catherine O'Meara of Bytown, adult daughter of James O'Meara and Mary Dolan Witnesses: Philibert Bastien (church warden) & others 12 Aug 1855 Baptism of Edward, born 16 July of the marriage of Arthur Hunt and Catherine O'Meara of March Township Witnesses: Peter McLaughlin & Widow King Source: Notre Dame records, compiled by Ellen Paul. ________________________ also posted on April 10, 2004: The Learmonth family had a grist mill just to the west of the village of Fitzroy Harbour in 1879. It's shown on the map (click near the top of this page). The original water wheel from this mill (dated 1868) is on display in the park located in the center of the village of Fitzroy Harbour today. We have posted a picture of the old mill below dated May 12, 2011. Learmonth Grinding Wheel, 1860, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada September 30, 2012: All: For twenty years I shared the little brown cottage as a summer retreat with my in-laws and Dr. Wilkes. There, in the attic, were all the family papers and many an evening was spent browsing through the documents and photographs related to the Learmonth family. I was told that it all went to the Fitzroy Historical Society. For example, George Learmonth shipped the first piano to Fitzroy from Montreal. The shipping or part of it was done in winter when the roads were frozen and could handle the heavy load. The cottage was built as a winter home with more comfort than the large drafty Ercildoune the shell of which I visited. ... Ron Conlon
April 10, 2005:
The Chats Falls Dam, Fitzroy Harbour
It's spring here and Brandy and I are on the move again! This dam was built during the 1930's. I believe that John Egan from Aylmer, Quebec had extensive logging interests in the Fitzroy and Quyon area and it was he who built the horse railway around the Chats Falls in the 1850's. Downstream from the dam it's about a mile by canoe to Quyon. Upstream from the dam it's about 5 miles to Arnprior.
A Research Partner Examining Marine Life There was still ice on the river but she can't resist it !
May 21, 2005: About a half mile above the dam is the Morris Island Conservation Area. It's a great place to canoe and hike and is completely handicapped accessible. Fishing platforms are wheelchair accessible. Michel Forand is studying the early lighthouses on the Ottawa River. He has sent in a picture of the early lighthouse at Morris Island. See photograph posted on May 21, 2005 at our lighthouses page.
July 5, 2005:
Fitzroy Township Cemeteries
The Anglican Cemetery in the Village of Fitzroy Harbour is on top of the hill overlooking the village and the Ottawa River. The Roman Catholic Cemetery is located across the street from St. Michael's Catholic Church. Within the boundaries of the park is a small area set off to commemorate the pioneer Sherriff / Shirreff family of Fitzroy Township. There are a few grave markers there (not sure if they are the original ones). My family had a cottage in the 1970's on the Ottawa River at a place called Willola Beach which is just east of the Provincial Park. Between the village and what used to be called the Willola Beach Road is a small cemetery. Diane Moorhead gives us some history of the cemetery. The Willola Beach Road is now called Moorhead Drive. This thread is continued from the William Mooney page dated July 5, 2005. Hi Diane: Thanks for including me in your e-mail to Don and Daniel. Do you mind if I add it to the William Mooney page? By the way, is the Epworth Cemetery the small cemetery bordering on Fitzroy Provincial Park, close to Moorhead Drive? Thanks again, ... Al ________________________ Hi Al Of course, you may add it to the Mooney page. I know the cemetery you mean. I remember, my Dad (of Moorhead Drive and Willola Beach) saying that it was very old and when they improved the road for the provincial park they discovered some very old graves. They thought some were native Indians there as well, many of the graves were unmarked ?? NP There was talk (45-50 years ago) of arrowheads in the vicinity. They had to change the road for the cemetery. They cleaned up the cemetery and made it visible. I don't know the name of this cemetery, or who took responsibility for it. I don't see this cemetery listed on Scott Naylor's Ottawa Area Gravemarkers website. The Epworth Cemetery is off/on Stonecrest Road and I always need a map to find it. It is very small, but quite visible from the road and the old Methodist Church is gone, It is North of the Kinburn Sideroad, I never remember whether or not it is before or after the Kilmaurs Road,. The Epworth Cemetery is at the corner of Stonecrest Rd. & Sol Lane, Fitzroy Township, West Carleton County, Ontario ... Diane
September 7, 2005: Changing Topography in the Fitzroy Harbour, Chats Falls and Morris Island area, 1879-1979
September 22, 2005: Margo Morel is researching the McHale family. There were early McHales in Fitzroy Township and also in Osgoode Township and in Mayo, Quebec.
September 30, 2005: Note to researchers: see also earlier postings on this web page for the McKibbon surname. Hi, I know I have spoken to some of you before. I am related to the William McKibbon who came from Cavan County. I have just received, from a descendent of the same branch, the wills of William and of his brother Thomas McKibbon. I am sure this will be of interest to some of you. I was certainly surprized that she had them (or a copy of them). Email if you would like to see them and I will copy them out. I don't want to do this now in case this email runs into a dead end, as it will take a bit of typing. ... Carol Ferguson E-mail

February 15, 2006: Thanks to (the late) Cheryl Thomas for the following link to marriages in Carleton County from about 1873 to 1880: (Mostly Fitzroy Township, but some from neighbouring Huntley and Torbolton).
February 28, 2006: Bradley Fox is researching one of the first families to arrive in Fitzroy Township. His ancestor, Christopher Armstrong, arrived in the Kinburn area in 1834 from County Fermanagh in Ireland.
August 20, 2006: James Wark was an early shoemaker in the village of Fitzroy Harbour.
August 21, 2006: Al The link below is to an on-line version of “Beyond our Memory” that you might like to add to your Fitzroy Township page or elsewhere. It is easier to use, of course, for those lucky enough to have access to hi-speed internet. ... Jim Kirkpatrick
April 1, 2008:
Map of the Village of Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps Fitzroy Harbour Village in 1879
On the above map,the Ottawa River is to the north of the village. Fitzroy Provincial Park is at the top (east) on the map. The Carp River flows through the village and the Provincial Park. A nice day trip!
July 31, 2008:
Fitzroy Harbour Hockey Team, c. 1910 Photo Source: Beyond Our Memory ... A History of Fitzroy Township, page 100 Fitzroy Harbour Hockey Team, c. 1910
Names for search engine: McKay, Kedey, Templeton, Wade, Baird, Smith
September 13, 2009:
The following photo shows the exterior of Penny's Fudge Factory in Fitzroy Harbour. The photo is the face page of a greeting card made by Cards By Beatriz Penny's Fudge Factory in Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada
Thanks to Syd for the following history of the building since 1933: Well, A little bit of history first. This has not been confirmed but is the best I have. Joe Ovington moved from Galetta in 1933 to open up Ovington's Garage in Fitzroy Harbour. This was when the Chat's Falls Dam was being built so the population of Fitzroy Harbour had never been higher and there were a lot of tradesmen and workers driving vehicles that would need maintenance and repair. He was married to Christine and had two children with her. One year later, as he lay on the cement floor of the garage working under a vehicle he contracted a cold in his kidneys and complications from that brought about his pre-mature death. Chrissie, now a widow with two children soon married John Muldoon. John had no mechanical background, but was willing to keep the business going but only with gas pumps and the interior was changed over to a General Store with groceries and many other stock items any general store during that time would have. Between the two of them they had more children and kept the business going for 45 years. They have since passed away. Between 1980 and 1989 the store was bought and sold several times with no one really making a go of it. Finally Judy bought it in 1989 and slowly converted it from a gas bar and general store to the Fudge Factory that it is today. The existing building built back in 1933 still stands underneath the existing framework of today's Fudge Factory. Windows and garage doors still stand between the new exterior and interior walls and the hip room over the home is now covered by a new peaked roof over the back of the store. To this day we receive visits from the Muldoon children and also know of one grandson of the Ovington's who lives in the area. If I think of anything else I will pass it along. Syd.
November 23, 2009:
This map shows the original fur trade post called "Chats House" manned by Mr. Mondion of the Hudson's Bay Company c. 1810. Also shown are the route of the Horse Railway built c. 1850 to take steamboat passengers around the Chats Rapids. Map Source: The Upper Ottawa Valley, by Clyde C. Kennedy, page 141. Horse Railway in Pontiac County, Quebec, c. 1850
October 22, 2013: And here is a photograph of Mondion's Point, the location of the fur trade post called Chats House owned by the Hudson Bay Company (HBC). Joseph Mondion manned this post in the 1780's, the first white man to live west of Bytown (before Philemon Wright came to Hull in 1800). The Northwest Company and the Hudson's Bay Company amalgamated in 1821. The new company carried on under the name of the HBC and maintained trading posts in the Ottawa area at Fort Coulonge and at Lac des Sables, north of Buckingham, Quebec, on the Lievre River. Cardinal Flowers in Pontiac Bay
Joseph Mondion's Fur Trade Post in Pontiac County, Quebec cardinal flowers in Pontiac Bay, 2013

March 7, 2010: Watch a Fitzroy Harbour Documentary on YouTube, by Connor Price, Ben Trainor and Eric Roesler
March 13, 2010: Cheryl Wark is researching the early hotels in the village of Fitzroy Harbour. Her ancestor was the owner of the Union House in the 1860's. The Grand View Hotel was located at the Corner of Alexander and Harbour Streets(picture below); the Union House was at the corner of Bay Street and Harbour Street.
The Grand View Hotel, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada Photo source: The Romance of Fitzroy Harbour, by Fred Sadler, ISBN FC3099.F57S23 1983, page 78 The Grand View Hotel, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada

April 1, 2019:
Orange and Green Violence in the Ottawa area in 1851
The Riddell family named their house "Castlebar" after the town in County Mayo, Ireland March 29, 2009: Riddell House in Fitzroy Township, Ontario, Canada
April 28, 2010: John Hamilton and Anne "Jane" Plunkett came from County Mayo in Ireland and settled in Fitzroy Township.
May 9, 2010: Mr. Allan Gray is researching his ancestors, the Kyle family who came to Fitzroy Township from County Tyrone, Ireland, about 1840.
May 10, 2010: Allan Gray has sent along a pamphlet dated 1905. It is from the Fitzroy School and lists the names of the Teacher (Mabel Wilson), the Trustees and the pupils.
July 23, 2010: Hi, How come there is no info on any of the Wilson family? Jim Wilson and children..... My great grandparents were Joe and Matilda (Tillie) Bowman (Nee Wilson) and there are many many of her siblings and their children that have been apart of fitzroy Harbour for decades...most of the streets were named after them. Can you put something in this website that has some of their history? This would be greatly appreciated for myself and all of the Wilson clans... Thanks, ... TP ________________________________ Hello: Thanks for your e-mail regarding the Wilson and Bowman families at Fitzroy. The reason that there is nothing on the web page at is because no one has contributed any material yet. I'll add your e-mail to the page above and hopefully we will have other researchers contribute early information regarding these families. Feel free to contribute material yourself -- but just the early families, for privacy reasons. I think that I knew Joe and Tillie Bowman in the 1970's. If I'm right, they were good friends of my aunt and uncle, Wib and Kay Wilson, who lived at Willola Beach then. My Uncle Wib may not have been related to your Wilsons as his family was in Goulbourn Township in the early days. There are a couple of Wilson family farms in 1879, to the east of the village of Fitzroy Harbour. You can locate the farms on the map near the top of the page at . Thanks again for your e-mail. I've added your e-mail to the list below to be contacted by other researchers. ... Al Lewis
October 4, 2010: Kelsey is researching her O'Halloran and Smith ancestors in the Fitzroy area.
November 8, 2010: The pioneer Mohr family created Mohr's Corners and also farmed on the Ontario side of the Ottawa River where the Quoyon Ferry lands. Mohr's Corners is just south of Galetta, Ontario.
May 12, 2011: The Snye is a sort of backwater, narrow river branch of the Mississippi River between Galetta and the village of Fitzroy Harbour. It is mostly shallow and is best accessed by canoe from the bridge along the road going to Vydon Acres. It is almost never fished and contains some of the largest bass and muskies in the Ottawa area. Don't tell anyone. There is a small set of easy rapids to get to the main part of the Snye. Keep your eyes open there -- there are large gar pike at the base of the rapids. They look like alligators.
The Learmonth Mill on the Snye of the Mississippi River near Fitzroy Harbour. Source: Beyond Our Memory, page 199 Picture of the Learmonth Mill, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada

January 13, 2013: In 1893, a beautiful tribute was presented to Major Allan Fraser of Fitzroy Township. This document was discovered by Linda Turley of Ohio, USA, and she let us know about it.
July 3, 2012: Debbie McDonald is researching her McMillan and McLeod ancestors who came from Glengarry County to Fitzroy Township in the 1800's. Her ancestors are buried in the abandoned McMillan Cemetery on Concession 9, Lot 7, Fitzroy.
September 9, 2012: Jerry Lunney has a web site containing the Lunney Family History.
February 27, 2014: Tomorrow, Friday 28, 2014, Dr. Shawn Graham, an archaeologist and professor from Carleton University will be presenting a paper to the Historical Society of Ottawa titled "The Archaeology and Heritage of Chats Falls on the Ottawa". Details are at Free and it should be very interesting. ... Al
April 2, 2014: The following link will take you to a terrific paper written by Michael McBane. It concerns the oral tradition of the Irish famine immigrants to the Ottawa Valley. In the article, Mr. McBane offers an alternative view of Irish immigration from the convential wisdom of well-known Irish scholars in Canadasuch as Donald Akenson and Cecil Houston. Some of their books are listed in our bibliography. This paper is an important work regarding the Irish Catholics of the Ottawa Valley. It discusses many of the immigrants who came to Irish settlements in the Ottawa area in the years surrounding "Black '47". See also our Ottawa Valley Famine Immigration web page. Featured are the immigrants from County Mayo, Ireland who settled in Pontiac County, Quebec, Fitzroy Township, Ontario and the village of Mayo, Quebec in the Gatineau Valley. I have printed off a copy of this paper in case the original is removed from the Internet at some point. Some of the surnames mentioned are Dunnigan, Joyce, Gibbons, Stanton, Gavan, Rowan, Moyle, Mulligan, O'Mally / O'Malley, O'Donnell. MaMahon / McMahon, Madden, Dolan, Phillips, Doherty, Jordan, Costello, McHugh, O'Hara, Dowd, Doyle, Draper, McBane, Houlihan / Houlahan, O'Reilly, McColgan, Kilroy, Gavan, Quinn, and Burke. To read this important work, visit . This is a .pdf file; the article runs from page 7 to 26. Thanks to Thelma Hartman for passing this link along to us. ... Al
Where there's a will, there's a way! Source: The Romance of Fitzroy Harbour by Fred Sadler, page 33, ISBN FC3099.F57S23 1983 Quyon, Quebec during Prohibition in Ontario
Keywords: Quyon, Pontiac County, the temperance movement
New May 16, 2019:
Source: Planted by Flowing Water, page 69, St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church at Fitzroy Harbour St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church at Fitzroy Harbour

E-mail Dennis Hunt, Kevin McKibbon, Helen Wyse, Diane Moorhead, Bill Taylor, Carol Ferguson, Syd, TP, Marc MacIntyre, Ron Conlon and Al Lewis

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