Isaac FIRTH, Early Settler in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
also Joseph and Frances FIRTH

    In 1819, Isaac Firth established an inn at Richmond Landing on the Ottawa River at
Chaudiere Falls. The year before, the 99th / 100th Regiment of Foot had been disbanded at 
Lachine, Quebec, and the members were granted land in Goulbourn Township. The town of 
Richmond was surveyed and a road was cut, by the soldiers, from Richmond Landing to the 
site of the new town.

There is a line drawing of Isaac Firths' Inn on page 13 of Ottawa: An Illustrated History 
by John Taylor. The drawing was sketched by Colonel John By.

For more information on the disbanding of the 99th and 100th Regiments see the story
of William Vaughan.

Isaac Firth's inn was a popular gathering place for the gentlemen of Uppertown. It's Lowertown
counterpart was Mother McGinty's Tavern.

November 4, 2002:

Hello Al,

Here is my data on my FIRTH line.  Not much at this point and I am still of 
course, searching.  As I believe I mentioned, I have not been able to establish a 
link with Isaac FIRTH owner of the first INN (I believe in Bytown) Ottawa.ON.

FIRTH,   Joseph and Frances (Unknown maiden name). occup. - farmer.
Joseph was born in England about 1806/07
Francis (wife) also known as Fanny was born in Upper Canada of Irish descent.
Their children:
Catherine FIRTH       born Ottawa,ON  1852  ***
Eliza S.   FIRTH       born  """""""""""    1854
John P.   FIRTH       born   """""""""""    1856
Mary Ann FIRTH      born   """""""""""    1857
Fanny     FIRTH       born   """""""""""    1859

*** Catherine FIRTH married - age 22 -, of Goulburn, Ont. 
       Date: 12 July 1875
       Parents: Joseph and Frances FIRTH
       To -  Edwin ELLIOTT - age 23,  of Ottawa,ON
       Parents:  William Firth & Jane (unknown maiden name), Of Ottawa. ON
       Witnesses to marriage; Robert McCauley and Elizabeth Firth of 
       Goulburn ON

In the 1889-92 City Directory for Ottawa Ontario - page 235,
Frances FIRTH  is listed as widow of Joseph at n s Gilmour Street l w of Bay
and living with her are; sons, George, John, and William B.  and Joseph. 

I have not yet found the death registration for Joseph Firth Sr.

Catherine FIRTH and Edwin ELLIOTT had six children; Joseph, Arthuretta, 
Victor Reginald, Frances Stella, Otter (he was the only one that remained in 
Ottawa, the rest moved to Toronto, ON) and Milford.

Joseph ELLIOTT (first born) was my grandfather, who married Charlotte Jane 

Hope the above is useful to you and if I can help with any other data, please 
let me know.

1881 Census: There is only one Firth family in Carleton County in 1881. Here they are: Census Place: Wellington Ward, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 105 SubDist A Div 3 Page 8 Family 42 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Fanny FIRTH F W 53 Irish O Religion: Church of England John FIRTH M 24 Irish O Occ: Labourer Religion: Church of England Mary Ann FIRTH F 22 Irish O Occ: Seamstress Religion: Church of England Fanny FIRTH F 25 Irish O Occ: Seamstress Religion: Church of England Joseph FIRTH M 17 Irish O Religion: Church of England Maggie FIRTH F 14 Irish O Religion: Church of England William FIRTH M 12 Irish O Religion: Church of England George FIRTH M 10 Irish O Religion: Church of England
October 28, 2003: A James FERTH is listed on the 1822 Return of Population for Nepean Township. His wife, name not given, (but no children) is also listed. Source: Bruce Elliott, Nepean: The City Beyond, page 389.
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February 5, 2008: Hi Al I have attached the photo I have of Isaac Firth (below). The Ottawa Citizen published a book entitled – Our Times – A Pictorial Memoir of Ottawa’s Past. On page 9 there is a photo of Isaac Firth. When I saw this photo I knew mine was taken in the same room. The carpet and chair are identical. According to the note in the book the photo was taken in Yorkshire. The photo in the book belongs to Dr. Bruce Elliott’s collection. I will over time scan in more of the photos that I have. I remember when I was doing research at the Billing’s Museum that Ma Firth was buried there. She apparently died during the Cholera Epidemic of 1832. I will try and confirm that with the museum. I don’t mind if people copy this photo but I would like you to mention that it is from my private collection. Also I would like to ask you when I am finally finished with my books where I could donate them. I would like to donate all my research and photographs as well. I also have some artifacts from the Hunton and Houghton families of Bytown. Thanks ... Mary Cox
Picture of Isaac Firth

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