Patrick FIELD, Fieldville, Quebec, Canada, 1800's
Thomas FIELD and Nora HAYES
Early settlers in the Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, area
Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

February 4, 2004:

A Patrick Field from Mallow, County Cork was among the 1823 Peter Robinson settlers 
in Huntley Township. He was single. He may or may not be related to the Field
settlers in the Gatineau area.

9 April 1907 
After dispensing with banns, marriage of Michael Barry, son of age of James Barry 
and Bridget Field of Low, Quebec, and Helena Charlotte Purdy, daughter of Charles Purdy 
and Catherine Mary Whalen / Whelan of this mission. 
Witnesses: James Myles, Annie Purdy and Carrie O'Meara

Source: St. Clare's RC Church, Goulbourn Township

Descendants of Thomas Field
	1  	Thomas Field	1816 - 1894
.		+Honoria (Nora) Hayes	
........	2  	William Field	1851 -
........	2  	Bridget Field	1852 -
........	2  	Catherine Field	1854 -
........	2  	Mary Field	1858 -
........	2  	Ellen Field	1860 -
........	2  	Patrick (Twin) Field	1876 - 1950 (see below, dated November 22, 2006)
............		+Agnes (Aggie) Myles	1879 - 1957
........	2  	Michael (Twin) Field	1876 -
Source: myles.ged
1881 Census Place:	Lowe (Low), Ottawa, Quebec, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375861  NAC C-13225  Dist 97  SubDist II  Page 15  Family 61

			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion
William FIELDS		M	M	65	Irish	Ireland		Farmer		Catholic	
Hanora FIELDS		F	M	55	Irish	Ireland				Catholic	
Thomas FIELDS		M		21	Irish	Quebec		Farmer		Catholic	
Bridget FIELDS		F		20	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
Catherine FIELDS	F		17	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
John FIELDS		M		18	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
Hannah FIELDS		F		13	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
William M. FIELDS	M		11	Irish	Quebec				Catholic

1881 Census Place:	Lowe (Low), Ottawa, Quebec, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375861  NAC C-13225  Dist 97  SubDist II  Page 12  Family 44

			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion
Thomas FIELDS		M	M	60	Irish	Ireland		Farmer		Catholic	
Hanora FIELDS		F	M	46	Irish	Ireland				Catholic	
William FIELDS		M		30	Irish	Quebec		Farmer		Catholic	
Catherine FIELDS	F		26	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
Ellen FIELDS		F		20	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
Johanna FIELDS		F		18	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
Henry FIELDS		M		16	Irish	Quebec		Son		Catholic	
Anne FIELDS		F		14	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
Thomas FIELDS		M		12	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
John FIELDS		M		10	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
Michial FIELDS		M		5	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
Patrick FIELDS		M		5	Irish	Quebec				Catholic	
John HAYES		M		24	Irish	Quebec		Labourer	Catholic

June 23, 2005: Hello Al, I came across a web page with this url: It referred to my great grandparents, Thomas and Nora (Hayes) Field, as well as my grandparents, Patrick and Agnes (Myles ) Field. Your email address was at the bottom of the page. I am a grandson of Patrick and Agnes Field. They had four children (Edgar, Thomas, Kathleen and my dad), all born in what I think was then called Fieldville. My father was their youngest son, Joseph Patrick Henry Field, born in 1918. He died in 1972. His generation are all now deceased. My cousin Edsel Field's family still runs the farm in Low that my grandfather ran. They raise herefords, I believe. I live on the west coast. My dad met my mom (who was an Anglican from Victoria) during the war when both were in the RCAF stationed at Goose Bay, Labrador - my mom a nurse and my dad a navigator on planes flying convoy escort. I don't know what your connection is to my grandparents, but thought you might like to know all this. Yours, ... Patrick Field (lots of imagination in the way my family names its boys).
October 20, 2005: Pat - I read your message of June with interest. I live in Ottawa but spent summers in Fieldville in 30s and 40s and still go there at least once a year. My mother was a Hayes from Brennan's Hill. Her mother was a Myles so we are related both through Agnes and Pat. We spent summers of 1936 and 1937 in a farm house owned by Aunt Aggie and Uncle Pat as we (my brother and sisters and I, and our Vesey cousins) called them. When the Field men, your father and uncles, grandfather and his twin brother Mick were drawing hay from the fields near "our place", we would climb on the wagon for the ride. I have fond memories of those days. In 1938 my aunt and uncle built a cottage a couple of miles in the Fieldville Road. so we continued to see the Fields often in summer and Aunt Aggie would visit us in town. You are no doubt aware that Edsel died in 1999. I knew Harry had moved to B.C. and had married there, and that he had died in the 70s. I didn't know he had children so I am glad to hear of you. Lorne Mahoney
March 15, 2006: All: Here is a link to a story of Schull Ireland around the time of the famine. This is where the Gatineau Field Family comes from. An interesting part of it states "We can trace two of the emigrants who went to Canada at this time. Henry Field and his wife, Mary Driscoll, and their five or six children left Dunbeacon between Ballydehob and Bantry. They landed probably at Quebec around the time of the famine. By 1850 their names appear in church and civil records. They are clearing ‘stony farm-wood lots’ high in the Gatineau Valley, thirty-five miles north-east of Ottawa. Their settlement, now a village, was called Fieldville." I am from the Hayes family of the Gatineau area. we are related to the Fields. Mark Smith
November 22, 2006: Interesting to find such notes on Fieldville. My grandfather Joseph Andrew Crocker (and his brother and sister) were adopted by Angnes and Patrick Field in the early 1900s. My grandfather and his siblings were orphans from the UK. The UK shipped many orphans to Canada as there was a growing demand for farm laborers (and the UK wanted to rid itself of its responsibilities) Although we are not entirely sure where they were born, Joseph listed Dublin as his place of birth (Sept 3, 1897) on his Canadian Forces papers from World WAR I (and identified Agnes as his next of kin (foster mother)). This was interesting since he later served as a caretaker for the United Church in Ottawa. Most people from Dublin were Catholics, as were many of the Irish immigrants who came to the areas surrounding Fieldville. ... Peter ________________________ See also British Home Children in the Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau, Quebec areas
June 27, 2010: I am descended through Agnes Myles brother, Archie (Archiebald) Myles. I am looking for family pictures to share with others and family members. I am also looking for stories that tell of the individuals and their lives. An email would be great. Garry McFadden Prince George, BC.
July 9, 2010: Garry- Agnes was a first cousin of my grandmother Mary Catherine Myles (1866-1895). Our family summered in the second farm house Pat and Aggie owned in 1936 and 37 and elsewhere in Fieldville after that. My mother and her sister kept in touch with Aggie. Unfortunately no one in my family has pictures of Aggie and Pat. I remember them fondly and recall how hard working and resourceful they were. Their fine brick house stood out along the Fieldville Road. Sorry I don't have anything for you but if I find something I'll get back to you. Have you contacted their grandkids? Lorne ____________________________________________________ Hello Lorne.... Nice to hear from you. I do have some pictures and I am sending them to you and Al for his website if he would like to have them on there as well. The more the older folks are published, the more the younger folks will perhaps take an interest in their family ancestors and their life stories. Thanks again and hope the pictures do give you some good memories. In the second picture, from right to left, Agnace Myles (Field), presumably Patrick Field, and then Archie Myles. In the first picture, left to right are Violet Myles, Agnace in the center and Nellie on the right. Myles and Field Families of the Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada Myles and Field Families of the Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada Garry McFadden
New April 6, 2013: Hi! My name is Pat Hogan. I live in Peterborough Ontario. My Dad 'Colin Hogan' was born outside of Fieldville, and his Father, Also Patrick Hogan raised my Dad and 8 other kids on the road to Fieldville from Low Quebec in the early 1900's. I spent 2 weeks each summer from age 3 to 17 years of age in and around Fieldville either camping or visiting with relatives. Lots of great memories of the people in this area. There was a distinctive brogue in their speech and they used words I wasn't used to hearing as a kid. I loved my summers around Lynes' Lk (I may have spelled that incorrectly). I have relatives that are Hayes, Mc Cally's, Hogans' (Obviously), Gleasons, Haleys, to name a few. I don't know if I'm related to any Fields, But I do remember fun visits with Edgar Fields, and Edsel Fields, but one of the most memorable characters I recall from this area was called Joe Fields. He was getting pretty old when I last saw him in the early 1970's. He told me what I believe to be my first Fish Tale, About a big pike hiding under his dock, and scaring away all the bass he wanted to catch, so he killed it by swinging an axe at it. I bought the story hook line and sinker, and would sit in wide eyed awe of his story telling, while we sat outside of a summer house they used to keep not too far from where they lived on the Fieldville Road. Joe and my dad were boys together, I'm sure they would have lots of good growing up in the Gatineau stories to share with each other. My dad used to mention about fun Saturday nights in his teen years at Brennans Hill with Joe Fields and a guy with the last name of Cruikshanks / Cruikshank. There were some Mahoneys we used to visit on a farm in this area as well. Would anyone know how many of these families still have relatives in this area? I haven't been back in almost 20 years. I really need to go back and have a look one day!! ... Patrick Hogan ______________________________ Hi Al! Thanks for for responding so promptly. I would have no problem with you leaving my email address on your website. I got thinking that I'm related to Kelly, and Daleys / Daly families, + Hayes as well as the ones I mentioned. My dad was related to the Hogans of Kazabazua as well.I believe his father immigrated their from County Tipperary. He used to tell us that Kaz was once named Hoganville. Don't know whether that was true or not, but it made us feel special. :o)! mmm Sandbaked beans from Kaz!! I forgot about those as well. Thanks Again! I'm having a lot of fun touring Cemetery pic sites ie: Farrellton cemetery, do you know of any info for Fieldville cemetery or a Cemetery in Kazubazua, that might be accessible on the Web? Just curious!! All the best to you! ................... Pat. __________________________ From Garry McFdden. Thanks, Garry! ... Al Hello Patrick... It was a real treat to have heard from you.. Like you my ancestors who originated in Ireland settled in Venosta. As children, my brother, sister and I lived with my grandparents for a year of so. It is a privilege of my childhood memories, to have met and remember some of the old timers that were related and also friends of my grandparents, Archie and Mary Jane (nee Laporte) Myles. Of course they have all passed from life now and live only in our memories for the most part. My great aunt Violet Myles of Low was married to Greg Mahoney from Fieldville. I know their son Eric of Edmonton for the past number of years. I know most of the names you have mentioned, but not personally. I always wanted to visit the Peterborough area, maybe someday. Thanks for your note. ... Garry McFadden
April 9, 2013: Pat, I read your posting on Al's In your posting you were looking for on-line access to the Fieldville cemetery. It is called Holy Cross and here is a link: ... Bruce
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