Fenian Brotherhood Invades Canada, 1860's

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Bells Corners Rifles Company of the Carleton Blazers, 1866 Photo Source and Text: Our Times: A Pictorial Memoir of Ottawa's Past, page 36 Bell's Corners Rifles, Carleton Blazers at time of the Fenian RaidsBell's Corners Rifles, Carleton Blazers at time of the Fenian Raids
Surnames for Search Engine: Hugh Falls, Adam Abbott, John Nesbitt, James Corbett, Harry Harmer, John Sparks, Francis Clemow, Alexander Mowat, Ambrose Bishop, William F. Powell, William Corbett.
The following is by Cathy Joynt Labath: Doing a study of the Irish in Iowa and came across this. May be of interest to some. Davenport Daily Gazette Davenport, Scott, Iowa 4 Apr 1867 To the Irishmen and Fenians of Iowa: COUNTYRMEN AND BROTHERS:-According to orders received from Headquarters Captain W.A. Grace, Centeral Organizer for Minnesota, has started on a tour to organize the F.B. of Iowa. he comes to our State to advance the cause of Fenianism, and while he will do all in his power to strengthen and increase the civil department, he will devote his time and energies more particularly to the military. He will remain in each place long enough to set the organization of that locality in thorough working order; still, in order to facilitate his progress, circles are expected to have their arrangements made when he visits them. He will inform you of what is requried from Iowa, and I am sure that the promises made at the last State Convention, based on the report of the F.B. in Iowa will be fulfilled to the letter. In a word, Captain Grace's mission to Iowa means work, earnest, practical work, so that localities, or communities of Irishmen, who have nothing more for Ireland and the cause than senseless cheers or a cheap "God speed," can consider themselves entirely outside the programme. This may seem arbitrary, no matter; arbitrary or not, I repeat that parties requestin a visit from Captain Grace, and who, when means and muscle are required, are found wanting, must no feel disappointed if he preferes the company of a few "do or die" men, to the meaningless cheers of a crowed of place goers. He will give all attention to those places and persons, willing to aid our cause, and satisfy every wish and desire with regard to the organization. Let us then, my countrymen, do all in our power to second his efforts. We can do a vsat deal if we but only try in earnest. One effort, then; one sincere, determined effort and we must succeed in placing Iowa as a power on the rolls of the F.B. Our worst trials are passed. The justness of our position and the holiness of our cause, have carried us through the storm. 'Tis true, "a little the worse for the weather," but the ordeal has only served to unite the true ingredients in one more solid mass, and to day the bewilderment of England and the terror of Canada, tell but too plainly their admission of our earnestness. But a few months ago and the pampered robbers in Dublin Castle laughed as they recounted the "follies" of the "deluded dupes of Fenianism," the "Irish madmen." Let them answer to-day, and if, for once in their lives, they tell the truth, they will admit that there is a certain methodism and sleuth bound perseverance about the doings of these same "deluded dupes" and "madmen" never before manifested by any body of "Irish madmen." I remain yours, fraternally, John Haley, D.C. Southern District F.B. for Iowa. N.B. Circles are requested to communicate immediately with Capt. Grace and receive their appointments. Address all letters to Capt. W.H. Grace, Box 1591 Dubuque, or in care of John Haley, Davenport. Cathy Joynt Labath Scott Co, Iowa USGenWeb Project http://www.rootsweb.com/iascott/scott.htm Palo Alto Co, Iowa USGenWeb Project http://www.rootsweb.com/iapaloal/paloalto.htm Joynt / Joint Family Chronicles (one name study) http://homepages.rootsweb.com/cmlabath/joynt.htm List admin for Brennan-L; McNally-L; Joynt-L; Messer-L; Kessel-L
Here's more background material related to the Fenians.
A brief summary by the Library and Archives Canada

May 9, 2010: Thanks to Allan Gray who has sent along pictures of the Fenian Medals awarded to his ancestor, Jeremiah Kyle, of Fitzroy Township: Inscription on the edge of the medal Inscription on the edge of the Fenian Medal awarded to Jeremiah Kyle of Fitzroy Township, Ontario, Canada
Obverse Side Reverse Side Fenian Medal awarded to Jeremiah Kyle of Fitzroy Township, Ontario, Canada, Obverse Side Fenian Medal awarded to Jeremiah Kyle of Fitzroy Township, Ontario, Canada, Reverse Side

December 5, 2010: Family Antiques and Collectibles
Source for sketch and text below is In a Canadian Attic, by Gerald Stevens, Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1964 Fenian Medal - Canadian Antiques and Collectibles

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