Michael FEELEY and Bridget BURNS

 May 8, 2002:
Dear Al,
I would like to post the following on Bytown or Bust web site, but not sure
how.  I have no idea if my Byrns/Burns are related to the various
Byrnes/Burns/etc. listed on this site.  Maybe some could make a connection.
I did find the name Feeley and Fehilly listed and a few records on this
site, but don't know if they are part of my family or not.  From my
research, I have found my various family surnames in the Stratford and St.
Marys area of Perth County, Ontario, Canada. Looking through the records on
this site, I have came across a lot of the same names in the Stratford and
St. Marys area.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks  John
Feeley, Jr.
My gg grandparents were Michael Feehily/Fihely/Fihelly/Feely/Feeley born
December 24, 1818 in Ireland and Bridgett Byrns/Burns born about 1823 in
Ireland. I don't know where in Ireland. Family members think it was Cork,
but nobody is sure. I was told the Feeley family was first in Lockport, New York, USA.
In the 1925 Iowa census, one of their daughters - Rose Anna Feeley O'Connor
states her parents were married in Lockport, NY. I found them in the St.
Marys area of Perth County, Ontario, Canada in the 1848, 1851 and 1861
census. Name spelled Feehily 1848, Fihely 1851, Fihelly in 1861. In the 1870
Iowa census, the name was spelled Feeley. Their 1st child - John was born in
1843/44 in Canada West. Michael and Bridget must of moved to Canada in the
early 1840s. In May 1862, Michael, Bridget and family arrived in Tama
County, Iowa, USA. Michael's parents may have been John Feeley and Angie Elwood,
but do not have hard evidence at this time. Bridgett Byrns/Burns had two
brothers that I know of - Martin Byrns/Burns/Berne born 1810 married
Margaret ?? born about 1834. Another brother was John Byrns/Burns born about
1823/24 in County Connaught, Ireland and married Francis Mary McDermott born
Abt. 1821 in County Cork, Ireland. Both Martin and John also came to Tama
County, Iowa. In my research from Canadian records, I have found a lot of
Byrns and Burns, but do not know if they are related. Family surnames
include Feeley / Fihelly / Fihely / Feehily / Feely, Byrns / Burns / Byrnes,
McDermott / McDermid, Hearne / Herron / O'Hern, Plunkett, Elwood,
Henneberry / Henbry / Henbery / Hanberry, and a few more.  All of these families were in
the Stratford and St. Marys area of Perth County, Ontario, Canada in the
1830s to 1860s. All moved to Tama County, Iowa between 1862 and 1865. I have
lots of info on these families.  I have also found the name O'Connor, Maurry
and Murphy listed as sponsors on baptismal records.   
Contact me if anything sounds familiar. 

John T. Feeley

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