South east Lot 4, Concession 4, Osgoode
also Michael FANNING and Sarah Jane O'BRIEN
(next to the CHRISTOPHER farm)
also Ambrose MADDEN

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

June 7, 2003:

Notre Dame record:
26 May 1845
Conditional baptism for Margaret, born 6 May of the marriage of Patrick Fannon and
Ann Guilfoyle / Kilfoyle of Gloucester
Witnesses: John McKinney (McKenna?) & Eliza Fannon
Source: Ellen Paul's database of Notre Dame records, 1825-1855.

Alternate spellings: Fannon Fannin Fenning Guilfoil Kilfoil

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 2  Page 21  Family 92

			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion
Patrick FANNING		M	M	63	Irish	Ireland		Farmer		Catholic	
Ann FANNING		F	M	58	Irish	Ireland				Catholic	
Cathrine FANNING	F		26	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Mary FANNING		F		24	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Margret FANNING		F		35	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Hariet FANNING		F		22	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Johanah FANNING		F		20	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Ester FANNING		F		18	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Patrick FANNING		M		21	Irish	Ontario		Blacksmith	Catholic	
John FANNING		M		17	Irish	Ontario		Farmer		Catholic	
Teresa FANNING		F		16	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Agnes FANNING		F		14	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Margaret CURRY		F	W	80	Irish	Ireland				Catholic
See OTHS Newsletter (2003) for picture of all of the Fanning girls enumerated above.

April 5, 2005: Thanks to Michael Daley for the following:
Michael Fanning, born 1794, co, Leitrim, Ireland , died in Osgoode , 1868, he left his native land on May the 5th, 1818 with his wife , Sarah Jane O’Brien, & their 7-week old son, Patrick & settled first in Macisque co, St. Armond , Quebec In 1833 they moved to Bytown, & in 1838 to Osgoode settling on lot 12 con. 6. For many years .Michael operated A Blacksmith Shop , his account books date from 1838 to 1862,. Leafing through the pages of those time –ravaged books, one realizes the tremendous asset that blacksmith shop was to the early settlers, scattered through out the Township. Michael and Sarah Jane had 5 children, Patrick, Elizabeth, Alexander, Margaret, Mary Jane , No 1 Patrick born March 17th , 1818, Co ,Leitrim ,married April 24 , 1834, to Ann Guilfoyle , born April 2nd ,1823 in Limerick Ireland, Settled on west half of lot 14 , con . 7. where they raised 9 girls & 4 boys. 1 Margaret , married, John McStravick, widower,[dau, Kate] unm. And had dau.Violet, unm., 2 Mary Jane, married , May 1878, to Robert Dunlap, [ b,1844,- d, april 17th , 1895, Patrick, b Mach 17th , 1879, married Minnie Stackpole September 25,1907, 3 children, Lucy Evelina b.Oct 27 1881 ,unm. Agnes Melissa b. June 16TH ,1886 married at age 68 ,to Fred Phillip, Jack ,b. ? married ,Laura O’Callaghan of the Prescott road , 3 children, “Pidgey”, b,?. Michael Foran, 3 children, 3 Michael b 1850 -1939, unm, 4 Eliza Ann, b ,1852, died Oct. 17th 1893, married Jim Madden and homesteaded in Manitoba 2 sons one became a priest, and 4 girls. 5 Catherine b . 1854, unm, died June 12 ,1918. 6 Harriet b, late in the year of 1854, married Edward Monaghan of Fallowfield, [widower] on October, 12 ,1891, one son ,Joe.

7 Johanna, b , 1855- d ,June 25th , 1921, married Feb.14 ,1889, to Patrick Kehoe, son of Thomas Kehoe, & Elizabeth Shanahan, for more info, see the “Kehoe family” Volume 9 , of the Pioneer families of Osgoode. Today the farm is the location ,of largest livestock sale barn in Eastern Ontario. 8 Alexander , born 1857,died 1878, unm. 9 Ester, born august 22 ,,1858, married March 18,1892, to Patrick Cahill , son of John Cahill& Mary McMorrow 3 children, Mary married ,William Stackpole, Anna ,unm, John Patrick, married ,Mary Carter, 10 Patrick born March 28 , 1860, married -?. Blacksmithed in Winnipeg, had sons Alexander, and Thomas, Thomas overseas in ww1, was resting with his comrades,after a battle at Vimy Ridge,when a shell fell amongst them-13 in number –killing 12 of them and burying Tom beneath the mud and the bodies ,but with one arm still showing, he was pulled out alive, but never regained the full use of that arm. . 11 John born 1863, died 1900, married Mary Sullivan, one son [died young] ; 12 Theresa born 1865, married , was widowed , became a nun.. 13 Agnes born 1866 , unm, 2 Elizabeth born 1825 in lower Canada married John Keany and farmed lot 11 con 5 , 3 children, 3 Alexander born 1827 in lower Canada , married February 18 ,1878, to Mary Malone, daughter of John Malone & Ellen Meagher farmed the homestead – lot 12 , con 6. , 4 Margaret born 1836, in Bytown, married John Moran, ?. 5 Mary Jane born,? Married -------Herbert , for more info contact Michael Daley , further info on this family would be greatly appreciated . ... Michael Daley E-mail
Little did Patrick Fanning and his wife , Ann Guilfoyle ever know that their Grandson , Ambrose Madden, would be recipient of the Military Cross, A Legend in his own lifetime , Father Ambrose Madden the “the soldier priest”, died October 1968, at the age of 93 years, born 1875 son of James Madden of Nepean, and Eliza Ann Fanning of Osgoode. Made his classical studies at Ottawa University, his Seminary course at the Oblates Fathers Scholastic, Ottawa ,ordained to the priesthood June 1ST ,19O1, his parents homesteaded in Manitoba, he was assigned to Holy Rosary parish , in Vancouver, later transferred to Kamloops, and the mission of Chilliwack, Haney, and Abbotsford, for a time he was principal of Caribou school at Williams Lake, but with the outbreak of “ww1”, he joined the Canadian Army as Chaplain. He was first posted to Camp Vernon, and in 1915 ,he went overseas with the second Brigade, arriving in France , no one knew who he was and as a joke he was given a wild horse to ride, The pranksters gathered around to watch Father Madden thrown from the horse, but only fun to take place, was Father Madden riding the wild horse to standstill. He was an expert rider as he had used horse transportation during his mission work; Those who knew him describe him as very cool and collected ,others remembered him for courage and human qualities, A stretcher bearer recounts, Father Madden came upon a dying soldier, the man was using the most vile language I had ever heard, Father , stuck a lighted cigarette in the dying mans mouth to comfort him, and when the man died , Father Madden said , if you were suffering as much this chap- you might be worse than he was., another time he had been cut off ,from his unit and had been ministering to the wounded for several days without a decent meal, he spoke fluent French and approached a farm in search of a meal, the farm woman refused and told him to return later . Father was hungry and begged from her some eggs. He broke a small hole in the end and sucked out the nourishment, while the astounded woman watches, he consumed six eggs and returned to his duties. At one period dispatch riders were getting killed at an alarming rate, Father Madden voluntered and seemed always to get through unharmed , thinking that he might have some particular Saint under whose protection he placed himself, his commanding Officer asked him about it Father explained it this way , he noticed the Germans were very methodical in their destruction, and established a pattern of fire, he noticed no two shells ever fell in the same place, he would watch a shell burst and after the debris had settled he would go to that crater, following this pattern he always got through. In 1916 he was awarded the Military Cross, in 1918 he was presented with D. S. O. for front line service , returning to Vancouver when the war was over he was accorded a public welcome,, over the years he was assigned to various places across Alberta and British Columbia, with the outbreak of World War 2, he was released from his parochial duties ,to become District Chaplain in Vancouver and later Command Captain. A gentleman who served under him, remembers him to say .”You will have to wait and wait and still wait, you will be paraded for this ,and paraded for that, and paraded for every thing , it is part of a being a good soldier, He retired in 1944, with the rank of ‘Honorary Lieutenant” his body was laid to rest in the O’Blate Fathers Cemetery, Mission City , British Columbia. ... Michael Daley
New April 1, 2008: More from Michael Daley regarding the family of Michael Fanning and Sarah Jane O'Brien: Michael Fanning, born1790.Co.Leitrim, Ireland, died in Osgoode Township ,May 8,1868 . He left his native land on May 5th 1818 with his wife, Sarah Jane O’Brien,[ b.1794 ,died May 17 1868 ] and their 7-week old son, Patrick, settled first in Macisque Co. St. Armond , Quebec. In 1833 they moved to Bytown, & 1838 to Osgoode eventually settling on lot 12 con, 6. For many years , Fanning operated a blacksmith shop. account books date from 1838 to 1862, leafing through the pages of those time ravaged books, one realizes the tremendous asset that a Blacksmith shop was to the early settlers scattered throughout the township. Michael and Sarah Jane had 5 children,Patrick, Elizabeth, Alexander, Margaret , and Mary Jane.

Patrick born March 17, 1818, Co. Leitrim, married April 24 1834 to Ann Guilfoyle (see above), born April 2 1823, Co. Limerick Ireland., settled on the west half of lot ,14 .con .7 where they raised 9 girls and 4 boys. 1 Margaret married John McStravick, widower. [daughter Kate] unm. daughter Violet , unm. 2 2 Mary Jane married 1878 to Robert Dunlap born 1844 died April 17, 1895: Patrick born March 17 ,1879 married Minnie Stackpole Sept. 25 1907- Robert, Mrs V.T. Kane, Rita, Lucy Evelina born Oct 27 1881, unm. Agnes Melissa born June 16, 1886 ,married [ when age 68 ] to Fred Phillip, Jack married Laura O’Callaghan—Jack,Gerald,,Mary, “Pidgey married Michael Foran and had one son and three girls. 3 Michael born 1850 died 1939, unm. Lived for 40 years in Mt. Shasto.Calif, returned 1921 and lived at Greely with his brother-in-law ,Patrick Kehoe. 4 Eliza Ann, born 1852 died Oct 17, 1893, married Jim Madden , homesteaded in Manitoba –two sons – one a priest- [Ambrose ] 4 girls. 5 Catherine born 1854 –died June 12 ,1918. unm. 6 Harriet, born late 1854 married Edward Monaghan ,[ widower] on Oct.12, 1891 of Followfield ,one son. 7 Johanna born 1855 died June 25- 1921 married Feb.19 1889 to Patrick Kehoe ,son of Thomas Kehoe ,and Elizabeth Shanahan, 5 children were born to this couple. 8 Alexander born 1857,- died 1878 unm. 9 Ester born august 22, 1858, married March 18 ,1892 to Patrick Cahill, son of John Cahill & Mary McMorrow . 4 children, Mary born 1896 married William Stackpole, born1887 , 2 children.- Teresa Cahill died young ,Anna Cahill ,um. John Patrick Cahill born Dec.1896 married Mary Carter born 1906 . 4 children. 10 Patrick born March 28, 1860 ,a blacksmith in Winnipeg,had sons Alexander,& Thomas, Thomas overseas in WW1 .was resting with his comrades after the battle of Vimy Ridge, when a shell fell amongst—13 in number—killing 12 of them and burying Thomas beneath the mud and bodies, but with one arm still showing. He was later pulled out alive but never regained the full use of that arm. 11 John born , 1863 died 1900 . married Mary Sullivan, one son, died young. 12Theresa born 1865, married .?? was left a widow, & became a nun, 13Agnes born 1866 ,died July 1st 1886 Elizabeth Fenning,born Lower Canada ,1825 ,died 1911,married John Keany , farmed lot11, con. 5. 4 chilren. 1 Mary Jane Keany born 1852 married James Keough, bro. to Patrick above, 3 sons Thomas, Jack, and Patrick , all single sister Ellen ,[Jenny] born 1894,died 1977 , married Martin Gavin, of Galway ,Ireland, 2 John Keany born 1854- Married June 22, 1886 to Catherine Conlon daughter of Patrick Conlon & Ann Carrigan, farmed lot 3, con .8. John died Nov 8 ,1892 .age 39 years, his wife Catherine , died Oct. 5th 1893, age 31 years . two sons were then brought up by the grandparents, John born May 13 1888, died 1977, farmed on lot 33 ,con .6 for many years & Then married Nellie Grenon, widow of Jim Gillissie, Eddie born June 15 ,1892,single. 3 Alexander Keany born Nov 25, 1860 died Oct. 13, 1892, talented artist, [ single] 4 Michael Keany ,??? Alexander Fenning, born 1827 Lower Canada, married Feb. 18 1878 Mary Malone daughter of John Malone& Ellen Meagher and farmed on the homestead – lot 12. con .6. Alexander died 1898. his wife Mary born 1837 died 1929. 2 sons , Michael John, born July 27 , 1880 died Dec. 7 1961,[ single] John Alexander, born May 24 1884, died 1972, married Nov.24, 1925 to Anne Kehoe , daughter of Patrick Kehoe & Johanna Fenning [ Fanning. one son. Margaret Fenning , born 1836 in Bytown married John Moran. ?? Mary Jane Fenning .??? Further info on this family would be greatly appreciated. ... Michael Daley
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